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                                CHAIRMAN’S                                                                VOLUME 31 issUE 2
                                MESSAGE                                                                                2009

                                Be Smart. Shop Sebring.
One of the things that I found amusing when I first moved here was that many people from places
like Okeechobee and Moore Haven drove to Sebring to do their big shopping, What made it so
humorous was those of us in Sebring were buzzing off to places like Lake Wales, Lakeland, Tampa
and Orlando to buy the same things they were buying here.
I understand that for many people the joy of buying and shopping is       interesting people. Sometimes if a business doesn’t have what
a full contact sport and sometimes there is that innate need to go to     you want they will order it for you. Give it a try. “Be Smart. Shop
the big town coliseums. However, in the economic situations we face       Sebring” – and have a little fun with it.
currently, it may benefit not only our fellow businesses but ourselves
to buy from local vendors.                                                On another note, the chamber’s new board of directors will be
                                                                          meeting in a workshop soon to focus on plans for the year which
It may surprise you to know there are a many interesting little           we hope will benefit the businesses of this community. We each
businesses tucked away in the highways and byways of this area.           have our own ideas of what can make the area prosperous and
Over the past few months Sarah has promoted the “Be Smart. Shop           successful. What I would like is input from the membership. In
Sebring” program in an effort to make people aware of the fact we         these economic times, as it is in your business, there are things
have a multitude of businesses ready to serve you. Many of these          the chamber can do and not do. We want to know what you think
businesses have the capability of meeting most of our needs, and a lot    would best benefit your businesses and where you think we can
of our wants without leaving Highlands County.                            help. We plan to hone our efforts and our resources to try to add
                                                                          to the vitality of our business community. We WOULD LIKe TO
Make it an adventure. I like to occasionally cook Mexican and             HeAR FROM YOU. Send us an email, a fax or just give a call and
Cajun foods. Not all stores in this area carry all the ingredients, but   let us know your thoughts and your challenges. My hope is that
I have discovered over a period of time which ones carry Cajun            this chamber, our sister chambers and the businesses of this area
style Andouille sausage. To add to the victory, the prices are actually   can unite to maintain the vibrancy we want for this area.
cheaper when you factor in the expense of driving to Orlando to find      Let’s keep in touch.
a gourmet store. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet other members
of our community and chamber who turn out to be really nice and                            David Noel
 Monthly Breakfast Meeting
 Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Held at:                   Sponsored by:

                       6:45 am Breakfast Will Be Served
                           7:15 am Program Begins               Board of directors
1610 Lakeview Drive              $
                                   8 Per Person
                                                                       Chair - David Noel
                                                                  Chair Elect - Craig Johnson
                                                                  Vice Chair - Nick Schommer
                                                                     Treasurer - Kim Heintz
                                                                    Past Chair - Susan Jones

 After Hours Tri Chamber Mixer                                          Cathy Albritton
                                                                          Chet Brojek
                                                                           Mark Cox
 Thursday, February 19, 2009                                               Don Elwell
                                                                          Jan Farinato
                                                                         Bob Mahaffey
                                                                         Mike McLeod
                       Hosted by                                         Paul McGehee
                                                                         Mario Trevino
                                                                        Clarissa Williams

                                                                      chamBer staff
                                                                          Sarah Pallone
                                                                           Thelma Pyle
                                                                         Nadine Tedstone
    93rd Annual                                                           Susan Jacobson

 Recognition & Awards Banquet                                             Lillian Pechtel
                                                                           Lois Phillips
                                                                           Pauline Price
 Tuesday, February 27, 2009
                                                              “Working Together for a
           6:00 ~ 9:00 pm ~ $35 per person                      Better Community”
       Theme: “Sebring... Past, Present & Future”                     and the
           Table Decorating Contest ~ $100                     “Collective Voice of the
    Featuring Dr. Holiday ~                                    Business Community”
    The Hilarious Hypnotist
                                                           “The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce
                                                          serves the economic, educational, governmental
                                                          and social interests of the people, organizations
                                                           and communities it represents while fostering
                                                            a prosperous and harmonious environment
                                                                 in which to live, learn and work.”
                                                                                  Post your own events
                                                                                     and print a full
                                                                                 community calendar at

                                                                                    Call the Chamber
                                                                                    office to get your
                                                                                     online login and
                                                                                   password. Update

