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Write Contract for Janitorial Service Free document sample

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									                                                                                        Service Center
                             JANITORIAL SERVICES CONTRACT
                         CITY OF GRANTS PASS City Service Center
                       Fleet, Streets, and Water Distribution Buildings
                                      650 SE “H” STREET
                               GRANTS PASS, OREGON 97526

         PARTIES: The City of Grants Pass, hereinafter referred to as City; and
                                                    , hereinafter referred to as Contractor.

      BUILDING: The City Service Center (hereinafter referred to as Building) located at 650
                SE “H” Street, Grants Pass, Oregon, consisting of a single-story building
                (approx. 2380 sq. feet) with offices, meeting areas, 3 restrooms, a kitchen
                area, and garage (approx. 320 sq. feet) and another single story building
                (approx. 817 sq. feet) with offices, one bathroom, a kitchen area and a shop
                area (approx. 2516 sq feet).

               RE: Janitorial Services Contract for the Building

WHEREAS, the City and Contractor desire to enter into a 3-year contract for the performance of
janitorial services for the Building, and Contactor represents that it is qualified to render said

NOW, THEREFORE, based on the above and the terms and conditions contained herein, the
Parties agree as follows:

    1.     Services under the Contract shall begin on the date of                   through the date of

                           unless terminated or extended as hereinafter provided.

The following definitions shall apply:

    1.     “City” shall mean the City of Grants Pass.
    2.     “City Manager” shall include a representative designated by the City Manager.
    3.     “Property Management Coordinator” shall include a representative designated by the
           Property Management Coordinator.
    4.     “Contractor” shall mean the individual, firm, or corporation awarded the Contract for
           the work outlined in this Contract.
    5.     “Sanitize” shall mean cleaned with Property Management Coordinator-approved
           antibacterial cleanser, in addition to visually clean.
    6.     “Weekly Report” means a report that is faxed or emailed every weekend or Monday
           morning to designated fax machine or email address. City may provide electronic
           copy of same for Contractor’s duplication and use. While it may be updated from time
           to time as the City deems necessary, a current copy is attached.

    7.     “Contract” shall mean this document and related material referenced herein.

C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                          Page 1 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
    8.    “Parties” shall mean Contractor, his agents, designees, and employees, and the City,
          its agents, designees, and employees.

    1.    The City shall not be required to pay for any services performed by Contractor that are
          outside the scope of the services unless they are agreed to in writing by both Parties
          prior to their performance.
    2.    The City shall pay compensation to the Contractor as noted in Cost Schedule.
          Payment for services shall be after the end of each calendar month for which they are
          performed. Contractor must submit a SEPARATE invoice for this Contract by the 5th
          day of the following month. Additional incidental charges, separate from monthly
          charges, e.g., additional carpet cleaning charges, shall be invoiced separately from the
          invoice for this Contract.
    3.    Upon presentation of an invoice to the City which details the services performed, the
          City shall pay the Contractor within 20 days, unless within 12 days of receipt the City
          notifies Contractor in writing of a dispute.

    1.    The City shall furnish the following restroom supplies for City restroom use and not for
          Contractor’s use: toilet paper, paper toilet seat covers, sanitary napkins or Tampax,
          soap, paper towels in rolls and stacks, and batteries.
    2.    Inventories of said supplies shall be stocked sufficient to provide needs of the
          premises for at least two weeks.
    3.    City shall provide access to areas which are to be cleaned. Said access shall normally
          be provided in the form of a key, or keys, and alarm code(s) specific to individuals
          designated by the Contractor. Keys checked out shall be held by the specific
          individuals to whom they are checked out to.
    4.    City shall provide space(s) for Contractor to store carts, cleaners and such.

                                         JANITORIAL DUTIES

WEEKLY CLEANING DUTIES (must be performed at least once weekly):
    1.    Check and replace as necessary batteries and scents in deodorizers.
    2.    Clean and sanitize all restrooms, fixtures, and surrounding areas; sweep and wet mop
          with a clean (non-smelling) odor-free mop and sanitize restroom floors. Keep all soap,
          towel, deodorant, toilet tissue, and seat cover dispensers supplied and filled. Empty all
          waste containers.

    3.    Secure all doors and windows and set alarm(s) before leaving.

    4.    Sweep and mop all areas including, but not limited to: halls, restrooms, lobbies,
          kitchens and office areas.

