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Cd Template for Label Free Epson Printers - PDF - PDF


Cd Template for Label Free Epson Printers document sample

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									          The most comprehensive CD and DVD personalization solution

                         Stop scribbling on your discs with smelly, messy permanent markers!

   With Droppix Label Maker, you can now easily design and print high-quality CDs and DVDs labels.
   With its professional design tools and varied library of templates, images and fonts, you can create an infinite
   variety of styles to use in your projects.
   Droppix Label Maker works with LightScribe technology as well as most CD/DVD printers available on the market.

                1.2                                                                         Free art packs
                                                                                        Download tons of background
                                                                                        images, fonts, and cliparts you
                                                                                        can freely use to personalize your
                                                                                        projects from

    LightScribe®1.2 compatible                                                              Lack of inspiration?

This innovative technology allows                                                       Select from the included several
you to burn labels directly onto CDs                                                    professional templates that can
and DVDs, using the same drive                                                          adapt to any occasion, or simply
you record with.                                                                        import the cover art of your favorite

    Professional-grade label                    Automatic insertion of disc                 Free upgrades
    editor                                      informations

Droppix Label Maker puts powerful           Import cover art, track informations        Benefit from free upgrades to the
graphic creation functions within           (artist name, title, length...), and        next versions of Droppix Recorder
your reach including layers and             add it to you label, with just one          2.0.
transparency management, and a              click.
real WYSIWYG editor.
                                             GETTING STARTED :
                                            CREATE YOUR LABEL IN                                              4 STEPS!

      Choose a template
     Droppix Label Maker offers several professional templates that you can adapt to your needs,
     for any kind of project (music compilation, birthday party video, archives, etc.).
     Of course, you can always let your creativity flow and create label templates based on your
     own designs with its powerful conception tools and text editors.

                                                     Add images
                                                      Whether you are importing your own pictures, your original album label, or a free pack
                                                      downloadable on, Droppix Label Maker helps you creating impressive
                                                      labels. Thanks to its professionnal-grade graphic editor, you can control (rotate, enlarge,
                                                      arrange...) all the objects in your composition with extraordinary ease.

     Add text
     Besides the standard word processing functions (character formatting, paragraph
     justification, etc.), Droppix Label Maker features a circular text tool, perfect to create
     text that follows the shape of your disc.

                                                      Avoid bad surprises thanks to a smart “print preview” that takes into account the disc color
                                                      and the printing method.
                                                      Once your project is ready, with Droppix Label Maker you get the best print quality thanks
                                                      to an optimal use of your Lightscribe-enabled drive or CD/DVD printer.

                                                                                                  Try Droppix Label Maker on                       !

BENEFITS                                                      DATA IMPORTATION                                           SYSTEM REQUIREMENT
• brand new interface even more handy                         •   CDDB and CD Text support                               • Windows Vista, XP, 2000, or 2003 Server
• Windows Vista-ready !                                       •   artist name, track names, cover arts, etc.             • CPU 450 Mhz or better
• powerful WYSIWYG graphic creation module                    •   any image format (JPG, WMF, PSD, BMP, TIF, GIF, PNG)
                                                                                                                         • 256 MB RAM
• layer management and transparency adjustment                •   m3u, iTunes or Windows Media Player® playlists
                                                                                                                         • 700 MB free disk space for temporary files
• packed with a variety of templates, background images,      •   data disc structure, disc image information
  cliparts and fonts                                                                                                     • LightScribe-enabled drive or any CD/DVD printer
                                                              •   Excel® database
• more than 50 different types of field available to create                                                              • Internet connexion (required for updates and
  you own label templates                                     LANGUAGES                                                    CDDB support)
• simple creation of circular texts
• support for non-Latin character sets (such as Chinese,                                                                 Other components:
  Japanese, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.)                                                                                      • Internet Explorer ® 6
• integrated online help and free online upgrades
                                                              COMPATIBILITY                                              • Microsoft ® DirectX 9b
• 100% free support!
• compatible with most of CD/DVD printers:
  Canon Pixma IP, Epson 900, 960, R200, R300, R320 et
  R800, Primera, Rimage, etc...


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