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					Handbook for female slaves

           Corrective Discipline
             and Punishment
There is a difference between correction/discipline and
punishment. Correction and discipline are required reactions to a
slave’s unsatisfactory behavior. Punishment is part of the slave’s
daily lifestyle that re-enforces the reality of their inferiority. The
slave should expect a variety of constant and daily punishments
throughout its entire service; which when not administered, will
become a tool of corrective discipline in itself.
Corrective discipline will be administered on an “as needed” basis
and at a time convenient to the Master.

Punishments that condition and enforce servitude will come in many shapes
and forms. This inclcudes not having a bed, requiring permission to speak
with controlled content, forced eating of shit and drinking of piss, along with
only living on leftovers out of a dog dish. Being emotionally and mentally
manipulated, re-programmed, and being controlled as a possession which
includes all the slaves’ possession and finances. With eventually, being
branded and becoming proud of wearing the brand! The punishment for
being what you are is, having a life that never lets the slave think of itself as
anything other then an object that lives to obey.

     The slave will be kept healthy and relatively happy.
     The slave will be encouraged to pursue an education; the slave will be
      trained in multiple job areas: from computer repair and maintenance,
      to web design, audio and video production, book binding, and
      marketing. Training may also include menial tasks involved in
     landscaping and building maintence and repair. If the slave does not
     desire to further an education or work experience then the slave will
     work as escort, adult model, paid phone slut, and/or actress in pay-
     per-view adult webcam sessions and videos.


    The slave will never sleep in a bed made for real humans again. The
     slave will sleep caged in an adequately sized dog kennel when put
     away for storage, or as punishment. For good behavior,
     encouragement, or a reward, the slave may be given the privledge to
     sleep in Master’s presence on a foam mat on the floor with a blanket
     and pillow. The slave being found to “sneak naps” on a bed or even a
     couch will result in immediate dismissal or intense punishment.
    While indoors, the slave will remain naked all times. Master will
     retain lock and key over the slave’s wardrobe. If the slave found
     clothed in anything at anytime without prior permission from Master,
     it will result in immediate dismissal or intense punishment.

    The slave will never be deprived of water.
    The slave may be deprived of sleep and certain foods.
    The slave will never be deprived of its own money or possessions, but
     understands that Master controls them through the slave. Refusing to
     obey Masters Orders regarding money or possessions will result in
     immediate dismissal.
    The slave may be randomly drugged with marijuana or magic
     mushrooms. This may be before intense training sessions and without
     prior knowledge of the slave.
    The slave may be forced to consume hard liquor.
    The slave will be allowed to smoke cigarettes. If it does, specified
     breaks will be given when not in storage and in designated smoking
     areas only.
    The slave may never use any other mood changing substance without
     Master’s permission, doing so will result in immediate dismissal.

    The slave will be induced into a constant hypnotic state and forcibly
     reprogrammed to think, act, feel, and speak the way Master desires.

    The slave will not be allowed any concept of a preferred sexuality or
     desire. The slave will only know that it exists to serve and please.
The slave will be allowed to retain a relationship and contact with former
family and friends. All communication via phone or email will be in the
presence of Master. All vacation days to visit friends or family must be pre-
approved. The slave will be given one weekend a month and two weeks
every year as vacation time. If they wish, this time can be used to visit
friends and family. If they do not use the vacation time, they can stay with
Master but relaxing and living “normally” during that time.
The slave The slave will wear an electric shock dog training collar. Master
will always possess the remote control and administer electric shocks as
punishment or severe corrective discipline.

Master will not always have time to spend using, training, and supervising
the slave. During these times, the slave will be put into storage.
Storage will usually involve the slave being secured with ropes or chains
bound inside a locked metal dog kennel or wooden box. Short term storage
will usually only take place with slave secured in a closet or cupboard for 1-
3 hours. Long term storage will never last more then 48 hours. When in
storage the slave will be provided with adequate water, and toilet receptacle
(Bucket). When in storage the slave will be exposed to pre-recorded audio
hypnosis training.
         Correction / Discipline

Light Correction: Examples of light correction would be verbal abuse,
being spit on, humiliation, extra chores.

