The Future of Search

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					The Future of Search

Social Search?
The Promise: Collective intelligence-the wisdom of the crowds--will create better search results than an algorithm. The Method: User explicitly (voting) or implicitly (bookmarking) provide signals of quality. The Reality: Spammers and marketers have taken over; only a small percentage of user participate.

Social Search Growth

Semantic Search?
The Promise: Semantic technology provides answers to queries not a list of ten links. The Method: Analyze the content within a page in order to extract meaning. The Reality: Users don’t want to search in question form; requires too much computing power; results are subpar.

Semantic Search Growth

New Interfaces
The Promise: New interfaces, primarily visual and categorized, will provide a more pleasing experience for users than a list of ten links. The Method: Create clustered results that include comprehensive search categories such as images, videos, news, links and mp3 files. The Reality: Studies show users do like these interfaces, however none have taken off; search speed is crippled by fat design; Google is slowly moving in this direction.

New Interfaces Growth

Human Powered Search?
The Promise: Humans blended with algorithmic search will create more accurate and spam free results. The Method: Paid editors review machine search results and refine them. Community provides knowledge in Q&A format. The Reality: Has only worked at scale in Korea, Japan and China to date; very expensive and time consuming to create and maintain index.

Market Share in Korea

Dec 2008

Our World View

Wikipedia 97.8M

Google 136M

Yahoo Answers 24M

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