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									SAFETYNET THEME                Anti Social Behaviour and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Summary of progress during this period (30 Sept - 1st January 2006)

Outcome 5 – Reduce the percentage of people who think that Anti Social Behaviour is a
very or fairly big problem by 5% by March 2008

Outcome 6 – Reduce reported incidents of Enviro-crime by 5% by March 2008.

Activities completed this period                  Activities in next period

  Agreement reached between Community               We will manage and refer cases in
  Safety and Housing departments clarifies that     accordance with our revised ASB Policy and
  the ASB Team will only advise housing             Procedures Documents.
  providers in complex ASB cases to allow
  housing providers to meet their housing           The ASB Delivery Group will set the Action
  management functions.                             Plan for FY 2007/8 – next meeting on Friday
                                                    19th January 2007.
  Seven Interim Anti Social Behaviour Orders
  (ASBO’s) obtained to target a group               We will circulate revised draft procedures for
  responsible for youth crime and disorder in       Crack House Closure Orders.
  Hoe Street Ward.
                                                    We will apply for full ASBO’s in Attlee terrace
  Three Dispersal Orders in the Bakers Arms         area with localised publicity of interventions
  Area, Gosport Road area and Attlee terrace        including photographs and names
                                                    We will undertake initial consultation with SNT
  Three 3 full Anti Social Behaviour Orders         to capture levels of the fear of crime within all
  against a group responsible for intimidation      wards
  and street robbery in Higham Hill Ward
                                                    We will coordinate the delivery of Beat
  Established a process with YOT to ensure          Sweeps in February and March, pending the
  that an Individual Support Order (ISO) is         outcome of review of the Beat Sweep.
  attached to any ASBO sought against an
  under 18 year old                                 We will review of EnviroCrime Group to define
                                                    EnviroCrime and outline initiatives and
  Served an Acceptable Behaviour Contract           projects that will assist SafetyNet in achieving
  (ABC) on a young person caught causing            its reduction target
  graffiti by the LBWF Enforcement Manager.

  Successfully delivered Beat Sweeps in Hoe
  Street, Markhouse and Highams Park areas.
  Joined by colleagues from Burton-upon-Trent
  Council and neighbourhood pathfinder to see
  activity delivered.  Hillingdon Borough to
  commence own Beat Sweep programme in
  February 2007.

  The Waltham Forest CCTV Community Safety
  Vehicle arrived and deployed – with positive
  resident feedback in Attlee Terrace and
  Gosport Road areas in particular.
Significant Problems / Issues this period            Risks to successful completion of any
  The ASB Team do not have a robust
  database to manage the ASB casework and             Due to continued unavailability of one ASB
  are relying on a combination of hard copy           Caseworker we continue to operate with only
  files, email trails and an Excel spreadsheet.       two dedicated ASB Caseworkers. The North
                                                      of the borough is receiving a reduced service
  Having been in place for just over one year;        with cover being provided by the ASB
  and we are starting to be re-open cases             Manager      and    Neighbourhood      Watch
  previously closed due to lack of evidence           Coordinator.
  without the casework systems other
  departments take are using.                         We have       encountered      difficulties in
                                                      successfully engaging the BTP into the
  We      previously  explored     purchasing         TravelSafe project that has led to slippage in
  additional licenses to extend the Flare             extending this to Leyton and Leytonstone
  system that Consumer Protection currently           Stations.
  uses this was halted due to lack of funding.
  (Circa. £7K)                                        Mathew Richards joins us from LB Enfield as
                                                      our CCTV Evidence and Support Officer to
  There is a policy decision across local             manage the deployment and evidence from
  authorities in London not to allow any              the CCTV Community Safety Vehicle. He will
  publicity of ASBO’s sought against “looked          be the operational link between LBWF and
  after children” (LAC).                              Enfield CCTV Centre.           This is only
                                                      secondment until the end of March 2007 and
  As a result of this decision, we can only           there is no capacity to continue with this role
  inform residents in Hoe Street Ward of the          after then.
  details in six of the seven interim ASBO we
  have obtained. As a consequence this may            Although the CCTV Community Safety
  result in a policy of not supporting ASBO           Vehicle is now available to be deployed, due
  applications against looked after children in       to the size of the vehicle there is reluctance
  the future.                                         by police to drive the vehicle as an accident
                                                      may adversely affect the status of their own
  No decision has been reached on whether             personal car insurance.
  the lighting and CCTV provision in Folly
  Lane shall be restored.

  Enfield CCTV Safety Centre has outlined a
  34.2% increase in its charges for monitoring
  Community Safety Cameras from April 2007
  that will further outstrip already stretched
  budgetary resources.

  Although this is a significant increase, initial
  analysis suggests LBWF have been
  undercharged for this service for the past
  three years.

  We have commissioned MJ Partnership to
  undertake a brief review of parking, housing
  and community safety CCTV camera
  provision and management structures to
  identify the decision process for CCTV

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