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                 Chainwheel Chatter
                        The Monthly newsletter of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County

                        Your Snohomish County Cycling Club                                              S EPT. 2007

From the President                                    Club Meeting Sept. 13                             ISSUE 336
By Bill Weber                                         New location with a view                          I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :
         Meetings start again this month. Atten-      By Tim Wise
dance incentives (free stuff) will be given away.                                                       Club News                    1
We have much to address. This year I would                    I have a signed Facility Use Permit
                                                      Application Form from the county to use a         Frequent Rider               2
like to support the Bicycle Alliance by buying
tickets to their annual auction and using them        large conference room in the new Admini-          Weekday Rides                3
as an incentive for meeting attendance (a $75         stration Building. The address is 3000
dollar value).                                        Rockefeller Ave. It is the new building on        Weekend Rides                4
          We have been a year without a vice          the corner of Pacific and Oakes. Entrance         Advocacy News                5
president to invite program speakers. Next            on the north and west sides and take ele-
month we will be electing new officers for the        vators to the 6th floor and the meeting will      Candidate Debate             5
club. It has been a learning experience for me        be in conference room 6A04. Cost
to represent you as your president. I have an-                                                          Members                      6
                                                      $0. Views on a nice day, priceless.
swered countless e-mails, attended several                                                              RAPSody                      6
community events, was way over my head in                    Meeting starts at 7 p.m. Come dis-
the McClinchy Mile ride and was helped through        cuss club business and win tickets to the
it all from great club members who had been           BAW auction. See the website Updates
there before.                                         Page for a pre-meeting dinner location.            Pre-meeting will
         Elections will be held in October so it is                                                      be at 5:30pm at
time to start thinking about how you can help.                                                              El Paraiso
                                                      Bicycle Alliance Auction Oct. 27                       Mexican
President. Presides at general meetings. Calls
committee meetings as needed for McClinchy                     Enjoy a gala “black tire” night out         Restaurant,
Mile Ride, picnic, etc. Represents (or appoints       with dinner, hors d’oeurves, free Northwest          2801 Colby.
someone else to represent) BIKES with outside         wine and beer and silent and live auctions,
organizations as needed. 5-8 hours a month.           all in support of our statewide advocacy
Vice President. Plans the program at general          group, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington.            Corner of
meetings. Assists with committees. Performs           This year’s catered event is at the Seattle         California and
duties of president when needed. 2-5 hours a          Center the evening of Oct. 27.                          Colby
                                                             Last year people at our table pur-
Treasurer. Deposit membership dues and no-
                                                      chased some Northwest ride entries, a spa
tify Database Coordinator of updates. Provide
monthly financial statement. Pay bills and mem-
                                                      and haircut, belly dancing lesson, home-
ber reimbursements. 4-5 hours a month.                made canned fruit, tickets to Wild Waves
                                                      and more. Reserve your seat at the BIKES
Secretary. Keeps minutes of general meetings
                                                      Club table by calling Kristin at 360-658-
and provides to newsletter editor. Collects club
records. Handles correspondence related to            2462.
McClinchy Mile Ride. 2-4 hours a month.
Ride Mile Coordinator. Tracks and reports             Ride Coordinator Needed Now
miles for the Frequent Rider Club. 2-4 hours a
month.                                                         We need someone to coordinate club
                                                      rides for October. Rides need to be submitted
Newsletter Editor. Compiles and solicits items        to Tim Wise for the October on-line newsletter
of interest for newsletter. Lays-out newsletter       by Sept. 18. If you will do this, contact Bill
(currently done in Publisher – we have a nice         Weber.
template). 3-5 hours a month.
                                                               The ride coordinator emails, calls or
         We will also be sending the newsletter       personally arm twists ride leaders old and new
stuffing volunteer sign-up sheets around at the       to commit to leading a ride in the next month’s
meeting. Hope to see you there!                       ride calendar.
PAGE 2                                                                          ISSUE 336

