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Proposal Writing Document Imaging

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Proposal Writing Document Imaging document sample

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									                            Village of Streamwood
                                Request for Proposal
                           Document Imaging & Management

Section A – Overview
The Village of Streamwood is conducting a request for proposals for a document imaging and
management system that includes workflow. This system must provide the Village Clerk’s
Office, Administration, Finance, Community Development, Public Works, Police, and Fire
departments with the capability of imaging both paper and electronic documents, storing them on
computer hard drives, CD-ROMs or other optical storage media for archiving and disaster
recovery, and making them accessible via the Village of Streamwood’s existing network (See
Addendum A) and selectively over the Internet. The Village would like a scalable software
license that can be increased as the Village’s needs change.

In most departments, only a few people will require scanning and editing access, while the
remainder will only need to be able to search, view, print, FAX and e-mail documents. Most
documents consist of text with some graphics. Graphics can include but are not limited to
drawings, plans, photographs, icons, graphs, charts and signatures. Community Development
Department documents contain a higher level of graphics.

Certain types of folders and documents need to be frequently accessed by multiple persons in
multiple departments. The Village estimates internal concurrent access to the same document or
page to be from 5 to 10 persons. Retrieval time, from the time the user requests a selected
document to the time it is displayed should be a maximum of 5 seconds.

The Village would also like to make selected documents available to the public and village
employees over the Internet. Browser-based viewing should not be platform specific. The
Village estimates that concurrent access via the Internet to the same document or page will vary
widely, but could be as high as 100 persons. These documents should be controlled and able to
be searched, viewed and/or printed.

Please include the following components in the proposal:
A. Statement that the vendor meets all requirements with exceptions clearly spelled out.
B. Description of Solution
C. Functional Requirements
D. Software Costs
E. Hardware Costs
F. Cost Detail and Summary Pages
G. Cost per volume of scanning historical documents
H. Company Background
I. Five (5) references of municipalities with similar systems, including contact name, title,
   Village name, address and phone number
J. Vendor’s brochures and collateral materials
Submissions shall clearly state that the storage format complies with the State of Illinois
requirement for original permanent records, 5ILCS 170.

Vendors are to complete all sections and return three (3) bound copies to the office of the Village
Clerk and clearly marked:

                        Village of Streamwood Document Imaging Proposal
                                    Kittie Kopitke, Village Clerk
                                       Village of Streamwood
                                      301 E. Irving Park Road.
                                    Streamwood, Illinois 60107

All responses to this RFP must be submitted by Friday, March 19, 2010 at 9:00 am. Proposals
received after the due date and time will not be considered.

Any questions regarding this RFP should be addressed in writing to the person and address

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Section B – Description of Solution
System Overview
The proposed solution must be scalable to the Village of Streamwood’s current environment and
projected growth. File formats, databases and equipment requirements should be non-
proprietary. Provide an overview description of the products you recommend to address the
Village’s storage, imaging, document management, and workflow needs. Describe the proposed
system’s scalability and its compatibility with the Village of Streamwood’s virtual environment.

Information Input
The system should offer the Village of Streamwood at least three different ways to bring
documents into the document imaging system: scanning, electronic conversion into images, and
importation of documents in their native file format. The latter must include Microsoft Office
documents and Exchange/Outlook e-mail items with attachments. Each department should have
one full administrator license and two view only licenses to begin with.

The system should work with most common scanning drivers, including the Toshiba E-studio
Series, and support scanner features such as multiple image resolutions, paper sizes, duplex
scanning and automatic document feeders. It should also be able to display images as they are
scanned so that the operator can visually verify image acceptability. The system should
automatically collate a stack of double-sided pages, even if only a single-sided scanner is used.
The system should allow for both batches of documents and individual document scanning. The
image enhancement capabilities of the system should include as a minimum de-skew, de-speckle,
blank page detection and image rotation features. The system must allow individual pages to be
rescanned or added to an existing and should be able to pull documents from the imaging
database for reprocessing. The system must allow the capability to reorganize pages within a
document and should be able to identify pre-defined forms for automated indexing. An
automatic document naming ability is important, allowing any or all of the following information
to be added: user name, date, time, a GIS key, or a sequential document number.