All New Show & Location                                                            your online listings,
                                                                                   post a job opening,
  South Florida Community College Auditorium                                            and print a
 Thursday, March 12th, 2009 • Doors black at 5pm
          40% black 60% black  100%                                                      directory.
   Advanced Ticket Sales Begin 8am Friday,
            January 30th at Highlands Today                                            Free
                  315 U.S. 27 North, Sebring                                        Advertising
                    Village Fountain Plaza                                              for
                        Advanced Tickets $12                                         Chamber
                  Now through Feb. 28th                                              Members!
                           after Feb 28th $15, if not sold out                          Login in to
                                                                                 enter your online user-
                                                                                  name and password,
                                                                                  and post a "hot deal".
                                                                                  Your deal will appear
                                                                                   on the home page of
                                                                                  the Chamber website
                                                                                  when you click on the
                                                                                   Area Coupon button!
                                                                                  Yes - it's that simple!
Lunch Club Wednesday                                                                                   Sebring
Lunch Club Wednesday, a ladies networking club,                                               C. Mark Cox, CPA, Partner
this month honored LCW member, Vanessa Logsdon                                               John W. Davis, CPA, Partner
with the “CeCe Courage” award with a bouquet of                                                  Sally B. Hood, CPA
                                                                                               Tanya E. Cannady, CPA
flowers donated from Hobby Hill Florist, owner
Ladonna Paedae Rodriguez. Everymonth a member                                                        Lake Placid
is nominated and honored with an example of strength                                        W. Bruce Stratton, CPA, Partner
& courage. Pictured is Diana Albritton, LCW Founder                                                  Okeechobee
sharing Logsdon’s story of how these empowering                                            Cheryl M. Williams, CPA, Partner
and educational meetings helped encourage Logsdon
                                                                                         140 South Commerce Avenue
to stop smoking over a year ago. Logsdon credits the club testimonials and
                                                                                            Sebring, Florida 33870
selected speakers from the medical professional at Florida Hospital with
the encouragement to have strength for a better lifestyle.                                  (863) 382-1157
In addition, this month the club hosted a lively exchange of 30-second
announcements and personal tidbits from nearly every member as the microphone
traveled around the room as there were more than 100 in attendance to kick off
the New Year.

This networking club is for career, non career and retired women in the community
that would like to network with others and meet new people in the community
                                                                                                       Paul C. Valladares, Jr.
that meets the second Wednesday of the month. The club has no dues, but there
                                                                                                       2600 W. rochester rd.
is a $10 fee for lunch.                                                                                 avon Park, FL 33825

Located at the Sebring Elks Lodge there are 23-25 business and non profit                                  16 Years
showcases, door & monthly grand prizes and the agenda is complete with a “Rise                           Serving Highlands,
and Shine” speaker from the club.                                                                          Hardee, Desoto
                                                                                                          & Southern Polk
For more information contact Diana Albritton, LCW Founder,
863-381-8170,                                      (863) 453-0314 • Cell: (863) 873-4580

                                                                                    161 Rooms & Suites
                                                         Corporate Luncheons • Banquets
                                                         Meeting Rooms • Private Parties
                                                                                 Gourmet Food In A Casual,
                                                            Restaurant & Bar
                                                                                 Lakeside Atmosphere

                                                              3100 Golfview Road • Sebring, Florida
 Charm • Dining • Golf                                                         (863) 471-9400
       #1 In Golf Packages                                
February                                                                                                        Accountants

                                                                                                                With Answers
                                                                                                                 We Are Tax
BARNIE’S                                                                                                        Professionals
Becky Osbeck, General Manager
Lakeshore Mall, 901 US Hwy 27 North, Sebring, FL 33870, 863.402.0001
                                                                                                                 Not Just Tax                                                                                            Preparers.
BOK TOWER GARDENS                                                                                       The NCT Group CPA’s, L.L.P.
                                                                                                       The NCT Group CPA’s, L.L.P.
Cassie Jacoby
1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33859, 863.676.1408                                         435 South Commerce Ave. • Sebring, FL 33870                                                                            (863) 385-1577 • (863) 385-0647 Fax
Experience one of America’s finest gardens and nature preserve surrounding a 205
foot sculpted marble carillon singing tower with daily concerts and Mediterranean-
style mansion, we are on the National Historic Landmark. A Great Café and gift
shop for your dining and purchasing experience. Open daily from 8 am – 6 pm www.

Michael A. Webb, President
4032 Camp Shore Drive, Lakeland, FL 33875, 863.248.2981

Liz Barber, Learning Site Coordinator
600 W. College Dr, Avon Park, FL 33825, 863.453.6661 X 5168

Founded in 1990 as International College, Hodges University has established itself
as one of the premier private universities in the State of Florida. Earl and Thelma
Hodges, long-time residents of Naples and avid supporters of the institution changed
the name to Hodges University in May of 2007 to honor a generous gift.

