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									Selling Your Home
   A Guide to Value

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         <your name>, <your designations>

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                       Mission Statement
                 My Philosophy on Marketing Your Home


                     Jim Denny, REALTOR
                     Specialties: Charlotte Metro Area
                     Years in Real Estate: 12

Your home is very important to you. So when you choose an agent to help sell it, you are
making a very important decision.

That is why we have put together this information on our marketing program for you. I
am confident you will view our marketing plan as thorough, complete and innovative.

It is my personal mission to see that every seller is satisfied with the service I provide,
and that your home selling experience is one of joy and confidence. Because I am a
member of (Real Estate Company Name) you can trust that I have your best interest at
heart. In this package you will find what I do to market your home, and what we can do,
together, to make this a successful transaction.

My efforts to promote your property help generate calls specifically on your home. And
the overall program helps ensure that, when a prospective buyer needs a home in the area,
they know to call me.

I have the necessary experience, knowledge and desire to market your property to your
complete satisfaction. I certainly hope we will have the opportunity to work together.
You will not be disappointed with my effort or performance.

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more
I have of it.”
--Thomas Jefferson

                Experience. Integrity. Results.

 <Your State> Real Estate License, January 2003; Fully Licensed since
  January 1995; Specializing in Residential Sales

 “Rookie of the Year” award, First Year in Business

 Member of the Million Dollar Club

 Associate Broker Designation

 Seniors Real Estate Specialist

 MBA in Finance, Southern University

 BA in Art History, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

 12 Years of Customer Service Experience
                 <Your Company>

                       <Company Logo>


In business since <year>, <company name> excels in its services
to home buyers and sellers.


Number of Listings Taken in 2005:

Number of Listings Sold in 2005:

Number of Sales Associates:

Market Share in <your city>:


<company awards and rankings>
               What My Clients are Saying


 • “After working with you three times, I think you deserve
   some kind of medal. I have to tell you what a treat it is to
  work with someone as smart, knowledgeable, professional,
                and just plain fun as you are.”

• “<Name> has been the complete professional as both a real
   estate advisor, personal counselor, and, ultimately, a good

• “As far as we’re concerned, if you’re looking for a realtor,
                 <Name> is simply the best!”
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             Success Stories


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                    Pricing Your Home
                           What Determines Price?

    Location                                        New Construction
    Condition of Property                           Economic Trends
    Market Supply and

Fair Market Value (FVM) - The term "fair market value" generally means the price
             at which a seller will freely sell and a buyer will freely buy.
                      Marketing Your Home
Sources of buyer activity *
75%               Internet Search
50%               Reputation and referrals
21%               “For Sale” signs
11%               Newspapers and magazines
8%                Friends
6%                Knew the seller
4%                All others

* Statistics provided by the National Association of REALTORS 2005

As part of the Marketing Plan, I will…
     Perform a Comparative Market Analysis.

     Put a <Company Name> “For Sale” sign in the yard.

     List the property in the local Multiple Listing Service.

     List the property on

     List the property on

     Prepare a detailed information flyer with facts and photographs.

     Prepare a home features flyer to provide information on your property for
      agents and prospects viewing your house.

     Notify other agents about the property through:
         o E-mail
         o Personal phone calls

     Send flyers to local agencies and agents.

     Conduct Open Houses to generate buyer interest

     Place classified advertising in various home magazines when appropriate.

     Mail promotional pieces to your neighborhood.

     Offer a home warranty, if possible.
                     Marketing Your Home
                             Sample Marketing Pieces

                                             Home for Sale

                                            Place picture
                                             of property

                                   Place copy here that provides
Residential Broker                 information about the property,
                                   including how many rooms are in the
     Company Name                  home, the price, and the square
                                   footage. Announce open house dates

This should include:

           -   Flyers

           -   Postcards

           -   Direct Mail

           -   Home Feature Sheets

           -   Internet Postings

           -   Newspaper Advertising

           -   Etc.
                        Selling Tips

                       Preparing Your Home

Keep the lawn trimmed and edged.

Weed and cultivate flower gardens.

Trim shrubs and eliminate dead trees and branches.

Pick up any debris, toys and lawn equipment.

Repair any fences and gates and give them a fresh coat of paint or stain if

Have the exterior clean and attractive, the roof in good repair, and the gutters and
downspouts in good condition.

Replace any cracked windows and torn screens.

Made the entrance-way clean and inviting.

Be sure the doorbell works.

Wash down the mailbox and porch light, sweep the porch.

Be sure clothes are hung neatly and shoes and other objects are tidily arranged.

Bathrooms should be sparkling clean with no stains or mildew.

Repair the caulking in tubs and showers.

If necessary, replace shower curtain and set out fresh towels.

Bedrooms should appear neat with attractive spreads and curtains.

Remove any clutter (including wall posters) from kids’ rooms.

Use packing boxes to clean and organize the basement, attic and garage.

The kitchen should be especially clean and dishes put away.
             In Conclusion

       I Should be Your Agent Because…

- I am committed to finding the right buyer for your

- I will provide exceptional service and results.

- I have developed a comprehensive and effective
  marketing plan.

- I will conduct a thorough and accurate market analysis
  of your home.

- I have the support of <your company name>.

- I am committed to excellent customer service.

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