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					                                2010 Guidelines for Financial Assistance

                At this time, Cancer Patient Care may be able to extend up to $600 per client,
                                 per fiscal year, pending availability of funds.
                        The fiscal year will be determined from the date services began.
                                     Services may be accessed as follows:

         Each Month                                Every 3 months                               Every Year

  1. Food Supplements                     1. Utility Assistance                       1. Prescriptions
        Up to 4 cases.                          Up to $100 per bill.                       Up to $300
                                                 Includes electric/heat and                 To cover any cancer
                                                   water.                                      related medications.
                                          2. Grocery Assistance                       2. Breast Cancer Screening
                                                 $50 for family of 2.                      Must have referral
                                                 $100 for family of 3 or                   To cover digital
                                                   more.                                      mammograms and
                                          3. Transportation                                   ultrasounds.
                                                 Up to $100                          3. Lymphedema Garments
                                                 Includes gas vouchers                     For breast cancer
                                                   and bus passes.                            patients.
The following services do not have any financial eligibility factors and can be accessed at any time by cancer patients:
                                               Wigs, hats, and scarves
                                               Breast prostheses and surgical bras
                                               Medical equipment and supplies

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