    5.    Vacuum all door mats.

    6.    Clean kitchenette sinks.
    7.    Change all wastebasket liners.
    8.    Clean and sanitize other sinks.
C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 2 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
    9.    Clean shoe-brush areas outside of front doors.
    10.   Report all improperly operating drinking fountains, lights, doors, locks, sinks, toilets,
          i.e., clogged drains, leaking or non-operational.
    11.   Clean and sanitize drinking fountains with approved antibacterial cleanser.
    12.   Pick up any loose trash around dumpster area.
    13.   Clean mirrors.
    14.   Empty recycle containers located throughout the buildings at desks and in meeting
          rooms into the appropriate recycle bins. Write on Weekly Report to empty bins at least
          two weeks in advance of being full.
    15.   Change all burned out light bulbs and notify Property Management Coordinator of
          stock needs. Clean lens reflectors when changing bulbs.
    16.   Clean area (sweep up small debris) around the dumpster.
MONTHLY CLEANING DUTIES (must be performed at least once per calendar month and at
least 10 days from prior performance):
    1.    Remove smudge marks from all walls and doors, including kick plates.
    2.    Wet mop, auto-scrub, and wash vinyl floors with odor-free mops.
    3.    Dust all air registers.
    4.    Dust window sills and surrounding area.
    5.    Wash marks, grime, dirt and accumulated soil from walls in restrooms particularly in
          the vicinity of restroom fixtures.
    6.    Dust all desks, counter tops and other office furniture; office personnel are responsible
          for removing books and papers from their desks, shelves, and counter spaces if the
          area underneath is to be cleaned. This is to occur on the second weekend of each
    7.    Clean, rinse, and wipe mud-room area.
    8.    Dust all surfaces not noted elsewhere in the specifications.
    1.    Wash walls in all restrooms.
    2.    Strip, wax, and buff all vinyl floors where applicable, including cleaning baseboards,
          door frames and faces, including edges. This shall also be done within 30 days of the
          assumption of Janitorial Duties under this contract.
    3.    Wipe and clean door frames, baseboards and furniture frames.
    4.    Wash all windows inside and out.
    5.    Remove all cobwebs from interior of building and exterior of windows.
    6.    Wash exterior windows, sills and frames and leave streak free.
    7.    Call vending machine people and have them clean machine. (Garage- Building A)
    8.    Clean under and behind refrigerators in both buildings.
    9.    Clean all chairs with an upholstery cleaner machine and wipe down other chair
          surfaces such as legs. Remove any stickers two years old or more and put on a new
          sticker under seat labeled with the month and year cleaned. This charge is a separate
          per-item charge from the monthly Contract cost.

C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 3 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
                          GENERAL DUTIES and BUSINESS PRACTICES

    1.    Contractor shall furnish all labor, janitorial tools, equipment, machines and supplies,
          unless described elsewhere in this contract, necessary for the successful performance
          of the services outlined as part of this Contract including, but not limited to, cleansers,
          waxes, strippers, and deodorants.
    2.    Contractor shall move chairs and other easily moved furniture for floor cleaning.
          Desks, file cabinets, book cases, and other heavy furniture will be moved by City staff.
    3.    This Contract is personal to the Contractor and the Contractor agrees it will not
          subcontract any part of, or transfer any interest in, this Contract without the written
          consent of the Property Management Coordinator.
    4.    The detailed janitorial services herein provided shall be performed one day per week
          at the Service Center Buildings. This shall be accomplished each weekend between
          the hours of 5:30 p.m. on Fridays and 6:00 a.m. on Mondays. Any deviation from the
          above-specified schedule shall be solely at the discretion of the Property Management
          Coordinator and must be in writing. NOTE: One additional day per week may be
          needed, especially during summer months and other times of increased occupancy.
          This will be listed as an additional cost on page six of this contract.
    5.    The current name, address and telephone number of the Contractor or representative
          shall be provided to the Property Management Coordinator at all times. In the event
          such telephone number is a long distance call, such calls may be made collect at the
          Contractor’s expense.
    6.    The Contractor is responsible for lost keys. A $100 fee will be charged for each and
          every key not returned at the conclusion of the Contract or within 48 hours of request
          by the City. Contractor shall not have any duplicate keys made for City locks.
    7.    The Contractor shall have a FAX machine and/or e-mail address monitored on a daily
          basis (business days) and shall provide the number/address of either to the City within
          two weeks of being awarded this Contract.
    8.    The Contractor shall submit requests for supplies at least one week prior to actually
          needing them. Requests shall be directed to the Property Management Coordinator
          by either fax or phone message at numbers provided by the Property Management

