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New Substrates for
 Popping Promotions
                                                                                                        by    D av i D G ro s s

    t seems that sublimation just keeps           black straps that are inserted into the flip-         About the author: David
    getting bigger and bigger. For those          flops following the transfer process.                 Gross is president of Condé
    unfamiliar with dye-sub transfers, it’s a       Transferring onto flip-flops:                       Systems, a position he has
powerful decorating technology that gives           Start by downloading a product template             held for 15 years. Prior to that
digital decorators the ability to produce         from the supplier’s support area. These are           he worked for QMS, where
full-color, photo-quality gifts and awards.       typically available for both Adobe Photo-             he designed and marketed
Utilizing a computer, inkjet printer, subli-      shop and CorelDRAW software packages.                 color and monochrome
mation ink, paper, heat press and assorted        Since flip-flops are unique in size and shape,        laser printers. He holds a
blank products, photos and/or designs can         templates (available for small, medium and            BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn
be transferred onto thousands of items            large sizes) are incredibly important during          University and has written many articles dealing with
including ceramic tiles, coffee mugs, T-          the design/layout process—especially when             digital-imprinting technology. In addition, Gross has
shirts, aprons, plaques, purses, mouse            utilizing photographs.                                served on boards of various organizations such as the
pads, jewelry and more. Sublimation can             Before pressing, be sure to remove any de-          Greater Gulf Coast Literacy Council, the Mobile Ballet
be a great complement to just about any           bris by taking a sticky lint roller to the flip-      and St. Vincent de Paul School board. He is married
type of business—especially one that cur-                                                               with three children and resides in Mobile, Alabama.
rently utilizes or has access to digital pho-                                                           Reach him at dgross@conde.com.
tos or artwork.
  Photo gifting is hot… and why not?
Clients are looking for unique                                                                               face-down and press for 55–65 seconds
ways to showcase their                                                                                       with medium-to-heavy pressure.
favorite digital photo-                                                                                        Flip-flops come packaged in their
graphs and sublimation                                                                                             original block of die-cut material.
is the perfect high-val-                                                                                              This additional material serves
ue decorating technol-                                                                                                  as a handy production jig
ogy to do just that. Our                                                                                                  during the transfer process
roads keep expanding and                                                                                                  and can either be discarded
there is always something new                                                                                             after use or decorated and
and exciting along our journey.                                                                                          retained as part of the over-
New substrates include flip-flops,                                                                                      all product design. Once the
sports pennants, photo murals,                                                                                        flip-flops have been imaged,
and slate.                                                                                                         the straps can be inserted using
                                                                                                                standard needle-nose pliers.
The incredible popularity of flip-flops                 Using dye-sub technology, digital decorators    Pennant race
has allowed them to evolve into more than            can create fun, unique and stylish photo-quality   Pennants have long been a way for dedi-
just basic warm-weather footwear for teen-           flip-flops for bridal showers, outdoor weddings,   cated fans to celebrate team spirit at pep
agers, hippies and beach bums. Using dye-                beach parties, proms and other occasions.      rallies and sporting events. Their nostalgic
sub technology, digital decorators can create                 (All images courtesy the author)          charm has also given them a favored spot on
fun, unique and stylish photo-quality flip-                                                             the walls of bedrooms, game rooms, offices,
flops for bridal showers, outdoor weddings,                                                             restaurants and taverns. Traditionally, pen-
beach parties, proms and other occasions          flops’ fabric surfaces. Set the heat press at         nants have been produced by screen print-
befitting a little extra style and personality.   400° F, prepress the substrate for 10 seconds         ing one or more ink choices onto colored
These imprintable flip-flops feature a black      and then let cool. For the transfer, place the        felt. But new pennants can be produced
sole, white sublimatable fabric surface, and      substrate face-up and the attached transfer           using the dye-sublimation process, giving
                                              RepRInted fRom • PriNtwear • octobeR 2010
                                                    Clients are looking
New                                                 for unique ways to

SUBStrateS                                       showcase their favor-
                                                 ite digital photos and
                                                   sublimation is ideal.

                                                                                                         Utilizing a computer, inkjet printer, sub-
                                                                                                         limation ink, paper, heat press and as-
                                                                                                         sorted blank products, photos and/or
                                                                                                         designs can be transferred onto thou-
                                                                                                         sands of items including ceramic tiles,
                                                                                                         coffee mugs,T-shirts, aprons, plaques,
                                                                                                         purses, mouse pads, jewelry and more.

