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					1-4 Lessons each                                                    Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

                                Christmas Acrostic
                           Language Arts, Social Studies
                               Word Processing, Internet
                Web Sites:

   Students will use a word processor to create an acrostic poem.
   Students in K-2 will visit “” to learn
      about the History of Christmas and select an appropriate image for their poem.
   Students in grades 3-8 will “Search” the Internet and locate 3 web sites to use in
      their research of the history of Christmas. Students will add properly cited
      pictures and 3 interesting facts to their document from their research.

Model Academic Standards:
      Language Arts:
      E.4.1 Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze and communicate information
      B.4.1 Create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a
      variety of purposes
      B.4.2 Plan, revise, edit, and publish clear and effective writing
      E.4.5 Analyze and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose
      F.4.1 Conduct research and inquiry on self-selected or assigned topics, issues, or
      problems and use an appropriate form to communicate their findings
      B.4.6 Follow a set of instructions to produce a product using appropriate tools and

Assessment: Student created Microsoft Word document which includes an acrostic
poem, graphics and researched facts.

Word Processor Skills:
     1. Open, New, Save and Exit files
     2. Format Font, Size & Color of text
     3. Add a Page Border that is “measured from text”
     4. Copy, Paste and cite text and images from the Internet
     5. Format images using “Watermark” and “Wrapping-None” (Office 97)
                              “Washout” and “Behind Text” (Office 2000-XP)

Internet Skills:
       1. Click on a “hyperlink” in a Word Document to visit a specific web site
       2. Enter the address of specific web site in an Internet browser address bar
       3. Use “Search” to locate websites with appropriate information
       4. Use the “Back” & “Forward” buttons to navigate in a web site
       5. Copy and Paste text and graphics for use in a word-processed document
       6. Copy website addresses for proper citation in a word-processed document
1-4 Lessons each                                                      Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

                           Preparations and Procedures
                                    Christmas Acrostic

      1. Explain acrostic poetry, pass out the sample for this project
      2. “Brainstorm” with primary students and create a list of possible words that
         could be used for each of the letters of “Christmas”

      1. Open a new Word Processor file.
      2. Save: Click File, Save As, determine “Save in:” location, choose a filename
          for students - for example, „John-Thanks‟. Click Save.
      3. Change the font size to be “18” then type “Dear Mother,” on the first line.
      4. Press the Enter key 2 times to leave a blank line, then type “HAPPY”
      5. Press Enter 2 times to leave a blank line, then type each letter of Christmas on
      a separate line pressing the Enter key just one time between lines.
      6. Use the “arrow keys” to position the cursor just to the right of the letter “T”
      7. Explain to students that they will need to change the font to size “12” to add
      the words, phrases or sentences for each letter in Christmas. A common mistake
      students will make is to press “Enter” after they have added their text – this is an
      excellent opportunity to have students click on the “Show/Hide” button and
      demonstrate “erasing an Enter”. Explain to students that they should use the
      “down arrow” instead of the Enter key to move between lines that already exist –
      otherwise they will add blank lines.
      8. Type “LOVE,” and leave space for students to personally sign their name.
      9. Add a Page Border. (see Rubric for procedure)
      10. Add 1 or more Christmas pictures from the Internet using copy & paste
      11. Format the pictures so they do not move the text. (see Rubric for procedure)
              Office 97 Users: set “Wrapping” to “none”
              Office 2000-XP Users: set “Layout” to “Behind Text”
      12. Add a picture in the “Background” of the Poem (see Rubric for procedure)
              Office 97 Users: Watermark
              Office 2000-XP Users: Washout
      13. Guide students in using the “Search” button to locate 3 appropriate Web
          Sites. Ask students what words to use in the search then “test” the answers.
      14. Add 3 interesting facts about Christmas to the document:
              - State the facts using your own words or
              - Copy & paste the exact text and put inside quotation marks
      15. Cite each "source" using right align on the next line. (See example)
Extra Activities (accelerated students)
      1. Locate a Christmas Web Site with quizzes and games.
      2. Take the quizzes and play the games.
      3. Be ready to tell the class about the Web site you found.
      4. Draw a picture using Paint.
      5. Select, Copy & Paste the ClipArt created in Paint to the Word Document.
      6. Properly format the picture so that it does not affect the text. (see step 11)
1-4 Lessons each                                                  Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8

December 25, 2008

Dear Mother,

Christ is our Savior.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing!
I Love Christmas
Santa will be coming soon
Trees are decorated with lights
Mistletoe is hanging
Away in the Manger
Silent Night

Interesting Fact about Christmas:

1. Christmas was not always on December 25th. “In the Western world, the birthday of
Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354, replacing an earlier
date of January 6th” .
  1-4 Lessons each                                         Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8
Student Name: _____________________________________________________Grade or Room ____

                           Christmas Assignment Rubric
                  Web Sites:

 Level 1: (grades K-8)
 ___ 1. Open a new Word Document & Save as directed by your teacher
 ___ 2. Using size 12, create the Acrostic Poem “Template” (see example).
 OR - have students open the “Poem Template” from a shared drive using a read only file
 ___ 3. Using size 12, add words, phrases or sentences for each letter in “Christmas”.
 ___ 4. Make 3 formatting changes to the letters in the template: 1) Change the size to 24,
 2) Change the color to red of green, and 3) Change the font

 Level 2: (grades 3-8)
 ___ 1. Add a red or green “Page Border” that is “measured from text”.
        Procedure: Select Format: Borders and Shading, click the “Page Border” tab,
        then click the “Options” button (lower right corner): change the “Measured from”
        section from “Edge of Page” to “Text”: Click OK. Then select a “Setting”
        (“box”, “shadow” or “3-D”), select a style, and select a color: Click OK.
 ___ 2. Add 2 or more Christmas “Images” from a Web Site (or use Clip Art)
        that do not affect the position of the text in any way.
        Procedure: for each picture, click on the picture, then:
        - (Office 2000, XP): Select Format Picture, click “Layout”, click “Behind Text”
        - ” (Office 97): Select Format: Picture, click “Wrapping”, click “None
 ___ 3. Add a “Washout” (“Watermark”) Picture to appear in the background
        Procedure: Click on the picture, then select Format Picture, then click the
        “Picture” tab.
        - In the “Image Control” area change the Color to “Washout” (Office 2000, XP)
        - In the “Image Control” area change the Color to “Watermark” (Office 97)
        Format the picture for movement without affecting text (see step #2 above)
 Level 3: (grades 6-8) (need The Internet or Encyclopedia)
 ___ 1. Research Christmas using 3 different sources (websites).
 ___ 2. Add 1 “Interesting Fact about Christmas”.
        - rephrase facts using your own words or
        - copy text from the Web Site – this text must be put inside quotation marks
 ___ 3. Properly cite the “source” and “right align” (see sample).

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