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									                      The Academic Senator
                                     A Publication of the Academic Senate of the California
                      State University

December, 2005 Edition              (Vol. 2 Issue 3)          John Tarjan (Bakersfield), Secretary
                                                               Ann Peacock, Exec. Director

          Message from the Chair                              facilitating graduation. A meeting with the campus
Marshelle Thobaben (Humboldt),               president and others he or she may wish to invite
Complete Reports:                                             will cap the meeting at the end of the day. There       will be no written report from the visit. At a
         Happy Holidays to all!                               subsequent meeting, team leaders and others will
                  In 2003, the CSU Board of                   seek to provide feedback to Academic Affairs in
                  Trustees adopted a bold and                 the Chancellor’s Office on areas that might be
                  visionary graduation initiative             distinctive about the campus, including areas that
                  with three parts: improving                 might be the focus of a presentation on “best
                  student preparation to begin                practices” in Facilitating Graduation at a
                  college,  strengthening     the             conference on the same subject planned for
transfer process, and helping enrolled student’s              October 2006. There will be a training session in
progress toward the degree. During the 2005-06                January for the visitation teams.
academic year, Campus Actions to Facilitate
Graduation (CAFG) will focus on three major                   I encourage you to review the Academic Senate
initiatives:                                                  CSU’s web site. Information about the Academic
                                                              Senate CSU, previous newsletters, faculty
• Written reports, submitted by the campuses, that            trustee’s reports, etc. is available on the site.
summarize their progress in facilitating student    
achievement of the baccalaureate degree
                                                                            Faculty Trustee Report
• Accreditation-style team visits to campuses,                   Craig Smith (Long Beach),
during which campus policies and outcomes                     Complete Reports:
pertaining to student achievement of the
                                                                          The last 2005 for the Board of
baccalaureate will be reviewed
                                                                          Trustees meeting took place on
• Reports by campus presidents to the Board of                            November 8 and 9. Among other
Trustees, focusing on campus successes in                                 items, the Board ratified of the
facilitating student  achievement     of   the                            contract with academic professions,
baccalaureate degree                                                      approved various building projects,
                                                                          and assessed campus-based fees.
As part of this initiative, the Academic Senate               There is a wide range of some fees across
CSU and Academic Affairs in the Chancellor’s                  campuses. The average state
Office will constitute several Campus Peer
Review Visitation Teams. We envision these                    university fee is currently $2,520. When other
visits as operating as follows. Each team of five             fees are added in, the number goes up to $3,164.
will meet late on one day to go over the campus               Trustees asked the chancellor’s office to provide
report on Facilitating Graduation (submitted                  information on student living expenses compared
December 2005) and areas that it wishes to                    to cohort universities on the CPEC list. We
emphasize on its visit. The next day the team will            continue to monitor two-year bills that remain in
interview individuals or groups of faculty,                   the legislative hopper, including higher education
department chairs, students, administrators, and              accountability to CPEC, funding for nursing
staff who are involved in the different aspects of            programs, funding for math and science teachers,

and review of the master plan for higher                               the board members. This will be discussed
education. (There is a long list in the agenda of                      further at the January plenary meeting.
the Board of Trustees. Also see “Interim 2005
Legislative Report” from the Chancellor’s Office.)                     Campus Peer Review Visitation Teams for the
The Board heard a “best practices” report on                           Facilitating Graduation Initiative Training for the
facilitating graduation at CSU, Chico and a pilot                      team members will take place Tuesday, January
evaluation of the Early Assessment Program. We                         24, 2006. Potential faculty team members will be
passed a resolution of commendation for Senator                        contacted soon through a joint memo from Chair
Jack Scott. The Committee approved the final                           Thobaben and Assoc. VC Keith Boyum inquiring
revised version of the Code of Student Conduct.                        about their interest in serving and their availability.
