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Administrative Assistant for a School District Resume - PowerPoint


Administrative Assistant for a School District Resume document sample

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									Chief Business Official

        Bill McGuire
Clovis Unified School District
Accounting/Economics Degree
Del Norte County Unified (started as walk on coach)
     Chief Accountant
Calaveras County Office of Education
     Director of Business Services
     Assistant Superintendent
Merced City Schools (hired to cut the budget drastically)
     Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Clovis Unified School District
     Associate Superintendent of Business Services
     Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services
Mr. McGuire has spent 25 years in the public school system.
Clovis Unified School District

37,458 Students (Projected October 2007)
34,460 P-2 ADA (06-07 excluding Charter)
$5,551.00 /ADA (2006-07)
Growing District
   165% increase since 1980
   2% growth each year (600 students per
   Built 1 new school/year over the last 20
   American Indian        1.1%
   Asian                  13.4%
   Pacific Islander       .2%
   Filipino               1.3%
   Hispanic               22.1%
   African American       3.3%
   White                  53.9%
   Multiple/No Response   4.6%
  Budget Development Policy

           #1 Policy:
“We must have a balanced budget”

   7% Reserve is required by
        Clovis Unified
        Budget 2007-08

General Fund Revenue

General Fund Expenditures
     Budget Development
Budget Process (December – August)
Preliminary Budget to Governing Board
Memo to Department Heads (March)
Budget Worksheets due to Business
Services Department by a specified date
Proposed Budget to Governing Board
 Budget Assumptions/Forms

Presented in the Preliminary Budget
Factors Worksheet
Presentation to:
Governing Board
Budget Standards Committee
Budget Standards Committee

27 Members
  Board Members
  Certificated Employees
  Classified Employees
       Budget Reductions
All reductions are based on formulas
If the Budget Standards Committee
approves, the reduction recommendations
are taken to the Governing Board
 An Informal presentation is given to the
Governing Board to approve or disapprove
the recommendations.
Over a three Year History there has been
15 Million in reductions
Centralized or Decentralized?
Blend is a combination of both centralized and
decentralized form of budget development.
Majority is decentralized
Decentralized due to Allocated Personnel Units
(APU) system
   School sites are allocated a specific
   number of APU’s by site
Campus Monitor = .365 APU
Teacher = 1.0 APU
Administrator = 1.365 APU
      Budget Development /
        Monitoring Staff
Bill McGuire – Associate Superintendent

Michael Johnston – Assistant

Ellen Bolding – Finance

Two (2) Financial Analysts
     Budget Development /
     Monitoring Technology

Bi-Tech Software (10 years)

SACS Software

Bi-Tech can be exported to SACS
        Budget Balances
  Cannot carry over balances to next
  fiscal year (restricted and unrestricted)

School Sites (42 school sites)
  Can carry-over balances to next fiscal
Budget Variances
Budget Process Communication
 Meet and Confer
 Time spent with Faculty Senate (Teacher
 Share all information with the Governing Board
 January presentation (recap) to the Governing
 Constant communication with all parties during
 the Budget Adoption Process
 Workshop with Governing Board 45 days after
 the adoption of the budget
     Top Recommendations
District should be aware, at all times of it’s
“Financial Position
Integrate District’s Strategic Plan with the budget
There should never be a Surprise Certification
Change made by the County Office
Prudent internal controls instituted by the District
Make sure the budget process addresses the
District’s needs
Have a strong Board Policy
Have enough detailed/written assumptions
    Top Recommendations
Have adequate budget monitoring
Prepare appropriate revisions
Obtain Board approval for revisions
Clearly delegate budget authority
Adequately train program/site staff
Make sure budgeted transactions are in
compliance with laws and regulations
Make sure appropriate approvals are obtained
Have multi-year budget projections

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