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					                                         Attachment 3

                            FINAL DELIVERABLE TEMPLATE:
                                CONSTRUCTION PHASE

                                     Northcoast Seafoods
     Grantee Name
     Project Grant Agreement
     Number #
     Date Contract Signed
     Project Location                5 Drydock Ave Boston, MA02210
     (Insert whole address)
     Name of Electric Distribution   NStar

Upon conclusion of each milestone in the project, grantee shall provide MTC with the deliverables
contained in this template and the attachments described below. Please be aware that this
information may be copied for use on the MTC website, which describes current MTC-funded

1. At the end of the first milestone (renewable energy system materials delivered onsite);
   you only need to provide the associated deliverables attachments given below.
2. At the end of the second milestone (renewable energy system installed), you need to
   submit a complete draft of this template and the associated deliverables attachments.
3. For the third milestone (renewable energy system commissioned); you need to submit
   the final version of this template that addresses any comments made by the MTC in
   the earlier draft, and the associated deliverables attachments.

     CONSTRUCTION DELIVERABLE ATTACHMENTS                                                           Done
     Milestone #1 – Renewable energy system materials delivered onsite
     1. Approved contractor submittals for the renewable energy system
     2. Cut sheets related to the renewable energy system
     3. Evidence of utility company authorization to install the renewable energy system
     In case not submitted during the design phase, please submit:
         a. Plans & specifications for the renewable energy system(s) that MTC is being
            asked to fund (include site plan showing location of renewable energy system
            relative to surroundings)
         a. Completed energy modeling report demonstrating that the building will use at least
            20% less energy compared to a code-compliant building (ensure that report
            conforms to MTC’s energy modeling report requirements)
         b. Electrical one-line diagram for the renewable energy system(s)
         c. Copies of relevant permitting approvals and any associated analysis including
            such items as: building permits, environmental studies, interconnection-related
            studies, etc.

     Milestone #2 – Renewable energy system installed
     1. Completed deliverable template (below)
2. Digital photos of renewable energy system, including interconnection area, meter, data
   acquisition system, inverter and other relevant system components. (We will be using
   these pictures for publicity)
3. Digital photos of front view of the building for publications
4. Copies of any change orders regarding the renewable energy system
5. LEED or CHPS checklist / score sheet.
6. For each LEED or CHPS credit claimed, provide a brief narrative description of what
   was done to achieve each individual credit. For energy star, supply a copy of energy
   star certification.
7. Copy of warranty or service contract showing evidence of compliance with MTC
   technical requirements.
Milestone #3 - Renewable energy system commissioned
1. Commissioning report documenting that the renewable energy system is operating as
    the design intended. See MTC technical requirements.
2. Certificate of completion signed by the electrical inspector
3. Documentation showing the total dollar amount of electric and gas utility rebates for
    energy efficiency measures
4. Documentation showing the total dollar amount of any other energy efficiency or
    renewable energy grants or rebates
1. Project Narrative: Provide a brief description of the project, including a description of the
   planned renewable energy system installation. (This has to be filled by the public contact.
   This is the person who will be referred by the MTC for publications and case studies)

    North Coast Seafoods has recently completed the installation of a 117,950 Watt photovoltaic
    system designed to generate clean energy for use within their seafood processing and
    distribution facility. The system is composed of 674 Shell 175W photovoltaic modules, and 2
    Solectria inverters. Spire Solar, the design and installation firm designed the system to be
    completely roof penetration free. This was accomplished using their SteadyMount non-
    penetration ballasted mounting system. The system was analyzed to resist code wind
    loading and modified for local seismic requirements.
    The rooftop mounted solar array is designed to reduce energy costs of the facility. The
    energy production will be monitored in real time using Spire’s InSpire Solar Monitoring
    System, which will also provide automatic data uploads to the Massachusetts Technology
    Collaborative’s solar energy database.
                       Renewable Energy Construction Project Profile Form

Grantee Name                      Northcoast Seafoods

Project Title                     117 kW roof mounted photovoltaic system

Project Type                      Solar

Initiative and Round              Large Onsite Renewables Initiative: Round 1
Grant Amount                      $499,800

Renewable Energy Technology       Photovoltaic

Renewable Energy Nameplate
Capacity (kWdc)                                  117,950

Picture (Photo or Rendering):

See Below

Project Description:
The project design includes 674 - Shell 175W PV modules, a Solectria 90kW inverter, a Solectria
13.5kW inverter, Spire's SteadyMount non-penetrating mounting system, and an InSpire Solar
Monitoring System

Cost Breakdown
                                  Design                   Renewable Energy    High Performance
Total Cost                                                            $935,917
MTC Funding                                                           $499,800

Expected Savings (Yearly)
                                  Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency            Whole building
Electricity (kWh)                           143,726
Energy (BTUs)

For More Information
                                  Grantee             Energy Installer
Company                           Northcoast Seafoods Spire Solar
Address Line 1                    5 Drydock Ave       One Patriots Park
Address Line 2                    Boston, MA 02210 Bedford, MA 01730
Telephone                         617-593-8673        781-275-6000
     2. Updated Construction Schedule: Please update the following schedule with the projected
        and actual dates from this project.

