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									                                                        Child Support
     The following is a select list of books, databases, and web sites that contain information on divorce and child support.

    How to legally collect your child’s fair child support dues, or fight its payment when you need to
       By Benji Anosike (346.73 An)

       Your right to child custody, visitation, and support
        By Mary L. Boland (346.017 Bo)

       Child support made easy: Your complete guide to collecting, enforcing or terminating the court’s order
        By Mary L. Boland (346.73 Bo)

       Building a parenting agreement that works
        By Mimi E. Lyster (346.73 Ly )

       Divorcing with children: Expert answers to tough questions from parents and children
        By Jessica G. Lippman (306.89 Li)

       Michigan Family Law
        (Reference 346.015 Mi)

    General Reference Center Gold
       A general interest database that contains information from a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines, and
       reference books, etc.

       NetLibrary
        NetLibrary provides access to over 11,000 digitized books, which can be read online at the library or at home.

Web Sites:
    Michigan Child Support Formula Manual
       Guidelines for figuring child support obligation amounts are found in this manual. (Print version is available at the
       Reference Desk of the Flint Public Library)

       Michigan Department of Human Services: Office of Child Support
        This state agency contracts with Friends of the Court and Prosecuting Attorneys to provide child support services,
        including assistance with the child support services application and establishing and enforcing court orders for support.

       FindLaw: Child Support
        A leading legal web site provides information on receiving and paying child support, enforcement of child support
        obligations, and state specific child support information.

         For additional information or a referral, contact the Genesee County Bar Association at (810) 232-6000

                                                  1026 E. Kearsley St. Flint, MI 48502
                                                           (810) 232-7111

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