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					        Vol. 6                                                                       EDA

S PRIN G 2 010
    Eastern District Headliners

                                                     Margo Brodie - Counselor to the
    Loretta Lync h’s nomination                       Criminal Division
On January 20, 2010, President Obama                 Roger Burlingame - Deputy Chief,
                                                      Public Integrity
nominated Loretta Lynch to be the U.S.
                                                     Robert Capers - Chief, Narcotics
Attorney. We all wish Loretta a swift
                                                     Winston Chan - Deputy Chief, General
confirmation, and look forward to her return.
                                                     Sarah Coyne - Senior Trial Counsel,
                                                     Richard Donoghue - Acting Chief,
                                                      Criminal Division
                                                     Lee Freedman - Chief, General Crimes
                                                     Andrea Goldbarg - Deputy Chief,
                                                     Colleen Kavanagh - Chief, Public
                                                     Lisa Kramer - Deputy Chief, General
                                                     Vincent Lipari - Senior Trial Counsel,
                                                      Civil Division
                                                     Nancy Miller - Chief Trial Counsel,
                                                      Civil Division
                                                     Walter Norkin - Deputy Chief,
                                                      International Narcotics Strike Force
                                                     Licha Nyiendo - Deputy Chief,
                                                     Carolyn Pokorny – Senior Litigation
                                                      Counsel, Public Integrity

                                                    Member News – In house counsel

Vol. 6                                                                       EDA

Member News – In-house                        Ioana Petrou, now an AUSA in the
                                              Northern District of California, was
counsel                                       named one of the Top 16 California
                                              Attorneys of the 2009 by the legal
Christina Dugger, who served in the           periodical The Recorder.
Office from 1999 to 2008, and was
most recently a Vice President and            Karen Sage is running for District
Senior Compliance Director at                 Judge in Austin, Texas. You can find
Goldman Sachs & Co., has been                 out more about her candidacy at:
named Executive Director and
Assistant General Counsel of        
JPMorgan Chase. You can reach                 egory/news/
Christina at
                                              Richard Weber, who most recently
Lisa Fleischman has been named as             served as the Chief of the Asset
the Vice President of Global                  Forfeiture and Money Laundering
Compliance and Associate General              Section of the Department of Justice,
Counsel for News Corporation. She             was appointed by Cyrus Vance, Jr. to
can be reached at                             be the new Chief of the Major                     Economic Crimes Bureau of the
                                              Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.
Dave Hattem was named to be the
General Counsel for AXA Equitable                 ------------------------------
Life Insurance Co. and thus joins the
ranks of former members of the Office
who have risen to become General
                                              Member News – Outside
Counsels of major corporations. You           counsel
can reach Dave at Dave.Hattem@axa-                                Jodi L. Avergun was elected to
                                              partnership at Cadwalader
Catherine Kassenoff has been                  Wickersham & Taft. You can reach
named Chief Litigation Counsel at             Jodi at
International Specialty Products and
GAF Materials Corporation. You can            Eric Chaffin has started a new law
reach           Catherine          at         firm, Chaffin Luhana, which specializes                         in mass tort, securities, consumer
                                              fraud and whistleblower cases. You
     ------------------------------           can reach Eric at
Member         News       –    Public         Eric O. Corngold, who served in the
service                                       Office from 1990 to 2007, and served
                                              most recently as New York State’s
Michael Breslin has re-joined the             Executive Assistant Attorney General
Federal Bureau of Investigation after a       for Economic Justice, joined Friedman,
successful 3-year run at the Office,          Kaplan, Seiler & Adelman as a partner.
where he handled a number of high-            You can reach Eric at
profile Organized Crime cases. Mike 
served for nearly a decade as an FBI
Agent      before     resuming      his       Steve D'Alessandro left the EDNY to
prosecutorial career, which he started        join Holland & Knight as a partner.
in the Queens DA’s Office.                    You can reach Steve at

Vol. 6                                                                               EDA

Keir Dougall, has started his own law                    Featured Alumni
firm, which specializes in white collar                  ------ ----- ---- ----- ----- ---
defense and internal investigations.                        NICOLAS BOURTIN
You can reach Keir at                                  OF SULLIVAN & CROM WELL
                                               Law 360 named our own Nic Bourtin as a
Robert Henoch, a partner at Kobre &            “Rising Star” in White Collar defense. Nic, who
Kim, has become the partner-in-                has been a partner at S&C for three years, had a
charge of the Firm’s new London                successful career in the Eastern District, where
office. You can reach Bob at                   he focused on Organized Crime cases and led the                    investigation and prosecution of about 75
                                               members of La Cosa Nostra.
Moe Fodeman left the EDNY to join
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati as a
partner. You can reach Moe at

