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Estimate Provided for:
[Insert Client Company Name]                                        Estimate
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Program:                                  Date of Event                            Estimate Provided On:
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                      Estimated Hours
Category              Activity Description                                                     Estimated Hours           Comments

                      Estimated Project Management Hours

                   Event Pre Planning Meeting: Initial December '07 review with [Insert
                   Client Company Name] Staff, review 2007 plans and 2008 remaining
    Pre Production event needs, budget & vendor requirements.                                               3.00

                   Project Preperations: Pre-planning revisions, Develop event Project
                   Log/Brief (tracking), develop event deliverables, timelines, and due date
   Production/Prep for ALL ASPECTS of Program. Budget Updates are available.                                3.00
                   Project Management: Manage process and project logs (ongoing),
                   support staff in process, tasks as assigned. Maintain production log
           Project (tasks to complete) and updates. Provide regular reports to [Insert
      Management Client Name and Title].                                                                 10.00
                                                                                                                   8 Scheduled Committee
                                                                                                                   meetings; Estimated 1.5
                 Committee Support: Attend committee meetings, develop and provide                                  hours per meeting (12)
                 committee agendas (initial roster), track committee progress, follow up                               agenda prep (8)
       Committee with committee members as necessary. Additional committee related                                 committee follow up on
      Management tasks as assigned.                                                                      32.00         deliverables (12)

                   Event Plan: Provide event summary and event plan including calendar
                   with timeline and identify key deliverable dates/deadlines. Provide
                   specific overview of deliverables listed with tasks included. Draft and
        Event Plan Final version (post 1st committee meeting revisions).                                    3.00

                      Sponsorship and Advertising Support: Provide Sponsorship Package
                      draft to Director of Development, provide consolidated [Insert Event
                      Name] historic solicitation and sponsors/advertisers.                                 2.00
                  All Deliverables will be provided to [Insert Client Name and Title, Insert other
            NOTE* persons]

                                               Estimated Project Management Hours Subtotal:              53.00
                    Additional Available Services
                    Below hours are not included in Initial Production Hours Estimate or Deposit, if these
                    services are retained a revised estimate will be provided

                    Vendor Management: Identify/Contact vendors, obtain bids, place orders
                    and conduct follow up, verify shipment dates, orders, and obtain costs for
                    budget. Day prior to event call and confirm deliveries, and vendor
                    fullfillment. Manage approval process for printed materials with logos,
                    signage, and set up. Provide Check Log for payment processing.                                    TBD
                    On Site Support: Manage ALL day of event needs, volunteers, set-up,
                    manage program timline and troubleshooting.                                                      10.00
                    Marketing Oversight: Invitations, guest gifts, awards, event signage and
                    related materials.                                                                                6.00

                    Event Scripting: Drafts and Revisions, Inquiries                                                  2.00

                    Sponsorship fulfillment: Develop sponsor Thank You letter, Provide
                    contact list & fulfillment report in order for staff to mail program books,
                    letters and all follow up post program.                                                           3.00
                    Program Book Development: Ad Consolidation/Listing,
                    Sponsor/Advertiser Management, Manage Layouts and Revisions
                    process, Internal Reviews, Inquiries and Final Sign-off's.                                        5.00
                                             Estimated Additional Available Services Hours Subtotal:                 TBD

                                                                                     Hourly Rate:                   $75.00 [Insert your hourly rate]
                                                                      Estimated Production Hours:                    53.00
                                                              Estimated Production Hours Amount:                 $3,975.00

                                                              Waive Initial Deposit, Existing Client $                 -

         Initial 25% deposit is credited towards hours worked on project. Invoices submitted will show initial
            deposit and the hours deducted. Payable billings will begin once the initial deposit is exhausted.

                  By signing below, you are accepting this estimate, and are authorizing
             [Insert your company name] to begin work on your program as itemized above.

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                     Thank you for the opportunity to do business together!
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