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									Info Invoice

Get all your invoice information online!
Practical, fast and interactive, Info Invoice is a user-friendly interface
you can use to check your Fret SNCF invoices at any time, free of
charge. Your correspondence with our Invoicing Department is fully
secure, simplified and fast-tracked.

Multiple functions to Meet your needs
Info Invoice is designed to respond to all your needs and queries about
your invoices. You can:
• view, download and print your invoices, documentary proof and regular
invoice statements
• export all your invoice data into excel or csV
• monitor your outstanding invoices on a daily basis
• lodge claims using a pre-printed form and monitor claims processing online
• print out invoice duplicates automatically.

Practical                                                        EfficiEnt

   Information that’s easy to use                                   Instant access to documents…
Info Invoice simplifies data retrieval to monitor invoices and   Invoices and documentary proof are posted online as soon as
the complex processing of documentary proof. You can view,       the invoice is sent out, before the paper invoice even arrives
download, print and digitally archive:                           (depending on postal delivery times).
• invoices and credits
• demurrage charges deducted from standing-time invoices           …and available for 12 months
• consignment notes and wagon notes for invoices for national    Being able to access invoices and documentary proof online
and export traffic and, from 2010 onwards, consignment notes     means more flexibility. The documents remain online for 12
for import traffic.                                              months after the paper invoice has been sent. After 12 months,
                                                                 you can still request an invoice duplicate online.
  Share information with your operational
staff                                                              More efficient claims processing
Your accounts department wants to check all invoices for a       You can access a pre-printed claim form from a direct link
particular two-week period? Your logistics department wants      on your invoice. Simply fill in the nature of your claim. All the
to analyse all the shipments invoiced in the previous month?     information needed to process the claim is retrieved instantly
Info Invoice facilitates cross-checking and avoids excess        and your claim is forwarded to the officer who will process it.
print-outs.                                                      Paperless claim processing shortens the information cycle,
                                                                 provides all the information needed to examine the claim and
Your staff can view invoice and documentary proof data.          ensures faster handling.
You simply have to give us the names of your employees
authorised to view these documents.
Info Invoice

intEractivE and UsEr-friEndly                                       fUlly sEcUrE

   Easy, instant viewing                                               Confidentiality guarantee
A multi-criteria search engine makes viewing documents              To ensure the complete confidentiality of the information on
easy and quickly locates the invoice or documentary proof           your invoice, access to the service is protected by a confidential
you are looking for. You can enter selection criteria such as       login and password reserved for each user.
dates, consignment note numbers, order numbers, origin or           You can also opt to restrict a user’s access to certain functions
destination of the shipment or type of invoice.                     (for example, authorising access to documentary proof only,
                                                                    not to invoices).
   Tailored, intuitive browsing
The web interface makes the links between invoices, claims
and credit. In a few clicks, you can see an itemised list of your     Secure access
correspondence with the invoicing department.                       For secure browsing, authentication is based on the SSL
                                                                    technology used for online banking, and all the data exchanged
                                                                    on the site via the Internet are encrypted.

                                                                                                                                         Fret SNCF – Communications Division – November 2009 – Photos: Dominique Larosière, Jean-Marc Fabbro and Erwan Legers (c).
                                                          Info Invoice
                                   24/7 access to the portal, free of charge.

                                    for all yoUr invoicE information

                            visit Customer Services / Info Invoice tab


                            clic services hotline:
                            - Tel: +33 1 56 99 91 99
                            - e-mail:

to subscribe or sign up your
employees, contact your sales
representative.                                                               By putting invoice documents online,
                                                                              Info Invoice contributes to Fret SNCF’s
                                                                              environmentally-aware sustainable
                                                                              development approach.

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