Club Officers and                    Frequent Rider Miles through 8/07/07
Support Information
                                     Pier       Fiorentini   3290   Perry      Walker                   107
                      Bill Weber     Warren     Bare         3023   John       Linari *                 100
                       President     Wendell    Hultman      1671   Marian     Brennan                  100
                    (425) 252-9587
                                     Tim        Wise         1374   Mike       Dahlstrom                 97
                                     Steve      Linari       1373   Ginger     Decker                    91
                         Open!       Doug       Andrews      1351   Jack       McClincy                  89
                  Vice President     Bill       Lutterloh    1249   Dan        Cornelison                87
                                     Bob        Nyberg       1230   Melanie    Green *                   80
                       Tim Wise
                                     Steven     Hudspeth     1096   Dick       Nickelson                 77
                    (425) 745-3467   Dan        Scott         987   Steven     Benson                    77
    Kristie    Marlett       886   Dave       Young *                   75
                                     John       Marshall      817   Arch       Fonken                    72
                   Debby Grant       Laura      Elmore        785   Pat        Sickler                   71
                                     Annie      Peterson      744   Bruce      Bullock *                 69
                    (425) 778-5530
                                     Matt       Trafford *    642   Kevin      Schroeter *               67
                                     Bill       Weber         566   Shirley    Slade                     62
              Kristin Kinnamon
                                     Mason      Rutledge      446   Tom        Crisp *                   60
              Newsletter Editor
                                     Mark       Andrews       361   Terri      Spencer                   59
                    (360) 658-2462
                                     Rod        McDonald      358   Scott      Moore                     57
                                     Linda      Hunter        303   David      Johnson                   53
             Fred & Kala Koch        Art        Arneson       289   Mike       Hughes *                  50
   Member Roster Coordinator
                                     Elaine     Scott         284   Paulette   Hughes *                  50
                    (425) 487-3221
                                     Keith      Gerhard       284   Rebecca    McAndrew *                50
                                     Brian      Elmore        229   Will       McMahon                   50
                 Pier Fiorentini
                                     Warren     McAndrew *    227   Bruce      Deitz                     49
          Frequent Rider Miles
                                     Hatch      McAllister    226   Sandra     Breaux *                  49
                                     Debbie     Grant         219   Judy       Corcoran                  47
   Brent      Hunter        201   Sharon     Andrews                   47
                                     Steve      Rossano       199   Elaine     Newton                    45
                                     Kathleen   Humbert       171   Karen      Smith                     45
                                     Pam        Hallanger     168   Steve      Green                     45
                                     Peter      Pisani        147   Calvin     Atkin *                   44
  Address, Name, Phone and           John       Carlin        146   Pat        Cornelius                 44
       Email Changes
                                     Rick       Schrank *     142   Mark       Olson *                   42
     Remember to contact
                                     Kristi     Knodell       141   Rob        Smith *                   38
Fred or Kala at (425) 487-3221 or    Russell    Goldberg      134   Albert     Penta                     37 for any
 changes or corrections to your      Patty      Garrett       130   Debbie     Kawamoto                  36
address, phone number or email       Kristin    Kinnamon      128
       in the club records.                                         Garry      Carlin                    36
                                     Paul       Linari        121   Marietta   Zander *                  35
If you are a member and are not      Fred       Koch          114   Leslie     Seeche                    33
 receiving your newsletter in the
    mail, let Fred or Kala know.     Kala       Koch          114   Tom        Van Wyck                  30
                                                                                           Continued on page 5
C H A I N W H EEL C H A TTER                                   S EPTEMBER 2 0 0 7                                            PAGE 3

                               September Ride Calendar
                                               Weekday Rides
Sunday, September 16th: Get in gear for the 2007 Chuckanut Century Bicycle Ride presented by Mt Baker Bicycle Club
benefiting The Whatcom Hospice Foundation. Come enjoy one of the most scenic rides in Washington. With many
routes offered you can pick your distance ranging from 25, 50, 62, 100, or the double metric century of 124 miles. Check
in with BIKES ride leader John Carlin to let him know you’re participating or (425) 778-
4529. Visit for ride details. Pre-register by Sept 1st for discount.

September 12 – 16: Idaho Trails Adventure. Ride will be social pace and A & maybe a little B terrain. It will include the
Hiawatha Trail with 10 tunnels and 7 high bridges, the west 45 miles of the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes, west 10 miles of
the Spokane Centennial Trail, and some North Idaho trails. Maximum mileage per day is 45 miles. All trails are paved ex-
cept the Hiawatha Trail which will require mountain, hybrid, or cross bikes. We will stay at the Ameritel Inn at 333 Iron-
wood Drive, Coeur d' Alene, ID 83814. Phone for reservations is 208-665-9000. Other motels or camping near city are
fine. Let me know if you are coming. Ride Leader: Bill Lutterloh , 360-668-9554.