Storage of electronic documents in an archival, non-proprietary format is necessary. The system
must easily create images of electronic documents and import them into the system. Storage of
electronic documents in their native file format is necessary.

The option to allow bar codes to be placed on documents to improve document input must be
available. It must offer the ability to associate the bar code number with an external data file and
populate the index fields of scanned documents. The scanning software shall be part of a turnkey
solution from a single developer. The scanning solution must provide document processing
capabilities that are not limited to scanned paper documents because the Village will be
processing images that are created through FAX, printing and service bureau contracts.

The option to allow large format scans for drawings and plans, including E-size pages must be

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal           Page 3 of 13
Indexing and Retrieval
The system should include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that will generate text
files for documents that are scanned or electronically converted into images; this text file will be
used for full-text indexing and searches. Full-text retrieval should support Boolean logic,
“fuzzy” logic and proximity searches. Search results should provide lines of context in which
the search criteria exists to allow users to browse through documents and locate the information
they need. The system shall support multiple keyword index templates, with each template
having multiple fields. These indexes shall support searchable character, date and integer fields,
with options for automating their information entry. The system shall support data-masking on
specific template fields to ensure data integrity. For example, a system administrator must be
able to specify that only data that matches the pattern of a social security number can be entered.

The system shall support a folder/file structure similar to that of Windows Explorer, with
multiple levels of folders available. Index templates and folder structure shall be user-definable.
The interface shall behave like Windows Explorer, taking advantage of commonly used
keyboard shortcuts and right click menus to make it easier to quickly navigate.

The system shall give users multiple options for searching and retrieving documents. The
Village plans to re-create its existing paper folder/file structure in electronic form on the new
system. Users shall be able to retrieve documents visually based on their folder location, by full-
text search, by indexed keywords or by a combination of methods.

The option to allow forms processing must be available and have the capability to automatically
read the data from certain sections of the forms and place them in the document index fields. The
functions for processing forms should be able to access data from other databases using ODBC
during the process and be performed on documents that are already stored in the image database
without having to rescan them or export them out of the database management archive. The
capturing of data should allow for reformatting the data to match field structure in the database.

Please state the retrieval times for systems containing 1,000,000 pages, 5,000,000 pages and
10,000,000 pages and list the assumptions.

The system shall have an easy to use graphical user interface and support various viewing
options, including zoom, rotate image, increase/decrease brightness, etc. The software shall
allow the user to select whether to view image, OCR text, index information or thumbnails.
Users shall be able to concurrently view multiple images of various types while performing data
entry functions in another window.

The system shall support annotations such as highlighting, sticky notes, electronic “stamps” and
redaction (blackout).

Information Output
All imaged documents should be able to be printed with or without annotations. Each document
must also be able to be printed in its entirety, as well as for a single page or selected range of
pages. Multiple users should be able to print the same document concurrently. Users should be
able to export folder structures with documents to the Windows file system. All imaged

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal           Page 4 of 13
documents should be able to be FAXed or e-mailed internally or externally using Microsoft
Outlook/Exchange email system and other MAPI and POP-compliant e-mail software.

Printer capabilities shall include support for all HP and Xerox brand printers, including color,
duplex and maximum document size, and include the Toshiba Estudio. The software shall have
the ability to FAX and e-mail documents. The software shall support data mining methods and
processes, including search capabilities, query support, and standard statistical and management

Security and Audit
The system should integrate with the Active Directory, to simplify the establishment and
management of user/group rights. The proposed system must allow the Village to protect
confidential documents at the folder, document, word and annotation at various levels for both
internal and Internet access. In addition, the system must be able to control at several levels
what actions a user can perform on a document. Security should be assignable using groups and
inherited rights. System should allow users to enter metadata information at scan time while not
being able to read that information once the document is in the system. Security should allow
the ability to hide template field information from those users that do not have rights to read that
fields data. Security should allow classification of specific documents such as contracts or
personnel files that override standard security.

