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									                                SUNITA SARATHY

          Oracle Financials Programme r, Support Analyst and QA leader


Oracle Applications (10.7, 10.7 SC, 11i):
Oracle Order Management, Oracle Shipping, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Inventory

Oracle Tools:
Oracle Forms 2.3, 4.5 and 6i, Oracle Reports 2.5 and 6i, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL

Other Tools:
WordPerfect, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.

Ope rating Systems:
UNIX, Windows NT / 95 / 3.1, DOS

UNIX and SGI Workstations, PC's.

SQL, PL/SQL, Basic JAVA Programming, HTML, PERL, C

Oracle 8i and 7.3.4, Sybase.


 Client: Exar Corporation
 Duration: July 2002 - present
* Upgrading application systems from Oracle 10.7 to Oracle 11i. Working on
customizing applications as required by the client, primarily in Oracle Order
Management, Shipping, Inventory and Accounts Payable modules. Specific tasks include
creation of Discoverer Views and Reports across various Oracle modules, enhancing
vanilla Oracle forms using Forms 6i, and using Reports 6i to develop extensions to
existing functionality.

 Client: Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI)
 Duration: Feb 1999 - Sep 2001
* Worked in application development in 10.7 and 11i application

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                                SUNITA SARATHY

environments, primarily with Order Management and Inventory modules.
Other responsibilities included analysis of business issues and
development of appropriate solutions, and their implementation, and
supporting end users with regard to day-to-day problem issues.

* Was part of the development team working to upgrade the ERP system
at SGI to Oracle 11i, in order to consolidate global operations under
one ERP system. Worked primarily in the Order Management module, to
develop the 'Build-To-Order' Order fulfillment process at SGI.

*Worked on Supply Chain projects to enhance the flow of information
within Oracle and from Oracle to an Mfg/Pro ERP system. Enhancements
involved intensive changes to the Order Fulfillment processes for
certain product lines at SGI. The sales order process needed to be
modified so that the sales order header level or line level changes made
after an Order has been booked, could be captured, formatted and sent
out as an EDI message to the other ERP system. Changes were made to lock
the Oracle sales order during the manufacturing process. Used database
triggers, stored procedures and PL/SQL concurrent programs to make these
enhancements. Used PERL for data formatting.

* Worked on developing a series of Oracle Reports for process monitoring
of an SGI External Supply Chain Partner (Manufacturing Outsource Partner),
in the modules of OE/OF and PO.

* Developed a method for consolidation of recording all schedule date
changes after a Sales Order is Schedule Approved. Designed a system that
would handle all schedule changes to Sales Orders depending upon the
type of Order, method of booking and shipment.

* Involved in regression Testing of various Oracle Applications Modules
as part of the SGI Y2K Compliance Testing Project. Tested Oracle
Manufacturing Applications with WinRunner.

* Modified the vanilla Oracle purchase approval process to automatically
re-approve a Purchase Order with a dollar amount above the buyer's
authorization limit, if certain pre-defined criteria are fulfilled,
by creating a pseudo-buyer.

* Created a set of SQL*Plus Reports to do a Bills-of-Material (BOM)
explosion for Items, display Indented BOMs for each Item and calculate
the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) for each Item at each level of
BOM. Tools Used: SQL*Plus, Oracle BOM Module.

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                                  SUNITA SARATHY

Client:     Manhattan Associates
Position:   Developer
Duration: October 98 - January 99
* Was part of a team to implement a Warehouse Management Interface
between Oracle Application Modules and PkMS (a Manhattan Associates
Warehouse Management Software package utilized by over 350 clients

* Analyzed warehouse management system functionality requirements to
interface with Oracle Financials and Manufacturing Modules.

* Designed and implemented Oracle Custom Interface for shipping,
receiving, physical inventory, cycle count, and Item Master
maintenance for multiple warehouses.

* Built and customized forms to handle several interface tasks.
Tools Used: Forms 4.5.

* Designed and completed project documentation including User Manuals,
Technical Reference Manuals, Installation Manuals, High Level Design,
and Detail Design Documents.

* Set up a large part of AOL module, created Concurrent Programs and
Program Executables, Report Sets, Report Groups and Responsibilities,
registered new tables and forms, and customized Application Menu.

Hutchison Max Telecom Limited, Bombay, India.
Duration:     Aug 96 - Apr 97
Position:    Treasury Executive
Responsibility: Company Fund Management.
* Currency Risk Management (Multiple Currency Exposure) using Forward
Covers and Exchange Rate Planning in order to optimize the cost of
Foreign Currency Borrowings, import payments and exposures.

* Supervision of all banking activities including monitoring of
positions and working capital limits, and rate negotiations for foreign
exchange transactions.

*Identifying sources of short term and long term funds, and related risk

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                                SUNITA SARATHY

* Administrative details of import transactions, such as Letters of
Credit and Delivery Orders, Open Credit Orders and Bank Guarantees, and
Cash Management.

Citibank N.A, Bombay, India.
Duration:      Oct 95 - Dec 95
Position:     Trainee
* Trade and Capital Flows in the Indian Economy and their influence on
the future trends of the Indian Currency.
* Export and Import Projections, and isolating investment opportunities.
* Gained significant experience in foreign exchange trading in the
Citibank Dealing Room.

Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited, Pune, India
Duration:     Aug 94 - Mar 95
Position:    Trainee
* Marketing financial products and negotiation of rates for various
Corporate Finance Services, such as Bill Discounting and Lease
* Preliminary analysis of financial statements of prospective borrowers.
* Subsequently trained with the Investment Banking Group, assisted with
underwriting and Lead Management of Initial Public Offers of two


CoreSoft Corp, Santa Clara, CA
Oracle Applications:Financial and Manufacturing Modules, AOL and System
Languages: SQL and PL/SQL
Tools: Developer2000 - Forms 4.5 & Reports 2.5, SQL*Plus.

National Institute of Information and Technology (NIIT), India.
MS Office: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.
Programming Logic: Unix, Shell Programming.
Oracle Server Concepts: Database Operations and structures, system
architecture, data access and security.
* Worked on a project involving design, development and testing of a
system for record maintenance at a video library. Was part of a team
working on relational database modeling with T-SQL and implementation

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                                SUNITA SARATHY

with Sybase dB- Lib and C++.

Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA
Object Oriented and Database Programming: C, C++, JAVA

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, India.
MBA Finance

Stella Maris College, India.
B.S -Economics.

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