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									      Brought to you by                           Volume 9 Issue 12

          Custom Christmas Gifts
We specialize in custom designing gifts for your company’s exact
needs and budget, making gift giving quick and easy.
• Gifts for employees and clients
• Personalized wine and beer
• Holiday & Thank You gifts
• Custom gift baskets to fit your budget
Experience the absolute best customer service and our amazing
lineup of Corporate Gift Ideas at
                  What can we do for you?                             Personalized Beer,
Our custom corporate gift
baskets include only the finest,
                                                                           Wine &
gourmet       quality food and                                           Champagne
snacks. Let our expert gift                                            With 5 different wines
basket designers create a one                                         and champagne to choose
of a kind gift for you this                                           from, you can create the
holiday season, to impress                                            perfect corporate gift.
your clients.                                                         And when the occasion
We are flexible and easy to                                           calls for something a bit
work with, making gift giving                                         more grounded, our
quick and painless.                                                   personalized beer fits the
                                                                      bill perfectly.
Send us your gift list and we
will check it twice (it doesn’t                                       Choose from our wide
matter if you are naughty or                                          selection    of   label
nice.)                                                                templates and add your
                                                                      own words, or even your
If you have a large list of                                           company’s logo.
people to send gifts to, we will
send you a simple spreadsheet        Custom Gift Baskets              Do you have someone in
to fill out. All you have to do is                                    the office that has the gift
email us the completed               Your gifts done the right way,   of graphics? You can send
spreadsheet. You can include a       your way. We will work with      us your own design to
standard gift message for all,       your budget and your specific    leave a long lasting
or you can make the gift more        needs to create the perfect      impression with your
personal by writing individual       holiday gifts for your           clients.
messages.                            business.
                                                                      We make your gifts work
                                                                      for you.

       Find the perfect gift for the Holiday Season at
                    Christmas Gifts that Keep Giving
 Don’t get caught with the crowd at the mall this Christmas, let Gift Specialists take care of all your Holiday
 If you are looking for a gift to show how much you care month after month, check out the great monthly club
 memberships we offer. From beer and wine to plants and lovely flower bouquets, there is something for

                                           Flowers of the Month
 Give a gift that shows how much you care. There is nothing that makes a woman smile brighter than a lavish
 bouquet of fresh flowers.
 Each month our Flower Club members receive an unforgettably beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers direct
 from our grower.

                                            Plant of the Month
 Give the gift that continues to grow with time. Our plant club memberships are the perfect way to start and
 build a beautiful, healthy indoor urban garden!
 Each month, the gift club member will receive a luscious, indoor house plant, professionally planted in its own
 unique container.
 This is the perfect business gift that will keep your clients, associates and employees thinking of you each time
 they see their beautiful plant thriving on their desk or windowsill.

                                             Beer of the Month
 Members of our Beer of the Month Club receive a monthly selection of either six or twelve bottles of premium
 microbrews from the best small brewers of the west coast.
 Every delivery will have three different microbrew styles. Choose from 2 to 12 month clubs or join our
 continuous membership.
 Our Beer of the Month Club makes the perfect gift for any beer lover, or treat yourself to a new membership
 today and start enjoying the finer things in life.

                                            Wine of the Month
 A gift membership to our Wine of the Month Club is a wonderful gesture for those who love wine - the perfect
 idea as a present for Christmas, corporate gifts for clients and employees, or any occasion.
 Each month our Wine Club members receive an exquisite new selection of the finest wines that California's
 boutique wineries have to offer.

              Chocolate and Wine Christmas Gift Basket
                     Ghirardelli Cheer
 Our wonderful collection of Ghirardelli chocolates along
 with a bottle of wine chosen by you makes this chocolate
 and wine gift basket a wine and chocolate lovers dream
 come true!
 These small batch wines come from some of California's
 finest boutique wineries. You simply will not get wines
 of this quality from the other gift basket companies.

Gift Specialists Inc. 1518 9th Street, Modesto, CA 95354 1-888-840-2337

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