Audit functionality must be supported. Auditing should be configurable at the user level, and
both success and failure of actions should be recorded. Users should be able to save reports. The
system shall be capable of logging and reporting export events such as printing and e-mailing of

Workflow/Document Management
Workflow/Document Management will be implemented in stages as the Village analyzes
workflow for each document or document group. The proposed system should allow support by
department or document type, inputs from multiple sources, intelligent routing, workload
management, e-mail notification and parallel work processing. The system should alert specific
users of specific events within the system, and be easily modified by system administrators. The
system should provide the ability to route multiple objects simultaneously as well as update
groups of objects at any time during the process.

The system should provide a non-intrusive way for infrequent users to participate in the
workflow process without learning how to use the system.

Describe the capabilities of the workflow software, including platforms supported, process
design tool, rules engine and reporting. Describe the assignment of workflow processes, work
roles and specific users and how the system identifies which tasks users belonging to multiple
groups should perform. Describe how the system ensures that workflow related to a specific
item has been completed and how the system can be extended to interact with other software.

The recommended server configuration for the system shall be scalable and standards based,
capable of integration into the Village’s existing Windows Server environment. Include
warranty, network protocol, and any additional software required. Describe the recommended

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal            Page 5 of 13
storage medium, the storage capacity of this medium, and retrieval times associated with it.
Indicate the ability to run in a virtual environment using VMware based servers.

Scanning and viewing shall be possible from any Village workstation configured to perform this
function. Indicate whether the proposed system is capable of running on Microsoft Windows 7
Professional 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Recommendations, including speed, warranty,
maximum paper size, drivers required, scanning resolutions, automatic document feeder capacity
and other features shall be submitted.

Support, Training and Implementation
The Village requires that the vendor provide phone support for the proposed system with a
maximum 4-business hour guaranteed on-site response time. Software updates for the proposed
system will be provided to the Village for a minimum of 3 years from the time the award is made
for installation. The chosen vendor shall provide documentation, license, and warranty
information for all software components.

The vendor shall install, integrate and test all software at a time mutually convenient to both
parties before training Village personnel. All training shall be on-site using the Village system
and include separate sessions for network technicians, system administrators and end-users,
including sessions using actual Village materials. Training will be considered complete upon
individual department sign-offs. In addition, the vendor will include consultation with the
Village prior to importing documents about the best way to implement the imaging system given
the Village’s current paper filing system. The vendor shall provide a detailed timeline for
installation and implementation as well as documentation of their implementation methodology
and an explanation of how their methodology can ensure a successful implementation.

Vendor will provide detailed costs for 1 year, 3 year and 5 year maintenance agreements.
Indicate the estimated annual increase for maintenance after 5 years.

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal         Page 6 of 13
Section C - Functional Requirements

Using the scale of 1-4, please indicate next to each item:
(1) Software/vendor meets or exceeds all of the requirement.
(2) Software/vendor meets or exceeds some of the requirement, describe the discrepancy.
(3) Software/vendor will meet the requirement in later release, indicate the date of this release.
(4) Software/vendor does not meet this requirement.

FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT                                 1          2   3      4   Notes
1. Software should store images in a standard TIFF
    Group IV format.
2. Software should perform all searches, indexing
    and storage management computations on the
    application server only.
3. Database engine shall be MS SQL Server.
4. System should communicate natively with the
    database utilizing stored procedures.
5. Software should not use any proprietary drivers for
    managing storage systems.
6. System should support all types of digital storage
    media and network volumes.
7. Software should support dual-sided scanning,
    without needing duplex scanners.
8. Software should support de-skew, de-speckle and
    blank page detection features.
9. Software should support automatic sensing of the
    document orientation during scanning.
10. Capability of displaying the image while the image
    is being scanned.
11. Scanning should support both a basic interface for
    quick scanning and a more advanced interface for
    batch processing.
12. System should be able to draw documents out of
    the repository and process them automatically,
    without the user having to perform a manual
13. Scanning should support scanning additional pages
    into a previously existing document without
    having to manually export the documents or rescan
    the entire document.

