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(Please note: This list is updated on a regular basis to reflect new resources and changes in contact information)
                      To have your organization listed or to make a change in information,
               please contact Yvonne Lopez-Morton, (509) 354-7290 or yvonnelm@asisna.com)

Hispanic/Latino Resource Center (El Centro de Spokane)
      El Centro de Spokane is a non-profit community service agency, established to serve the region’s
      Spanish speaking citizens. El Centro provides general community information in Spanish for assisting
      the area’s rapidly growing Hispanic population with issues of transition. Resource information topics
      include state and federal social service programs, employment and educational opportunities, plus health
      and legal service referrals. In addition to community service and agency referrals, the Center sponsors
      community educational seminars. Volunteer orientation and training available.
      El Centro is located in East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone St., Spokane, WA 99202
      (509) 625-6699 or e-mail bilingualpress@icehouse.net
Spokane Hispanic Business Professional Association
      Non-profit, association of Spokane area Hispanic professionals, businesses, educators, and other
      community members interested in business and civic issues. HBPA’s purpose is to promote and
      serve Hispanic cultural, business and professional interests in the greater Spokane area. HBPA meets the
      second Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. at Puerto Vallarta Restaurant, Spokane Valley. Meeting
      location may change when necessary due to special events.
      President, Joni Riojas Hubbard
    African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American Business & Professional Association
    The overall mission of AHANA is to improve the economic status and enhance the quality of life
    of the AHANA communities through the development of business and employment opportunities
    Ben Cabildo, Director

Washington Hispanic Affairs Commissioner, Spokane
     Chair, Yvonne Lopez Morton
     (509) 354-7290 or (509) 599-1177
     Official website: www.cha.wa.gov
La Prensa Bilingue
      Monthly Hispanic newspaper printed in English and Spanish
      Maria Alvarez Gaines/Troy Gaines, Editors & Publishers
      (509) 483-2523

Inland Northwest Community Services
       Sponsors reading and math tutoring program for youth in collaboration with Gonzaga University School
       of Education. Outreach to Hispanic community.
       11006E 22nd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99206
       Contact Andrew Holguin, (509) 922-6623 or 998-7752
St. Joseph Parish
        Spanish mass conducted every Sunday at 1 p.m.
        Also provides cultural outreach opportunities for the Hispanic Community
        Deacon Chalo Martinez
        (509) 927-9827
Eastern Washington University Chicano Education Program
      The mission of Eastern Washington University’s Chicano Education Program is to actively contribute
      towards enhancing the opportunity and participation of Chicanos/Latinos in higher education.
      This mission is achieved by actively recruiting and supporting Chicano/Latino students to have a
      positive and successful academic career
      Dr. Carlos S. Maldonado, Program Director
      (509) 359-2404
Hispanic Business Professional Association Scholarship Program
      The HBPA awards scholarships each year to Hispanic high school seniors in partnership
      with the National Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Recipients are honored each year during the
      annual Hispanic Graduate Celebration/Ceremony
      Yvonne Montoya Zamora, Scholarship/Graduation Celebration Chair
      (509) 927-9012
Latino Outreach Project
       Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
       Marilyn Delgado
LaRaza Latina
     Gonzaga University Student Group
     Anna Gonzales, Advisor
     (509) 323-4069

    Free legal services for low-income people in non-criminal matters.
    Coordinated legal education, advice, and referral system. A program of the Northwest Justice Project
    1-888-201-1014 toll free
    1-888-201-9737 TDD
    1-888-387-7111 People age 60 and over

Hate Incident Response Team of Spokane (HIRTS)
       An all-volunteer organization committed to providing support for victims of hate incidents.
       support of hate victims in crisis. To report a hate crime, call the Spokane Police Department Crime
       Check Line at (509) 456-2233.
       PO Box 222, Spokane, WA 99210-0222
       HIRTS Help Line: (509) 459-3626

Catholic Charities
      Assistance with citizenship and residency requirements and applications
      707 N. Cedar St., Spokane, WA
      Greg Cunningham
      (509) 455-6190

Hispanic American Society
      This organization consists of active duty personnel and their dependents assigned to Fairchild Air Force
      Base, retired military personnel, civilian personnel and other interested citizens

