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   Virtual Assistant Associates
           Tabitha Funk

     Discover Your Success Using A Virtual Assistant

  What is a VA?
  What does a VA do?
  How will I benefit from VA services?
  What are the Advantages?
  Why Choose Virtual Assistant Associates?
What Is Virtual Assistance?

  A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent
   entrepreneur providing administrative, creative
   and/or technical services.
  Utilizing advanced technology we communicate
   and deliver data through email, fax, and postal
  A professional VA assists clients in their area of
   expertise from their own office on a contractual
Services Provided by VAA Include:

  Real Estate Agent Support
  Executive/Administrative Support
  Information Processing
  Website Services
  Client Relationship Manager
  Multimedia Presentations
  Desktop Publishing
  Contact us for More Detail on Services
Major Advantages of Using VAA:

 No payroll expenses
 No need for extra office space
 Flexible work hours
 Skilled professional service
 No geographical limitations
 Access to new technology
 Saves you time and money
 A partner in the success of your business
Who Benefits From VAA Services?
 Small & Home Based Businesses
 Clubs & Associations
 Real Estate Professionals
 New start-up business
 Internet business
 and More!
Why Virtual Assistant Associates

  Established Professional Service
  Virtual Assistant U Graduate (GVA)
  Ress Certified (Certified Real Estate Support
   Specialist) verify through the
  Ethic Checked Certified verify through the
Virtual Assistant Associates Mission

  To provide administrative solutions
  To provide superior quality service to clients
  To meet or beat all deadlines
  To Meet and Exceed all expectations
  To See YOUR Business Succeed

  When you hire VAA, you open the door to a global
   resource of administrative and technical support.
  VAA helps YOU so that YOU can focus on your
  Virtual Assistant Associates - A partner in your
Contact Us Today!

  Virtual Assistant Associates
  Tabitha Funk
  PO Box 56
  American Falls, ID 83211
  Phone: 208-220-2575
  Fax:     509-693-1221

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