MEANDERING MONDAYS: These are Social pace with regroups, 25 to 40+ miles, varied terrain and a food / snack stop
along the way. Check the ride changes page or contact Warren Bare at (425) 743-7593 or email
for start location and start time.

FREEWHEELING WEDNESDAYS: These relaxed social paced 25/40+ mile rides with regroups, varied terrain happen
every Wednesday, weather permitting. Next week’s route is chosen by the group at the lunch /food stop this week. For
info call Warren Bare at (425) 743-7593 or email . Will try to have particulars on the Ride
Changes page of the web site by Tuesday am.

Monday/Thursday, September 10th, 27th: Whidbey Island. Meet at 9:00am at the Harbour Pointe Evangelical Lu-
theran Church at 5425 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo. We will catch the 9:30 ferry ($4.95) and ride the south part of
the island. Bring snacks – cappuccino in Langley. Distance: 45 miles. Pace: social/moderate. Terrain: D. Ride leader
Pier (425)349-5065 or email: Day of the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.

Thursday, September 13th: The Alan Bergeron Loop variation. Meet at 9:00am at the Harbour Pointe Evangelical Lu-
theran Church at 5425 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo. Route: Mukilteo-Lowell-Snohomish-Lake Stevens-Everett-
Mukilteo with frequent regroups. Distance: 52 miles. Pace: moderate. Terrain: B. Ride leader Pier (425)349-5065 or
email: Day of the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.

Monday, September 17th: Mukilteo - Golden Gardens (Seattle) – Mukilteo. Meet at 10:00am at the Harbour Pointe
Evangelical Lutheran Church at 5425 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo. Route: Mukilteo - Edmonds - Seattle - Mukil-
teo. Distance: 55 miles. Pace: social/moderate. Terrain: D. Ride leader Pier (425)349-5065 or email: Day of the ride emergency
phone: 206 295-9661.
                                                   Ride Guide
Monday, September 24th: Mukilteo - Snoho-
mish -Monroe – Mukilteo. Meet at 9:00am at the     PACE                               TERRAIN
Harbour Pointe Evangelical Lutheran Church at
                                                   Leisurely / Under 10 MPH           A Mostly flat / Norman Road
5425 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo. Re-
turn via High Bridge Rd - Lowell-Larimer Rd with   Social / 10–13 MPH                 B Rolling Terrain / McClinchy Mile
frequent regroups. Distance: 53 Miles. Pace:       Moderate / 13-16 MPH               C Rolling steeper hills / Kitsap Peninsula
moderate/brisk. Terrain: C. Ride leader Pier       Brisk / 16-18 MPH                  D Difficult Terrain / Whidbey Island
(425)349-5065 or email Day of      Strenuous / Over 18 MPH            E Very Difficult / RAMROD
the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.
                                                   Use this chart and the ride description to determine if a particular ride is right
                                                   for you. Don’t take on 50 miles when you haven’t done 20, but don’t be afraid
                                                   to start out with us on a 20-30 mile ride if your butt and legs have handled 15.
PAGE 4                                                                                   ISSUE 336

                          August Ride Calendar
                                             Weekend Rides
Sunday, Sept. 2nd: Snohomish – Arlington. Meet Patty at Pine & Maple Streets in Snohomish at 9:30am for a ride
on the Centennial Trail to Arlington. Bring snacks to eat on the ride. Distance: 35 miles roundtrip. Pace: social. Ter-
rain: A. If you need further details, please e-mail Patty @

Monday, September 3rd: Labor Day Lunch at Ivar's on Lake Union: Bothell to Ivar"s Salmon House via Burke Gil-
man Trail (traffic noise should be less because it is not a work-day and some north bound lanes are closed on I-
5.) Start at 10:45am at Sammamish River Park on southwest corner of 102nd Avenue NE (overpass) & Sammamish
River in Bothell. Includes a lunch stop. Distance: 30 miles. Pace: Social. Terrain: A. Rain cancels. (Its a good
idea to bring an extra inner tube and drink.) Cell phone day of ride 425-870-6418. Ride Leader Bill Lutterloh 360-

Saturday, September 8th : UP THE PILCHUCK LOOP. Start in Snohomish at the Centennial Trailhead on Maple at
9am. Social/Moderate pace with regroups, A/B terrain, 66 KM (or 42 miles), lunch stop in Lake Stevens. Info: con-
tact Warren Bare at (425)743-7593 – cell (425) 478-9594 or
This is the GMAP ; Does not include the 5 miles of trail between Sno-
homish-Machias and return.

