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					Press release Microsoft SharePoint Conference Seattle [6:00 AM, March 3, 2008, PST]

Heerlen, The Netherlands, 2008

Cadac Group introduces Organice 2007 R2 and Organice Publish

The Cadac Group, a leading Microsoft Gold Certified Partner developing SharePoi nt Products and
Technologies based engineering document management solutions, announces the release of Organice
2007 R2 and the release of a new module Organice Publish. Organice 2007 R2 provides numerous
enhancements and new capabilities that will further improve the business of project driven engineering

The new features and enhancements include:

       Support for (extremely) large lists;

       Viewer improvements;

       Extended CAD support;

       Additional language support;

       Improved document distribution

Support for (extremely) large lists

Organice allows SharePoint Products and Technologies users to handle large lists or document libraries in
a user friendly way. In the new release, Organice introduces an intelligent mechanism that caches the list
values locally and makes (extremely) large lists immediately available to the user. This can be very
beneficial when document libraries include many items or when lookup lists are being used with many

Viewer improvements

To open and view files without the native application, Organice uses an integrated viewer that supports
over 250 file formats. This support now also includes the 2007 Microsoft Office system file formats.
Furthermore it is possible to compare two revisions of the same document in the viewer and see the
changes. The viewer shows both what has been added and what has been removed. The compare
functionality is very useful to get more insight in the revision history of documents.

Extended CAD support

Organice was one of the first solutions that integrated Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with
AutoCAD to provide full engineering document management functionality in Office SharePoint Server
2007. In the new release of Organice, the support of CAD in SharePoint Server 2007 is extended with
Autodesk Revit 2008, Bentley MicroStation V8 XM and BricsCad 8 support.

Additional language support

Organice 2007 R2 adds French, Finnish and Spanish to the language library, which means that even more
customers around the world can use Organice in their native language. Organice now supports 7
languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish and Spanish.

Improved document distribution

Organice Transmit is an optional module that can be used to distribute multiple documents to multiple
recipients at once, specified per recipient. In the new release the user interface is improved and in the
distribution matrix it is possible to swap between the axis (documents and recipients). The automatic
send method (digital or on paper) is now directly linked to the recipient and the transmittal letter that is
send to each recipient supports multiple languages. In addition it is now possible to see all open actions
per transmittal and to update all tracking items connected to a transmittal at once.

Organice Publish

Furthermore the Cadac Group introduces Organice Publish. This new module in the Organice Product
Suite is capable of publishing documents that are stored in Office SharePoint Server 2007 to a SharePoint
Server 2007 document library or to another internal or external SharePoint Server 2007 site.

Documents can be published in their native format, but they can also be converted into an independent
file format like PDF or DWF, so that they can easily be opened, viewed and annotated by others without
the native application. Published documents can easily be distributed, accurately printed and securely
archived for many years.

Organice Publish is especially suitable for organizations that manage their documents in SharePoint
Server 2007 and need to share and exchange these documents with other (external) project participants.
In these cases, sharing documents in their native file format is often unwanted, for the recipient is not
allowed to change the document, or it is inconvenient if the recipient does not have access to the native
application. Also for archiving purposes, it is recommend archiving documents in a file format that can
resist time, like PDF/A. Paul Smeets, Manager Operations at Organice: “Organice Publish automates the
process of publishing and converting documents and save organizations that are currently publishing
manually an enormous amount of time and money.”

The native and published document are stored, linked and managed in SharePoint Server 2007, including
their metadata. This guarantees that changes to the native document are also applied to the related
published document. Organice Publish can convert 2003 and 2007 Office system documents, and
AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT drawings. Documents can be published into PDF, PDF/A, and DWF.

Organice 2007 R2 will be available to customers from January 2008. Organice Publish will be available to
customers from March 2008.
(All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.)

For more information please contact:

Mr. Guus Weitzel
International Product Marketing Manager Organice
+31 45 400 1010

About Organice

Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control, and is fully
based on Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Organice helps project driven organizations
to manage their project documentation and to control their document distribution and tracking.
Organice is easy to use and instantly accepted by all users and immediately improves the business
process and results of project driven organizations. For more information, please go to

About Cadac Group

The Cadac Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner dedicated to provide customers an easy to use and
affordable document management solution that will be instantly accepted by their employees and which
will immediately increase their return on investment in their Microsoft platform. With over 250
employees in Cadac offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and the USA, the Cadac Group distributes
Organice through a network of qualified partners in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), APAC (Asia
and the Pacific) and the Americas (North and South America). For more information, please go to

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