                                                Dates from Design Deliverable              Actual Dates
1.    When was/when will the order be placed
      for the renewable energy system?
2.    When will renewable energy system
      components be delivered to the project                                    06/19/06
3.    When will the renewable energy system
      be installed?
4.    When will the renewable energy system
      be commissioned?

5.    What is the anticipated occupancy date
      of the facility?

Please add comments on the reasons behind schedule changes, if any: Material procurement issues placed minor
delays on the construction schedule.

     3. Incentive Adders: Please confirm your incentive adders. Check all of those adders that you
        are requesting.

                                               Check those
                                                                   Provide Explanation           MTC - PM
                                                that apply
     Distributed Generation
     MA-Manufactured components                                Inverters, combiner boxes,
                                                               portions of mounting racks,
                                                               data acquisition device
     Public Buildings

     Economic Target Area

     Back-up for Critical Loads

     Building-Integrated PV

     Fuel-less electricity generator

     Affordable Housing
     20 % to less than 50 % Low
     income/affordable Housing (40-B)
     50 % or greater Low
     income/affordable Housing (40-B)
     High Performance Buildings: New Construction only
     Green Buildings LEED/CHPS
     Advanced Buildings/ High
     Performance Homes (Energy Star)
4. Lessons Learned: Please describe lessons learned in each of the categories below. Think
   about what went well, what went wrong, what you would do differently next time, and how you
   would advise someone else going through this process. Please comment on schedule,
   budget, interaction with your utility, permitting, as appropriate.

       1. Siting & Permitting of Renewable Energy System

       There was a perception by some contractors that City of Boston electrical permits are allowed to be applied for
       within 5 days of commencement of work. We now believe that the permit is required prior to commencement of
       work. After the project had begun, Spire was asked to include some union labor on certain tasks of the
       installation. Spire complied but there was some confusion as to whether the union labor taking place was
       covered under the electrical permit pulled by the non-union electricians. In the future, all labor must be paid
       prevailing wage so we don’t expect a repeat of this problem. We would not expect to have 2 different electrical
       contractors working concurrently on the same project again.

       2. Renewable Energy System Installation

       We did not initially expect a requirement to include seismic provisions on the mounting system. We worked with
       our structural engineer to modify the mounting system accordingly. The modifications were not included in the
       original budget and had to be absorbed by Spire.

       3. Interconnection of the renewable energy system

       Nstar was extremely helpful throughout the interconnection process despite our somewhat unreasonable
       scheduling requests. We were not aware until completion that a $500 witness test fee applied. With the goal of
       completing the system by June 30 , we attempted to get Nstar approval days before hand. This was difficult, as
       Nstar requires final sign off by the City inspector prior to their witness test. We therefore had to wait for the City
       to inspect the system in order to schedule the utility witness test. In the future, this issue will be unavoidable
       within the City of Boston and should be factored into the project schedule.

       4. Commissioning of Renewable Energy System

       After the initial startup, we identified a ground fault on the larger (90kWinverter) array. We eventually traced the
       problem to worn insulation on a positive DC conductor. The insulation had been cut by the edge of an “LB”,
       which is what the electricians call the component used as a 90 degree bend/pull box for conduit. This is a very
       commonly used component and we were shocked that it would be capable of cutting the wire insulation. We
       also found that the onsite AC waveform was severely distorted due to other equipment operating in the facility.
       This issue caused confusion with the 90kW inverter. Solectria worked to modify their power algorithm so that we
       can run in parallel with the odd waveform while they work towards a more robust solution.

       5. Green Building Construction (For Green Building Projects only)

6. Operations and maintenance: Who will be responsible for preventive maintenance?
   Routine maintenance and repairs? What is your operations and maintenance plan with
   regard to your Renewable Energy System? What are your anticipated operations and
   maintenance costs?

     Spire carries a 5 year warranty on the system. Routine maintenance will be performed by North Coast
     Seafood’s in house electricians, Allstate Electric, with Spire’s support as required. Spire contracted the
     installation to Allstate so that they would be familiar with the system and prepared to address any
     routine O&M issues. There are no expected yearly O&M costs.

7. RECs: What do you plan to do with the renewable energy certificates (RECs) associated with
   your renewable energy system?

    North Coast Seafoods is currently negotiating with SREC brokers for the best contract possible.

8. Affidavit:

    The construction of the renewable energy system satisfies MTC’s Minimum Technical Requirements as
    set forth in Attachment C to the Large Onsite Renewables Initiative Solicitation (No. 2006-GB-01).