The Committee on Audit heard a report on
internal audit assignments and reviewed criteria                       Institute for Teaching and Learning Chair
for the selection of external auditor for the CSU                      Thobaben and Vice Chair Anagnoson met with
system.      The above recommendations were                            Harold Goldwhite (ITL Faculty Consultant), Keith
affirmed and the reports were accepted at the                          Boyum, Asst. VC Lori Roth, and others regarding
general board meeting after public comments                            the future of ITL, which has not had a full-time
were heard on various issues.                                          faculty director since Mary Allen left two years
                                                                       ago. The future direction is still being worked out,
If I have not yet scheduled a visit to your campus,                    but the consensus of the group was that 1) the
please feel free to request that your president                        existence of ITL is an important symbol to the
schedule such a visit after January 1, 2006. I                         faculty in the CSU, 2) the nature of ITL’s work
have visited 12 campuses to date and plan to will                      would be different now that the all campuses have
visit the remaining 11 in the spring semester.                         their own faculty development directors and
                                                                       offices (which was not the case when ITL was
           COMMITTEE REPORTS                                           founded), and 3) that ITL needs to closely connect
                                                                       with the important priorities and initiatives of the
            Executive Committee                                        system. There will be more to report in the
           Ted Anagnoson (LA), Vice-Chair
                                       January newsletter.
Detailed Notes:                   Faculty Affairs (FA)
                         The Executive Committee’s                            Jan Gregory (SF), Chair
                         agenda    included several                    Committee Website:
                         important   issues at  its          
                         December meeting. Among                       Affairs/index.shtml
                         them:                                                         December brought both golden
                                                                                       oldies and some new topics to the
The Ad Hoc Senate Budget Task Force is                                                 FAC table, ranging from campus
nearing conclusion of its work. It is preparing                                        security practices to the widespread
                                                                                       lack of morale among CSU
a recommendation reduce the size of the Senate                                         faculty...salary             inequities
to something approaching the 2001-2002 size. A                                         ("compression"         being      only
draft constitutional amendment will be proposed                        one)...the     pace     of    collective   bargaining
to the Senate at the January meeting. The                              (glacial) for new probationary faculty
Executive Committee is working on the exact                            (needs improvement) and, separately, for
language to be proposed, and the full Senate, as                       lecturers (also needs improvement)...and a slew
always, will have the opportunity to consider                          of issues surrounding the cost of textbooks (high
alternatives.                                                          and getting higher). We had a lengthy discussion
                                                                       with Jackie McClain, Vice-Chancellor for Human
LDTP and Course Descriptors Academic Affairs                           Resources, about developing consistent practice
in the Chancellor’s Office and the Executive                           with respect to use of external security personnel
Committee are in the final stages of working out                       on the campuses, a briefer one about how to
the membership and charge of an advisory                               clarify and improve the RTP process on the
committee to oversee the Lower Division Transfer                       campuses—toward that end, the CSU is holding a
Program, including the development of the course                       workshop on campus practices in RTP scheduled
descriptors and the review of community college                        for February 2006—campus Senate chairs and
courses. Faculty will constitute approximately half                    relevant administrators have been notified about it
                                                                       and should be selecting their participants.
FAC also worked on the language of several                 pursuing this major shift in philosophy for the
resolutions that will return in second reading, or         system.
appear for the first time, at the January plenary,
and reflected on a survey showing wide variation           2) We briefly followed up on attempts to develop
in the ways the work of the ASCSU is                       further information on the current policies and
communicated to and addressed by the campus                practices of the campuses in the use of testing out
senates. It will continue its deliberations on these       of courses. Our earlier discussion of a motion to
and other topics when it convenes in January.              seek “Additional Funding for Academic
                                                           Advising in the CSU” yielded a decision to
          Academic Affairs (AA)                            support the view that advising be more seriously
            Mark Van Selst (San José), Chair               considered in the RTP process, and that
                           commensurately more resources be made
Committee Website:                                         available to the increased advising mandate, but         that seeking targeted funding from the legislature
c_Affairs/index.shtml                                      or elsewhere would not be a desirable intrusion
                  We are continuing to monitor             into campus autonomy.
                  progress in
                                                           3) We decided to withdraw the resolution on the
                  1)   the GE Advisory                     importance of seeking a permanent CSU Chief
                  Committee reconsideration of             Academic Officer since action has now been
                  the      statewide       GE              undertaken by the Chancellor’s office that meet
requirements,                                              the spirit of the resolution.
