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					                                                                                               Human Resources Department
 Superior Court of California                                                                   221 S Mooney Blvd., Rm 104
 County of Tulare                                                                                     Visalia, CA 93291-4583
 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY                                                                              (559) 730-5000 option 8

                                                      Court Collector
                     Resumes in lieu of the application form will not be considered.
                    Documents received after the closing date will not be considered.

   Closing Date: October 15, 2010                                     Annual Salary Range: $31,048 – $37,839

Definition :
To manage a caseload involving the collection of money owed to the Court in the area of delinquent fines, or overpayment from
other services and programs.

Essential Duty Sample (This List Is Not All Inclusive, BUT A REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE OF DUTY FUNCTIONS)
Manage a caseload involving the collection of money owed to the Court as a result of delinquent fines, or overpayment of public
assistance, or overpayment or receipt of other county services or programs; Locate and interview indiv iduals with delinquent
accounts who may be avoiding payment of monies owed to the Court; Investigate non -payment of accounts; Explain earnings
withholding or other legal actions to defendants, attorneys employers and debtor; Prepare audits of delinquent account in order to
pursue legal recourse; Contact individuals by telephone or mail to inquire about reasons for nonpayment; Verify conflicting
informat ion concerning non-payment of delinquent account; Document all action taken and record the receipt of pay ments onto
the case record; Determine defendant debtor’s ability to pay amount owed; Negotiate a repayment schedule to satisfy obligation;
Exp lain case action to demanding, complaining witnesses or debtor; May perform special assignments such as verifying bank
accounts and property ownership; Exp lains legal actions, such as earnings withholdings, to debtors and their attorneys; Prepare
memos, letters and reports; Operation of a personal computer and software related to Court Collection functions; Speak, read, and
write a language other than English, if required and assigned; Attend staff and other work-related meetings, workshops, seminars,
and other continuing education opportunities; Attend staff and other work-related meet ings, workshops, seminars, and other
continuing education opportunities.


Education / Experience:

Any combination of education and experience that could likely provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilit ies is qualify ing.
A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills, and abilities would be the equivalent to complet ion of the twelfth grade AND one
year of experience involving routine collect ion activities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Verbally co mmunicate sufficiently to exp lain info rmation to people of various socio -economic, cultural, and educational
backgrounds; Read, interpret, and explain laws pertaining to collection practices; Write clear, concise, grammatically correc t case
narratives, reports, records and letters; Follow verbal and written instructions; Establish rapport and main tain effective working
relationships with others; Use patience, tact and courtesy in dealing with people from various socio -economic backgrounds under
various circu mstances and under emotional stress; Utilize filing systems and keep systematic and accurate records; Verify
informat ion obtained from clients; Maintain resource information; Maintain confidentiality of all information and materials;
Research, collect and organize information; Apply mathemat ic co mputations for payment schedu les; Speak, read and writ e a
language other than English, if required and assigned .

                         The Superior Court of California, County of Tulare, is an Equal Opportunity Employer
10-614                                                                        _____           ________________________

                             Superior Court of California – County of Tulare
                             SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION FORM
                             Court Collector

This supplemental application form is an examination. All candidates are required to complete and return this supplemental
application form with their application for this position. The supplemental application form will be used to select the most highly
qualified candidates who will then advance to the next step in the selection process. The questions that follow will be used to
evaluate the extent to which a candidate has demonstrated and applied the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to success ful
performance in this position. Briefly and concisely respond to each of the following questions. Limit your responses to one 8 1/2" x
11" page per question. Responses must be legibly handwritten or typed.

                A response to all of these questions is required to be considered for this position.

Check off below the collection techniques you have utilized. Indicate how frequently and where you used
                                                 the technique.
  X (if used)                                  Technique                                           Frequency             Where Utilized
                                                                                            (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)     (Employer)
                   Contacted debtor by phone.
                   Contacted debtor in person.

                   Contacted employers, Social Security, EDD, and
                   relatives to locate debtor.
                   Contacted debtor by mail.
                   Filed liens against the assets of debtor.
                   Filed summary judgment against debtor.
                   Seized and sold assets of debtor.
                   Processed attachments on wages, savings, checking
                   accounts of debtor.
                   Obtained promissory notes from debtor.
                   Filed for small claims judgments.
                   Filed claims on tax returns.
                   Others? List
 Check off below the interviewing techniques you have utilized to obtain information from or regarding debtors.
                          Indicate how frequently and where you used the technique.
 X (if      Technique                                     Frequency              Where Utilized
 used)                                                    (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) (Employer)
            Contacted debtor over phone
            obtaining       information        about
            financial     status      (assets    and
            Contacted debtor in person to obtain
            information about financial status
            (assets and liabilities).
            Contacted       employers,        escrow
            offices, etc. to confirm anticipated
            income from debtor.
            Others? List

   Check off below the various documents you have read and understood. Indicate how you used the
                               document to assist you in collecting from debtors.
 X     (if Document         How Used
           Bulk Transfer

               Bankruptcy Notice


               Court orders

               Others? List:

         The Superior Court for Tu lare County makes reasonable accommodations for differently abled
                   individuals, provided the employee can perform the essential duties of the job. Each
           situation will be considered on an individual basis. If you have any questions, please contact the
            Court Hu man Resources department. A copy of the job description for this position is available
                                                         upon request.
           I certify that the informat ion provided is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.
                 I understand that any falsification may cancel any terms, conditions or priv ileges of
           emp loyment. I understand that employ ment may require passing a medical examination and
                                          proof of a satisfactory driving record.

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