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					          College: Chemeketa Community College                                                     Program: Drafting Technology - Computer Assisted Drafting
      High School: McNary High School                                                Degree/Certificate: Computer Assisted Drafting/Computed Aided Manufacturing
R                                              Funded by the   U. S. Department of Education (V051B020001)  (Associate of Applied Science)

                                                                               HIGH SCHOOL COURSES
                                                                         Grade                 9TH                            10TH                          11TH                       12TH
                                               ENGLISH                                       English 9                      English 10               American Literature         English 12/WR121

                                                                                                                                                                               Coll. Algebra (MTH111)/
         Required and/or

                                                 MATH                                        Algebra 1                       Geometry                     Algebra 2

                                                                                                                                                                                     Trig (MTH112)
                                                                                      Integrated Science/Earth
                                               SCIENCE                                        Physical

                                                                                                                        Economics (EC200)/
                                          SOCIAL STUDIES                               20th Century Studies I
                                                                                                                       American Government
                                                                                                                                                    20th Century Studies II

                                                                                        Intro to Computers           Computer Aided Drafting II
                                                                                                                                                    Manufacturing Tech II/     Manufacturing Tech IV/
                                       CAREER/TECHNICAL                              (CS101)/Computer Aided                (DRF130)/
                                                                                                                                                    Manufacturing Tech III     Manufacturing Tech V
                                                                                             Drafting I                Manufacturing Tech I
                                    EXTENDED APPLICATION                                                                  (Teamwork and
                                                                                        (Career Exploration)                                          (Problem-Solving)         (Project Management)
                                     (Diploma Requirement)                                                                Communication)

                                       COLLEGE COURSES (Highlighed courses may be offered through College Credit Now)
    Pre-requisites                 Term 1                      Term 2                        Term 3                          Term 4                       Term 5                      Term 6
                                   CAM100                     CAM115
        CA121A                                                                              CAM121A                         CAM230                       CAM260                      CAM290
                           Blueprinting Reading and          Geometric
     Keyboarding A                                                                       CNC/Manual Lathe              CAM Application/Mills       CAM Applications/Lathes      CAD/CAM Integrations
                                   Sketching           Dimensioning/Tolerancing

     CS101 Intro to                                                                                                                                        CVL231
                                    CAM105                     CAM116                        CAM150                          CVL230                                                COM053
     Microcomputer                                                                                                                                   Applied Strengths of
                            Precision Measurement      Geometric D/T for CNC lab    Cutting Tools and Materials           Applied Statics                                   Technical Report Writing
      Applications                                                                                                                                        Materials
        MTH070                   CAM110A                      CAM120                        CAM190                          DRF210                         DRF251                   WR227
    Elementary Algebra        CNC/Manual Fund             CNC/Manual Milling         Programming CNC Lathes             Parametric Design         Power Transmission Design     Technical Writing

         SSP051                     CAM111                                                 COM051                             PH081                       DRF260                     DRF165
                                                             Metallurgy for
  Studying for College     Industrial Safety Seminar                                  Communication Skills 1+             Applied Physics                Tool Design             CAD System Admin
           or                                                                                                                    or
          RD090                                                                               WR121                            PH20
                                 CAM130                       CAM160                                                                                                                  DRF262
College Textbook Reading                                                               English Composition-              General Physics+
                           CNC Machine Setup/Op        Programming for CNC Mills                                                                                                   Machine Design

                                                          MTH053 Intro to                                                                                                             MT227A
        WR049                     DRF130                                                     DRF095B
                                                           Trigonometry                                                                                                       Pneumatics and Hydraulics
      Basic Writing              AutoCAD 1                                         Special Project Drafting/Design
                                                                or                                                                                                                 Fundamentals
        PSY104                                         MTH082 Technical Math 2
                            MTH052 or MTH081or                                               DRF280B
    Psychology in the                                           or
                           MTH111 College Algebra                                               CWE
      Workplace +                                       MTH112 Trigonometry

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