2) the continuing progress of the task force               4) We continue to be concerned about the nature
working   on      the    recommendations   for             of the CSU accreditation style visits planned for
implementation of the Independent Doctorate in             the campuses. AVC Keith Boyum indicated to the
Educational Leadership, and                                Academic Affairs Committee that these groups
                                                           would not provide written reports to the Board of
3) the aggressive timeline of the project on lower         Trustees but rather would report out to the
division transfer patterns in developing the               individual campus president and/or executive
Transfer CSU (T-CSU) course descriptors.                   team in an attempt to assist them in better
                                                           understanding the strengths and weaknesses of
Other major items considered and/or referred to            their campus.
the committee include the following.
                                                           5) We are discussing the topic of registration
1) Further development of our recommendation               priority. At some campuses registration priority
that the CSU system consider the advantages of             is determined by number of units completed
changing the CSU Fee Structure to encourage                rather than units to graduation.       With the
more efficient use of instruction (measured in             increasing precision of the various degree audit
credit hours). Any changes to the CSU fee                  modules, it seems that a change from units
structure, in particular charging tuition fees per         completed to units to graduation would seem
unit rather than the “greater than / less than”            prudent. This may be more of an implementation,
approach currently used would invariably mean              rather than policy, issue and thus may not be
an increase in cost per unit with the expectation          pursued further by the academic affairs
than students would, in general, take fewer units          committee.
per semester on average and fewer units overall
prior to graduation. The general proposal is to            6) The campus-based responses to the 22 points
move the CSU away from a two-tier system (0.1              request from the Board of Trustees were due
units to 6 units, 6.1 units or more) to a per unit         earlier in December. It was determined that a
fee. Students would thus be encouraged to                  statewide senate overview of where prior
register only for courses they truly planned to            resolutions fit within the 22 points seems
complete and to exercise judgment in the courses           appropriate as does a discussion of other items
they selected.     Further interactions with the           identified in the Twenty-First Century report (and
ASCSU Executive Committee, and the Fiscal                  elsewhere) that could also be included within any
& Government Affairs and Faculty Affairs                   such response document. The Academic Affairs
committees will determine the tractability of              Committee will be reviewing the campus

responses and will seek additional campus senate               • Updating the Senate’s 1998 survey of campus
input for any such response document.                          budgeting practices;

      Teacher Education and K-12                               • Developing a mechanism for more direct senate
                                                               involvement in the Academic affairs consultation
           Relations (TEKR)                                    process on legislative matters.
      Jim Wheeler (Maritime Academy), Chair
Committee Website:                                             We agreed that the Committee would begin an       update of the budget survey in Spring 2006.
tml                                                            Allison Jones (Academic Affairs) and Wess
                  At its December 2nd interim                  Larson agreed to work with the Committee on
                  meeting the Teacher Education                development of a legislative consultation process.
                  and K-12 Relations Committee
                  (TEKR) addressed a full agenda               The Committee conducted its December meeting
                  which included the following                 by e-mail. The main agenda items were:
•Trends     in   Teacher    Education   Program                • Budgeting for, and selection of, a recipient for
Enrollments across the CSU                                     the Senate’s Capitol staff award;
•Updates on the work of the ASCSU's CSU Ed.D.
Advisory Committee                                             • Possible co-sponsorship of a joint resolution on
• Discussions of possible TEKR-Council of Deans                fee policies with Academic Affairs.
of Education communication connections and                     Discussion on these topics is on going. Finally,
collaboration, and                                             the budget workshop organized by FGA for
• The TEKR Subject Matter-Teacher Education                    campus senate chairs took place at the chair’s
Faculty Collaboration Survey.                                  regularly scheduled meeting on December 1st.