            Signed ________________________________________               Date ______________

            Name __________________________________________

            Title ___________________________________________
9. Renewable Energy System Components and Installed Costs: Please provide information
   on the renewable energy system components and cost elements. This is an imbedded Excel
   spreadsheet, click twice to open Excel, click word document to close Excel. White cells are
   entry cells, and yellow cells are calculation cells.

                                                                           Location of
  Equipment Description                      Model    Manufacturer                          Quantity    Unit Cost         Total Cost
                                                                         (City/ State/ Zip/

[list major equipment (e.g.,
panels, turbines, generator,       Sq175             Shell              Camarillo, CA              674 $    692.28 $        466,596.72
etc.), insert rows as required]

[list major equipment (e.g.,
panels, turbines, generator,                                                                                          $             -
etc.), insert rows as required]

                                                                                           Main Equipment Costs $ 466,596.72

Inverter (if multiple inverters,
                                   90kW              Solectria          Lawrence, MA                 1 $ 32,736.25    $      32,736.25
insert rows as required)

Inverter (if multiple inverters,
                                   13.5kW            Solectria          Lawrence, MA                 1 $   8,495.00   $       8,495.00
insert rows as required)

Data Acquisition System (If
                                   InSpire           Spire              Bedford, MA                  1 $   3,409.50   $       3,409.50

Meter                              Kv2               GE                 unknown                      1 $    473.50 $           473.50

Mounting (if applicable)           SteadyMount       Spire              Bedford, MA                  1 $ 130,956.50   $     130,956.50

Misc equipment, concrete
                                   N/A               N/A                N/A                          1 $ 37,724.93    $      37,724.93
blocks, shipping, etc

                                                                                      Peripherial Equipment Costs $ 213,795.68

                                                                 Design Costs (engineering, architectural, etc.) $ 155,136.50

                                                                 Installation costs (Labor costs, electrical, etc.) $      99,890.00
                                                                              Interconnection Fees (If Applicable) $          500.00
                                                                                              Total Installed Cost $ 935,918.90
10. System Details:

     Project contractors :
     Company: Spire Solar                               Service rendered: Designer, project manager

     Company: Essex Construction                        Service rendered: Installation contractor

     Company: Allstate Electric                         Service rendered: Electrician

     System Information
     Date in service: 06/30/06                          Initial meter reading (before start up): 0

     Total installed kW of the Renewable Energy         Annual Expected Production (kWh) 143,726
     System (Report in DC for PV; AC for other
     technologies): 117.950 kW
     Storage System (if applicable)
     Type: N/A                                          Model:     N/A

     Manufacturer: N/A

     System Meter
     Model: Kv2                                         Manufacturer:       GE
     DAS Type/ Provider (If applicable):
     Model: InSpire                                     Manufacturer:      Spire Solar
     PV Panel Details (if applicable):
     Orientation Type:                                  Azimuth (in degrees): 180
          Fixed      Single Axis     Dual Axis
     Inclination (in degrees): If adjusted seasonally   NOTE: Horizontal arrays with inclination = 0 are
     please note. 10                                    assumed to have 180 degree azimuth.
     Surface Area (sq meters entire array): 872         Shading Impact (as a percentage % of optimal
                                                        production based on azimuth, inclination, and no
                                                        shading): 0

     Fuel Cell Details (if applicable):
     Fuel Cell Type:                                    Operating Mode:
         Natural Gas              Landfill Gas             Baseload
         Anaerobic Digester Gas                            Peaking
     Electricity Efficiency:                            Use of Thermal Load:

     Thermal Efficiency:                                Expected Availability (%):

     Gas Utility (if applicable):                       Application:
                                                           CHP       Assured power           T&D deferral
     Hydro Details (if applicable):
     Area drained by river/stream in Sq. Miles:         Hydraulic head available in ft:

     Hydro type:
      Average annual flow rate cu.ft./sec:                 Minimum average monthly cu.ft./sec at site:
      Source of Data:                                      Source of Data:
      Wind Turbine Details (if applicable):
      Tower type:                                          Turbine rotor hub height in ft:

      Latitude & Longitude of tower:                       Turbine rotor diameter in ft:

      Average annual wind speed at hub height in kts:      Source of data:

      Other Details (if applicable):

11. Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Contract Details (If Applicable):

Please list the expiration date for the REC Contract and what happens at expiration (“Reverts to
Owner”, “No Action,” “No Contract”, “Other”)

End Project Narrative

Digital photos of renewable energy system, including interconnection area, meter, data
acquisition system, inverter and other relevant system components. (We will be using these
pictures for publicity)
Digital photos of front view of the building for publications

Copies of any change orders regarding the renewable energy system

LEED or CHPS checklist / score sheet.

For each LEED or CHPS credit claimed, provide a brief narrative description of what was done to
achieve each individual credit. For energy star, supply a copy of energy star certification.

Copy of warranty or service contract showing evidence of compliance with MTC technical

From Spire’s sales contract with North Coast Seafoods:

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