An Introduction to Biomaterials and Medical Device Applications University by SayreW


									The Biomaterials Intensive Short Course
An Introduction to Biomaterials and Medical Device Applications

University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials (UWEB)
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

February 7-9, 2005

            Protein Engineering
            Surface Analysis
             Cell Interactions
              Cardiovascular Devices
              Bone and Hard Tissue
               Proteins at Interfaces
               Blood Compatibility
                   Tissue Engineering
                   Opthalmologic Materials
                    Surface Molecular Engineering
                     Device Centered Infection & Biofilms
                      Blood Interactions with Materials
                        Toxicology and Biocompatibility
                          Inflammation and the Foreign Body Reaction
                            Tissue Interactions and Introduction to Histology
                               Genetic Control of Gene Expression from Biomaterials
The 2005 Intensive Short Course Workshop Faculty
February 7-9, 2005                     Buddy D. Ratner is Director of the University
                                       of Washington Engineered Biomaterials
                                                                             Engineering Research Center (UWEB ERC). He
What is the Short Course?                                                    is also a Professor in the UW Departments of
The UWEB Industry Short Course introduces                                    Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering. He
the fundamental principles and applications of                               received his PhD (1972) in Polymer Chemistry
                                                                             from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
biomaterials and medical devices. Our speakers are                           He established the NIH-funded NESAC/BIO
experts in the field of biomaterials. They address the                        in 1984, now directed by David Castner.
following topics:                                          His research interests include biomaterials, surface analysis
                                                           of organic materials, self assembly, and RF-plasma thin film
•Major issues in the use of biomaterials in medicine
•Tools used to evaluate biomaterials in medicine                              Christopher Allan is a UW Assistant Professor,
•Biomedical devices                                                           in the Department of Orthopaedics at the UW
                                                                              Medical School. He received his MD (1992)
                                                                              from the Northwestern University Medical
Why is the Short Course for you?                                              School, interning at Northwestern University
The 100 billion-dollar medical device industry relies                         Medical School until 1993 and a resident
                                                                              in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of
on materials for their devices. Even so, materials in a                       Chicago Hospitals until 1997. Dr. Allan’s
complete biological system like the human body are                            research interests include wound repair and
complicated. Biomaterials research and development         regeneration, tissue engineering, and the application of these
                                                           fields to extremity injuries.
involves chemistry, physics, materials science,
mechanical and chemical engineering, biology,                                 Gavin W. Britz is a UW Assistant Professor of
biochemistry, medicine, biotechnology and bioethics.                          Neurosurgery and Adjunct Assistant Professor
                                                                              of Radiology at the UW School of Medicine.
This course will introduce you to the principles behind                       He is also an attending neurosurgeon at
the application of materials in medicine but also raise                       Harborview Medical Center. He received his
concerns and problems that biomaterials practitioners                         MD (1987) from University of Witwatersrand
confront. Academics and professionals new or veteran                          in Johannesburg, South Africa, followed by
                                                                              a residency in Neurosurgery at the UW. Dr.
to the biomaterials field will find topics suited to their                      Britz’s clinical practice focuses primarily on
interests. Register today!                                 cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, dural fistulas
                                                           of the brain, diseases of the spinal cord, and atherosclerotic
                                                           diseases. The focus of his laboratory research is subarachnoid
What you’ll get from the Short Course                      hemorrhage, restenosis following intracranial stenting and
•Incisive tutorials by leaders in biomaterials research    cerebral aneurysm formation.
 and development
•A curriculum-oriented course organization                                  James D. Bryers is a UW Professor in the
•An opportunity to go from “square one” to having a                         Department of Bioengineering. He received
                                                                            his PhD (1980) in Chemical Engineering from
 fair appreciation of key issues, controversies and                         Rice University. His research interests include
 trends, all in three days                                                  bacterial adhesion, biofilms, and immobilized
•Broad subject coverage (soft and hard materials,                           cell bioreactors.
 biology, medicine, engineering)
•An inscribed copy of Biomaterials Science: An                                David G. Castner is a UW Research
 Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed.                               Associate Professor in the Departments of
                                                                              Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

