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									                   If you do not receive a 35 wpm with less than 10                     Speed Test       Speed Test
                  mistakes on both of the sites to the right, you must                      (easy)            (average)
  Practice                   complete the MMType Series!                                    Site 1              Site 2
                 1.   Click the link on the right.
                 2.   Click “Free Online Typing Tutor.
                                                                                         Typing Tutor
Typing Tutor     3.   Click “Start Typing”.
                                                                                          Web Site
                 4.   Little Window Appears….Click “Start Typing”.
                 5.   Begin by Clicking “The Home Key Rows”.

           You must complete the Beginner & Intermediate Courses

  Journal                                                Journal 4
               Journal 1     Journal 2     Journal 3                  Journal 5       Journal 6   Journal 7     Journal 8
  Writing       Career        Spoiled      Vacation
                                                                       Problem        President    Animal        Avg Day
3rd Quarter
  Journal                                                             Journal 5                                 Journal 8
               Journal 1     Journal 2     Journal 3     Journal 4                    Journal 6   Journal 7
  Writing      Moments      Spring Break    Woods       Best Friend
                                                                                       Admire      Summer
                                                                                                               Not in Class
                                                                       Grand                                     Friend
4th Quarter

                                            Web Site Developing
                                       Assignment 11                                                    Click Here for
           Create a one page web site with links for the Beer Math Tutoring Center.                          ideas.
              4th Quarter Assignment 1
                                                                      Grading Rubric                    Click Here for
      Use Webs.com to create your own Personal Web Site.                                                       directions.

                                                  Pivot Assignments
                                                   Pivot Web Site
                                                Assignment 1
                         Use the Pivot software to make a 5 second animated movie.
                                                Assignment 2
                         Use the Pivot software to make a 20 second animated movie.

                                         Microsoft Word Assignments
                                             Assignment 1
Use Microsoft Word to print a name badge using various Clipart from Word only. Have 5 pieces of clipart that
                                        match your personality.
                                             Assignment 2
                       Use Microsoft Word to print a Bingo Card using a Table.
                                             Assignment 3
                                                                                                                  Click Here
        Use Microsoft Word to make a Valentine’s Invitation obtaining images from Google Images.
                                             Assignment 4
                            Use Paint to create your own “Recycling” Image.
                                             Assignment 5
                   Use Microsoft Word to create a Bowling Pin # Set using Columns.
                                             Assignment 6
                                                                                                                  Click Here
            Use Microsoft Word to create fill in the information from The Weather Channel
                                         Microsoft Excel Assignments
                                               Assignment 7
                                                                                                                  Click Here
                             Use Microsoft Excel to learn basic Excel Equations.
                                               Assignment 8                                                       Click Here
 Create a survey, obtain data from 50 students & create a spreadsheet for your data using Microsoft Excel.         for ideas
                                           Assignment 9                                                    Click Here
Create a Lottery spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel, which will be used to organize all of your spending.     for the
                                          Assignment 10
                                                                                                           Click Here
        Complete the “What’s Really In My Favorite Drink?” worksheet using Microsoft Excel.

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