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					                                        RISK ASSESSMENT FORM

Please complete one sheet for each Risk Assessment

The model risk assessment form will highlight a number of hazards and recommended control
measures that have been included in the departmental document – Guidance to Schools on Security.

The form below requires amendment to reflect the hazards being faced by the school. Any control
measures already in place will be included in the current control measures.

                                                                                     Education &
Workplace                                                          Department
Risk Assessor
Room/Area              School site
Task                   Security of school site
Date                                                Review Date

Description of Hazard
Public right of way; public/open access fields adjacent to school land; open access site due to
community use or shared site; potential for physical assault; potential for verbal abuse; threatening
behaviour; vandalism to school property; debris on school property e.g. glass, etc; trespass; pupils
absconding; vandalism to vehicles; child protection issues; access to ponds; access to swimming
pools; arson; falls from height (roofs); unsecured boundary; unsecured building; the majority or all
external doors provide unsecured access to the building; temporary buildings set away from main
school building; stolen vehicles being driven on site; building layout provides hiding areas;
vegetation provides hiding areas; lack of Police response due to previous false alarms; unsociable

(It may be beneficial to include background information, for example, the number of incidents
where staff and/or pupils have threatened; near miss incidents; cost of vandalism to the school.)

Consequence of Hazard (please circle)

Minor injury      Injury       Over three-day absence       Major injury       Disability or Death

Persons at Risk

Current Control Measures

Please mark appropriate number (1 = very low, 5 = very high) and Risk Priority Rating
Frequency: 1       2       3   4   5                 Severity: 1     2     3    4    5
Risk (Frequency x Severity)
Risk Priority Rating                      High (16 – 25)      Medium (9 – 15)       Low (1 – 8)

Recommended Control Measures
    Secure the boundary by installing a fence to the standard outlined in departmental security
     guidance. If this is too costly, identify weak points in the boundary and prioritise the areas
     to be secured.
    Section 547 notice displayed.
    One clearly defined public (main) entrance and is clearly signposted.
    Pupil entrances minimised.
    Rubbish bins either chained or in a secure compound away from the school building.
    External security lighting provided for car parks.
    No screening or planting in the parking area.
    External lighting provided for pedestrian routes.
    Clear views of the main entrance are provided to office staff.
    Swimming pools is adequately fenced to prevent access.
    External doors have self closing devices.
    External doors have self locking devices and are alarmed.
    External door handles have been removed.
    Visitor access system in place and is effective.
    Risk assessment completed for roof access.
    Security measures taken to minimise/eliminate roof access.
    CCTV in place and monitored.
    Intruder alarm system has been installed.
    Fire detection system installed.
    A safe is provided and contained in an area protected by the Intruder alarm system.
    ICT Suite on upper floors.
    Computers prominently and permanently marked.
    Nominate/identify a member of staff to act as the Security Co-ordinator for the school.
    Develop emergency action plan that is to be followed in response to a security incident.
    Briefing given to staff and pupils on security of the school site.

Further information can be obtained from the Guidance to Schools on Security document and also
from the useful contacts contained in that document.

Revised Risk Priority Rating
                              High (16 – 25) Medium (9 – 15)               Low (1 – 8)
   (F) x (S) =
Management action taken and implementation date(s)

Signature of Manager

Name of Manager



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