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                                ASSESSMENT DIRECTORY

Personality and Skills Assessment

Title:           Canadian Careers
Description:     Exploring careers, marketing yourself and finding work in the
                 hidden job market.
Rating:          9: Very straightforward, helpful information.
Assessment Tool: Click “Exploring Careers” and then “Know Yourself” to access a list
                 of links to other web pages such as Self-Directed Search, Kiersey
                 Temperament and Mazemaster that offer an array of assessment
Rating:          3: For many of these sites access to test results is available only if
                 you pay a fee.

Title:           Career Focus 2000 Interest Inventory
Description:     An online, interactive career interest inventory designed to help
                 you assess your personal interests and identify matching
Rating:          9: Very straightforward and serves it’s purpose.
Assessment Tool: A 20-minute interest inventory test with 180 activity interest
                 questions to help you with your selection of potential career fields.
Rating:          9: Very easy to follow with step-by-step directions.

Title:           Career Key
Description:     A free service to help you with career choices, career changes, and
                 career planning and choosing a college major or training program.
                 There is also a link to a comprehensive list of job search web sites.
Rating:          9: Informative, interesting and easy to follow through.
Assessment Tool: The Career Key Test, a professional career test that measures your
                 skills, values, interests and personality to identify jobs that you
                 might be suited for. The results include information about the
                 specific careers that you match.
Rating:          8: This very simple test takes about 10 minutes. It has many
                 double-barrelled questions (two or more questions in one such as
                 “Do you like animals, plants and tools?”). Just try to answer these
                 according to what you mostly like or dislike.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       1
Title:           Career Perfect
Description:     There is a section on career planning and testing for a fee of
                 $17.95 but this web page is more of a “how to” site for resumes,
                 interviews and advice overall.
Rating:          9: Standard layout with an easy to use click-and-go approach.
Assessment Tool: My Personal Profile and Find Your Dream Career tests and reports
                 available for a fee.
Rating:          2: Based on the detailed descriptions the tests sound very reliable
                 and professional however they are only available to order for a fee.

Title:           Careerlink Inventory
Description:     This site is designed to match the way you see yourself with
                 available career information; that is your interests, aptitudes,
                 temperaments, physical capacities, preferred working conditions
                 and desired length of preparation for employment.
Rating:          7: It is important to pay close attention when moving around this
                 site because it is easy to loose your way. The site looks fun at first
                 but the colour clashes and it gets hard on the eyes.
Assessment Tool: The CAREERLINK Inventory, a detailed personal interests test.
Rating:          8: A bit lengthy. It is helpful that the results are in percentages.

Title:           Columbia Group
Description:     Columbia Group is in the business of helping your business
                 increase performance. Core values, evaluation tools and clear
                 thinking are some of the things discussed.
Rating:          7: The background picture detracts from the flow of the text.
Assessment Tool: Click on “Evaluation Tools” to take one of the following three tests:
                 True Colours, a personality test; Entrepreneur Self-Assessment
                 Test; Emotional Intelligence Test
Rating:          7: Each test is followed by an assessment, some more detailed
                 than others.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       2
Title:           Enneagram Test
Description:     Describes 9 types of Enneagrams. This is mainly a diagnostic tool
                 of one's emotional outlook on life and helps point out ones
                 underlying fixations. Click the “Return to Enneagram Main Page” to
                 view a sample of links to Facts and Questions about Enneagrams.
Rating:          8: Easy to manoeuvre through this site.
Assessment Tool: Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, a measure of your
                 emotional outlook on life.
Rating:          6: This test seems more useful for personal information than
                 career development. It gives you something to think about.

Title:           Future Proof Your Career
Description:     The site describes how to find your life’s purpose and ideal career
                 by completing a variety of tests. Then it encourages you to buy
                 the book most suited for you. It also provides articles on career
                 topics such as career searching, advice, counselling, planning,
                 development and career change.
Rating:          9: A clear vision of what the site is about on the 1st page.
Assessment Tool: The FPYC Career Test provides an online career profile.
Rating:          7: You must use the test results with other resources to get a good
                 understanding of their meaning or buy the books suggested.

Title:           Humanmetrics
Description:     Offers a free Jung Typology Test based on the Jung-Myers-Briggs
                 typology approach to personality that provides information about
                 temperament as well as several other tests for a fee.
Rating:          6: Easy to flow through the site.
Assessment Tool: Free Jung Typology Test analyzes your temperament. Small
                 Business and Entrepreneur Profiler tests also available for $3.00.
Rating:          7: Yes/No questions that result in one of four typologies with clear
                 explanation and the option of buying an even more detailed

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                     3
Title:           Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
Description:     Describes what temperament is, the different temperament types,
                 how temperament relates to parenting, leadership and work.
                 Provides a list of resources on the topic that can be purchased
                 online through bookstores.
Rating:          6: This site is confusing to look at, there are too many different
                 fonts and there are some confusing directions so pay attention to
                 where you are going in this site.
Assessment Tool: The Temperament Sorter II. The test is free but you must register
                 by providing a name and an email address.
Rating:          6: Some of the questions are difficult to understand and require re-
                 reading and deeper concentration to decipher their meaning.

Title:           Learn More Indiana
Description:     Provides links for more information, tools, opportunity and support
                 in the USA only (Indiana). Interest inventories help you identify
                 your interests and find related education and career goals. These
                 can apply to anyone, anywhere.
Rating:          8: This is a straightforward site with a click-and-go approach.
Assessment Tool: Career Interest Checklist, Merkler Style Preference Inventory, and
                 RIASEC Entry tests are available.
Rating:          6: These tests are easy to understand and quick to complete but
                 they are very general and so only provide a vague guideline for
                 you to consider.

