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					Rally 2009 Workshops Report
Workshop Title                                                 Attendance
A01: Biodiversity For Dummies:Why The Div Of Life Matters             38
A02: Conserving Whole Landscapes: The Joint Ventures Model            47
A03: Cascade Agenda: Progrms To Create A Future For Our Regi          14
A04: Concentration, Contamination, Cost & Complexity                   8
A05: How A Community Farm Program Can Further LT Mission              62
A07: Running The Marathon: Examining The Details Of Enforce           55
A08: A Survey Of Conservation Finance Strategies                      90
A09: Transferable Development Rights: A Tool For You?                 37
A10: Connecting To Landowners Through Strat Cons Planning             38
A11: Climate Change: What´s A Land Trust To Do?*                      52
A12: Building Support Through Education,Outreach & Volunteer          89
A13: Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Managing A Land Trust*CLE           48
A14: Volunteer Leadership Development*CFRE                            31
A15: Environmental Due Diligence:Problm-Solvng Case Studies           36
A16: Creating Open Space Mangemnt Agreements That Really Wrk          15
A17: CEs In A Changing World: Balancing Flexibility With Per         148
A18: Land Stewardship And Ecological Restoration                      64
A19: Community Forests:A Comm Investment Strat For Rural Com          22
A20: Federal Policy Update 2009*                                      53
A21: Land Trusts As Advocates In Public Controversies                 25
A22: Creating Buy-in Using Participatory GIS Methods                  20
A23: Social Networking 101                                            38
A24: Protecting Coastal Lnds Usg The Coastal&Estuarine LC Pr          42
A25: Strat&Partnerships For Landscape-Scale Cons In The West          33
B01: Local Action To Implement State Wildlife Action Plans            26
B02: Conserving Land In A Climate-Changed World                       63
B03: Engaging Urban Teens In Conservation                             37
B04: Now What? Dlng With Historic Sites On Stewardship Lnd            19
B05: A Social Marketing Tool Kit:Helping You Engage Landowns          67
B06: Creating And Using Baseline Documentation Reports                59
B07: Upholding Cons Permce: Conservation Def Insurance&Enfor          35
B08: Using Public Opinion Surveys To Win Land Cons Ballots            12
B09: Conservation Capital In The Americas                             25
B10: Conservation Planning In Lean Times                              48
B11: Conservation And CarbonCLE                                       97
B12: Draft & Manage CE To Consider Onsite Energy ProductiCLE          51
B13: Holistic Land Protection Projects*                               40
B14: From Strategic Planning To Strategic Positioning*                68
B15: Acquiring And Managing Community Forests:                        27
B16: Negotiating And Drafting Conservation EasementsCLE               45
B17: Doing The Right Thing?CLE                                        68
B18: Fundamentals Of Real Estate Law: CLE                             53
B19: Determining Stewardship Costs For Land Trust Properties          59
B20: Stewardship Plans For Conserved Lands:                           31
B21: Partnering In The Armys Compatible Use Buffer Program            19
B22: Land Trust Alliance´s 2010 Public Policy Review*                 35
B23: Got Ltd Resources?Let the Habitat PriorPlanner Tool Hlp          12
B24: Western Land And Water Trust Partnership RoundtableCLE           27
B25:CANCELLED - Sovereign Lands                                        4
B26: Drafting Working Landscape Conservation EasementsCLE             58
C01: BioBlitzes—ultipurpose Events for Sci,Edu&Cel                    39
C02: Benefits Of Urban Land Protection Planning                       19
C03: Connecting Green: Integrating The Built And Natural Env          30
C04: LandCare, Working Lands, And Conservation                        40
C05: Resource Conservation With Diverse Communities - Are We          28
C06: Conservation Easement Stewardship Funds                          31
C07: Do Easements And Stewardship Protect The Ecology?                64
C08: Conservation And Private Equity Partnerships                     73
C09: Integrating Multiple Strategic Objectives In Land Prese          27
C10: You Can Appraise An Appraisal - And You Oughter!CLE       114
C11: Creative Planned Giving Strategies*CLE, CFRE               79