Hodges University is regionally accredited with the Commission of Colleges of the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate, Bachelor’s and
Master’s degrees.

Providing students with programs that prepare them for careers, Hodges believes in
flexible class scheduling, allowing student to attend weekly classes that suit their busy     9    Locations in Highlands
lifestyles. The University also meets the needs of today’s students by offering a wide             & Hardee Counties
variety of academic delivery methods and student services, both on campus and in the
distance education arena.                                                                   16     Unique Automotive
Recently, South Florida Community College and Hodges have teamed up, making it
easier for local students to receive their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees without ever
having to relocate or delay their current career. There are also discounts available for
graduates of SFCC and from various employers in town. There is a full-time Hodges
                                                                                              1 Total Commitment to
                                                                                                our Community
employee who is available to meet with prospective students Monday-Friday from 9
am – 5 pm on the campus SFCC located in the University Center. Please contact Liz              Sign up for prizes & specials at
Barber at 453.6661 ext. 5168 or at
Steve Campbell, President
                                                                          NEW MEMBERS
1111 US Hwy 27 South, Sebring, FL 33870, 863.385.3101                                                                     continued

Steve Campbell is a foreclosure specialist and a short sale expert. He began focusing on short sales about 6 years ago in Dayton,
Ohio then moved to Sebring where he established No For Group, Inc. specializing in buying and selling overleveraged properties in
Central Florida.

A Short Sale is when a lender agrees to discount a loan balance due by a homeowner (debtor). The debtor sells the mortgaged property
for less than the outstanding balance of the loan or any additional liens and turns over the proceeds of the sale to the lender(s).

A short sale is topically a better option for the lender and the debtor. It’s in the debtor’s best interest to avoid a foreclosure sale at
courthouse and the lenders would prefer to negotiate a short sale than end up owing the property and having to sell it in the future
at an even greater loss.

Steve has closed many transactions, with as many as 4 liens, IRA liens, judgments and private loans. Also, he has negotiated as much
as 50% off the amount due on a property.

Even though Steve has helped a number of homeowners save their homes and negotiate a better loan arrangement with the bank at no
charge, No For Group, Inc. is NOT a foreclosure rescue company. Steve is not an attorney or bankruptcy expert. He is an investor
who buys property to resale at a profit. It is always his recommendation that homeowners obtain legal council.

No For Group, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Steve is also 1 of a team of 5 coaches who coach real estate investors
and real estate agents all over the county on negotiation successful short sales, liens and judgments.

Anyone with knowledge of someone with an overleveraged property such as Real Estate agents, Attorneys, homeowners/debtors or
lenders can contact Steve at 863.385.3101 or 800.688.3101. His office is located at 1111 U.S. Hwy 27 South, Sebring.

Phillip Van Kleeck MA, LMHC
2523 US Hwy 27 South, Avon Park FL. 33825, 863.452.0710

The Paradigm Group Counseling Services is a new Mental Health Counseling Center offering outpatient-counseling services to
the residents of Highlands County. Licensed Psychotherapists, Rene de Sol MA, LMHC and Philip Van Kleeck MA, LMHC, have
partnered together to provide radically improved mental health counseling services. At the paradigm group, we have made every
effort to provide the counseling experience you desire and deserve. Everything about our office from our color choices, aroma and
soothing music has been thoughtful designed to promote a restful calm atmosphere.

Our office windows face beautiful Lake Glenda were Egrets, Kingfishers, Storks, Sandhill Cranes and Osprey visit the lake daily.
This natural setting is therapeutic all by itself! (As I write this, a White Ibis walks the waterfront, about 30 yards away, looking for
breakfast,) On a nice day we could sit on the dock and have our counseling session there, doesn’t that sound nice?

A broad range of services includes: individual therapy, couples therapy and therapeutic groups. Ages 6 to seniors are welcome. Se
Habla Espanol! Yes, bilingual reception and counseling are available.

Our fees are very reasonable and most insurances are accepted. Your appointments will be timely. We refuse to allow lengthy gaps
between appointments. When you need help, you need it now! Sessions are, of course, completely confidential. You can even exit
from the office without passing through the waiting room for added privacy.

At Paradigm, we see your present and future through eyes that can see what you can BECOME. We see past the problems and see
longings and dreams become reality. We see what you can BECOME and know we can help you on the journey.
                                                                                       The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                           is now offering an added member    benefit.