    1.    Contractor shall furnish names and addresses of all employees, together with a waiver
          executed by the employees waiving the right to confidentiality for Contractor and all
          employees, for a Public Safety Department criminal records check and/or background
          investigation. This information is to be provided prior to assignment of any individual
          to provide contracted services. Award and performance of the Contract is contingent
          on a clean criminal records check and/or background investigation of the prospective
          Contractor and its employees.
    2.    The City reserves the right to disallow an employee of the Contractor admittance to
          City properties listed under this Contract for the purpose of providing janitorial
    3.    The Contractor shall protect and keep all material and information which they may be
          exposed to confidential including waste materials intended for destruction or removal
C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 4 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
          to a waste disposal site. Any disclosure or unauthorized removal of any information,
          material or property shall be cause for immediate cancellation of this Contract. Any
          liability, including but not limited to attorney fees, resulting from any action or suit
          brought against the City as a result of the Contractor’s willful or negligent release of
          information, documents, or property shall be borne by the Contractor.
    1.    Contractor shall be responsible to ensure it and any subcontractors comply with all
          applicable Federal, State and local laws including, but not limited to, regarding
          employee wages, hours, benefits, health care, and workers’ compensation, and shall
          ensure that all expenses and claims related thereto are paid promptly.
    2.    The Contractor represents it employs (or will employ) at its own expense, all personnel
          required to perform the services.
    3.    The services shall be performed by Contractor or under its direct supervision. All
          personnel engaged in the services must be fully qualified and permitted under State
          and local law to perform such services.

    1.    The Contractor is required to perform all the work as contained in the specification
          schedule(s) at level of performance, consistency, and quality that is consistent with a
          professional office environment. City Staff shall monitor, evaluate, and rate Contractor
    2.    Contractor must maintain an acceptable level of performance of each duty.
          Acceptable performance is a rating of at least 8.0 by City Staff of each duty and an
          overall average of at least 85% of all items aggregated.
    3.    The City shall notify the Contractor in writing, email or by fax, of any failure to
          adequately perform as required. The Contractor shall cure any performance WITHIN
          24 HOURS of notice.

    1.    Either Party may terminate all or a part of this Contract, without cause, upon written
          notice provided not less than 30 days in advance of termination. City or Contractor
          may terminate this Contract if the other Party fails to perform in accordance with the
          provisions herein by providing written notice not less than 7 days in advance of
          termination and a failure to cure by the other Party.
    2.    Upon termination, all finished or unfinished documents and other materials shall
          become the property of the City. Contractor shall be compensated for completed
          services, and partially compensated for substantially completed services, but shall not
          be compensated for services that were not done in substantial compliance with the
          requirements of this Contract.
    3.    Contractor shall be liable to City for any damages resulting from Contractor’s breach of
          its obligations under this Contract.

    1.    At the option of the City, the Contract may, on 30 days written notice to the Contractor,
          be extended for an additional one-year increment. And at the end of that one-year
          period may extend the Contract for another one-year period upon 30-day written notice
          to Contractor.

C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 5 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
    2.    Contractor may increase Contract price by up to 3% each additional year after the
          initial 3 year period if so extended by the City. Said increase to go into effect no
          sooner than 30 days after providing notice to the Property Management Coordinator.

    1.    The Contractor shall complete and turn into the Property Management Coordinator a
          Weekly Janitorial Checklist detailing service completed and repair or maintenance

    1.    Amount Bid for Above-Described Janitorial               $____________ per month
    2.    Amount per Chair for Annual Cleaning                    $____________ per chair
    3.    Amount for additional Daily Cleaning one day            $ ___________ per additional day
          per week

    1.    Contractor shall require its insurance carrier to provide to the City a certificate
          of insurance evidencing such coverage. Said policy shall provide that such
          coverage cannot be modified, terminated or canceled by the carrier without six
          months written notice sent by certified mail by the insurance carrier to the City
          of Grants Pass. It is agreed that no person shall perform any acts on behalf of
          Contractor without having said insurance in full force and effect.