Robert Radick left the EDNY to join
Morvillo Abramowitz as a partner. You
can reach Rob at

Ken Thompson of Thompson Wigdor
& Gilly LLP wrote an article for the           You can read the Law360 article,
New York Law Journal entitled “In              including Nic’s interview, at:
Defense of AIG’s Employees.” You
can read the article at              

                        Enforcement Spotlight
                                 LINDA LACEWELL
                      Flexes Her Muscles In Cuomo’s Inner Circle

  Vol. 6                                                                    EDA

                             Beat EDA-SC contest
Can you come up with a better caption than the EDA Steering Committee Staff for this
photo of former AUSA Tom Firestone (seen here on the streets of Moscow)? Send your
responses to, and we’ll publish them in the next issue.

                                Our staff’s caption
                 “Natasha, moose and squirrel are up on roof.”

                                       EDA Dinner
                           EDA would like to thank Christopher
                           Jensen, Gregory O’Connell, and
                           Alan Vinegrad for their tireless efforts
                           in organizing another outstanding
                           EDA Dinner, which was held on
                           February 4th at the New York Athletic
                           Club. 246 people attended – our 2nd
                           largest event to date.       The EDA
                           honored Judge John Gleeson with the
                           Eastern District Association Award,
                           and AUSA James McGovern with the
                           Charles Rose Award.

      Vol. 6                                                                                  EDA

                                  Featured Contributors
               The EDNY Book Club
                                                                      One-Two Punch In Oregon
                 By David P itofsky
                                                                             By Sean Haran
While it might not carry the same weight as an
Oprah pick (commercially speaking), the Steering            EDNY alumni hold the two most significant law
Committee heartily recommends the following                 enforcement offices in the State of Oregon: John
titles, written by or about our former colleagues:          Kroger was elected Oregon’s Attorney General
                                                            in November 2008 and Dwight Holton, for
                                                            approximately the past six months, has been the
On the fiction side of the house, the recent spate of
                                                            Interim U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon.
EDNY-authored books began when Lisa
Fleischman published her novel Dream of the                 Dwight Holton has had a meteoric rise in the
Walled City, a sweeping historical epic chronicling
                                                            Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office, which he joined
the life of Jade Virtue, a self-described ordinary
                                                            as a line Assistant in 2004. We caught up with
woman who chronicles extraordinary times in                 him recently and he discussed his new career in
China in the first half of the 20th century. The
                                                            Oregon. According to Dwight, he began in
critics were bowled over, calling the book "earnest
                                                            Oregon’s environmental crimes section and his
and emotionally astute" and "full of action and             first case involved an unorthodox Ponzi scheme:
emotion," like Lisa herself. Not to be outdone,
                                                            the defendant, a feed lot operator, purported to
Michele Campbell, writing under the nom de                  sell full interests in cattle to investors but
plume Michele Martinez, has published four
                                                            falsified records allowing him to repeatedly sell
thrillers detailing the exploits of the Federal
                                                            interests in the same cows to up to 5 or 6
prosecutor Melanie Vargas – Most Wanted, Cover              different investors at a time. Dwight quickly
Up, The Finishing School, and most recently
                                                            brushed up on Title 18’s provisions outlawing
Notorious. Let the "You’re So Vain" speculation
                                                            cattle rustling and took down the operation. The
regarding Michele's real-life model for the "sharp          rest is history. Dwight became a supervisor in
and sexy" AUSA Vargas begin! And get the word
                                                            the environmental and white collar crimes
out to the youngsters: Lisa and Michele have                sections and then Chief of the Criminal Division.
proven that you don't need a fancy MFA degree to
                                                            Under Dwight’s supervision, the Oregon office
be a published author when you can get real-world
                                                            has tripled the number of environmental and
experience writing narcotics-related Title III              white collar criminal prosecutions. He counts
applications reviewed and edited by Jodi Avergun.           among his current enforcement priorities the
                                                            distribution of black tar heroin, a drug which has
On the right side of the brain, Stan Alpert wrote           killed dozens of users in Portland. Dwight’s
the critically acclaimed The Birthday Party: A              office has begun investigating the distribution
Memoir of Survival, which recounted his being               chains tied to the deaths and charging offenders
kidnapped the night before his 38th birthday by a           under the federal “Len Bias” statute, which
colorful group of malefactors who alternately               carries a twenty year mandatory minimum for
threatened him and sought his legal advice on their         dealers who sell narcotics that subsequently
past crimes before releasing him after 25 hours.            cause death to users. Dwight also teaches
John Kroger then published his memoir                       regularly at Lewis and Clark Law School and has
Convictions: A Prosecutor's Battles Against Mafia           created a number of environmental initiatives in
Killers, Drug Kingpins, and Enron Thieves, which            Oregon in coordination with state officials.
none other than Scott Turow called “[t]he best              Dwight and his wife Mary Ellen say hello and
book about being a federal prosecutor since Jeffrey         stay in touch with many folks in the EDNY,
Toobin’s Opening Arguments " (probably not even             especially Kelly Moore             and Dwight’s
realizing the EDNY connection implicit in his               counterpart in Oregon, John Kroger. Dwight’s
comment). And of course there’s the annual                  e-mail address hasn’t changed in twelve years;
edition of the Federal Criminal Practice Second             he can be reached at
Circuit Handbook, co-authored by our own Judge
John Gleeson, Gordon Mehler and David James -
now in its Tenth Edition.
      Vol. 6                                                                                       EDA