                                                                                        A special 10% savings on Automobile insurance is

                                                                continued              available through Auto-Owners Insurance Company.
                                                                                         This offer is for all Sebring Chamber members.

                                                                                      To find out how you can save on your insurance contact
                                                                                                  Wells Insurance. 863-382-3131

Jose O. Pomalos, Associate
3725 Palazzo St, Sebring, FL 33872

Financial services and marketing company.                                                Please call Wells Insurance at 863-382-3131

                                                                                          Or visit online at

Paul Penagos
2708 Wallace Dr, Sebring, FL 33872

Our taxi service is reliable and always on time, we have clean cars, offer door-
to-door service and go anywhere in or out of the state of Florida.

Our drivers are back ground checked, drug tested, professionally trained and
                                                                                         Workers Compensation
registered with the Sebring police, we are licensed and insured.
                                                                                              & payroll
So whether you need charter bus for an airport transfer, local shuttling, bus tour,
company outing, wedding, birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate         Stuart Troutman
event, athletic team, family reunion, school event sightseeing, extended trip, or
any other group bus charter service or ground transportation, we are your local
charter service company, Call us for a fee quote. We have a coach that transports
29 passengers.                                                                         Phone (863) 528-7073
                                                                                        Fax (863) 402-0747
World financial Group                                                          
Nadine Tedstone, Receptionist
227 US 27 North, Sebring, Fl 33870, 863.385.8448

World Financial Group is one of the few companies of its kind in the industry
                                                                                                              36 Holes
                                                                                                              of Championship Golf
today - a company dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and                                  Chamber Discount
families from all walks of life.                                                                                    Program

WFG associates have the ability to offer products and services from a broad                         Voted 2008
                                                                                        Best Golf
array of financial services providers - this allows our associates to find the very
best solutions for their clients. These solutions can come in many different

forms, including insurance protection, lifestyle changes, or securities products,
offered through our affiliated Broker-Dealer, World Group Securities, Inc.

World Financial Group’s independent associates do not just work with clients               in Highlands County
who have large amounts of discretionary income - they work with everyday
people to help them make critical financial decisions that help move them from            Call (863) 385-4830
where they are to where they want to be.                                                 to book your next group event.
                                                                                      Join our email club for great weekly specials at
Now more then ever our students need to understand our global economy and
     the opportunities that are available to them. Please join us at the:

                                                                                         WHERE: Four Points by Sheraton Sebring,
                                                                                                Chateau Elan
                                                                                                150 Midway Drive
                                                                                                Sebring, FL 33870

                                                                                         WHEN:                  Wednesday, March 25, 2009
                                                                                                                Registration and breakfast at 7:30
                                                                                                                Program begins promptly at 8:00

                                                   This is a free fundraising breakfast.
                            There is no cost to attend, nor any minimum contribution required.
                           Everyone is free to give or not give. However, your contribution helps
                   Junior Achievement serve the students in our community. As much as anything else,
                  we want guests to come and find out about the fine programs Junior Achievement offers.

        Reserve your seat by calling Sebring Chamber of Commerce at: (863) 385-8448
       Please plan to arrive at 7:30 a.m. to allow time for parking and seating. The program will begin at 8:00 a.m. sharp.
                                  Please visit our website for more Junior Achievement facts at:

                                                                         WHO KNEW? ….

                                                                WHO KNEW? …

           Since July 2008, Heartland Workforce has provided over $15,000 to 9 businesses
                                   to train 82 full time employees.*

                           Are you an employer looking to train employees?

                                                                            Call today!
 *eligibility requirements prevail
                                             Cheryl Sharp, Business Operations Director
                                                      (863) 385-3672 ext. 288

  Partners for Growth in Education, Economic Development, and Employment in the Heartland

                           An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. All
                               voice telephone numbers may be reached by persons using TTY/TDD equipment via the Florida Relay Service at 711.
Tackle The New Year’s Filing!
4-Drawer Letter Size File Cabinet

      ONLY $59!                             WER
                                     4-DRA INETS
                                    FIL E CAB

                                     $           00
                                      While S

2-Drawer Letter Size File Cabinet

      ONLY $10!
  4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

    ONLY $149!
 5-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

    ONLY $299!
Hurry, supplies are limited!