Title:           Maze Master
Description:     Prepare and post resumes, search for job opportunities by name,
                 province or keyword, take online quizzes to learn about your
                 interests and skills and read job finding tips. Also very useful for
                 career counsellors, employers and recruiters.
Rating:          8: Easy to look at and easy to follow through.
Assessment Tool: 3 Self-Assessment Exercises and an Action Plan Activity
Rating:          5: The test itself takes about 30 minutes. It is free but you must
                 register and provide substantial personal information.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                     4
Title:           My Future
Description:     Details the opportunities in the United States military.
Rating:          7: Very informative for individuals who are interested in the US
                 military but not useful for general job search tips.
Assessment Tool: Work Interest Quiz
Rating:          4: From a list of 60 questions you are asked to checkmark the
                 activities you would enjoy doing. The results are based on the
                 RAISEC scale (Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising,
                 Conventional) but they are geared towards the military. The results
                 give you a brief description of each RAISEC quality and then a list
                 and description of military jobs that match. However they do give
                 the title of the civilian counterpart.

Title:           New York Times Job Market
Description:     After registering you have the ability to complete a comprehensive
                 personal attribute profile based on your education, skills, passions,
                 values, and other personal qualities.
Rating:          7: The site is confusing and difficult to use and you are not even
                 able to browse the site without first registering.
Assessment Tool: Match Me, lists 50 tops careers that match your attributes profile.
Rating:          2: Very complicated, confusing and lengthy but the results are
                 comprehensive if you have the time and energy to invest in this

Title:           Personality Type
Description:     Books for sale referring to unlocking powerful insights that
                 help you know your personality type and learn to
                 understand others, your kids, love and communication.
Rating:          6: Easy to look at and manoeuvre around this site but it is mostly
                 trying to sell you books.
Assessment Tool: Personality Type Test is a temperament quiz. Provides you with a
                 few popular careers that match your type based on your test
                 results and then advertises other resources for you to purchase.
Rating:          6: Simple, self-rating quiz but minimal results.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        5
Title:           Princeton Review
Description:     Information on educational institutions and SAT/ACT test, online
                 applications to business, law and medical schools, raking of
                 schools, scholarship search and expert advice.
Rating:          7: Great site for education advancement with a easy to follow
                 walk-through approach.
Assessment Tool: Career Quiz and an Interest Inventory Quiz.
Rating:          6: Very quick and simple quiz. 24 questions, some ask you to
                 choose your preference between two careers, others ask which of
                 two personality descriptions suit you best. The results are two
                 short summaries describing your interests and your style and then
                 you can pay to take a more in-depth test for more comprehensive
                 results. Also you can see a list of careers that match your interests
                 and type if you sign-in. Creating an account is free.

Title:           Psychometrics
Description:     Provide you with the opportunity to have access to the latest
                 assessment tools on the internet. You will find a number of links to
                 interesting and useful on-line testing.
Rating:          9: Very straight forward…click and go!
Assessment Tool: Career Interest Profiler, Career Values Scale, Study Styles, The
                 Personality Index
Rating:          8: Great tests, fun, easy & interesting. The results are clear and
                 useful. You can purchase more in-depth results if you desire.

Title:           Queendom
Description:     An internet magazine for self-exploration. 114 professionally
                 developed and validated psychological tests, 111 just for fun tests,
                 230 mind games and quizzes. Many tests are free but require
                 registration with your name and email address while others cost
                 credits that you purchase from the site.
Rating:          10: Eye catching, easy to navigate, fun and insightful.
Assessment Tool: Career Advancement, Communication Skills, Values Profile, Type A
                 Personality Test, The AMPM Test (personality profile), Goal Setting
                 Exercise, Management Style, Burnout Test, Coping Skills, Creative
                 Problem Solving, Leadership, Procrastination Test, Self-Monitoring
Rating:          7: The free tests are accurate and the short results are very useful
                 however you have to pay for more in-depth analyses.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                      6
Title:           Small Business Knowledge Base (
Description:     Small Business knowledge base information packed with dozens of
                 guides, tools and techniques. There are links to useful resources
                 concerning small businesses.
Rating:          7: A very busy looking site and some of the blocked categories are
                 too shaded to read.
Assessment Tool: The Entrepreneur Test – do you have what it takes?
Rating:          9: An easy test with grading and interpretation at the end.

Title:           The Big Five
Description:     This site has no information other than the results of your
                 personality test which will be used in a scientific research project.
                 It also allows you to rate others’ personalities.
Rating:          2: Horrible looking site. The dark green or blue background with
                 black words is very difficult to read.
Assessment Tool: The Big Five Personality Test
Rating:          9: Rate 48 statements on a 5-point scale from strongly agree to
                 strongly disagree. The test is based on Costa and McCrae’s Five-
                 Factor theory of personality which identifies 5 broad dimensions of
                 personality (Openness to Experience, Extroversion, Agreeableness,
                 Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness)

Title:           True Colours
Description:     Do you know what colour you represent? Complete this personality
                 test and find out. Are you a blue, orange, green or gold?
Rating:          9: Easy to read, easy to follow
Assessment Tool: True Colours Quiz - a personality assessment
Rating:          9: This test seems to accurately match you to one of four
                 personality types represented by four different colours but does
                 not provide any further information as to what each of the four
                 colours mean.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                      7
Title:           Type Focus
Description:     This site is an interactive online program that helps
                 students/clients to develop excellent career plans starting with self-
                 awareness by using personality type strengths. Free trials are
                 available but there is a fee to go any further.
Rating:          8: The overall site is appealing and easy to manoeuvre around.
Assessment Tool: Personality Type Assessment, personality relating to career choice.
Rating:          6: Interesting questions but limited results without paying a fee.

