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									                                           ECERS-R Individual Classroom Profile
                                       Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - Revised

Directions: Complete the identification information and record the scores for each sub-scale item as listed on the current ECERS-R
classroom profile/assessment. Submit a completed copy via email to Kathryn. Use this data to complete the annual ECERS-R plan.

   School:                              Teacher:                                       Observation Date:

I. SPACE AND FURNISHINGS                            SCORE             V. INTERACTION                                       SCORE
1. Indoor space                                                       29. Supervision of gross motor activities
2. Furniture for routine care, play, and learning                     30. General supervision (other than gross motor)
3. Furnishings for relaxation and comfort                             31. Discipline
4. Room arrangement for play                                          32. Staff-child interactions
5. Space for privacy                                                  33. Interactions among children
6. Child-related display                                                               AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE             #DIV/0!
7. Space for gross motor play
8. Gross motor equipment                                              VI. PROGRAM STRUCTURE                                SCORE
                  AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE           #DIV/0!           34. Schedule
                                                                      35. Free Play
II. PERSONAL CARE ROUTINES                          SCORE             36. Group Time
9. Greeting/departing                                                 37. Provisions for children with disabilities
10. Meals/snacks
11. Nap/rest
12. Toileting/diapering                                                               AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE              #DIV/0!
13. Health practices
14. Safety practices
                 AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE            #DIV/0!                      SCORE (the average of all items scored)   #DIV/0!

III. LANGUAGE - REASONING                           SCORE
15. Books and pictures
16. Encouraging children to communicate                               Strength= >3
17. Using language to develop reasoning skills                        Area to Strengthen= <4
18. Informal use of language
                 AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE            #DIV/0!           All items with a score of 3 or lower must be addressed
                                                                      on the annual ECERS-R plan.
IV. ACTIVITIES                                      SCORE
19. Fine Motor
20. Art
21. Music/movement
23. Sand/water
24. Dramatic play
25. Nature/science
26. Math/number
27. Use of T.V., video, and/or computers
28. Promoting acceptance of diversity
                 AVERAGE SUB-SCALE SCORE            #DIV/0!
                                                         Early Language & Literacy Classroom Observation

Directions: Complete the identification information and record the scores for each sub-scale item as listed on the current ELLCO classroom
assessment. Submit a completed copy via email to Kathryn. Use this data to complete the annual ELLCO plan.

       School:                                               Teacher:                                          Observation Date:
Literacy Environment Checklist                                          SCORE      Classroom Observation                                                SCORE
Book Area                                                                          General Classroom Environment
1. Is an area set aside just for book reading?                                     1. Organization of the Classroom
2. Is the area where boooks are locatted orderly and inviting?                     2. Contents of the Classroom

3. Does the area where books are located have soft materials?                      3. Presence and Use of Technology*

         (Strength >2, Need to Strengthen <2) Book AreaTotal:             0        4. Opportunities for Child Choice and Initiative
Book Selection                                                                     5. Classroom Management Strategies
4. Do the books in the classroom range in difficulty level?                        6. Classroom Climate
5. How many books are easily available to children?                                                  General Classroom Environment Sub Total:             0
6. How many books convey factual information?                                      Language, Literacy, and Curriculum

7. Are there three or more books related to the current theme?                     7. Oral Language Facilitation

              (Strength >6, Need to Strengthen <3)                                 8. Presence of Books
                                            Book Selection Total:         0        9P. Approaches to Book Reading
Book Use                                                                           10P. Approaches to Children's Writing
8. How many books are available in the science area?                               11. Approaches to Curriculum

9. How many books are available in the dramatic play area?                         12. Recognizing Diversity in the Classroom

10. How many books are available in the block area?                                13. Facilitating Home Support for Literacy
11. How many books are available in other areas(not including
                                                                                   14. Approaches to Assessment
the book area)?
12. Is there a place for children to listen to recorded
                                                                                                 Language, Literacy, and Curriculum Sub Total:            0
               (Strength >6, Need to Strengthen <3) Book Use Total:       0           (For Each Item 1-14: Strength >3, Need to Strengthen <3)
Writing Materials                                                                        *Omitted from the General Classroom Environment Sub Total
13. Is an alphabet visible?                                                                                  Classroom Observation Total:                 0
14. Are there word cards with names or familiar words?

15. Are there templates or tools to help children form letters?                    Literacy Activities Rating Scale                                     SCORE

16. How many varieties of paper are available for writing?                         Book Reading
17. How many varieties of writing tools are available?                             1. How many full-group book-reading sessions did you observe?
                                                                                   2. What was the total number of minutes spent on full-group
18. Is a distinct area set up and functioning for writing?
                                                                                   book reading?
                                                                                   3. What was the total number of books read during the full-group
      (Strength >6, Need to Strengthen <3) Writing Materials Total:       0
                                                                                   book-reading sessions?
                                                                                   4. Did you observe an adult engaged in one-to-one book reading
Writing Around the Room
                                                                                   or small-group book reading?
19. How many varieties of teacher dictation are on display in the                  5. Is time set aside for children to look at books alone or with a
classroom?                                                                         friend?

20. How many charts, big books, or other evidence of full-group
                                                                                       (Strength >6, Need to Strengthen <3) Book Reading Total:           0
literacy are there in the classroom?

21. How many varieties of children's writing are on display in the

22a. Are there writing tools in the dramatic play or block area?                   6. Did you see children include writing in their play?

22b. Are there props that prompt children to write in the dramatic
                                                                                   7. Did you see children attempoting to write letters or words?
play or block area?
23. Are there alphabet puzzles available for children's use?                       8. How many times did you see an adult help a child write?

24. Are there puzzles with words available for children's use?                     9. Did an adult model writing?

              (Strength >9, Need to Strengthen <4)                                               (Strength >3, Need to Strengthen <3)
 Total                                                                    0                                                            Writing Total:     0
              Literacy Environment Checklist Total:                       0                       Literacy Activities Rating Scale Total:                 0

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