        Toll Free 866-816-3450 or 863-682-3450
             2440 Hwy. 98 North, Lakeland, FL 33805          1 Mile South of I-4 Across from Lakeland Chrysler
   Advertising does not
     create a need...
it creates an awareness!
                                             HigHlands County days
                                             Planned For tallahassee
                                             april 14-15, 2009
                                                     Anyone interested in learning more about the legislative
Let      Coffee News        make the         process, making their voice heard, or having a face-to-face meeting
public aware of your business                with a local state legislator is invited to ride along on a two-day
3 meals a day, 7 days a week,                bus trip to Tallahassee, April 14-15. The overnight trip will mark
       365 days a year!                      the 5th annual “Highlands County Day” event held during the
                                             spring legislative session.
   Call Mary to reserve your
  exclusive spot 633-8222
                                                    The cost of the trip will be $275 (or $205 double occupancy)
                                             for lodging and transportation on Annett Bus Lines, or $205 ($135
Everything you ever wanted                   double occupancy) for those arranging their own transportation.
   in a bank and MORE!
                                                     This year, participants will leave from South Florida
                                             Community College at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 14. The group
                                             will stay overnight at the Holiday Inn-Capitol East and eat dinner
                                             at Marie Livingston’s. Following a continental breakfast the next
               Six Convenient
                                             morning, the group will travel by bus to the Capitol.
               Locations Throughout
               Highlands County
                                                     “This activity gives every participant a much better insight
  Checking Accounts • Savings Accounts       into the legislative process and greatly strengthens the bond
  Business Accounts • Home Equity Loans
                                             between constituents and our elected officials,” said J. Kevin
   Commercial Loans • Mortgage Loans
    Internet Banking With FREE Bill Pay      Brown, past-president, Avon Park Chamber of Commerce. “If
      ATM/Debit Cards • Credit Cards         we’re there, they know we support them, and we care about the
Plus The Personalized Service You Deserve!   issues. This encourages each of them to work harder to focus on
Call Us Today (863) 385-8700                 our needs.”
                                             Speakers have been scheduled to give participants an opportunity
                                             to become more familiar with the legislative process, as well as
24 urs                                       voice issues and questions to local legislators and other elected
      Musselman                              officials. Participants will also have the opportunity to observe the
                                             Legislature at work, tour the Old Capital, or explore downtown
       Storage                               Tallahassee.

Large - Mini - Small                                The trip is organized by Leadership Highlands, an SFCC
                                             program that operates in cooperation with the Avon Park, Sebring
           Industrial Buildings              Area, and Lake Placid chambers of commerce. Support for the
          5240 Kenilworth Blvd.              Tallahassee trip is provided by Embarq, Glades Electric, Heartland
         Sebring, FL 33870-4892              National Bank, Highlands County EDC, Highlands Independent
                                             Bank, MidFlorida Credit Union, and Progress Energy.
    Owners & Operators:
     Bill & Mary Musselman                         The registration deadline is March 20. For registration
                                             information, contact the SFCC Community Education office at
(863) 655-1575                               784-7392 (Becky Rousch ) or 784-7388 (Lauren Redick).
Launches Multi-Media Campaign
Drug Free Highlands, our county community coalition for the reduction of substance abuse, is launching a multi-
media campaign intended to encourage and support parents, retailers, and community members in their efforts to keep
teens from drinking.

Over the next year, the Drug Free Highlands in partnership with Avon Park High School, the Board of County
Commissioners, Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida Hospital - Heartland Division, Heartland Education Consortium
(S.A.D.D. chapters in all three high schools), Heartland Workforce, Highlands County Health Department, Highlands
County School Board, Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, the Redlands Christian Migrant Association, YMCA, and
Youth for Christ and others will ask the community to “Be the Wall” between teens and alcohol. The simply stated
campaign is designed on the premise that while alcohol may be the primary substance of choice for teens across the
state and country, underage drinking should be the single most preventable at risk behavior among our teenagers.

In Highlands County the 2008 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey reports that most teens are not drinking.
However, of the 34% that report drinking in the past 30 days, 20% are self-reported binge drinkers. Current research
indicates that the teen brain is still developing until the mid-20s. The introduction of alcohol, particularly in large
quantities, may impair brain development. The developing teen brain also makes teens more impulsive and less likely
to consider consequences of their behavior – for this reason; the campaign encourages all adults to be clear, firm and
consistent when talking with teens about alcohol.

