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					             Flood Damage Reduction: Grant Assistance Program
                                                                     How Does the Flood Damage Reduction
                                                                  Grant Assistance Program Help Minnesotans?

                                                                                       Program Purpose

                                                        The Flood Damage Reduction Grant Assistance Program (FDR) is designed
                                                        to mitigate damages due to flooding in rural and urban floodplain areas. The
                                                        Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) commissioner may also
       Eligibility Criteria for Grants                  make grants to local units of government to conduct studies. These studies
                                                        determine the most feasible, practical, and effective methods and programs
 Eligible projects. The following project               for offsetting the damages due to flooding within flood-prone areas.
 types are eligible for FDR grants:
     • structural acquisition in the 100-year           FDR was established by the 1987 Minnesota Legislature to provide techni-
         floodplain                                     cal and financial assistance to local government units for reducing the extent
     • levees, ring dikes, and flood walls              of flood damages. Under this program, the state makes cost-share grants for
     • flood warning systems                            up to 50 percent of the cost of flood mitigation projects. DNR Waters
     • public education workshops                       coordinates this program for the agency.
     • flood insurance studies
     • floodplain mapping                                                      Classes and Uses of Grants
     • comprehensive watershed plans
     • flood storage easements                          Currently two classes of grants are available. Small grants are for projects
     • floodplain and river restorations                with a total cost of less than or equal to $300,000 (state share less than
     • cost share on federal projects                   $150,000). Small grants are made directly by the DNR from funds appropri-
                                                        ated by the legislature. Large grants are for projects with a total cost greater
 Eligible local government units. The                   than $300,000 (state share greater than $150,000). Grant applications are
 following local units of government are                received and prioritized by the DNR. Grants with state share exceeding
 eligible to apply for grants independent of a          $150,000 are presented to the governor and the legislature for consideration
 Presidential Disaster Declaration:                     in a capital bonding bill.
     • cities and towns
     • counties                                         In addition to partnering
     • watershed districts and watershed                directly with local units of
          management organizations                      government, FDR grants
     • lake improvement districts                       can be used to leverage
     • soil and water conservation districts            financial and technical
     • joint powers organizations com-                  assistance from other
          posed of the above units                      agencies. DNR Waters and
                                                        local units of government
                                                        have partnered with the
                                                        U.S. Army Corps of
                                                        Engineers and Natural           ABOVE: Residential area of East Grand Forks
                                                        Resources Conservation          during the 1997 flood.
                                                        Service on federal flood        BELOW: Same area after houses were removed.
                                                        control projects. After a       A park will be developed in this flood-prone area.
                                                        disaster, FDR funds can
                                                        also be used to leverage
                                                        acquisition and hazard
                                                        mitigation funding from the
                                                        Federal Emergency Man-
                                                        agement Agency through
                                                        the Division of Emergency
                                                        Management of the Minne-
                                                        sota Homeland Security
ABOVE: Red dots indicate FDR projects since
1987. A complete list is on DNR Waters’ website.

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     April 2009
          Flood Damage Reduction: Grant Assistance Program

                                                                         Breaking the Flood Damage Cycle

                                                            The ravages of flooding can have disastrous effects on peoples’
                                                            lives and their community. Participation in the FDR program
                                                            enables communities to break the tremendously expensive cycle of
                                                            damage and repair and it is extremely cost effective. For example,
                                                            the flood control project in Oslo, Minnesota, was built at a total
                                                            cost of $2 million, including $100,000 in local funds. This project
ABOVE: Flooding around a building in East Grand             has averted damages totaling almost $16 million in 1996 and 1997
Forks in 1997.                                              alone. The FDR program shields people and their communities
BELOW: After construction of a flood wall in 1998.          from future disasters.
Flashboards can be inserted between the posts
and above the permanent wall if high water is                         How Can You Receive FDR Assistance?
                                                            If you are a victim of flood damage, contact your local unit of
                                                            government for assistance. The local unit of government will
                                                            contact the FDR Program Coordinator in St. Paul or your Area
                                                            Hydrologist in your region to discuss project needs and eligibility
                                                            for assistance. FDR application forms and a workbook for your
                                                            local unit of government are available on the DNR Waters’
                                                            website (
                                                            flood_damage/index.html), as well as a list of FDR projects across
                                                            the state.

             DNR Contact Information

FDR Program Coordinator
DNR Waters
500 Lafayette Road, Box 32                                       ABOVE LEFT: Home design may mitigate flood damage. This
St. Paul, MN 55155-4032                                          Bayport home survived the 1998 flood (ABOVE) because it
Telephone: (651) 296-4800                                        was constructed above a garage that allows water to flow
Fax: (651) 296-0445                                              through the open garage door and service doors without
Area Hydrologists listed on                                      collapsing the walls.
DNR Waters website:
FDR Program information on the DNR Waters website:
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April 2009

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