Saturday, September 8th: Marysville Miles – 30 to 45 mile ride starting at 9am from Alan Creek Elementary, corner
of 64th St NE and 60th Dr NE in Marysville. Social to moderate pace over A/B terrain to suit riders. Plan on a snack
stop somewhere along the way. Ride leader Mike Snodgrass at (360) 653-2384. Rain cancels.

September, 14, 15, 16. Birch Bay weekend. We will have a short ride on Friday to visit White Rock in Can-
ada. Bring passport. Saturday we will ride 50 miles to Lynden Bakery for a snack and the Peace Arch for
lunch. There are no restaurants at the Peace Arch, so bring food or purchase in Lynden. The weekend will end with
a 35 mile excursion towards the Lummi Reservation on Sunday. Quiet farm roads, all centered at Birch Bay State
Park. We will eat together with a potluck Saturday evening on the beach at Birch Bay. Any volunteers to make the
customary spaghetti & sauce? Ride Leader Tim Wise 425-754-7916, RSVP before Sept.10
but you are welcome to show up on the day of the ride. Camping reservations are a good idea. We may visit a
cheese making farm or two. Check the ride changes page for more info. Here's the link for the State Park http:// Here is a link for local lodging;

Saturday, September 15th: Lake Washington Loop (counterclockwise). Starts at 9:00am at Tracy Owen Station
Park. Bring snack. Distance: 48 miles. Pace: moderate. Terrain: A/C. Frequent regroup. Ride leader Pier (425)
349-5065 or email: Day of the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.

Saturday, September 22nd: McCollum Park to Shoreline for a ribbon cutting on a new section of the Interurban
trail. Start 9:00am from the Park and Ride at McCollum Park. Distance: approx. 30 miles. Pace: moderate. Terrain:
trail and road. Ride leader Bill Weber 425-327-3516.

Saturday, September 22nd: Tour of Whidbey. Let's make an all day event! Register for this event at http:// (best price before Sept. 1) Meet at 7:15 AM at the Harbour
Pointe Evangelical Lutheran Church at 5425 Harbour Pointe Boulevard, Mukilteo. We will catch the 7:30 ferry
($4.95). Distance: 100 miles. Pace: social/moderate. Terrain: B/C. Ride leader Pier (425)349-5065 or email: fio- Day of the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.

Saturday, September 29th: Snohomish, Monroe, Carnation, Redmond, Maltby, Snohomish (see Bikely - Mukilteo-
Carnation). Starts at 9:00am in Snohomish at the Centennial trailhead (on Maple before Pine). Bring snack. Dis-
tance: 55 miles. Pace: social/moderate. Terrain: C. Frequent regroups. Ride leader Pier (425)349-5065 or email: Day of the ride emergency phone: 206 295-9661.
C H A I N W H EEL C H A TTER                                   S EPTEMBER 2 0 0 7                                         PAGE 5

Advocacy News                                                     Shoreline Celebrates
                                                                  Interurban Trail Completion
Do You See Bicycles in 2040?                                      Join the City of Shoreline in celebrating the completion of
                                                                  the Interurban Trail at a special festival Saturday, Sept. 22,
Comments sought on vision for future growth                       10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Interurban Trail and in the north
         The Puget Sound Regional Council is updating             Walgreens parking lot on Aurora just north of N 175th Street.
the official vision for the future growth and development of
Snohomish, King, Pierce and Kitsap counties, known as             A ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m. will be followed by
Vision 2040.                                                      a children’s bike parade down the trail. Come at 10 a.m. to
                                                                  decorate your bike with fun stuff provided by the City.
        The draft multicounty policies are organized into
five subjects: Environment, Economy, Transportation, De-
                                                                  Live music will set the festival atmosphere as you visit
velopment Patterns and Public Services. Many of the re-
                                                                  booths sponsored by REI, Walgreens, Washington Health
vised policies support regional efforts to implement bicy-        Foundation, Cascade Bicycle Club and others providing
cle and pedestrian projects and programs and need our             information and special giveaways geared towards those
support.                                                          who ride their bikes and walk the Trail.
       The public comment period ends Sept. 7. More
information about the project and a comment form can be           Excerpts from Letters to the Herald
found online at
index.htm                                                         “The Highway 529 bridge was built in 1954. I think it's time
                                                                  for a change; a new bridge with proper facilities for cyclists
                                                                  and pedestrians. Everett and Marysville are growing, and so
General Election Candidate Debate                                 is the cycling population. The 529 should be 86'd!”
                                                                  Mike Dahlstrom, Everett
        Come hear candidates for County Council and               “Running stop signs is also against the law, yet some con-
County Executive discuss where they stand on issues               tinue to do so. I think they should have to take a written test
related to the Snohomish County’s growth and develop-             on rules of the road. I also think they should have to pay a
ment and to your quality of life.                                 fee and have a license on their bike, just like we had back in
        Futurewise, Pilchuck Audubon Society, Livable             Milwaukee when I was a kid, and that was in the 1940s.”
Snohomish County Coalition and KSER 90.7FM Radio                  Chuck Heintz, Snohomish
                                                                  “I agree with the Tuesday letter stating that people need to
are sponsoring a debate from 7 to 9 p.m., Wednesday,
                                                                  be educated about safe riding techniques and follow the
Sept.r 19 at Martha Lake Community Room, 16300 Motor              rules of the road. That is why the Bicycle Alliance of Wash-
Place, Lynnwood.                                                  ington supports a Mobility Education Bill (HB 1588) that
       The debate will consist of questions from modera-          would include instruction on safe biking and walking as part
tor Ed Bremer of KSER (a former BIKES member), plus               of "drivers" education courses in Washington state.”
some questions from the audience.                                 Kristin Kinnamon, Marysville