The multi-media campaign is part of a partnership between Highlands County and the Department of Children and
Families and Florida Office of Drug Control. Its components include an interactive web site where parents can
text their teen, humorous posters about natural communication gaps
between teens and parents, community displays, guerilla marketing
strategies and more. The focus will be on the developing adolescent
brain and the behaviors that accompany its development. Using
humor, adults will be educated regarding how, at times, teens are
illogical, impulsive, rebellious, take risks, and test boundaries. To
address this behavior, we ask parents to be clear, be firm and to be

Local agencies and businesses wishing to participate in the campaign
by displaying images should contact Andre Centonzio, Department
                                                                                 Chamber of Commerce
of Health at (863) 273-0491. Questions about the county wide                    Business Book Exchange
campaign should contact Debbie Lees, SARG Coordinator at 863-
385-0024.                                                                          Need to catch up on some current
                                                                                   business trends or advice? Stop by
Be The Wall is a statewide social marketing campaign sponsored by                the Chamber and check out the new
the Florida Governor’s Office of Drug Control, Florida Department               business book library. Borrow a book,
of Children and Families, and the Strategic Prevention Framework                   exchange a book, or just donate to
State Incentive Grant.                                                            the cause. Everything from human
                                                                               resources, sales & marketing, leadership,
To help us with the campaign, please take just a few minutes to                      business inspiration, and more!
answer our 10 question on-line anonymous survey: http://www.
d_3d                                                                             Keep an eye out for the Chamber’s
                                                                                     book list – coming soon!
                                                                                 Solutions For
                                                                              Today’s Business

        South Florida Community
                                                         Shellie Cruz              Joe Seyforth
        College is the Heartland’s                      Branch Manager              Sales Manager
       premier provider of                           (863) 471-2774 • (863) 471-1653 Fax
                                                       3735 Kenilworth Blvd. • Sebring, FL 33870
       continuing education and
       professional development.
       Find out what SFCC’s
      continuing education                                    Alice Benton
      programs can do for you!                                  Malloy
     Make SFCC’s Corporate and Continuing               Officiating Traditional, Spiritual
    Education (CCE) Department your first               & Personalized Wedding Vows,
   choice for work-related education. Our                 Commitment Ceremonies &
   ongoing workshops and seminars can help you                 Renewing of Vows
  sharpen your job skills to earn the continuing
 education units you need to maintain your                                    (863) 655-0606
 professional license.

 CCE classes are delivered in a variety of formats
 and with the flexibility to meet the education
 needs of individual workers, small business,
and large public and corporate enterprises.
CCE training is available at all SFCC locations.
Courses can also be customized to meet the needs        Hometown Banking
of any business, large or small, and delivered at            Friendly. Helpful. Local.
the workplace. Contract training options allow        Riverside Bank offers hometown banking in Sebring
businesses to lease SFCC facilities for their own     at 2190 US Highway 27 N. Come visit us today.

training programs.

For more information on any Corporate and
Continuing Education programs, or if you would
like a schedule of upcoming workshops and/or
 seminars, please call Lorrie Key, Coordinator,
  at 863-784-7033.
                                                                                   Sophia Peavy
                                                     Member FDIC
                                                       Equal Housing Lender
                                                                                     Branch Manager
                               Serving Florida’s Heartland From
Save on                               Downtown Sebring                              feB. 2009

                             Andrew’s Think
 paper                                                                                stimulate
                                                                                     our economy,
towels                                                                                Buy
& tissue                                                                             local
                For Janitorial & Sanitary Supplies
  Safety & Paper Products, Foodservice Supplies, Coffee & Breakroom Stuff
                  (863) 414-3000 or (800) 282-9303
          For great products, great prices, prompt Free local delivery and
                     unexpected old-Fashioned service, call us today!

                         Monthly Specials
 aS-300          towel, kitchen roll, 2 ply, 30/85 roll/cs                                $
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 aS-500          tiSSue, 500 2 ply SheetS/roll, 80 roll/cs                                $
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 aS-200          tiSSue, Jr JumBo, 2 ply, 12 roll/cs                                      $
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 aS-400          towel, center pull, 2 ply 6 roll/cs                                      $
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                                                                                              42.90 cs
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                                                                                              43.93 cs
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                                                                                              38.27 cs
 da-S1           container, large, hinged lid foam, 200/cs                                $
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 mh-42           maxwell houSe ultra coffee, 42/cs                                        $
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 ma-8d           Styrofoam coffee cupS, 8 oz., 1000/cs                                    $
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 ma-16d          Styrofoam coffee cupS, 16 oz., 500/cs                                    $
                                                                                              23.65 cs

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                                   Herb Crusted Angus Filet Mignon
                                   w/Cabernet & Bearnaise Sauces

                       Chicken En Croute w/Baked Brie & Raspberry Sauce
                                Oven Roasted Garlic Baked Potatoes
                                 Haricot Vert (French Green Beans)

                                              Shrimp Scampi

                                             Fresh Saladtinis

                                        Decadent Dessert Selections


                                       Quality Inn Conference Center
                                            6525 US Hwy 27 N
                                          Sebring, Florida 33870
                                                                                    