UWEB                                                                          and is Director of the NIH-funded National
                                                                              ESCA (Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical
                                                                              Analysis) and Surface Analysis Center for
The University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials                          Biomedical Problems (NESAC/BIO). He
Engineering Research Center (UWEB ERC) brings                                 received his PhD (1979) in Physical Chemistry
together leading scientists, researchers, doctors and                         from the University of California, Berkeley. His
UWEB corporate partners. Together, we are working          current research interests are focused on the development and
                                                           application of surface analysis techniques (ESCA, static SIMS,
to create the next generation of implantable materials     AFM, NEXAFS) for the characterization of polymeric biomaterials,
that heal in the body.                                     organic thin films, and catalytic materials.
                  Cecilia M. Giachelli is Deputy Director of                             Martha Somerman is the Dean of the UW
                  UWEB and a UW Associate Professor in the                               School of Dentistry. She received her DDS
                  Department of Bioengineering. She received                             (1975) from New York University and her
                  her PhD (1987) in Pharmacology from the UW.                            PhD (1980) from the University of Rochester,
                  Her research areas are tissue engineering,                             New York. Her research interests include the
                  calcification, cell-material interactions, foreign                      development, maintenance and regeneration
                  body response and ectopic calcification.                                of periodontal structures and determining the
                                                                                         appropriate cells, genes (factors), and scaffolds
                                                                                         required for re-engineering periodontal
                                                                      structures lost as a consequence of disease.
                 Allan S. Hoffman is a UW Professor in the
                 Department of Bioengineering and Adjunct
                 Professor in the Department of Chemical
                 Engineering. He received his ScD (1957) in                             Patrick S. Stayton is a UW Professor in the
                 Chemical Engineering from MIT. His research                            Department of Bioengineering. He received his
                 interests include smart polymer bioconjugates,                         PhD (1989) in Biochemistry from the University
                 hydrogels, drug delivery, and polymer surfaces.                        of Illinois, Champaign. His research interests
                                                                                        include protein engineering, biomaterials, drug
                                                                                        delivery, and biomineralization.
                  Thomas A. Horbett is a UW Professor in the
                  Departments of Bioengineering and Chemical                            Miqin Zhang is a UW Assistant Professor
                  Engineering. He received his PhD (1970)                               in the Department of Materials Science
                  in Biochemistry from the UW. His research                             and Engineering. She received her PhD
                  interests include the interaction of cells and                        (1999) from University of California,
                  proteins with foreign materials, anti-thrombotic                      Berkeley. Her research interests are protein
                  peptide, and antibiotic delivery.                                     and cell biomaterial interactions, protein
                                                                                        immobilization, biocompatibility assessment,
                   John E. Olerud is a UW Professor and                                 surface bioengineering by self-assembled
                   Division Head of the Department of Medicine/                         films, protein and cell micropatterning,
                   Dermatology and Adjunct Professor in the           tissue engineering, biorecognition at interfaces, and BioMEMs
                   Department of Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine.       (microelectromechanical systems) for drug delivery and
                   He received his MD (1971) from the UW School       diagnostics.
                   of Medicine followed by residencies in Internal
                   Medicine (1975) and Dermatology (1977) at
                   the UW. His research includes abnormal wound
                                                                      Workshop Topics
                   healing in patients with diabetes mellitus and  Protein Engineering
cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. His clinical practice is in cutaneous
lymphoma, skin manifestations of diabetes and internal diseases,   Tissue Interactions and Introduction to Histology
leg ulcers, and connective tissue diseases.                        Toxicology and Biocompatibility
                                                                   Cardiovascular Devices
                  Joan E. Sanders is a UW Associate Professor in
                  the Department of Bioengineering and Adjunct
                                                                   Surface Analysis
                  Professor in the Departments of Rehabilitation   Blood Interactions with Materials
                  Medicine and Mechanical Engineering. She         Skin
                  received her PhD (1991) in Bioengineering        Blood Compatibility
                  from the UW. Her research interests are
                  tissue engineering for cardiac applications, the Inflammation and the Foreign Body Reaction
                  design of novel fiber-porous biomaterials, skin   Genetic Control of Gene Expression from Biomaterials
                  adaptation to mechanical stress, and prosthetic Biomechanics
engineering interface mechanics.
                                                                   Cell Interactions
                                                                   Bone and Hard Tissue
                  Marta Scatena is a UW Research Professor         Proteins at Interfaces
                  in the Department of Bioengineering. She         Tissue Engineering
                  received her PhD (1992) in Cell Biology from
                  the University of Padova, Italy. Her research    Opthalmologic Materials
                  interests are biomaterials, wound healing,       Surface Molecular Engineering
                  angiogenesis, and tissue engineering.            Device Centered Infection & Biofilms

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