                                                                        News to Report
(cont. from last page)
                                                           This Newsletter will be distribut ed regularly to
In the November 2008 elections, Oregon Attorney            EDA members. Please convey news about
General candidate John Kroger won both the                 our members to any Steering Committee
Democratic and Republican nominations, carried             member:
                                                           Paul Bergman:
every county in the state, and accrued more Oregon         Robert Begleiter:
votes than anyone else on the ballot, including            Laura Brevetti:
Barack Obama. During his first year in office, John        Jason Brown:
                                                           Zachary Carter:
counts as his accomplishments the creation of an           Valerie Caproni:
environmental crimes unit within the Oregon                Charles Clayman:
Department of Justice, the prosecution of two major        Matthew Fishbein:
                                                           Chris Jensen:
narcotics orga nizations in the largest racketeering       Greg O'Connell:
case ever brought in the state, a successful lawsuit       Patricia Pileggi:
against Oppenheimer Funds for mismanagement of             Lauren Resnick:
the state’s College Savings P lan, and multi-million       Sung-Hee Suh:
                                                           Alan Vinegrad:
dollar settlements with pharmaceutical companies           Jim Walden:
such as Bayer, Pfizer and Aventis. To catch up with
John, visit
                                                                        EDNY - Around the World

                                                                               By Sean Haran

                                                            Paige Petersen has been making her mark
                                                            among prosecutors in the Netherlands as a
                                                            Trial Attorney with the Office of the Prosecutor
                                                            within the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal
                                                            for Yugoslavia. For the past six months, she
                                                            has been part of the trial team in the
                                                            prosecution of Vlastimir Djordevic, the former
                                                            Chief of Police for Serbia.         Djordevic is
                                                            charged with participating in Slobodan
                                                            Milosevic’s campaign of ethnic cleansing
                                                            against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo during
                                                            1999 and 2000.          Djordevic oversaw the
                                                            forcible expulsion of more than 800,000 ethnic
                                                            Albanians from Kosovo. During the expulsion,
                                                            thousands of civilians were killed by
                                                            Djordevic’s police forces during abductions
                                                            and violent interrogations and buried in hidden
                                                            mass grave sites. Since joining the trial team,
                                                            Paige has called a rape victim to testify about
                                                            a brutal rape at the hands of the Serbian
                                                            police and has conducted the cross-
                                                            examination of a number of defense
                                                            witnesses, including five of Milosevic’s close
                                                            associates and former generals in the Serbian
                                                            Army.      For example, Paige has cross-
                                                            examined Serbia’s former Chief of Military
                                                            Intelligence, as well as the former Chief of
                                                            Atomic, Nuclear and Biological Defense.
                                                            Having impressed the ranks of observers at
                                                            the Hague, Paige has been asked by foreign
                                                            prosecutors to give lessons on cross-
                                                            examination techniques. Trial is expected to
                                                            continue until May 2010.         Paige can be
                                                            reached at


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