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					                                        InFocus in the Classroom

                                             Cammy Monroy
                                         Auburn Elementary School
                                           5th Grade Classroom

Uses for InFocus Projector:

1. Website or Internet demonstrations

        At Auburn we have a mobile laptop lab, so I can bring that to the classroom and each student can
have his or her own computer on which to work. I utilize the InFocus projector to demonstrate what I want
the students to do while working on their individual computers. One such website I have used that was a lot
of fun was for an art lesson on Pablo Picasso where students can create their own works of art:

2. Team Games

       My students really enjoyed the Jeopardy game that I prepared to review a unit on interdependence.
Each table group played as a team, and if they got the answer wrong another group could steal. This kept
them engaged because they tried to come up with the answer even if it was not their team’s turn. The
Jeopardy template was created in PowerPoint.

3. PowerPoint Presentations

        During media my class had a long-term assignment to create a PowerPoint presentation over a Native
American tribe of their choice. The media teacher had created a scaffold for them to follow, wherein they
had to use a minimum of 8 slides, including a title slide and a bibliography slide. The content slides each
had to have a minimum of 4 sentences about the tribe as well as pictures. In turn I used these presentations
that they had already created and used them for a speaking work sample.
        I downloaded the presentations from the media computer lab to a flash drive and then brought the
mobile lab to the classroom. The students were given time to review their presentations and practice the
speech with peers. Then they were displayed on the screen using the InFocus projector as they gave their
speech (I changed slides for them so they could concentrate on their speaking). They were scored and
graded according to the state speaking scoring guides.

These are just a few things I have used the projector for, but I have many more ideas and plans. I will soon
be getting a Smart Board that will work in tandem with the projector. I also plan to have my students record
short movies using a digital video camera. We will be using these during our spring play, which we will
format as a “film festival”. They will learn to use the Windows Movie Maker program in order to edit their
movies, and the movies will be projected on screen for the audience during the play performances.

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