custom decorators the ability to produce           trimmed transfer. Place the substrate face-       egory is a hanging photo mural. Available
full-color, photographic quality pennants          up and the attached transfer(s) face down         in white or clear gloss aluminum, hanging
for sports teams, business promotions,             and press with medium pressure for ap-            photo murals give digital decorators the
fundraisers, special events/ceremonies and         proximately 45 seconds.                           ability to produce unique, high-definition
school organizations.                                                                                photo panels for a wide variety of uses.
  Available in 5" X 12" and 8" X 18" sizes,        Mural project                                     Design options include straight and wavy
the white polyester felt pennants feature a        Whether using ceramic, glass, porcelain,          square tile shapes that can be assembled
1" white sewn strip on the side that can           or architectural ceiling or carpet tiles, it’s    and hung from brushed silver bars ranging
be imprinted with a coordinating color or          easier than ever to cover small or large          in widths from 1'–4'. This exciting new
design. Optional wood display sticks are           areas with stunning murals that capture           addition can turn any candid or profes-
also available.                                    imagination and attention. Transferring           sional photo into an amazing wall mural
  Transfer process for pennants:                   images onto multiple tile pieces gives digi-      piece.
  Start by downloading a product template          tal decorators the ability to produce eye-          How to transfer murals:
from the supplier’s support area—this will         popping murals suitable for residential             Being that each of the mentioned mural
help to make the design/layout process             and commercial applications in kitchens,          substrates has its own unique production
much easier. Before pressing, be sure to re-       bathrooms, hallways, foyers, business lob-        technique, it’s better to provide a general
move any debris from the pennant’s surface         bies, executive suites, boardrooms, librar-       overview of the mural process. The key to
with a lint roller. Set the heat press at 385°     ies, museums and restaurants.                     any gorgeous, stunning, eye-popping mural
F, prepress the substrate for five seconds and       All of the aforementioned tiles (with ex-       is the image. Always strive for a minimum
then let cool. For transferring onto the face      ception to the architectural ceiling tiles) are   resolution of 200 dpi at print size. I recom-
of the pennant, it’s important to trim the         available in varying sizes no larger than 12"     mend using Photoshop or Photoshop Ele-
transfer and attach it so it doesn’t overlap       X 12". This means that even the largest of        ments at the front end to prepare images
onto the 1" sewn strip (the uneven surface         murals can be produced with most standard         for use in CorelDRAW. If scanning an 8"
can result in a small un-imaged area along         desktop dye-sub systems—no wide-format            X 10" photo to produce an 80" X 100" tile
the length of the strip). Once the main            printer or heat press is required.                mural, for example, scan at 2,000 dpi (200
transfer has been secured, attach the strip’s        The newest addition to the mural cat-           dpi multiplied by 10).
                                             RepRInted fRom • PriNtwear • octobeR 2010
                                                                                                          The newest substrate for
                                                                                                          dye-sub transfer combines
                                                                                                          full-color photographs with
                                                                                                          the natural beauty and du-
                                                                                                          rability of rustic slate.

                              Slate’s uniform thickness and ultra-
                           flat coated image area provide beau-
                             tiful and consistent photo transfers.

  Once scanned, resize the image to                      is accurate, group the entire mural shape.           of-a-kind photo gifts and awards. The sub-
around 200 dpi. To perform the resiz-                    Import the mural’s image into Corel-                 stantial weight gives it real “trophy” status
ing, uncheck the resample box in Adobe                   DRAW and PowerClip that image into                   and makes an excellent corporate award.
Photoshop under “image > image size” or                  the “grouped” mural template. Be sure to               Transfer to slate:
for Elements “image > image size > resize                avoid undesirable image placement, e.g.                Start by downloading a product tem-
image.” In Corel Photo Paint, check the                  a gap right where a person’s eye is sup-             plate from the supplier’s support area.
box “Maintain Original File Size.” These                 posed to be. Once the image is positioned            Even when using a product template,
features can really screw up your image                  correctly, “ungroup” the mural and print             keep in mind that each piece of slate is
when resizing, either pushing the dots                   the individual pieces. When pressing the             unique due to individually fractured
closer or spreading them out. Using these                pieces, be sure to number the backsides              edges. No two are exactly alike. Be sure
features improperly makes it so the soft-                or you’ll be faced with assembling a very            to compare the printed transfer to the
ware will either add dots out of thin air or             large puzzle. Numbering them also helps              actual piece of slate to which it will be
delete them by maintaining the current                   if you should have to remake a particular            transferred. This helps to avoid undesir-
resolution. If a high-resolution image is                piece.                                               able image placement, e.g. a person’s face
not available, use Genuine Fractals to add                                                                    being transferred too close to or on top of
more resolution. This inexpensive plug-in                Sublimation rocks                                    a uniquely-fractured edge.
for Photoshop is a great band-aid for low-               The newest substrate for dye-sub trans-                Place the substrate face-up and the trans-
resolution images.                                       fer combines full-color photographs with             fer face-down with a green rubber pad
  Utilizing a product template is a must                 the natural beauty and durability of rustic          on top. Set the heat press at 400° F and
when producing murals. In CorelDRAW,                     slate. The result is a high-value substrate          transfer for about seven to nine minutes
simply build a mural template from in-                   that really rocks. Slate’s uniform thickness         (depending on the size of slate) with me-
dividual template pieces. This mural                     and ultra-flat coated image area provide             dium-to-heavy pressure. Why so long in
template should replicate the dimen-                     beautiful and consistent photo transfers.            the heat press? The slate and rubber pad
sions/proportions of the mural being                     The individually-fractured edges help to             absorb quite a bit of heat. The extra time
produced—including the gap between                       seamlessly blend transferred images into             is needed for the dye-sub process to work
each tile piece. Once the mural template                 each piece, resulting in elegant and one-            properly.                                  Pw

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