Title:           VARK Learning Styles
Description:     VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinaesthetic, four
                 ways that we take-in and give-out information. The site offers
                 books and software for sale, a free questionnaire and help sheets
                 for study strategies that apply to your learning preferences.
Rating:          9: Straight forward web site with a click and go approach.
Assessment Tool: VARK Questionnaire; determines preferences for taking-in and
                 giving-out information, in other words preferences for learning and
                 sharing information.
Rating:          9: Short test is easy to go through and suggests possible career
                 paths for different types of learners.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       8
Skills Development

Title:               BC Business Services
Description:         A good overview/outline as to what steps to follow when creating
                     your own business.
Rating:              8: Useful in getting people on track with their ideas.

Title:               Business, Government of Ontario
Description:         Ontario government provides services and resources to help you
                     expand your business in Ontario and abroad. Covers topics such as
                     starting a business, financing, licensing, laws, import/export and
                     closing a business.
Rating:              9: A very good ‘How to” and “What Next’ website.

Title:               Canada Business Service Centres
Description:          A great overview/outline as to what steps to follow when creating
                     your own business. Very in depth, comprehensive information.
Rating:              9: Very informative.

Title:               Canadian Youth Business Foundation
Description:         Offers mentorship and financial support to young Canadian
                     entrepreneurs. This is a National Charitable organization.
Rating:              7: Practical information useful in actually establishing a business.

Title:               Career Perfect
Description:         A “how to approach …” for resumes, interviews and overall advice
                     for a phenomenal fee.
Rating:              9: Standard layout, click and go!

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                         9
Title:               Enterprise Renfrew County
Description:         An organization committed to the development of enterprising
                     ideas within Renfrew County. The website provides an introductory
                     look at the organization’s services, not entrepreneurship in general.
Rating:              2: Nothing on the actual site to research or use. For those that
                     have an interest in starting their own business they should actually
                     contact the organization and experience some of its services first

Title:               Mindtools
Description:         Free lessons and activities on various topics available for your
                     perusal including Time Management, Stress Management, Memory
                     Improvement, Communication skills, Practical Creativity, Problem
                     Solving, Decision Making and Project Planning.
Rating:              10: Very interesting, easy to understand, practical and useful
                     information that everyone should take the time to learn.

Title:               Small Business Knowledge Base
Description:         A resource area for people interested in improving their success
                     with small business ventures. Packed with guides, tools and
Rating:              9: Fairly useful. This site gives a decent explanation of the
                     philosophies behind who is best for starting their own business.

Title:               Strategis: Business and Consumer Guide
Description:         A very up to date network of information for Consumers,
                     Economists, Investors, Job seekers, Legal Research, Retailers,
                     Students. There are guides, news reports and search engines.
                     This site provides everything you want to know on this topic.
Rating:              7: There is a lot of information and it can become overwhelming.

Title:               Western Economic Diversification Canada
Description:         Small business information, guides and tools for the West Coast.
Rating:              6: The information is useful if you know what you are looking,
                     otherwise you may be lost on this web site.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                     10
Title:               Youth Entrepreneurs Association
Description:         An inspiring forum and structure of support for young business
                     owners but requires a membership. This site might be more useful
                     if you already own a business.
Rating:              5: Not particularly practical.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                 11
                                JOB SEARCH DIRECTORY

Job Search Engines

Title:               Allstar Jobs
Description:         Includes job postings Canada-wide, links to employers with online
                     job postings, employment agencies, other job banks, classifieds
                     and other great resources in your area. You can post your resume
                     but a fee is required.
Rating:              9: Click and go anywhere within this site at ease. Takes you
                     exactly where you want to go. Very useful.

Title:               Bilingual Link
Description:         Bilingual Link is the first innovative online service that offers
                     resource solutions promoting career development and bilingual
                     opportunities in jobs, careers, training and services.
Rating:              6: Very dark and hard to read site. Lets you choose your field and
                     then matches you with company names, addresses and contact
                     information but there is no place to direct your search to a specific
                     geographical area.

Title:               Brainhunter
Description:         Resume writing services; post your resume, career planning and
                     testing along with a unique job opportunity list and job matching
                     all at your fingertips on this site. You must fill out a time
                     consuming membership before access is allowed.
Rating:              8: the information is very useful once you learn how to manoeuvre
                     through it this site.

Title:               Brains Talent
Description:         This site offers a search engine or you can browse a listing of all the
                     available jobs. You can create a profile and the site will notify you
                     when specific jobs that match your profile are posted. There is also
                     an employer profile page that gives a brief description of the
                     company and contact information.
Rating:              6: This site is basically just a search engine with very little info on
                     career descriptions. Also the navigation is a bit difficult and unclear.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       12
Title:               Business, Government of Ontario
Description:         On the left hand side under Your Government click ‘Finding a Job’
                     to search for job opportunities within the government of Canada,
                     for youth or other, and use other useful tools for career
Rating:              9: Very helpful and resourceful.

Title:               Canada Job Search
Description:         Job search, career and franchise opportunities, resume services
                     and business opportunities are all available for your perusal. Each
                     topic directs you to numerous other sites, some of which are
                     located in the USA, so be on the look out if this is not where you
                     want to go.
Rating:              9: Easy to manoeuvre through, very straight forward.