    2.    Insurance: All insurance policies listed below shall specify “the City of Grants
          Pass and its officers, employees and agents while acting within the scope of
          their duties as such” as named insured’s. Contractor shall submit certificates of
          insurance to the City for all policies listed below. The certificates shall require
          the insurance company to provide the City written notification not less than 30
          days prior to any cancellation, reduction in coverage, or material change in any
          policy provision.

            a. During the life of this Contract, Contractor shall maintain the following minimum
                     i. Commercial general liability insurance, including personal injury liability,
                        blanket contractual liability, and broad-form property damage liability
                         General Aggregate                                          $1,000,000
                         Products/Completed Operations Aggregate                    $1,000,000
                         Personal and Advertising Injury Aggregate                  $1,000,000
                         Each Occurrence                                            $ 500,000
                     ii. Commercial automobile bodily injury and property damage liability
                         insurance covering owned, non-owned, rented and hired autos. The
                         combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage shall not be
                         less than $500,000.
                    iii. Statutory workers’ compensation and employer’s liability insurance as
                         required by State law.
C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                          Page 6 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
                    iv. Professional liability insurance in an amount not less than $100,000.
            b. Coverage under subsections 2.a.i. and 2.a.ii. (above) shall be written on an
               “occurrence” basis, not on a “claims made” basis. Coverage under 2.a.iv.
               (above) shall have “tail” coverage satisfactory to the City.
    2.    Contractor and its successors and assigns agree to completely protect, save, defend,
          hold harmless and indemnify the City of Grants Pass, and its officers, agents and
          employees, from any liability or obligation of any kind or nature whatsoever arising
          from injury or injuries, including death, to any person or persons, or damage to any
          property, real or personal, or damage to any Contractual, or other commercial right or
          interest, suffered or alleged to have been suffered all or in part by any person,
          property, or business or from any other liability of whatever kind or nature arising out of
          any conduct, act or failure to act, by Contractor or by an employee, representative, or
          agent of Contractor.
         1. CONTRACTOR, its subcontractors, if any, and all employers under this agreement,
         are subject employers working under the Oregon Worker’s Compensation Law and shall
         comply with ORS 656.017, which requires them to provide workers’ compensation
         coverage for all their subject workers. CONTRACTOR shall provide proof of coverage at
         the time of the execution of this agreement and will continue to provide continuing proof
         of coverage during the period of this agreement.
       1. A copy of Contractors City Business License and proof of Workers’ Compensation
Insurance and Liability Insurance shall be attached to this contract. At this time, non-profit
companies are not required to have a City Business License.
    1.    This Contract, and any parts thereof, may only be modified, waived, or amended so
          long as said modification, waiver, or amendment is in writing and signed by both

    1. This Contract represents the entire Contract between the Parties. It is the intent of the
         Parties that prior conversations or writings between the Parties which are not specifically
         incorporated by reference into this Contract may not be used by the Parties or by a court
         of law to interpret the terms and conditions stated herein. Except as specifically set forth
         herein, prior courses of dealing and performance between the Parties, and trade usage and
         practices which may or may not be acceptable in the industry, also may not be used by
         the Parties or by a court of law to interpret the terms and conditions stated herein.
         (Madison Indus. Inc. V. Eastman Kodak Co., 243 N.J. Super. 578,581 A.2nd 85 (1990)).
    2. Partial Invalidity: If any term, covenant, condition or provision of this Contract is found
       by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, void or unenforceable, the remainder of
       the provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected,
       impaired or invalidated thereby.
    3.    Jurisdiction: This Contract shall be administered and interpreted under the laws of the
          State of Oregon. Jurisdiction of litigation arising from this Contract shall be in the
          Circuit Court of Josephine County Oregon.

C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 7 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center
     4.    Attorney Fees: If suit or action is brought by either Party to enforce any right created
           by this Contract, the prevailing Party shall be entitled to recover in any trial court, and
           appellate courts, reasonable attorney fees, including costs and disbursements therein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have hereto, on the dates indicated, set their hands by
and through their duly authorized agents.

CITY OF GRANTS PASS                                       CONTRACTOR: _____________________

By        _____________________________                   By       _____________________________

Title     _____________________________                   Title    ____________________________

Date      _____________________________                   Date     ____________________________

ATTEST: ___________________________
        David Reeves
        Administrative Services Director

Reviewed as to form:

By        _________________________________
          Kris Woodburn, City Attorney

Date      _________________________________

C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 8 of 9
                                                                                        Service Center

                                               EXHIBIT “A”

    1. Scope of Services.

            a. Contractor shall provide the services in the manners specified herein.

            b. Contractor shall provide a written report (not less than 10 days prior to the
               solicitation for bids), noting any deficiencies in the City’s plans and
               specifications, and any issues that require clarification. Follow-up review
               by the Contractor shall also be completed unless waived by the City.

            c. Contractor shall file a final written report with the City outlining the
               completed services and noting areas for future improvement for similar
               projects regarding the Contract, services, and construction of public


C:\DOCUME~1\jwoerner\LOCALS~1\Temp\XPgrpwise\JANITORIAL CONTRACT City Srv Center 2008 new.doc
                                              8/28/2008                                         Page 9 of 9

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