                                                                                Frequent Rider Miles cont’d from p. 2
Bicycle Commuter Act Passes                                                     Craig           Langley                      27

House as Part of Larger Bill                                                    Janell          Reich                        27
                                                                                Michael         Snodgrass                    27
         On Aug. 4, the House passed The Renewable En-
ergy and Energy Conservation Tax Act, complete with a                           Pam             Deitz                        27
$20 monthly commuter benefit for cyclists. This important                       Tom             O'Hara *                     27
legislation now moves to the Senate.                                            Elaine          Jaeger *                     25
        While people who commute by bus or vapool have                          Glen            Moffitt                      25
been eligible for a similar federal benefit for years, this
                                                                                Bob             Huey                         21
cycling legislation has never made it through Congress.
                                                                                Sue             Tritz                        18
Unfortunately, the current bill says that anyone receiving
a benefit for vanpool, transit, or parking cannot also re-                      Don             Jantz                        15
ceive the biking fringe benefit.                                                Tommy           Weber                        15
       It might be worth a call or email to Sens. Patty                         Rosemary        Randall *                    13
Murray and Maria Cantwell in support of the bill.                               Kit             Wennersten                   12
                                                                                Mary            Andrews                      12
                                                                                Michael         Lloyd                        12
            P.O. BOX 5242

BIKES Club Members
Annie Peterson
Pete Pias
Patty Garrett
Albert Penta
New:                                                                          Address
Kathleen Humbert
Glen Moffitt
John Laggart

                                                  Chainwheel Chatter
Kim & Mike McCavoy

                                                   September 2007
RAPSody Volunteers
Thanks to Debby Grant, Kristi
Knodell, Kristin Kinnamon, Shirley
Slade, Mike & Terri Snodgrass,
Doug Andrews and Steve
Hudspeth for helping make the
BIKES Club reststop at Allyn a          October Newsletter Could Be Electronic Only
friendly and tasty stop for riders.         Newsletter editor Kristin Kinnamon will be biking in southern
Debby coordinated the food for the      Spain in September. She will not be hanging out in Internet cafes
entire event, while Kristi was in       doing the club newsletter via the World Wide Web.
charge of portapotties. Kristin did         So, the October newsletter may be an all-electronic version, with
her best at marketing the ride.         the Ride Calendar and other items posted only on our website.
                                            An email will be sent to all club members (whose correct emails
                                        we have and whose servers don’t think we’re spam) reminding them
                                        that the “newsletter” is posted.
                                            Please update your email address by sending it to
                               Then add that address to your “this is not
                                        spam” list.

                                                    B.I.K.E.S.-Membership P.O. Box 5242, Everett WA 98206
                                      Name _______________________________________________________
                                      Address _____________________________________________________
                                      City __________________________State ____________Zip ___________
                                      Telephone (____)_____-_________Email___________________________
                                      Membership        $15 Annual (INDIVIDUAL)
                                         DUES           $20 Annually (FAMILY)

            We’re on the web at       Member benefits: 10% discount at local bike shops with your member card (see website
                                      for list), low-cost bike box and trailer rentals, Frequent Rider Club, monthly newsletter,
           social and advocacy activities.

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