Title:               Canada Jobs
Description:         Employers seeking employees as well as an extensive job bank
                     that is easy to manipulate. The end result is right where you want
                     to be, at the address of the employer.
Rating:              10: Very easy to walk through. Click and go!

Title:               Canada-Wide Job Postings
Description:         Job bank, recruit for positions, ad creation tools for Alberta only.
Rating:              9: Works well, click and go approach.

Title:               Canjobs
Description:         Free registration needed for recruiters and employees to use this
                     site. Takes you to a new site for specific job search in your chosen
                     field and area.
Rating:              10: Great site, click and go!

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                         13
Title:               Canuck Careers
Description:         Start a new career, self-assessments; post a resume, jobs in
                     Canada and salary information provided.
Rating:              4: Not very user friendly. It is hard move through this site.

Title:               Career Builder
Description:         Find jobs, post resumes, career builders, career advice, resources
                     and career fairs across Canada.
Rating:              10: Excellent site. Just click and go!

Title:               Career Exchange
Description:         A large search engine and detailed tips on how to write your
                     resume for a specific career. Job seekers, Employers, Career
                     Exchange and People Match in the USA and Canada area are
                     available with ease however the site does not let you search for
                     jobs by specific city, only province.
Rating:              7: Easy to search for job postings and the layout is fairly easy to

Title:               Career Mouse
Description:         Once you create an account that includes your resume with
                     CareerMouse, you will be able to post your resume online, apply
                     online, and perform a job search based on your personal profile.
Rating:              6: It is a lengthy process for applying, you must have your resume
                     handy to attach when registering.

Title:               Career Perfect
Description:         More of a how to approach for resumes, interviews and career
                     planning for a fee. Click the Job Search tab and you will learn some
                     job search strategies and be able to search for job specific
                     opportunities, recruiters and company databases in the USA only.
Rating:              6: Gets a little tricky trying to narrow down your search.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        14
Title:               Computer Jobs
Description:         You can search across the USA and Canada for jobs in computers
                     and you can post your resume to employers.
Rating:              5: There’s not a lot of interesting content, just a basic search

Title:               Education Jobs
Description:         Jobs in Education is a very effective Internet site for bringing
                     together jobseekers and employers in the education sector only.
Rating:              8: Click and go, very simple!

Title:               Employ-xpress
Description:         You must register before you’re aloud access to the job bank.
                     Provides direct contact to the selected employers via email.
Rating:              3: A very hard site to read due to the background colour choice
                     which also means it takes a lot more time to manoeuvre around.

Title:               Employment News
Description:         This site is fairly easy to follow. There is an Upgrade Your Skills
                     feature and job hunters have the option of posting their resume,
                     reading about the latest job news, the latest job fairs, resume and
                     job tips or interview preparation tips. Also employers can place ads
                     or post a job.
Rating:              6: This site is easy to use but the information can be general and
                     the page seems a bit cluttered.

Title:               Flip Dog
Description:         For worldwide job seekers or employers. You can search for jobs,
                     post your resume, look for potential employers, email your resume
                     anywhere in the country or check out a resource centre for expert
                     advice on any questions you might have.
Rating:              5: This site looks great and the information is useful but it can be
                     difficult to find your way around.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                     15
Title:               Freelance Work Exchange
Description:         Have you ever thought of doing freelance work? This site invites
                     you to be a member to do just that. It’s sounds very intriguing.
Rating:              9: Click and go, read up on testimonials about this site.

Title:               Government – Federal Jobs
Description:         Only for people wanting to work for the Federal Public Services.
Rating:              4: A difficult site to manipulate. It is easy to get lost and you often
                     wonder how you ended up on certain pages.

Title:               Government – Municipal Jobs
Description:         Allows you to post resumes but also advertises staff required and
                     surplus items for sale by the municipalities such as computers,
                     road equipment and ballot boxes. Inquiries are made by emailing
                     the client coordinator.
Rating:              2: There is not much information available on the site but perhaps
                     the client coordinator can provide more information via email.

Title:               Government – Provincial Jobs
Description:         Consists of a very simple to use search engine and detailed
                     information about Government of Ontario career opportunities.
                     Also very informative about workers’ benefits, rewards and pension
Rating:              7: Great layout, easy to use but there could have been a little
                     more information provided and it might be difficult to narrow a
                     search down to a specific city.

Title:               Graduate Resumes: Resume and Cover Letter Services
Description:         This site includes 2 or 3 areas to job search and a small spot to
                     submit your resume. The rest of this site is focused on selling you
                     their book and services about writing resumes at incredibly high
Rating:              3: You can probably use some job aspects of this site but it is
                     mostly just trying to sell you stuff and could be a big waste of time.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        16
Title:               Help-Wanted Network
Description:         Job hunters can search for Industry targeted sites or by location.
Rating:              7: A resourceful site world-wide but you must register.

Title:               Hi-Tech Jobs
Description:         Post resumes, search available positions, career coaching, career
                     fairs and network with peers are all available on this site. Also a
                     new idea of a Video Hand Shake Showcase that provides an edited
                     video to bring out the best of you in an interview situation.
Rating:              3: Not user friendly and results are very minimal.

Title:               Hospitality Jobs
Description:         If you are looking to be in the Hospitality, Retail and Restaurant
                     Sector in Canada, USA, UK and Ireland than this is the site for you!
Rating:              9: Very easy to flow through this site and get to where you want to
                     go quickly.

