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									                                      FY 2010 Assessment and FY 2011 Planning
                    This document, as part of the College Performance Review and Development Program, can be used as a tool to:

                                                                Enhance COMMUNICATION through:
                                                                   • annual performance summary
                                                                   • self-assessment information
                                                                   • periodic performance review

                                                                Identify DEVELOPMENT needs:
                                                                    • training and professional goals
                                                                    • performance improvement program

                                                                Consider in HUMAN RESOURCES DECISIONS:
                                                                   • transfer and promotion opportunities
                                                                   • salary increases

                                                                USE FOR ALL STAFF


1.   Review the employee's job duties and responsibilities. Determine two to four major job responsibilities to evaluate and list them on the form with
     the most significant listed first, the second most listed second, etc.

2.   Ask employee to complete self-assessment.

3.   Determine information to be used to evaluate performance (e.g., self-appraisal, performance logs, letters of commendation, customer input, etc.).
     Review all pertinent information. Consult with Human Resources regarding any performance issues.

4.   Complete the Review sections: All employees must be given an overall evaluation.

5.   Meet with the employee to discuss the Review. Obtain required signatures.

 Return signed original of HR 2010 to Human Resources no later than May 21, 2010. Retain copies of the review and objectives for employee’s
                                 and supervisor’s planning and coordination throughout the upcoming year.
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                                                                                                                                 2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session
                                                                Juniata College
                                                    FY 2010 Assessment and FY 2011 Planning
                                            (To be completed by the supervisor and by employee as self assessment)

Name:                                                                                  Position:
Department:                                                                            Supervisor:

Objective, constructive feedback is instrumental to the development of employee, team productivity and performance. Using th is instrument as a guide, discuss
each performance competency, including the definition, examples of the employee's (or team's) demonstrated skill and ability in that area, and any suggestions for
development. When describing the employee's (or team's) level of performance, the following words may be helpful: exceptiona l performance, very good
performance, good performance, needs improvement and not acceptable.
     Responsibilities shared with all Juniata         Objective for Current                                  Goals/Suggestions for          Objectives for Next
                     employees                                 Year                 Self Assessment              Development                        Year
and works to advance the mission of College.
Serves Juniata, its constituencies and our
colleagues with enthusiasm and best effort to
those things most important to the ultimate
success of the College. Suggests goals, solicits
suggestions, and actively participates in
establishing departmental and stretch objectives
to support Juniata’s strategic plan.
LEADERSHIP: Models positive leadership.
Accepts the leadership of others. Encourages and
seeks out new ideas. Assumes the appropriate
authority and responsibility and is accountable
for results.

SUPPORT: Interacts positively with all
individuals; establishes and maintains effective,
supportive, empowering working relationships;
promotes teamwork and values the group’s
success. Actively pursues co-operative
achievement and appreciates others.

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                                                                                                                                  2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session
uses the resources of time, scheduling, and meets
deadlines; Promotes a safe learning and work
environment. Seeks and implements sustainable
RISK: Effects and encourages taking
risks and understands that occasional
failures are ways to learn and ultimately
ENVIRONMENT/FUN: Strives to create a
positive work environment where we appreciate
each other and conflicts are resolved in a
respectful manner. Strives to have fun and
actively take part in the life of the College and
communities in which we live.
LIFELONG LEARNING: Seeks professional
development opportunities that contribute to
quality of services provided by the department.
Understands and effectively uses technology to
promote a productive work environment.
COMMUNICATIONS: Effectively expresses
ideas, concerns, and information clearly and
concisely to others; committed to open,
professional, courteous and respectful
ETHICS/RESPECT: Receptive to differences
between people, places and ideas, acknowledging
that we operate in a global community. All
interaction with students is within appropriate
boundaries and standards of conduct. Honest,
ethical, open and professional in all that we do
for Juniata.

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                                                                  2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session
Interaction with others is neither disruptive nor
discriminatory and is respectful. Supportive of
Juniata’s commitment to diversity, increasing and
maintaining multicultural understanding and
inclusion. (Activities you have participated in)
*Please list your goals and objectives that are
supportive of Juniata’s commitment to further
the mission of diversity:
                                                    Objective for Current                                    Goals/Suggestions for
          Major Job Responsibilities:                       Year                     Self Assessment             Department                  Objective for Next Year

*All supervisors should be evaluated on the leadership philosophies of selection (if applicable) and evaluation.

                                                                                                                                               Goals/Suggestions for
     Prior Year Departmental Objectives:                 Action Steps           Actual Completion Date             Self Assessment                 Department

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                                                                                                                                     2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session
                                                                                             Planned Completion
     Next Year Departmental Objectives                        Action Steps                         Dates                      Supervisor’s Suggestions

Employee’s assessment of supervisor: What should your supervisor do to help you do your job better? In
        which of the shared responsibilities would you seek improvement in your supervisor?                                 Supervisor’s Response

                   Did you attend any training sessions or professional development seminars during the past year and, if so, please list them?

                                                       What training topics should be offered on campus?

Overall Evaluation:
           Exceptional Performance             Very Good Performance                 Good Performance              Needs Imp rovement                 Not Acceptable

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                                                                                                                                  2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session
Signature of Evaluator                   Date                                                             Concurrence of Administrative Officer            Date

* Signature of Individual Appraised         Date
* Signature indicates only that this staff review has been discussed and does not necessarily signify concurrence. A response to this review may be made on a
  separate sheet and attached.
Office of Human Resources – Personnel File

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                                                                                                                                 2010 Assessment and 2011 Planning Session

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