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 Paradigm Group - Ribbon Cutting
         February 12, 2009
             4:30 pm
                                            Grand Prix
                                            Race Ball

      The Palms of Sebring
     Physical Therapy Center                    March 14,2009
           Ribbon Cutting
          February 13, 2009
                                           Four Points by Sheraton

              11:00 am
                                                Chateau Élan
      Capt. Ron’s Mercantile
      Has Moved Downtown!
      Open House February 26, 2009                 6:30 to 7:30
            5:00 - 7:00 pm
                                                  cocktail hour

save the date
                                                   7:30 dinner
 Circle of Speed Beer and Brats
             on the Circle                    9:00 pm to 1:00am

            March 5, 2009                         dancing to
            4:00 - 8:00 pm
                                              “THE FABULONS”
              HSR Race

      Sebring International Raceway                 $125.00
            March 6 - 8, 2009
                                                   per person
       Grand Prix Race Ball
   Four Points by Sheraton Chateau Élan
                                               4 hour open bar

              March 14, 2009
                                          included in the ticket price
      Sebring International Raceway

             March 15, 2009
                                             Call Sharon Keiber 863.381.3369
        12 Hours of Sebring                      Ken Harris 863.655.1442
      Sebring International Raceway                   for reservations
           March 18-21, 2009
 434 Fer nleaf Ave Sebring, Fl 33870
 Phone 863.402.7200
 Fax 863.402.7285

 date: 19 January 2009
 Contact: Nell Hays
 Phone: 863.385.0024

 Everywhere you look there is reference to the tough economic times that are upon us, and Highlands
 County is no exception. With the large number of senior citizens on fixed incomes in our population, rising
 costs of living do not keep up with increases in Medicare and other retirement income sources. In addition,
 young people with families are encountering a slim job market and low paying positions. Historically this
 combination will give rise to increases in frauds and scams as well as unscrupulous business practices.

 It is very important that everyone be aware of “get rich quick” schemes that surface at times like these.
 Frauds and scams are frequently targeted at senior citizens who are seen as unsuspecting and trusting.
 The Crime Prevention Unit is committed to educating the public about current frauds and scams that can
 rob people of not only their money but their identities and their good credit ratings. One of the most
 recent scams involves a caller saying that your checking account number has been posted on the internet.
 The caller goes on to request you give your account number over the phone so that it can be verified. Of
 course this is just a scam to get your account number. If you have genuine concerns about your banking
 information, call your bank and check on the status of your account(s). Please remember NOT to give out
 any personal information over the phone unless you have initiated the call and you are certain how this
 information is going to be used.

 Business scams are also prevalent this time of year. Neighboring counties have reported bands of “gypsies”
 targeting their residents. These people usually travel in groups and go door-to-door offering to perform
 (most often) home repair services. Payment is usually required before any services are rendered, with the
 excuse that the workers need the money to purchase the materials needed for the work. Unfortunately the
 workers do not return to do the job, or if they do return, the workmanship is poor and the materials are
 substandard. It has also been reported that the workers become agitated if their services are not used. If
 you have been approached by individuals fitting this description, or if you have fallen victim to this type
 of business practice, please call your local law enforcement agency and file a report. By notifying law
 enforcement of these occurrences, we can be more vigilant for this type of activity and hopefully can keep
 someone else from harm.

 If you have work to be done around your home, please use bona fide contractors or home improvement
 firms. For more information on these businesses you may contact your local Chamber of Commerce, the
 Highlands County Builders Association or the Better Business Bureau.
           Sebring City Council OKs Good Shepherd Hospice House
                          Good Shepherd Hospice releases artist’s rendering of future facility

                                           SEBRING, FLA. – In a 4-to-1 vote, the Sebring City Council has approved a request to amend a
                                           development agreement for property at 1110 Hammock Road in Sebring. The approval paves the
                                           way for Good Shepherd Hospice to construct a 16-bed hospice house and adjacent community
                                           resource center on the property.

                                           The council took up the issue at its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 20.

                                           “Good Shepherd Hospice is extremely grateful for the council’s approval on this matter,” said
                                           Becky McIntyre, RN, Good Shepherd Hospice regional director. “We are now one step closer to
                                           being able to provide compassionate and comprehensive hospice house care for Good Shepherd
                                           Hospice patients in Highlands and Hardee counties.”