Title:               Hot Jobs
Description:         Post resumes, career builder tools, employers and recruiters
                     provided on this site.
Rating:              9: Easy job search, click and go!

Title:               HRDC Job Bank
Description:         Human Resource Development Canada Job Bank allows you to
                     search for jobs across Canada by occupation, keyword or
                     geographical area. This site also provides a helpful Resume Builder
                     Tool and Labour Market Information and has great links to other
                     job search tools such as training or resume development.
Rating:              10: Very straightforward, easy to use and tailored to the individual

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       17
Title:               Idealist
Description:         Consists of job search, internship search, career fair search and also
                     volunteer opportunities. The search is very extensive, helpful and
                     easy to use and you are provided with lists of career fairs going on
                     all over the country (non-profit). There is an area for discussion
                     with other job seekers online.
Rating:              8: This site is very informative and extremely easy to navigate.

Title:               Info-Job Canada
Description:         There is not a lot of information here but you can click on your
                     province on the opening page and it gives you a list of job links,
                     then post secondary links and then government links.
Rating:              3: The whole site is links, so if you like to jump from site to site
                     then this page is for you. Otherwise steer clear because site
                     jumping can get confusing and frustrating.

Title:               International Jobs
Description:         Find the overseas tab and from there the site matches you based
                     on what best suits your career and financial goals and which
                     location will offer the lifestyle you want. The site also offers
                     information on how to improve your chances of getting the
                     overseas job you want.
Rating:              9: Definitely a great site if you are looking for overseas
                     employment. There is a lot of useful information.

Title:               Job Hunt
Description:         This web page consists of a job search and advice column, news
                     and job related information, a personal resume-writing page and an
                     online job search guide.
Rating:              6: The site is very vague but has the essentials for job hunting.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                         18
Title:               Job Hunters Bible
Description:         This site provides you with links to sites that best help you put
                     together a resume, search for contacts to learn more about a
                     particular field, to find advice sites and FAQ’s to help with your
                     questions about work as well as many links to online surveys and
                     tests to help get a feel for what you would like to get involved in
                     and if your career choice will be a good one. It also consists of links
                     to recent job openings posted.
Rating:              6: This site is more informative about where you go to get
                     assistance. It is all links and very little information.

Title:               Job Postings
Description:         Canada’s Student Job Network. You need to sign up for some parts
                     of this site but it consists of job search and resume posting. There
                     is also an area for employers where they can post jobs, look over
                     resumes, etc and a career resource center that provides helpful
                     hints, job profiles and information on recent recruiters.
Rating:              8: The layout is simple and efficient. The site is helpful and
                     informative. All around it is a good site.

Title:               Job Shark
Description:         Registration required. There is a Now Hiring link that features a
                     list of companies and the job opening. You can search for jobs in
                     a specific area, post your resume and browse job listings.
Rating:              8: After you register this site has an easy click-and-go setup.

Title:               Job Web
Description:         This site has a link for employers to post jobs to over 10,000
                     resumes and 250 colleges/universities. It also has a career library
                     page with articles for basic tips on how to build a resume and to
                     learn the fine points of an interview. There is another page that
                     consists of just resume and interview tips, cover letters, etc.
Rating:              5: This is only a regular job information page; nothing stands out.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                      19
Title:               Jobs
Description:         Post a job or resume. Search the job bank by territory or category.
Rating:              9: Click and go!

Title:               JobStar Central
Description:         Provides you with an electronic resume bank, information on
                     salaries for each profession, a “how to” on resume writing and a
                     service called “Ask Electra” – a personal electronic librarian for
Rating:              8: This site is very easy to manipulate. The job bank is focused on
                     the job market in California but the other information on this stie is
                     very helpful.

Title:               Monster
Description:         Create an agent and resume and let it work for you. Emails are
                     sent to you when jobs that match your resume are listed. The site
                     also provides interview tips, salary information, assessment tests,
                     networking, employment law advice and international and youth
                     employment information. Plus search over 25,000 Canadian job
Rating:              10: Click and go! Very user friendly! Great links!

Title:               Non-Profit Jobs
Description:         The purpose of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners is to
                     support Philanthropy by fostering the development and growth of
                     gift planning. The Association creates awareness, provides
                     education and is an advocate of charitable giving. This organization
                     posts job referrals on their site for your perusal if you are
                     interested in working for that specific Association.
Rating:              7: A specific organization related site. Informative but difficult to

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        20
Title:               Non-Profit Jobs – Charity Village
Description:         Canada’s biggest source for non-profit sector jobs. 3,000 pages of
                     news, jobs, information and resources for executives, staffers,
                     donors, and volunteers. More than 30,000 jobs positions advertised
                     from 5,000 organizations listed.
Rating:              7: This is one of the smaller sites but offers a lot of job related
                     information in a way that is non-stressful and easy to understand.

Title:               Ottawa Citizen
Description:         Post resumes, easy to follow job bank, career job alert.
Rating:              9: Search local job listings with ease.

Title:               Ottawa Job Shop
Description:         Find the perfect job, find the perfect employee is their motto. Jobs
                     are listed by category and city. The site provides articles with
                     career advice and searching tips.
Rating:              5: This site is very busy and can be tricky to follow.

Title:               Ottawa Job Site
Description:         Provides an extensive job search and job seeker tools like resume
                     writing and posting, career assessment testing, career search
                     articles and videos, continued education and portfolio building.
Rating:              8: Click and go! Easy to navigate. Very straightforward.

