2012 London Olympics Project Management

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					    Job No: 52259  Date: 1108 


                     Marshgate Lane - Olympics 2012 Relocation
                     East London, UK 

                     ikon was commissioned to provide project management
                     services for the relocation of a highly specialised printing
                     firm from their current facility as part of the site clearance                         The brief: 
                                                                                                            ikon was appointed as 
                     for the main stadium site in Stratford for the 2012
                                                                                                            project manager to liaise 
                     Olympics. The project included technical due diligence                                 with the client and monitor 
                     and monitoring of the base build, construction of a new                                the base build scheme on 
                                                                                                            behalf of the new Landlord 
                     9290 sq m factory and then project management of the
                                                                                                            in parallel with developing 
                     bespoke fit-out to meet the occupiers highly specialised                               the tenant fit-out 
                     requirements - in particular environmental control for                                 specification with the design 
                                                                                                            team then overseeing the 
                     temperature and humidity were absolutely critical.
                                                                                                            installation and relocation of 
                                                                                                            the business. 

                     Client:                    London Development Agency
                     Service:                   Project Management, Technical Due Diligence, 
                                                Cost Consultancy and Move Management 
                     Project Cost:              £5 Million 

                    ikon's role also extended to the careful programme management and co-
                    ordination of the phased move over some six months into the new property to 
                    ensure continuity of trade for the tenant. 

                                                R E G E N E R A T I O N . P R O P E R T Y . H O U S I N G

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