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					                        Medina County Schools’ Educational Service Center
                                               County Service Agreement
                                              ______________ City Schools
The ___________ City School District Board of Education agrees to legislated (O.R.C. 3313.843) per pupil and
supervisory unit deductions from SF-3 payments computed by the Ohio Department of Education for Medina
County Schools' Educational Service Center services. Total estimated deduction for the _____________ City
Schools for the 2009-2010 school year equals $_________.

The Medina County Schools' Educational Service Center agrees to credit the _________ City School District
125% of the SF-3 deductions from the State Foundation for the cost of selected services in this agreement.

                                      2009-2010 ESTIMATED DATA
                  _______________ City School District Estimated ADM —
                                     125% of SF-3 Charge-off Credit —

                                                                                                     Rate           Estimated Cost

      I. Universal Services
            A.    -       Package Items* (includes all items 1-8 below)                          $6.50 /ADM                        $0
                          1.   -    Staff Development/COS Development                            $3.00    /ADM                     $0
                          2.   -    Web-Based Teacher Application Program                        $1.50    /ADM                     $0
                          3.   -    PDExpress – LPDC/IPDP Program                                $0.75    /ADM                     $0
                          4.   -    Substitute Teacher Services                                  $1.50    /ADM                     $0
                          5.   -    OSHA and BCI Services                                        $1.50    /ADM                     $0
                          6.   -    Computerized Job Descriptions                                $0.50    /ADM                     $0
                          7.   -    Media Center and Cooperative Purchasing                      $2.50    /ADM                     $0
                          8.   -    Fine Arts Tours/Festivals                                    $1.50    /ADM                     $0
*NOTE: Selection of Item A will result in the MCSESC’s development of a district budget of $1.00/ADM earmarked for the
       _____________ City Schools’ staff development initiatives .

            B.    -       Teacher Licensure/Bus Driver Physicals                                $1.50     /ADM                      $0
            C.    -       Carrier Service                                                       $2.00     /ADM                      $0
            D.    -       EDULOG License and Support                                            $1.50     /ADM                      $0
            E.    -       Cost Stabilization Account                                                                                $0
            F.    -       Administrative Meeting Account                                                                            $0

     II.     - Participation in the Preschool Handicapped Program
           B illings for Preschool Handicapped Classroom Services will be made on a ten-month cycle of even payments of
           $2,000/month starting in August and ending in May. The ESC’s Treasurer’s Office will calculate each district’s
           percentage of membership in the program in January and June and give each district a rebate option on overpayments or
           an invoice for underpayments at that time. Each district will be responsible on a monthly basis for direct service billings
           for a child’s identified specialized needs, such as OT, PT, Speech and Language Therapy, and Adaptive Physical

III.     -    Participation in the Virtual Learning Academy and Alternative School (As Needed)

IV. Direct Instructional Services
       The following selections designate the minimum number of days of service that will be provided to the __________ City
       School District during the 2009-2010 school year. Additional days of service over the days listed in this agreement will
       be provided upon the request of the Superintendent of the _____________ City Schools and the approval of the
       Superintendent of the Medina County Schools’ Educational Service Center.

        A.    -       Education Specialist (additional days)                                         Days                         $0
        B.    -       Work-Study/Transition Coordination Services                                    Days                         $0
        C.    -       Gifted and Talented Coordination                                               Days                         $0
                            $300/day (excess cost)
        D.    -       Behavioral/Autism Consulting Services                                          Days                         $0
        E.    -       Psychology Services                                                            Days                         $0
        F.    -       English as a Second Language (ESL) Services                                    Days                         $0
        G.       -    Teacher of the Deaf Instructional Services                                     Days                         $0
        H.       -    Speech and Language Therapy Services
                            (as needed/requested @ $45/hour)
        I.   -        Special Education Aide Services
                            (as needed/requested @ $14.75/hour)
        J.   -        American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Services
                            (as requested)
        K.       -    Bus/Van Driver Physicals
                            (Cost plus 5%)
        L.    -       Transition/Vocational Assessments
                            (as requested @ $395/day plus cost of the instrument)

 V. Specialized District Services
        A.    -
        B.    -
        C.    -
        D.    -
        E.    -
        F.    -

VI. School Nursing Services
        A.    -       Registered/Licensed Nursing Services                                           Hours             $0
        B.    -       Health Aide Services                                                           Hours             $0
       Nursing Services Total:                                                                                                    $0

VII. Media Resources
           -      World Book Online                                                                              $0
                     Platinum - Gold with Kids plus the U.S. History and Political Science &
                        Law Module from the Research Libraries -$0.54/student
           -      United Streaming                                                                               $0
                     $825/Building or Campus                                             Sites
           -      Bridges Choices Explorer                                                                       $0
                     $575 (Fee based on HS ADM)

VIII. Technology Department Services

     The Medina County Schools' Educational Service Center agrees to credit $1.50 per ADM to the cost of
     selected services in this section of the agreement. The $1.50/ADM total ($______) shall not exceed 25% of
     total technology services purchased.
      A.   -      Personnel
      B.   -      Technology Services and Training                                                               $0
                  Audio-Visual Equipment Maintenance and Repair
                  Summer Service Program (Cleaning and Maintenance)
                  Software Training
                  School Bus Security Camera Maintenance and Installation
                  Computer and Printer Maintenance
                  Network Wiring

                     Medina County Schools’ Educational Service Center
                                               County Service Agreement
                                                   Cost of Services

                                        ______________ City Schools

        Selected Services and Programs                                                                                           $0
        Administrative Fee (1.5%)                                                                                                $0
        Facility Fee (1.5%)                                                                                                      $0
        Minus - E.S.C. SF-3 125% Charge-off Credit:                                                                              $0
        Minus - E.S.C. ($1.50/ADM) Technology Credit:                                                                            $0

            Total Cost to the ______________ Local Schools:                                                                      $0

        The __________ City Schools will be billed 1/11 of the grand total monthly from August 2009 through June 2010. This
        agreement is subject to approval by the Ohio Department of Education and full funding by the Legislature of the State of
        Ohio equal to, or in excess of, the level funded during the previous school year. Cost of services will be adjusted based on
        actual SF-3 Charge-Off, ADM, and personnel cost. In July of 2010, the treasurer of the MCSESC will provide the
        treasurer and superintendent of the ____________ City School District with a report of expenditures and the account
        balance carryover.

Approved by the Board of Education of the ___________ City Schools:
                                                                                                                Resolution #

Approved by the Governing Board of the Medina County Schools’ ESC:
                                                                                                                Resolution #

MEDINA COUNTY SCHOOLS’                                                 _______________ CITY
EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER                                             SCHOOL DISTRICT

________________________________________                                ________________________________________
Governing Board President             Date                              Board of Education President            Date

________________________________________                                ________________________________________
Treasurer                               Date                              Treasurer                                 Date

________________________________________                                ________________________________________
Superintendent                         Date                              Superintendent                          Date


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