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal               Page 7 of 13
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT                                        1       2      3   4   Notes
14. Scan and process functions should allow for the
    updating of metadata to pre-existing documents in the
15. Software should support a nested folder structure up to
    at least 650 levels deep.
16. Capability to perform OCR and full-text indexing.
17. OCR should be performed on the scanning station and
    client machines to increase efficiency.
18. Software should allow the user to choose which pages
    of a document to OCR and index.
19. Capability to edit indexed text.
20. Capability to perform full-text searches on any word
    or phrase.
21. Capability to perform Boolean, proximity and “fuzzy”
    full-text searches.
22. Prior to viewing the image, the search screen should
    display documents in descending order of “hits” of the
    search word with lines of context for the search word or
23. Software should allow the search word to be
    highlighted on both the text and the image.
24. Capability to search on document or folder name.
25. Capability to restrict search results by location.
26. Software should offer ability to automatically name a
    document during scanning based on date, user name
    and an incremental counter.
27. Software should support indexing on multiple keyfields.
28. Index templates should be user-definable with the ability
    to create at least 250 templates.
29. Capability to define “pick lists” to help with indexing
    during the data entry process.
30. Capability to provide validated date fields.
31. Capability to perform “range” searches.
32. Capability to restrict searches by combining full-text
    searches with index field searches.
33. Capability to print search results.
34. Capability to print folder lists.
35. Capability to insert electronic stamps and sticky notes.

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal                   Page 8 of 13
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT                                        1        2     3   4   Notes
36. Software should have comprehensive built-in security at
    the following levels:
 Login based on user name and password or login based
    on Windows username.
 Capability to assign rights to users or groups
 Capability to assign various levels of security to
    individual folders and documents.
 Capability to assign document classifications that
    override standard security.
 Capability to assign privileges to users that allow
    customization of what tasks they can perform in the
37. Capability to blackout (redact) confidential areas within
    a page on the image and text.
38. Capability to highlight areas of text and image.
39. Capability to view images and OCR text or index fields
    side by side or top and bottom.
40. Capability to merge documents.
41. Capability to move pages between documents.
42. Capability to add search words to OCR text.
43. Capability to do batch scanning and indexing.
44. Capability to do unattended OCR and full-text indexing,
    and to split the OCR job between several workstations.
45. Capability to extract text from various documents types
    including electronic documents to make them full-text
    searchable while preserving their native file format.
46. Capability to import files in their native formats within
    the system.
47. Capability to send documents directly from Microsoft
    Office applications and Windows Explorer.
48. Capability to search, view and print documents over the
    Internet or an intranet without requiring any software
    beyond a web browser.
49. Capability to make documents available over the Web
    without requiring HTML coding.
50. Capability to customize the web site displays using user
    supplied graphics and formats.
51. Capability to implement secure logins and view
    documents over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and VPN
    (Virtual Private Networks).
52. Capability of client to run on Windows 7 Operating

Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal               Page 9 of 13
FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT                                            1   2      3   4   Notes
53. Capability of sending images through a SMTP
    complaint e-mail system.
54. Capability of auditing and monitoring usage.
55. Capability to perform automatic indexing using bar
56. Capability to perform automatic indexing using forms
57. Capability to manage versions of native file format
58. Capability to create a CD containing documents
    royalty free, with viewer and search engine runtimes
    embedded in the CD
59. Capability to archive documents based upon retention
60. Capability to capture document folder structure and
    provide to a contracted service bureau.
61. Capability to import documents from a contracted
    service bureau automatically into the proper folders
    and templates.
62. Capability to export documents while leaving the
    database pointers to allow fast retrieval of archived
    documents from exported volumes.
63. Capability to automatically route documents or folders
    based upon predetermined rules.
64. Capability to send e-mail notification with
    customizable text to document recipient.
65. Capability to send a customizable e-mail notification
    to a supervisor if a document has not been opened or
    processed in a predetermined time.
66. Graphical workflow rule generator.
67. Login security for the rule generator application.
68. Capability to audit the system over periods of minutes
    to months with a sorting report generator.
69. Capability to save reports.


Village of Streamwood Document Imaging & Management – Request for Proposal                   Page 10 of 13
Include vendor’s software as well as any additional system software needed. Please submit an
itemized list of all costs on a separate page.


This proposal should be for an operational system as described above. Please itemize parts and
costs for any optional recommended equipment. The Village reserves the right to purchase
suggested hardware from a third party.


Component                                                                    Price
Total Software

Total System Cost

Prices should be good for 90 days from the date on which this bid is due.

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Addendum A

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