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From:           Chuck Munger and Bob Silbey

Date:           April 30, 2002

Re:             Standardizing Layoff Notification Letters

                Please find enclosed the policies and procedures that apply whenever it
becomes necessary to lay off an employee due to lack of work or reduced funding, as
stated in MIT Personnel Policy Manual 6.2 Layoff for Lack of Work or Funds. To ensure
we administer a consistent policy throughout the School, the affected employee must
receive a letter specifically stating the reason for the layoff (i.e. lack of work or lack of
funds.) The letter should be from the Department Head, Lab or Center Director, faculty
member, or designated administrator. A sample letter to the affected employee is
attached. All layoff letters should follow a similar format as the attached sample letter.

       Prior to issuing the letter to the employee, the Dean's Office and our Human
Resource Officer should receive a draft of the letter. The letter should not be given to
the employee until approval has been given by the Dean's Office. It should also be clear
that a layoff is not a method of terminating employees who have not performed in an
acceptable manner. (The Institute policy for warning and discharge for cause should be
followed in such cases. See Policy 6.3.2, Termination for Cause.)
       We would also like to emphasize Policy 6.2.2. " In the case where the Department
Head proposes to issue a layoff notice to a minority employee, to a woman, with exempt
(Administrative Sponsored Research, or Academic Staff) status, or to an individual with
ten or more years of continuous service, the Department Head should forward to the
Personnel Officer a statement describing the situation and giving the basis for the
decision to layoff the particular person. After reviewing the case, the Personnel Officer
may urge the Department Head to discuss the action with the appropriate Dean, or Vice
President or the Provost before making a final decision. The written approval of the
appropriate Senior Officer will be required prior to issuing a layoff notice in such cases."
       Consideration should be given to allow the employee to retain Athena or e-mail
privileges after the lay-off period for a reasonable amount of time to be determined on a
case by case basis. The Dean and our Human Resources Officer should be copied on all
layoff correspondence. If you have any further questions, they should be addressed to
Chuck Munger at 253-8903, or Etaine Smith at 258-9406,
       Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Enclosure: Sample Layoff Letter

cc: AO's
    D. Gratto
    M. Jones
    R. Hasseltine
    D. Martin
    E. Smith

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