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Free Science Fair Project for 2Nd Graders - Download as DOC


Free Science Fair Project for 2Nd Graders document sample

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									Science Fair Judging Rubric
Category: ______________

Judging Form:
The North Region Elementary Science Fair will be using the appended judging form.
This form has been modified for Pre-K through 2nd class projects.

The following will be the categories for the Pre-K through 5th grade projects in this
year’s North Region Science Fair: (These are the categories which have been

   Botany
   Chemistry
   Earth/Space/Environmental Sciences
   Physics/Mathematics
   Zoology/Behavioral/Social Sciences

Experimental                                                                                   Points
Components                                                                                    Awarded
                                                                                              (1 to 10)
1. Problem with Variable       Problem and Objectives Clearly stated in a question format.
Stated                          All relevant objectives identified.
2. Hypothesis Stated           Hypothesis is directly related to the problem.
                               Hypothesis states what the student “thinks” will happen.
3. Materials Stated            All materials used are listed.
                               Specific quantities stated, if applicable.
4. Procedure Stated            Steps are logical and in sequential order.
                               The experiment was set up to be replicated for reliability.
5. Results Stated              Results are organized with a table, chart or graph.
                               Shows student conducted some form of measurement
                                (standard, non-standard or rating scale)
                             Results correspond to original entries in log.
6. Conclusion Stated         Conclusion answers the problem and takes hypothesis into
                             Conclusion consistent with results (valid inference)
                             Conclusion demonstrates what student learned
7. Bibliography Posted       Appropriate Format
with at least 3 resources    Uses Current Resources
                             Uses different types of sources
8. Log Present               Regular entries
                             All elements of the project present in log.
                            (Problem, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Results, Conclusion
                            and Bibliography)
9. Free Standing Backdrop    Presentation Reflects Student Work and is not purchased or
Present                         done by adults.
                             Logical Sequence to Organization
10. Oral Presentation:       Students understand all aspects of project.
Students Present             Presentation coherent.
                             All members participate
Science Fair Judging Rubric
Category: ______________

Other Points Worth Noting:
   3rd Graders will continue to participate in the interview process.
   We will continue to have collaborative judging. Teachers will be assigned to judge
    categories where their school has no entrants.
   Some of the categories have been consolidated for the Pre-K through 5th grade.
    See below for a list of the categories according to which the projects will be
    grouped and evaluated.

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