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[Insert Client Company Name]
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[Insert Date]

Dear [Insert Client Name]:

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with [Client Company Name]. Below is a
“casual business language” review of our agreement for [Your Business Name] to
provide project management for the [Client Company Name], “[Event or Project
Name]” as discussed [Insert Date or Where review took place].

                                   PROJECT LAUNCH

[Your Name] will provide [Client Name, Client Title], with the following
documentation to launch the “[Event or Project Name]” project:
    [List What documentation is Provided to start the Project/Event]
   1. An “Estimate of Hours” (to follow initial client meeting reviewing project needs).
   2. A “Letter of Commitment,” contained herein (Scope of Service Agreement).
   3. “Project Brief” (an ongoing summary of services to be provided).

                              LETTER OF COMMITMENT

Retained on behalf of [Client Company Name] (“Insert Client Company Initials or
A.K.A.”) are [Your Name] [Your Services i.e., consulting services] (“[Your Business
Name]”). [Your Name] will provide project management (“project,” “event”) and assist
with consultant services as directed by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A
INITIALS] for the “[Event or Project Name]” which will be held on [Insert Event Date].

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An initial summary of services to be performed will be provided in a “project brief.” As
we progress through the project planning and event management, ongoing regular
updates of the “project brief” will be provided and this will serve as the itemization of
the Project Management and Scope of Services to be rendered by [Your Name].

All service listed below, as well as those future requests from [CLIENT COMPANY
NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS], will be rendered in a diligent and professional manner to
the best of my ability. If any issues arise that are not satisfactory to the client, it is
[CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS]’s responsibility to bring those
matters to the attention of [Your Name] so that measures may be taken to resolve the
matter quickly and with reasonable effort. [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A
INITIALS] agrees that [Your Name] will have access to [CLIENT COMPANY NAME
OR A.K.A INITIALS]’s staff and resources as necessary to perform the services as listed
in this agreement.

As we progress through the “[Event or Project Name]” project, and under performance of
this agreement, some confidential information about either [CLIENT COMPANY NAME
OR A.K.A INITIALS] or [Your Business Name] may be learned or received. Both parties
will keep all information confidential, except in circumstances when the information is
required to allow the services within our agreement to be performed.

                                 SCOPE OF SERVICE

[Your Name] will provide the following as requested by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME

   1. Project Management Includes:
         a. Oversight and management of the agreed upon timelines and
             deliverables of all tasks to be completed in relationship to the “event.”
         b. Regularly updating of the “project log” (monitoring timelines/completed
             tasks), and of the “project brief” for the client, including providing
             recommendations as needed.
         c. Additional assistance as directed by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR
             A.K.A INITIALS] including general event recommendations, committee
             meeting support and agendas, budget tracking, and vendor contract &
             payment tracking.
         d. Monitoring progress of committee and the event related tasks including:
             securing vendor(s) and management thereof, marketing collateral needs

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             (designs and development of signs, program book, etc.), scripting,
             auction support, site visits and onsite production, final event
             preparations, and post-production needs (tax letters, thank you letters,
             etc.), and a summary conclusion memo.
          e. Project Management is conducted via phone calls, emails, and in person

   2. Vendor(s) Management, Contracts and Material Approvals: To be dictated by
      [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] as event progresses. Act as a
      liaison between vendor(s) and [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A
          a. Includes vendor(s) selection, obtaining bid and contract support, and
             ongoing management of vendor(s). [Your Name] will review and verify
             contracts contain services, costs and corrections as specified by [CLIENT
          b. Verify that marketing materials contain client requested revisions and
             monitoring to the best of my ability all change requests are implemented.
             Provide support for all final approvals/”sign-off’s” and verify that
             materials are correct.
          c. Act as liaison between the vendor(s) selected and [Client Name].
             Vendor(s) Management is conducted via phone calls, emails, and in
             person meetings.
          d. [Client Name] will be given all bids, contracts and marketing
             approval/“sign-offs” for FINAL APPROVALS and consent to move
             forward indicated by signature.

I propose the following terms to our agreement. [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR
A.K.A INITIALS] will retain [Your Name] to conduct event project management, and
retention ends upon completion of any related post-production needs to finalize the
project. Either party is free to terminate this agreement, with or without cause, upon
two weeks prior written notice (to the above noted mailing addresses) and a courtesy
notification by phone. Upon the termination of this agreement, [CLIENT COMPANY
NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] will pay [Your Name] any accrued but unpaid fees as of
the date of received notice.

For compensation under this agreement, [Your Name] will be paid a consulting fee of
$[Insert Fee] per hour. Invoices shall be paid within (30) days of receipt, with checks
made payable to [Your Name]. [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] will
be provided with an initial estimate of hours to complete the project.

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Additional Work. After confirmation of the letter of commitment and initial estimate,
[CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] may request to add additional
services as needed. If such requests are outside the scope of services listed in this letter
of commitment, and are not covered by the initial estimate of hours, then [Your Name]
will advise client in writing if there are any additional hours and costs required to
complete the request.

Volunteer Hours. As a standard policy, [Your Name] donates a variable percentage of
hours on each clients project. Hours donated on a voluntary, no charge basis, and the
number of hours donated, is at the discretion of [Your Name].

[CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] shall fully indemnify [Your
Busienss Name] and [Your Name] against any liability whatsoever (including legal fees
and expenses) arising from claims in connection with conducting [CLIENT COMPANY

This agreement is written in a casual business language and, if [CLIENT COMPANY
NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] so desires, it may be translated into a formal legal
language document by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME OR A.K.A INITIALS] council.

Thank you,

[Your Name]
[Your Business Name]

Affirmed By:                                                              Date:         ___
               [Your Business Name], [Your Name]

Affirmed By:                                                              Date:         ___
               [Client Company Name], [Client Name], [Client Title]

Upon receipt of signed client copy, [Your Name] will sign the agreement and return a copy to
the client thru the mail containing both signatures.

Customized Agreement provided by:
[Your Business Name], [Your Name], [Your Title]
[Your Company Address]
[Your Phone Number], [Your Fax Number], [Your email address]

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