                                                               Presenters included William Griffith (Vice
Additionally, the committee spent time refining two            President for Administration & Finance, CSULB),
resolutions that will come before the full senate for          Patrick Lenz (Associate Vice Chancellor for
its final consideration in January.                            Budget Development), Donald Sawyer (Senate
                                                               Chair, CSU East Bay) and David Hood (FGA
        Fiscal & Governmental                                  member, CSULB).
               Affairs (FGA)                                            OTHER REPORTS
         Tom Krabacher (Sacramento), Chair
                                      General Education Advisory
Committee Website:                                                     Committee (GEAC)                   John Tarjan (Bakersfield)
x.shtml                                                        Committee Website:
               Instead of the October interim, we    
               met in Sacramento for a                                        The committee dealt with two
               legislative orientation workshop.                              major issues at its December 1st
               At our November meeting, Patrick                               meeting. The committee is putting
               Lenz (Associate Vice Chancellor                                the finishing touches on a follow-
for Budget Development) and Wess Larson (CSU                                  up survey on the CSU GE pattern
Office of Advocacy and Institutional Relations)                               known as GE-Area Breadth.
reviewed the CSU budget and legislative-related                               Responses from a preliminary
matters with the Committee. We had five main                                  campus survey were reviewed and
items on our agenda:                                           incorporated into a more comprehensive survey.
                                                               Campus senate chairs will be requested to have
• Planning for the December budget workshop for                responses to this latter survey submitted no later
campus senate chairs;                                          than March 1, 2006. It should be distributed this
                                                               month. The issue of distance education and the
• Continued planning for the Senate’s award for                review of community college courses was referred
distinguished capitol staffers;                                to the Academic Affairs Committee since, with the
                                                               implementation of a CSU course numbering
• Possible co-sponsorship of two budget/resource-
                                                               system; this may be an issue for more than just
related resolutions with Faculty Affairs (decision
                                                               general education courses.
was to postpone this until January);
         Campus Senate Chairs                                          Commission on the
   Cristy Jensen (Sacramento)                        Extended University
               Campus Senate Chairs met on                           Dennis Muraoka (Channel Islands)
               October 5 in San Francisco in                 
               conjunction    with     the   joint
               Chairs/Provosts meeting on the                              Commission          Chair    Lyons
               Facilitating Graduation Initiative.                         reiterated that a major focus for
               Prior to meeting with the Provosts,                         the Board of Trustees is
               the group selected Michael Botwin                           “facilitating graduation.”    In a
(Fresno), Dan Fernandez (Monterey Bay) and                                 conference call, Keith Boyum and
Margaret Blue (Dominguez Hills) as a leadership                            the rest of the Commission
"triumvirate". Margery Merryfield (Long Beach)                             discussed        how      Extended
agreed to keep notes of the group's discussions.            Education might facilitate graduation.
The Chairs have established a Yahoo Group to
                                                               •   Extended Education can supplement
assist in communication and also to maintain an
                                                                   course offerings in special sessions and
archive of our discussions and varied campus
actions and policy documents. The December 1
meeting in Long Beach was very informative and                 •   Extended Education might provide credit
well received. It included a Budget Workshop                       by assessment (for example, Extended
designed to share information about the                            Education might allow students to
Chancellor's Office Budget and campus allocation                   “challenge courses” and earn credit by
processes. Don Sawyer from CSU East Bay and                        examination).
David Hood and Margery Merryfield from CSU
                                                               •   Extended Education might provide special
Long Beach talked about effective practices and
                                                                   tutoring to allow students to challenge
structures on their campuses, followed by a
                                                                   courses successfully.
discussion among all Chairs about the challenges
in achieving meaningful consultation on fiscal                 •   Extended Education might be a vehicle by
issue                                                              which students repeat courses.
