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									                                  WHAT IS THE PRO BONO PARTNERSHIP?

The Pro Bono Partnership, a tax-exempt public charity, is a complete legal resource center
for nonprofit organizations and attorneys. The Partnership provides free legal services to
community-based organizations in Westchester County, NY and surrounding areas; Fairfield
County, CT and surrounding areas; Hartford County, CT and surrounding areas; and New
Jersey. Our primary focus is to assist groups that work in the areas of health and human
services, affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, the arts and the environment.

Using our experienced in-house staff as well as a resource network of volunteer legal
professionals from leading corporations and law firms, the Pro Bono Partnership provides
eligible groups with a variety of services.

Legal Services
We offer advice and counsel on matters related to:
        Community and economic development
        Corporate structure and governance
        Contracts and leases
        Real estate
        Employment law
        Environmental law
        Tax law and tax exempt status
        Intellectual property law
        Regulatory compliance (e.g. registration, annual reporting, charitable solicitation)
        Merger, bankruptcy, and dissolution.

We conduct workshops on the laws pertaining to nonprofit and tax exempt organizations, with
easy to understand materials on legal issues that can be used for problem solving or practical

To be eligible, an organization must be (i) a nonprofit, community-service organization whose
primary purpose is to operate ongoing programs or activities that benefit low-income
communities or that otherwise serve the public interest and (ii) unable to pay for legal services
without significant impairment of program resources.

When we receive the application, we will review it and make an initial determination of
whether your organization is eligible for our legal assistance. If yes, we will meet with you to
discuss your legal needs in depth. Following this meeting, we will look for volunteer lawyers to
assist the organization in conjunction with a Partnership staff attorney. There are no fees for
the majority of the Partnership’s services.

For more information, please contact us: in Westchester and Fairfield Counties at (914) 328-
0674; in New Jersey at (973) 968-7043; in Hartford at (860) 541-4950; or at

                         Request for Pro Bono Legal Assistance

This form, and the required documents described at the end of this form, will help the Pro
Bono Partnership learn more about your organization and its legal needs. Please send the
completed form and additional documents to the Partnership by mail, fax (for NY and CT
organizations, fax # 914-328-0538; for NJ organizations, fax # 973-394-7943), or e-mail.
Please note that while the Partnership generally does not charge for its services, there is
a $500.00 fee for groups we help with incorporation and/or applying for tax exemption.

1.    a. Name of your organization:
      b. Address:
      c. Phone (     )                       d. Fax (     )
      e. e-mail:________________________ f. Website address: _____________________
2.    a. Name of contact person:                                           ____
      b. Title:                              d. Email: ________________________

3.    Describe the purpose and/or mission of your organization. Attach additional information
      if necessary.

      a. How long has your organization existed?
      b. Is your organization incorporated as a nonprofit organization?  YES      NO
      c. Is your organization tax-exempt?  YES        NO
5.    How many people are involved in running the organization?
      Board Members:____;          Staff:____;      Volunteers:____.
6.    Approximately how many people does your organization currently serve?               __
7.    a. What is your organization's annual budget? $_________
      b. Is there a line for legal fees?  YES    NO
      c. If yes, how much?_________
8.    Please describe the specific kinds of legal assistance you now need or anticipate
      needing in the future. Attach an additional sheet if necessary.

9.    Please provide the name and affiliation of any lawyer that is now helping or has helped your
      organization, briefly describing the services provided.


10.   Please provide the name, telephone number, and affiliation of any attorney(s) that sit on the
      organization’s board of directors.

11.   Please tell us where you heard about Pro Bono Partnership.
      Signature:                           Print Name and Title:

      Date: __________________
                                Additional Required Information

A. For existing organizations: please provide the following (if you can’t locate any of these
   documents, simply submit the completed form with the documentation you currently have):

   1. Certificate of Incorporation
   2. IRS tax determination letter
   3. List of directors and officers, including titles and affiliations
   4. Bylaws
   5. Budget
   6. Any other organizational information that you think might be helpful (brochures, annual
      reports, program description, etc.)
   7. Other documents you would like reviewed (e.g., personnel policies, contracts, waiver

B. For groups seeking to incorporate and/or obtain 501(c)(3) tax exemption: please
   provide the following:

   1. A business plan or similar document. At a minimum, this should address the

           the mission of the organization
           a detailed description of the proposed activities that will accomplish the mission
           the target beneficiaries of the organization
           the communities where the activities will be conducted
           identification of other groups that are addressing the same issues in these
            communities, and a description of how your organization differs
           expected sources of financial support
           specific fundraising plans
           proposed three year budget
           proposed staffing of the organization (employees and/or volunteers)
           list of prospective board members
           a description of your experience, if any, working with a charitable organization
           a summary of steps taken, if any, to partner with another organization to carry out
            your activities

   2. Sample grant proposals (if any)

   3. Brochures, fliers or similar materials (if any) that describe your organization

Note: If the Partnership determines that we can help your group with incorporation and/or
applying for tax exemption, there will be a $500.00 fee for that service (in addition to all required
state and federal filing fees).

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