C12: Max Capacity Via An Effective Major Donor Prog*CFRE        56
C13: Growing Together: The Birth Of A Regional Land Trust*      24
C14: Intro To Accreditation From LTs That Have Been There       41
C15: Contract Structure And Negotiations                        29
C16: Dispute Resolution & Enforcement Of Conse Easements CLE    71
C17: Competing Interests On Nature Preserves:                   38
C18: Prioritizing Invasive Plant SuppressionCFE                 24
C19: Increasing Your Land Trust’ Conservation Footprint:        13
C20: Fed Highway Admin Partnerships-Opps Through Scenic Bywa    15
C21: Fed Land Transaction Facilitation Act Reauthorization      26
C22: How To Access Farm Bill Programs                           27
C23: Using Databases To Manage Cons Easement Stewardship Inf    34
C24:The Inside Scoop On Where GIS Is Going                      42
C25: Public/Private Partnerships For Wetland Conservation       27
C26: Coastal Community Resilience: Adapting To Climate Chang    26
C27: CANCELLED - When CEs Aren´t Enough                         33
D01: Pollinator Conservation And Habitat Management             29
D02: Connecting People And Places With Questing                 17
D03: Connecting People To Land Through Edu Programming          63
D04: Monitoring Conservation Easements                          69
D05: Using Clean Water State Revolving Funds To Finance Your    31
D06: Borrowing Money And Paying It Back Without Losing Sleep    16
D07: Land Use Planning For Land Conservation                    66
D08: Wrking Resource Lnds: Sustain The Human Dimen Of Reg Co    13
D09: The Use Of CEs In Adapting Conservation To A Changing C    53
D10: Planning For Short- And Long-Term Sustainability For LT    87
D11: CO2 & H2O - Land Protection Restated For Grant Pos. CFE    41
D12: Guided Organizational Assessments: Evaluating Implement    22
D13: Strategic Leadership For Boards And Management*            60
D14: Buying Land - Lost In The Wilderness:                      21
D15: What´s It Worth: Appraising Conservation Easements         47
D16: IRS Audits And Lessons LearnedCLE                          90
D17: Preserving Family Lands: Part I CLE                        51
D18:Designing A Deer Herd Management Progm That Works For LT    18
D19: The Tejon Ranch Conservation Agreement                     39
D20: Enhancing Prtnersps: Bringing LandScope America To Yr S     7
D21: The Economic Benefits Of Land Cons: Making The Case        69
D22: Looking Beyond The IRS: COs Creation Of A CE Oversight     16
D23: Is It Time To Put Easements On The Map?                    22
D24: LTs And GAP: Meeting Conservation Goals With Cons Data     11
D25: Leveraging Coastal Land Protection Through Inter-Agency    19
D26: Monitoring Challenges In Working Landscapes                42
D27: Horse Friendly Conservation Easements - Common Groun       12
E01:Using Bio-Inven Techs To Verify St Wildlife Action Plans    18
E02: Urban Collab Creating Partnerships For Backyard Habita     25
E04: Creating A Coffee-Table Bk As An Edu, Outreach & Fund      53
E05: Conservation Easement Template ReviewCLE                   45
E06: Monitoring Conservation Easements With Volunteers          39
E07: CANCELLED - The Mitigation Protocol                        35
E08: Community Forest Acquisition And Management                29
E09: Strategic Landowner Outreach                               93
E10: Uniting A Region: Conservation Planning In The SF Bay A    17
E11: Understanding And Accessing Ecosystem Markets              66
E12: Demystifying Carbon Verification:                          35
E13: Getting The Details Right In Your Fundr ProgramCFRE        62
E14: Building Multigenerational Boards*                         26
E15: Demystifying Key Accreditation Indicator Practices*        37
E16: Selling And Transferring Preserves                         12
E17: CEs And Tax Compliance: Rules You Need To Know*CLE         66
E18: Preserving Family Lands: Part IICLE                        51
E19: Monitoring Land Trust Properties                          34
E20: Lessons Frm The Field For Launching The Carolina Thread    6
E21: Com Cons Partnps: A Model for Levrging Comm Capacity An   32
E22: State Tax Credits:The Legislative Landscape,The IRS&Wha   29
E23: Climate Change Policy: Opportunities For L Cons           56
E24: Online Mapping Tools For Land Trusts                      48
E25: ConsLaw And Plang:Useful Lessons Learned From The FL Ke   10
E26: TIMOs, REITs And Real Estate, Oh My!                      34
E27: Protecting Private Land Resources                         33

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