Correction: Examples of Correction would be face slapping, knuckles
ruler whipped, light physical pain, electric shock at weakest setting (3) and
extra chores.

Light Discipline: Examples of light discipline would be short-term
storage, electric shock at middle setting (2), paddling, caning, and sleep
deprivation, forced intoxication, and extra chores.

Heavy Discipline: Examples of Heavy Discipline would be, long-term
storage, prolonged bondage in combination with breath control, sleep
deprivation, forced intoxication, paddling, caning, electric shock at highest
setting (1), dietary control, revoked vacation days, and extra chores.
                   Slave's Growth
My primary goal is teaching the slave spiritual fulfillment. All ancient
religions had at least one branch where self denial and eschewing the
physical world were key doctrines My primary goal is teaching the slave
spiritual fulfillment. All ancient religions had at least one branch where self
denial and eschewing the physical world were key doctrines in learning what
is truly important in life. Some slaves will stay and be owned by Me for life,
knowing that their next re-incarnation, they will be rewarded and well
prepared to achieve a new level of consciousness. Other slaves will wish to
retire from the lifestyle after serious re-evaluation of their own personal
character and desires.
The female slave will be taught to recognize the difference between inferiors
and Superiors. Slaves will be taught how to control, use, and even abuse
inferior male slaves of Mine as well as other female inferiors. As the best
leader is the first servant. So the slave will learn that their ability and
capability to serve is incomplete without knowledge and ability to know
when to control.
Slaves not serving a lifelong term will greatly value the experience received
in both the lifestyle and occupation. The slaves will gain experience in
business, the slaves will increase their education, and the slaves will gain
experience in servitude. There is no such thing as job security in this day and
age, but there is such a thing as employment security. Slaves trained by Me,
that have served Me well, will know the difference and always be confident
in their own work ethic and employability.
Slaves will be given the option of earning release. To execute the option for
release, the slave must find a suitable replacement slave to take its place.
The rewards for slaves range from constant and prolonged orgasms, to
personal understanding and acceptance.
      Female slaves Service to
         Senator FAQ’s

What about hard limits?
The only hard limit I will usually respect is discretion or anonymity in
service to friends, family and general public. Any other hard limits will be
dissolved but willingly. I promise from experience that the order I will work
the slaves through in their training any other limits or fears will quickly
become great desires due to the fact that all other previous desires will have
been fulfilled leaving the slave desiring more intense experiences.

What about breeding?
Pregnancy with female slaves is always a concern, slaves will be required to
prove their use of birth control to Me if they decide they do not wished to be
“fixed” like any other animal. I have never been married nor had any
children, nor do I plan to let any inferior sow My seed without proper
planning, which is not likely to happen.