                                                               •   Extended Education might offer career
              Ed.D. Task Force                                     exploration courses with the possible
  David McNeil (San José)
                                                                   result of students picking majors earlier in
                The Senate's Task Force on the
                                                                   their academic careers.
                Establishment      of      Academic
                Policies for the Independent CSU               •   Extended Education might offer “short
                Doctor of Education Degree has                     courses.” That is, courses meeting for the
                representatives       from      eight              same number of hours, but offered over a
                campuses. Our charge includes                      shorter period of time than the traditional
                making recommending principles                     course.
                concerning faculty appointments,
workload,     dissertations,    governance,       and       There was also a general discussion of changing
evaluation of the doctoral programs. We are                 the existing CSU fee structure and how it might
particularly focused on quality issues and the              affect the total number of units attempted and
governance implications of Senate Bill 724. The             completed. The system-wide audit of Extended
legislation specifies that CSU's Ed.D. programs             Education operations on the campuses continues.
"shall be distinguished from doctoral degree                At our previous meeting there was a discussion
programs at the University of California."                  Salary Schedule 2322 that places a cap on faculty
Furthermore, the programs are to be "offered                salary for extended education courses. The
through partnerships" in which schools and                  Commission requested that Chair Lyons raise the
community        colleges      "shall     participate       issue with the Chancellor’s Office negotiating
substantively in program design, candidate                  team to try to change the contract language so
recruitment and admissions, teaching, and                   that salary schedule 2322 be replaced by
program assessment and evaluation."              This       schedule 2357 (a salary schedule that permits
requirement will bring challenges to campus and             higher salaries). There was a discussion of
systemwide academic processes.                              possibly creating standing committees of the
                                                            Commission to facilitate its operation.


Chris Hanson is the Associate Dean for              Robert McNamara (Sonoma) is in the
Academic Program Planning. Her major                Department of Political Science. His teaching
responsibilities include coordinating GE            areas include international relations and
course review, new CSU degree programs,             comparative government, with a focus on
academic policy and LDTP. She currently             third world political systems. Robert received
serves on GE Advisory Committee. Chris’             his PhD in Political Science from the
education includes a PhD in Comparative             Graduate Institute of International Studies at
Literature. She was attracted to work in            the University of Geneva, Switzerland. His
higher     education     because    of    the       research interests include HIV/AIDS, the role
transformative     possibilities of    higher       of civil society in the third world, and the role
education and the mission of the CSU, which         of international organizations in AIDS
provides her the opportunity to have a              prevention in the third world. Robert is in his
positive impact on the lives of others. Chris       second on the ASCSU and is on the Faculty
and her family live in Orange. Family               Affairs Committee. He serves on several
members include husband John (Sac State),           university committees, including seven years
sons Stephan (CSULB), Colin (CSU,                   on SSU’s academic senate (2 years on the
Fullerton) and 10-year-old Camille. They            Executive Committee). His community service
enjoy live music performances. Chris enjoys         includes 9 years on Sonoma County’s HIV
gardening and cooking. Her sense of humor           Prevention Planning Group and as a member
is often displayed as she scours the Los            of Sonoma County’s AIDS Commission.
Angeles Times for unintended puns.                  Robert’s extensive travel and research
                                                    throughout the third world have greatly
                                                    impacted his teaching. He has done research
                                                    in India, Thailand, Brazil and Cuba. A book
                                                    cannot replace these types of experiences.
                                                    Robert also draws teaching enthusiasm from
                                                    watching otherwise timid students speak
                                                    before an audience of hundreds at the
                                                    National Model United Nations Conference.
                                                    Robert’s hobbies include international travel.
                                                    Robert and his partner, Julio, enjoy traveling
                                                    in the developing world. He also enjoys
                                                    working on his finca in Puerto Rico. Most
                                                    people are unlikely to know that Robert was a
                                                    cowboy before he became a political science


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