Title:               Ottawa Start
Description:         This site provides the local news and classified ads of the Nation’s
                     Capital and the Ottawa valley, job help and information on student
                     and youth initiatives. It also provides links to local and Canadian
                     job sites, specialty job sites, consultants and recruiters.
Rating:              3: Not very easy to manipulate through this site and the
                     information is only applicable to Ottawa and Area locals.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                      21
Title:               Sales Jobs
Description:         Canada’s leading provider of e-cruiting, job search solutions and
                     email posting.
Rating:              8: An Easy to use job search tool. A short registration required.

Title:               The City of Ottawa
Description:         Throughout this site you will find that the City of Ottawa provides
                     you with a wide range of quality programs and services such as a
                     Current Job Listing, Firefighter and Paramedic Recruitments,
                     Ongoing Requirements, Seasonal Part time Employment, Summer
                     Student Employment Programs.
Rating:              9: A very useful site and easy to use.

Title:               The Job Bus Canada
Description:         This site just provides you with links to other sites with employment
                     opportunities, job search and resume help. Employers can post job
                     openings here
Rating:              5: This site has a variety of different links. It could be useful but
                     requires a lot of digging for information.

Title:               Working
Description:         A search engine that allows you to search major cities across
                     Canada with a small job description for each posting and details on
                     educational possibilities. You can search for free but you must be a
                     member to apply or post your resume and cover letter.
Rating:              6: Very complicated; having to be a member is a big disadvantage.

Title:               Workopolis
Description:         Free registration for access to the job bank and to create an email
                     career alert. Consists of 10-resume cache for your personal
                     storage on page, links to resume writing, interviews, and disability
                     resources, quick keyword search for job listings and offers you a
                     very detailed job search.
Rating:              8: Easy to follow step-by-step searches.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                         22
Job Search Strategies

Title:               Career Awareness
Description:         HRSDC Career Products will help you identify and develop your
                     skills to get the career you want. Sectoral Career Products
                     are products to inform the public of career possibilities that exist
                     within a variety of Canada’s industry sectors. Virtual Career Fair
                     runs 24/7. It showcases today’s most cutting-edge and up-to-date
                     electronic career resources. Catalogue’s, pamphlets and brochures
                     are available at no cost.
Rating:              6: There is not very much information given on the site but more
                     information is available through the free catalogues.

Title:               Career Centre, Bowling Green State University
Description:         A model for defining your interests and career choice. This site
                     offers assessment tools, information and exercises that will aid you
                     in your career development.
Rating:              8: This site is easy to follow and offers some useful tools.

Title:               Career Development E-Manual, University of Waterloo
Description:         University of Waterloo’s e-manual takes you through six steps of
                     Career Development: Self-Assessment, Research, Decision Making,
                     Networks & Contacts, Work and Life/Work Planning. The site
                     offers a great deal of information in a clear manner and provides
                     interactive exercises and worksheets as well.
Rating:              10: Clear, informative, interactive, useful, interesting, aesthetic.

Title:               Career Directions
Description:         Are you asking yourself what to do after High School? This helpful
                     and informative site will answer your questions. It gives you ideas
                     in career direction, occupational profiles and salary expectations.
Rating:              7: Informative and clear.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        23
Title:               Career Getaway
Description:         This site provides a starting point for the exploration of many
                     online careers and employment-related resources. You will find
                     information on student skills and resources, workplace issues,
                     distant education, training and jobs.
Rating:              9: Easy to follow, easy to read. It’s a good start!

Title:               Career Owl Resources
Description:         The career planning process consists of three basic steps, looking
                     forward, career exploration and taking action. This process if for
                     those in the indecisive stage in their life or are considering a career
Rating:              8: A great eye opener for career possibilities.

Title:               Career Zone
Description:         Provides in-depth information on a wide variety of careers in the
                     state of New York.
Rating:              8: Straightforward, click and go approach.

Title:               Cultural Human Resources Council
Description:         The website for the CHRC. Offers internship programs and career
                     information within Canada’s cultural section.
Rating:              7: Answers most of your questions. User friendly.

Title:               Fast Company
Description:         Online magazine with a business focus. Offers links to personal
                     growth and development and entrepreneurial strategies available
                     via a free subscription.
Rating:              6: Informative and readable.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                        24
Title:               Job Finding Club
Description:         An opportunity for individuals who are serious about doing an
                     active job search. They will provide you with the support and
                     resources to help you develop a practical job search plan. A very
                     effective way to jump-start your job search by taking their 3-week
                     information session.
Rating:              10: This site has a “You get what you put into it” approach.

Title:               Job Futures
Description:         Canadian Government website. Profiles 266 occupational groups
                     and provides education and work experiences of students from 155
                     different educational programs. Offers an extensive list of links to
                     related web sites. The information on this site is quite useful.
Rating:              9: Very informative.

Title:               Jobs Etc
Address:    – Government of Canada web site.
Description:         Provides job listings and useful information in job search
                     techniques, identifying your career options, education and training
                     resources, workers rights, workplace information and career
Rating:              9: Easy to manoeuvre through this site, very informative.

Title:               Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information
Description:         Making career sense, shaping labour market trends, work and skills
                     in the new economy, education and training for the employer and
                     educational employees options are available within this site.
Rating:              6: This information seems more for the trainer or educator than
                     the job seeker.

Title:               Net Jobs
Description:         Takes you to other links on topics such as employment, working at
                     home, making money, home businesses and more.
Rating:              4: This site is confusing to follow.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       25
Title:               Next Steps
Description:         Take the step to Career Success by planning. Effective job seeking
                     pointers, career maintenance and other resources will allow you to
                     do just that.
Rating:              10: Great positive information and guidance.

