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Economic Development Management Team


Economic Development Management Team document sample

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									                       ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR


Under administrative direction, plans, organizes, directs, and manages all phases of the
activities and operations of the Economic Development Department consisting of the
Economic Development, Redevelopment and Cultural Arts programs; provides highly
complex and responsible administrative assistance to the City Manager; and performs
other duties as assigned.


This is a department head classification reporting directly to the City Manager. The
Economic Development Director is responsible for the planning, administration, and
operation of the Economic Development Department, performs responsible and
innovative administrative management in support of the City’s goals and objectives, and
is a participating member of the City’s executive management team. A person
appointed to the Economic Development Director classification is an “at-will” employee.


Administrative direction is provided by the City Manager.


Exercises direct and indirect supervision over the supervisory, professional, technical,
and clerical personnel of the Economic Development Department.


Administrative Functions
Plans, supervises, and directs, the programs, projects, operations, and personnel of the
Economic Development Department; establishes the department’s goals, objectives,
strategies, and priorities; develops, encourages, and manages re-engineering and
continuous improvement processes; develops and implements strategic visions for the
Economic Development Department that are in alignment with the City’s vision, goals,
and objectives; prepares, administers, and directs various annual departmental

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programs and fiscal budgets; provides administrative direction to activities relating to the
effective utilization of programs, projects, personnel, resources, facilities, and
equipment; coordinates activities of the department with those of other City
departments; works with other department directors and the City Manager in promoting
continuous improvement efforts for city services; prepares and presents oral reports and
presentations to various public and private groups; manages the preparation and
maintenance of a variety of technical and administrative reports, correspondence, and
documents related to economic development operations; formulates policies,
regulations, and practices for carrying out programs; ensures that all Economic
Development Department activities comply with City goals, policies, procedures, as well
as local, Federal, and State regulations; monitors financial data related to tax increment
and bond proceeds; directs and supervises the compilation and publication of statistics
and other information important to the commerce and industry of the City of Livermore;
serves as the lead staff and secretary to the Commission for the Arts and other
commissions and committees as required; responsible for initiating and implementing
Cultural Arts Master Plan programs and projects.

Management Functions
Provides leadership, coaching, mentoring and action-oriented supervision to employees
in the Economic Development Department; demonstrates open and direct dealings with
peers, subordinates, and the public; regards exceptional public service as a
fundamental way of operating; creates effective and service oriented teams; supports
calculated risk taking; is a positive influence to staff; provides progressive and
innovative human resource management; focuses on the big picture when making
managerial decisions; effectively resolves citizen complaints or concerns which cannot
be resolved by division heads or other staff members; promotes organizational and
employee development, and empowers individuals at all levels in the department; has
primary responsibility for implementation of Economic Development Strategic Plan and
the Redevelopment Plan including attraction and retention of businesses partnering with
local and other regional economic and development partners; manages property owned
by the Redevelopment Agency; and oversees the management and implementation of
the Tourism and Special Events Grant program.


Demonstrated Knowledge of:
Modern and highly complex principles and practices of economic development and
redevelopment programs and administration; organizational and management practices
as applied to the analysis and evaluation of programs, policies, and operational needs;
financial management and resource allocation; the functioning and political sensitivities
of outside agencies, internal committees, and commissions; pertinent Federal, State,
and local laws, regulations, codes, ordinances, and policies applicable to economic
development and California Community Redevelopment Laws and related operations
and activities; budgetary processes and procedures; effective techniques and methods
of leadership, mentoring, empowerment, and teamwork; human resources management
to supervise and evaluate staff; effective public speaking, and personal computer and

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software applications; advance principles and practices of economic development and
real estate acquisition and development; legislation related to economic and
redevelopment issues; short-term and long-term economic trends in local, county, state,
and national economy; development, financing, and operation of businesses; financial
considerations in real estate transactions, investment strategies, land-use planning
principles, practices, and trends at the local level.

Demonstrated Skills to:
Plan, organize, and direct the activities of a diversified community development
department; identify and respond to issues of concern from the public and the City
Council; develop comprehensive and creative strategic plans for present and future
departmental services; analyze technical and administrative obstacles, identify
solutions, project outcomes, and take or recommend appropriate actions; forecast and
plan for future needs; properly interpret and apply pertinent laws, regulations,
ordinances, and policies; prepare and monitor a budget; perform mathematical
calculations; solve technical, financial, and public relation concerns relating to economic
development, redevelopment, cultural arts and special event programs; make effective
oral and written presentations; and relate effectively and positively to those contacted in
the course of work; administer a variety of economic development, redevelopment,
cultural arts, and special events activities; exercise sound judgement, tact, creativity,
resourcefulness, and leadership in dealing with the public, City officials, commissions
and boards, outside agencies, businesses, and other City departments; analyze
problems, identify/create alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed
actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals; interpret Economic
Development Department policies and procedures; prepare and administer a
department budget; maintain and exhibit discretion, honesty, and integrity when
handling sensitive situations; gain cooperation through discussion and persuasion;
encourage employees to take initiative and responsibility; ensure exceptional customer
service as a standard in the Economic Development Department; select, supervise,
train, evaluate, mentor, and coach personnel, as well as take disciplinary action when
necessary; and communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Ability to:
Influence and enhance the continuous improvement processes; adapt and contribute to
the City’s cultural philosophy; participate in a collaborative and positive manner with the
executive management team and all members of the organization; support and promote
the City Manager and City Council’s Redevelopment Agency’s policies, goals, and

Experience, Education, and Training Guidelines:
Any combination of experience, education, and training that would provide the best
qualified candidates. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would

        Experience: Eight years of increasingly responsible professional experience in
        economic development and related activities. At least four years of this

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        experience must have been at a managerial level with responsibility for program
        planning and development, supervision of professional, technical, and clerical
        staff, and budget preparation and management.

        Education: Equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or
        university with major course work in public or business administration, planning,
        economics, or other closely related field. A master’s degree in public
        administration or a closely related field is desirable.

        License: Possession of a valid California’s driver’s license, and a satisfactory
        driving record, as determined by the City.

        Training: Any recent training such as academic courses and certification
        programs which are relevant to this job classification.

        Other Requirements: Willingness and ability to work the hours necessary to
        accomplish the assigned duties; attend evening meetings; travel out of town and
        attend workshops, conference, seminars, and meetings during work and non-
        work hours.

        Special Requirements: Essential duties require the mental and/or physical ability
        to: work in a standard office environment; drive a motor vehicle; read fine print
        and computer monitors; dexterity to write and operate a computer keyboard; hear
        and speak well enough to converse by telephone, in person, and to large groups
        and be clearly understood; and stamina to work additional hours to meet

File:        Economic Development Director
Job Code:    114
FLSA:        Exempt
Unit:        Executive Management Unrepresented
Revised:     2/2007

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