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					                                 Weekly Assignments
                            Introduction to Psychology, 2008

Note: For each of the PsychSim tutorials, print a copy of the PsychSim5 Worksheet to
complete either while you go through the tutorial or immediately thereafter. Worksheets
are available through the PsychSimPDF worksheet link on the book website, or in Word
format through the Download the Psychsim 5 Worksheets link.

January 18: From the textbook website, choose PsychSim Tutorials from the menu.
Then select Module 3:Descriptive statistics. Before running through the tutorial, click on
PsychSim5 Worksheets on the menu on the left, select Descriptive statistics, and print out
a copy of the worksheet. Then run the tutorial, answering both the questions on the
screen and the activities on the worksheet.

January 25: From the textbook website, choose PsychSim Tutorials from the menu.
Select Module 5: Hemispheric Specialization. Print the worksheet, and then go through
the tutorial.

February 1: PsychSim Tutorials Module 6: Mind-Reading Monkeys

February 8: PsychSim5 Tutorial Module 9: Cognitive Development

February 20: Seeing something you have never seen before. Take a flashlight into a
dark closet. Close your left eye, and stare straight ahead with your right eye.. Turn on
the flashlight, and hold it above and to the right of your head, aiming the beam toward
your eye. Move the light around in small, concentric circles. If you are patient, you will
likely see something that you have been looking at all of your life without seeing it: the
blood vessels that run across the retina in the back of your eye. Draw, describe, and
explain what you see.

March 7: PsychSim5 Tutorial Module 16: Visual Illusions

March 14: Weber fraction experiment.
        Collect three U.S. quarters (75 cents total value), two identical paper envelopes, a
pair of fairly new shoes (so that they are equally worn), and a willing research
participant, like a roommate.
        Place one of the quarters in on envelope, and two of the quarters in the other
envelope. Blindfold the research participant, and then place one envelope on the
upturned palm of one hand, and the other envelope on the other hand. Ask the person to
tell you which envelope is heavier. Record the response. Remove the envelopes and
repeat the test for a total of 10 trials. Be sure to randomly mix up which hand gets the
envelope with two quarters in it.

        Then, place one of the envelopes in one of the shoes, and the other envelope in the
other shoe. Conduct the same study, for ten trials, this time placing one shoe on each
hand. Compare the overall percentage of correct identifications for the envelope
condition with that for the shoe condition. Are the judgments more accurate for one

        Write a one-page report of the results of your study, including the data record
(format below) and the percentage analysis. Evaluate whether your results are in accord
with the Weber fraction, which says that judgments of a constant-sized difference (in this
case, the difference of one quarter in weight) is more difficult when the total weight being
compared is greater (shoes vs. envelopes). Show in your discussion that you understand
the theory of the Weber fraction.

                            Right or wrong?
Trial #        Envelope condition         Shoe condition
Percentage correct

March 19: Module 14, PsychSim5, The Auditory System

April 4: Module 18, PsychSim5, The EEG and sleep stages

April 11: Module 22, PsychSim5: Operant Conditioning

April 18: Module 35, PsychSim5, Hunger and the Fat Rat

April 25: Module 39, PsychSim5, Expressing Emotion

May 5: Module 56, PsychSim5, Social Decision Making

Additional options:
April 16: Module 47, PsychSim5, Mystery Client

April 28: Module 53, PsychSim5, Computer Therapist

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