Title:               Ontario Labour Market Information
Description:         This site will answer your questions about jobs, skills and the
                     availability of workers in local areas across Canada. Looking at the
                     employment prospects for an occupation is an extremely important
                     area to investigate when researching careers. This could change
                     your decision.
Rating:              10: Very effective way to answer questions you might have before
                     actually heading into the field you are interested.

Title:               Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES)
Description:         The site offers a chart of the essential skills requirements for
                     different occupations as determined by Human Resources and
                     Skills Development Canada. It also provides a version of the
                     TOWES G-Series Test used to measure essential skill competencies
                     in the areas of reading text, document use and numeracy so you
                     can test your own skills to determine your strengths and
Rating:              7: Clear and easy to use.

Name:              The Damn Good Resume Site
Description:       There is a lot of information for job seekers on this page with a 50-
                   question job seekers test to answer questions about jobs and
                   resumes. It also includes job search coaching, career counselling and
                   resume writing (a minimum fee is required to email counsellors) and
                   has a resume catalogue with over 200 resumes to look at for
                   reference on how yours should look. You are able to download
                   software to build a resume and there are useful links to other related
Rating:            7: This page is deep in content and is useful but tries too hard to sell
                   you products.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                      26
Title:               World Future Society
Description:         An interesting and globally minded organization with the intent to
                     solve future problems by a careful analysis of current trends. An
                     interesting read, but nothing very concrete.
Rating:              5: Interesting but not at all practical for the development of
                     personal employability skills within Renfrew.

Title:               Work Destinations
Description:         This site is a source of information on regulated trades and
                     professions in Canada. It contains information on entry
                     requirements in both official languages and it is a site designed
                     primarily for professional or trades people moving within Canada.
Rating:              8: The information is informative and knowledgeable.

Title:               Workinfonet
Description:         A national partnership of career planning, learning and
                     employment information websites in each province and territory.
                     Helps you address job seeking, occupations and career moves,
                     learning, education and training, labour market information, self-
                     employment, workplace issues and financial help.
Rating:              8: Very informative, easy to walk through.

Title:               Working Canada
Description:         Offers an employment registry database, as well as news and tips.
                     Very useful job search tool for major cities across Canada.
                     Resources in the following areas are available for your perusal:
                     salary survey, career advisor, education and career fairs.
Rating:              8: Easy to follow click and go but the information is very general.

Title:               Workink
Description:         An Employment Resource Centre for Job Seekers with Disabilities
                     Nationally or Provincially. A skills training partnership if offered for
                     both participant and employer.
Rating:              7: Informative and helpful.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                             27
Online Applications

Apply to local businesses directly from their websites. If you need help
completing any online applications, please make an appointment for IT

Title:               Bank of Montreal
Site Direction:      At the top right corner beside Find Jobs in Canada Now click on
                     Career Finder and then search Current Job Opportunities.

Title:               Canadian Tire Store
Direction:           Scroll down to the bottom of the main page. Under the column
                     Company Information click on Career Opportunities. Walk through
                     the steps that suit your needs.

Title:               Marks Work Warehouse
Direction:           On the main page on the right hand side select Help/Contact Us.
                     Then scroll half way down the page until you come to Looking for
                     Career Information Click Here. Select your category and from there
                     you can post your resume or fill out an application.

Title:               McDonalds
Direction:           Click and go in the direction you want to follow.

Title:               Pharma Plus
Direction:           On the left side of the main page select Careers.

Title:               Reitman’s
Direction:           From the main page click the Careers tab. This will take you
                     directly to opportunities and an application form.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                    28
Title:               Renfrew County and District Health Unit
Direction:           Select About Us from the menu bar across the top of the page and
                     then click Jobs.

Title:               Renfrew Victoria Hospital
Direction:           Scroll down to the end of the page and click on Employment
                     Opportunities. On the bottom of the page click physicians or staff
                     and see what is available. An online application can be submitted.

Title:               Scapa Tape
Direction:           On the right side of the main page click the link under Careers. You
                     can view available jobs and register for their newsletter.

Title:               Scotia Bank
Site Direction:      On the left side of the main page under About Scotiabank click
                     Careers. From there scroll down and click Search Our Current Job

Title:               Tim Horton’s
Direction:           On the main page click the Join our Team tab. From there you can
                     click Corporate Opportunities, Team Tim Horton’s or Scholarship

Title:               Toronto Dominion Bank
Direction:           Select the Careers tab from the menu across the top of the page.
                     Then select topics from the submenu such as Job Opportunities or
                     choose from the “A day in the life of…” menu to read more about
                     different career options.