In August, the state’s Agency for Healthcare Administration approved Good Shepherd Hospice’s certificate of need application to build the
hospice house in Highlands County. A hospice house is an acute care, inpatient facility specifically designed to address the requirements
and requests of patients facing the end of life. In a hospice house, healthcare professionals provide pain management, symptom control and
medical procedures in a safe, homelike setting where families and friends are encouraged to visit.

Currently, Good Shepherd Hospice operates the George C. Forsythe Hospice House in Auburndale and a hospice unit at Palm Terrace of
Lakeland. The Highlands County Hospice House will be only the second freestanding facility of this type within the Good Shepherd Hospice
service area of Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties.

Good Shepherd Hospice also used the city council meeting to present a proposed artist’s rendering of the future hospice house and community
resource center. Good Shepherd Hospice plans to construct both facilities in Florida Cracker-style architecture that features wide porches
and metal roofs. The hospice house will offer a homelike environment with comfortable private rooms and baths, a dining area, family laundry
facilities and children’s play area. The community resource center will be the home base for Good Shepherd Hospice care teams and offer
additional space to conduct volunteer training sessions, community education and bereavement programs.

“Good Shepherd Hospice is very excited to be able to offer, in the very near future, hospice house care in our own community,” added McIntyre.
“Currently patients must travel approximately 50 miles to Auburndale to receive this type of inpatient care. And many times family members
don’t want their fragile loved ones to travel such a distance or to be so far away. The Highlands County Hospice House will be a tremendous
end-of-life care resource for Good Shepherd Hospice patients and their families.”

Good Shepherd Hospice plans to schedule a groundbreaking ceremony later this year.

About Good Shepherd Hospice
Good Shepherd Hospice is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that supports and serves more than 700 patients each day in Polk,
Highlands and Hardee County as they face the challenges of life-limiting illnesses. Healthcare professionals and trained volunteers embrace
the Good Shepherd Hospice mission to make the most of life by relieving the suffering of patients and their families affected by end-of-life
issues. The organization has been a part of the community since 1979 and is a 2008 recipient of a Circle of Life Citation of Honor Award. Good
Shepherd Hospice is the only local agency offering hospice programs accredited by the Joint Commission, the nation’s premier healthcare
accrediting body. The United Way of Central Florida partially funds the community programs offered by Good Shepherd Hospice. For more
information, please visit the website at
 Professional office suites for rent
       Focus on lowering your overhead.
Rent a Furnished Professional suite including.....
 REcEptIoN DESk • copy macHINE • Fax macHINE
                 CHAMBER                    CHAMBER          CHAMBER           OFFICE #10
                 OFFICE #1                  OFFICE #2        OFFICE #3          10’ X 12’
 loCAtion                                                                                                               BATH                      Convenient

    •                                                                                                                                 OFFICE #9       •
                                                                                                                                      10’ X 10’

                                                                                                                     OFFICE #3
 loCAtion     OFFICE #11                                                                           OFFICE #2         10’ X 10’                       HigH
               10’ X 12’                                                                            12’ X 16’
                                                                                                                                      OFFICE #8   visibility
                                                                                                                                      10’ X 10’
    •                                                        ROOM                                                    OFFICE #4
                                                                                                                     10’ X 10’
              OFFICE #12                                                                                                                              •
               10’ X 10’
 loCAtion                                                                                          OFFICE #1                          OFFICE #7
                                                                                 COPY/FAX CENTER

                                                                                                    12’ X 16’        OFFICE #5        10’ X 10’
                                                CHAMBER              LEASING                                         10’ X 10’                       All
                                              WELCOME DESK            OFFICE
                             DISPLAY AREA

              OFFICE #13
               10’ X 12’                                                                                                              OFFICE #6
                                                                           CHAMBER INFORMATION CENTER                                 10’ X 10’

                                                                DISPLAY AREA                       DISPLAY AREA        DISPLAY AREA

            Located on US Hwy 27 in the Village Fountain Plaza. Formerly Highlands Today.

For more inFormation call Sarah Pallone at the Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce

    community cookbook project

       The Greater Sebring Chamber
       of Commerce Ambassador Committee
       is embarking on a community cookbook
       project. This cookbook will showcase favorite
       recipes from local restaurants, business owners
       and the community-at-large.

       The Ambassadors are conducting two contests:
       the first, to name the cookbook; and the second, to
       design the cover. The cookbook theme is historical
       and present Sebring.

       To participate in the design contest and/or the
       book title contest, please submit your entries to For creative cover
       artwork, please submit entries in jpeg format,
       5”wide x 8”high. All non-returnable entries
       should be submitted by April 1.

Description: Business for Sale by Owner Sebring Florida document sample