Immigration Issues
     Office of Washington Senator Maria Cantwell
              Constituent Services Spokane
              920 W. Riverside, Suite 697
              Spokane, WA 99210
              (509) 353-2507
              Constituent Services Washington, DC
              717 Hart Senate Office Building
              Washington, DC 20510
              (202) 224-3441
              Constituent Services Seattle
              915 Second Avenue, Suite 3206
              Seattle, WA 98174
              (206) 220-6400

Thin Air Community Radio
      Thin Air will soon provide programming to diverse communities and unserved or underserved groups
      and provide a forum for neglected, progressive perspectives on important local, national and global
      issues, reflecting values of peace, social, economic and environmental justice, human rights, democracy,
      multiculturalism, freedom of expression and social change. Lupito Flores, Coordinator
      Spokane, WA
      (509) 747-3807

Spokane Task Force on Human Relations
      The Spokane Regional Task Force on Human Relations exists to address issues of racial and cultural
      discrimination by learning, action, leadership, and partnership within the Spokane community. A public
      non-profit organization, the SRTFHR is comprised of members from five major facets of the Spokane
      community. Our members come from a variety of areas within the faith, non-profit, education,
      government, and business communities in the Spokane region.
      Kristine M. Reeves, Board President
      (509) 323.3667 or Kristine@spokanehumanrelations.com

Washington Human Rights Commission
     The Mission of the Washington State Human Rights Commission is to eliminate and prevent
     discrimination through the fair application of the law, the efficient use of resources, and the
     establishment of partnerships with the community.
     Spokane District Office
     Rock Point Plaza III
     1330 N. Washington ST., Suite 2460
     Spokane, WA 99201
     (509) 568-3196 or visit www.hum.wa.gov

Perciba Incorporated
      Natural Language Training in Spanish & English for business, travel, personal enrichment, &
      employment. Language assessment and certification for employment purposes in Spanish and English.
      Eric Anderson and Marta Reyes
      (509) 327-8064

Spokane International Translation
      Oral interpretation services available in 50 languages in Spokane, and certified written translation
      services in any language for the medical, legal, and business communities. Certified court interpreters.
      Marta Reyes
      (509) 327-8064

Spokane School District 82
      Equity Office
      Vickie Countryman, Director
      (509) 354-5953

Los Vigiles
      Popular local trio with family members Ricardo, Joe and Christina Vigil.
      Traditional Mexican favorites to contemporary tempos
      Joe Vigil
      (509) 226-1981

Salsa Spokane
       Committed to developing and promoting Latino entertainment in the Spokane area
       Susanna Lopez, (509) 838-1950 or Susana@salsaspokane.com

Reading & Math Tutoring Class
      Sponsored by the Gonzaga University School of Education
      For class schedule, call Andy Holguin
      (509) 922-6623

                                     Hispanic websites listed on next page
    www.cha.wa.gov Washington Commission on Hispanic Affairs
    http://www2.state.id.us/icha/ Idaho Commission for Hispanic Affairs
    www.oyetu@oyetu.com News for and about Pacific NW Hispanics
    www.ahanabusiness.org AHANA – African, Hispanic, Asian, Native American Business Assn.)
    www.wlba.net Washington Latino Business Association
    http://www.ewu.edu/x7439.xml Eastern Washington University Chicano Education Program
    http://www.centroculturalha.org/index.htm Washington State Hispanic Calendar of Events
    http://latino.si.edu/latinsitio/explolatino/exploindex.html Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives
    http://www.lulac.org League of United Latin American Citizens
    http://www.sre.gob.mx/seattle/ingles.htm Mexican Consul, Seattle, WA
    www.hispnews.com News for Hispanics
    www.hispanicbusiness.com Economic development and business opportunities for Hispanics
    http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu./issuedos/pages/webzine_2c.html Smithsonian Latino Collections
    http://www.whatcomhispanic.org Whatcom Hispanic Organization
    www.semy.org Office of Secondary Education for Migrant Youth
    www.perciba.com Perciba Incorporated (Translations and Language Classes)
    www.scholarshipsforhispanics.org (Available scholarships in US for Hispanic students)
    www.salsaspokane.com Latino entertainment
    www.migrantstudents.org/bb/washington.php College Assistance Migrant Program
    www.leapwa.org Latino/a Educational Achievement Project
    http://www.k12.wa.us/MigrantBilingual Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
             Migrant/Bilingual Education Program

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