What is the deal with pot, shrooms and liquor?
I am not a junky or a drunk. I very rarely drink, like 3-4 times a year, but I
know the value of using (NOT ABUSING) liquor as a drug to remove
inhibitions, numb senses, delay reactions and distort sense of space and time.
This makes it much easier to teach what would be otherwise more difficult
lessons in service. I do not like drunks, and will not encourage it, if you are
now or become an alcoholic it will just be another way for Me to manipulate
you. Marijuana is not something I have the option of indulging as much as I
would like because I place more value over My work ethic then wasting a
day being bored and high, but I know that it has fantastic value as a tool.
Marijuana’s only really negative side effect is that allows someone to
become complacent, apathetic, and unmotivated by boredom. This is the
perfect way to keep slaves in storage. Slaves being forced to smoke
“chronic” before being put into storage will find their stay in storage much
more enjoyable, even entertaining and relaxing. The effect of slowing their
metabolism will allow the slave to remain awake longer and use less energy
making storage more comfortable. The best effect though it has is “appetite
for munchies” giving Me the opportunity to feed you things that might
otherwise make your stomach upset, such as scat, urine, vomit, and dog
food. Mushrooms are a tool to be respected, respected as much as a gun in
My book. Mushrooms have the advantage of opening a slave's mind to
accept whatever truth I see fit. In a mushroom trip I can put on an alien mask
and take the slave anally which the slave would seriously perceive as a
legitimate “Alien Abduction”, or for example I could chain the slave to a
pole and walk around the slave telling it for hours that its going to be
tortured to death, and the slave will begin to hallucinate and see all the
possible fears that triggers in their mind and not able to separate them from
reality. Using Mushrooms is the tool that gives Me option of mind control
on the level of the Ancient High Priests. Not only will you become mindless
when confronted with My full power, you will also begin to see the veil
between the real world and your subconscious or the “real world” and the
“spirit world” begin to dissolve. This is a good thing, do not worry. It was
the mission of all great prophets and teachers to teach the rest of humanity
that there is far more in heaven and earth then what is dreamt of in our
philosophies. I do not deal with faith, I deal with truth based on personal
experience in ALL spiritual matters. Slaves will never be required to believe
anything only search for meaning in the truth of their personal experiences
to deepen the meaning of this life.

What about my finances and possessions?
All except the possessions you value for sentimental reasons or require for
regular use will either be sold or put into storage at your expense. If you
have a preferred profession outside the home that will be allowed as long as
the schedule is predictable and the time away does not outweigh the value of
the time in service. If no outside the home profession is desired one will be
provided for you. Your training will then be videotaped and edited for
production and sale, you will spend your work hours online in My presence
either as a phone sex slut or webcam slave. Slaves will be strongly
encouraged to surrender 51% of their income to Me. The rest may be put
into savings, regular expenditures will be pre-approved using an
“allowance” from your savings. Any personal or major purchases must be
approved first by Me.
What exactly are vacation days?
How are they earned and taken away? Everyone slave and Superior needs
some time off with no one else to be responsible to/for except for their self. I
feel that 48 hours once a month and a two full weeks over the year is more
then enough to avoid any kind of mental meltdown. On vacation days the
slave will only be required to remain chaste and return on time. If the slave
doesn’t return on time then slave shouldn’t return at all. Discipline that
requires large amounts of time in training and re-training will be taken out of
vacation days.

I can leave whenever I want and with good
references? As long as I get a replacement?
Yes absolutely correct. Once you have led another poor soul to become
enslaved by Me I will voluntarily release you. Released slaves will be given
positive work and slave references.
      Contract for _____________ service to Master
 I the slave agree fully to all the rules and guidelines in Masters handbook.

         I agree that 51% of all my income will go to Master. ____

I agree that 51% of all my financial value will go to Master upon relocation
                              for service. ____

 I understand that I have the right to ask for discretion with my lifestyle for
                   personal and professional reasons. ____

   I understand that in this lifestyle, accidents and injuries are not totally
                                uncommon. ____

I will not seek any legal recompense or intervention on account of any action
                             taken by Master. ____

  I understand and accept that I will be exposed too liquor and marijuana.

    I understand and accept that I will be trained as a human toilet. ____

   I understand and accept I will be hypnotized and reprogrammed. ____

 I understand that when I serve no purpose I will be placed in storage. ____

  I understand and accept Master’s definition and explanation and uses of
               Punishment, Correction, and Discipline. ____

        I understand I will be placed in an electric shock collar. ____

   I understand if I do not wish to work outside of the home Master may
  employ me in pornography, phonesex, escort, or online webcam stripper.
     I understand I will be required to orally please Master daily. ____

I understand and trust in Master to train me to never feel, think or act in any
                       way not programmed too. ____

  I understand and agree that my sexuality is not a decision or preference
                            made by me. ____

            I understand and agree to submit to Superior’s. ____

             I understand and agree to dominate inferiors. ____

I understand and agree that I may be released from my contract at anytime
   by finding an acceptable replacement slave for Master’s needs. ____

              I intend to serve Master until the day I die. ____


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