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                       29

Title                                                         Category                Page

Allstar Jobs                                                  Job Search Engines        12
Bank of Montreal                                              Online Applications       28
BC Business Services                                          Skills Development         9
Bilingual Link                                                Job Search Engines        12
Brainhunter                                                   Job Search Engines        12
Brains Talent                                                 Job Search Engines        12
Business, Government of Ontario                               Skills Development         9
Business, Government of Ontario                               Job Search Engines        13
Canada Business Service Centres                               Skills Development         9
Canada Job Search                                             Job Search Engines        13
Canada Jobs                                                   Job Search Engines        13
Canada-Wide Job Postings                                      Job Search Engines        13
Canadian Careers                                              P & S Assessment           1
Canadian Tire Store                                           Online Applications       28
Canadian Youth Business Foundation                            Skills Development         9
Canjobs                                                       Job Search Engines        13
Canuck Careers                                                Job Search Engines        14
Career Awareness                                              Job Search Strategies     23
Career Builder                                                Job Search Engines        14
Career Centre, Bowling Green State University                 Job Search Strategies     23
Career Development E-Manual, University of Waterloo           Job Search Strategies     23
Career Directions                                             Job Search Strategies     23
Career Exchange                                               Job Search Engines        14
Career Focus 2000 Interest Inventory                          P & S Assessment           1
Career Getaway                                                Job Search Strategies     24
Career Key                                                    P & S Assessment           1
Career Mouse                                                  Job Search Engines        14
Career Owl Resources                                          Job Search Strategies     24
Career Perfect                                                P & S Assessment           2
Career Perfect                                                Skills Development         9
Career Perfect                                                Job Search Engines        14
Career Zone                                                   Job Search Strategies     24
Careerlink Inventory                                          P & S Assessment           2
Columbia Group                                                P & S Assessment           2
Computer Jobs                                                 Job Search Engines        15
Cultural Human Resources Council                              Job Search Strategies     24
Education Jobs                                                Job Search Engines        15
Employment News                                               Job Search Engines        15
Employ-xpress                                                 Job Search Engines        15
Enneagram Test                                                P & S Assessment           3
Enterprise Renfrew County                                     Skills Development        10
Fast Company                                                  Job Search Strategies     24
Flip Dog                                                      Job Search Engines        15
Freelance Work Exchange                                       Job Search Engines        16
Future Proof Your Career                                      P & S Assessment           3
Government – Federal Jobs                                     Job Search Engines        16
Government – Municipal Jobs                                   Job Search Engines        16
Government – Provincial Jobs                                  Job Search Engines        16

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                     30
Graduate Resumes: Resume and Cover Letter Services            Job Search Engines      16
Help-Wanted Network                                           Job Search Engines      17
Hi-Tech Jobs                                                  Job Search Engines      17
Hospitality Jobs                                              Job Search Engines      17
Hot Jobs                                                      Job Search Engines      17
HRDC Job Bank                                                 Job Search Engines      17
Humanmetrics                                                  P & S Assessment         3
Idealist                                                      Job Search Engines      18
Info-Job Canada                                               Job Search Engines      18
International Jobs                                            Job Search Engines      18
Job Finding Club                                              Job Search Strategies   25
Job Futures                                                   Job Search Strategies   25
Job Hunt                                                      Job Search Engines      18
Job Hunters Bible                                             Job Search Engines      19
Job Postings                                                  Job Search Engines      19
Job Shark                                                     Job Search Engines      19
Job Web                                                                               19
Jobs                                                          Job Search Engines      20
Jobs Etc.                                                     Job Search Strategies   25
JobStar Central                                               Job Search Engines      20
Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site                    P & S Assessment         4
Learn More Indiana                                            P & S Assessment         4
Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information              Job Search Strategies   25
Marks Work Warehouse                                          Online Applications     28
Maze Master                                                   P & S Assessment         4
McDonalds                                                     Online Applications     28
Mindtools                                                     Skills Development      10
Monster                                                       Job Search Engines      20
My Future                                                     P & S Assessment         5
Net Jobs                                                      Job Search Strategies   25
New York Times Job Market                                     P & S Assessment         5
Next Steps                                                    Job Search Strategies   26
Non-Profit Jobs                                               Job Search Engines      20
Non-Profit Jobs – Charity Village                             Job Search Engines      21
Ontario Labour Market Information                             Job Search Strategies   26
Ottawa Citizen                                                Job Search Engines      21
Ottawa Job Shop                                               Job Search Engines      21
Ottawa Job Site                                               Job Search Engines      21
Ottawa Start                                                  Job Search Engines      21
Personality Type                                              P & S Assessment         5
Pharma Plus                                                   Online Applications     28
Princeton Review                                              P & S Assessment         6
Psychometrics                                                 P & S Assessment         6
Queendom                                                      P & S Assessment         6
Reitman’s                                                     Online Applications     28
Renfrew County and District Health Unit                       Online Applications     29
Renfrew Victoria Hospital                                     Online Applications     29
Sales Jobs                                                    Job Search Engines      22
Scapa Tape                                                    Online Applications     29
Scotia Bank                                                   Online Applications     29
Small Business Knowledge Base                                 P & S Assessment         7
Small Business Knowledge Base                                 Skills Development      10
Strategies: Business and Consumer Guide                       Skills Development      10

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                   31
Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES)                    Job Search Strategies   26
The Big Five                                                  P & S Assessment         7
The City of Ottawa                                            Job Search Engines      22
The Damn Good Resume Site                                     Job Search Strategies   26
The Job Bus Canada                                            Job Search Engines      22
Tim Horton’s                                                  Online Applications     29
Toronto Dominion Bank                                         Online Applications     29
True Colours                                                  P & S Assessment         7
Type Focus                                                    P & S Assessment         8
VARK Learning Styles                                          P & S Assessment         8
Western Economic Diversification Canada                       Skills Development      10
Work Destinations                                             Job Search Strategies   27
Workinfonet                                                   Job Search Strategies   27
Working                                                       Job Search Engines      22
Working Canada                                                Job Search Strategies   27
Workink                                                       Job Search Strategies   27
Workopolis                                                    Job Search Engines      22
World Future Society                                          Job Search Strategies   27
Youth Entrepreneurs Association                               Skills Development      11

Assessment and Job Search Directory prepared by Employment Networks                   32

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