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									                         TABLE OF CONTENTS

Basic Needs
      Food         …….. ………………………………………………………. 2
      Clothing     …….. ………………………………………………………. 3
      Shelter      …….. ………………………………………………………. 4
      Utilities    …….. ………………………………………………………. 4

Community Resources …….. …………………………………………………… 5

Counseling Services
     Anger Management ……………………………………………………… 6
     Children’s    …….. ……………………………………………………… 7
     Domestic/Family Violence …………………………………………….. 7
     Parenting and Neglect …………………………………………………. 8
     Substance Abuse …….. ………………………………………………. 9
     Residential Treatment/Sober Living Facilities ……………………...10

Disabled and Medical Services ………………………………………………11
      In-home Caregivers/Nursing ………….. …………………………….. 13

Education and Training   ……………………………………………………… 14

Employment Services      ………………………………………………………16

Hot Lines          …….. ……………………………………………………… 17

Infant and Children’s Services ………………………………………………19
        Child Care …….. ……………………………………………………….20

Legal Services     …….. ……………………………………………………… 21

Pregnancy Care and Family Planning ………………………………………… 22

Recreation         …….. ……………………………………………………… 23

Senior Services    …….. ……………………………………………………… 24

Social Services    …….. ……………………………………………………… 25

Support Groups     …….. ……………………………………………………… 26

Teens Services     …….. ……………………………………………………… 27

Transportation     …….. ……………………………………………………… 28

07/05                            1

Food Pantry                                        Senior Lunch Programs
Community Church                                   Hot lunches for Senior Citizens weekdays,
21001 Conklin Blvd                                 low fee donations, reservations requested
Cal City    760-373-2346
                                                   Boron Senor Center
East Kern Resource Center                          27177 20 Mule Team Rd
15662 “K” St                                       760-762-5501
Mojave       661-824-4118
                                                   Mabel Davis Senior Center
Food Referrals                                     10221 Heather Ave, Cal City
Salvation Army                                     760-373-4585 (Marie Travis)
8525 Cal City Blvd, Cal City
760-373-4116 hrs 10-12                             Mojave Seniors
                                                   15580 “O” St, Mojave
Salvation Army                                     661-824-4818
Tehachapi Call for appt 9 - 11
661-823-9508 – ask for Marget                      Rosamond Senior Center
                                                   2500 West 20th St
Commodities                                        661-256-0557 (Janette Rice)
Bulk surplus foods, id and proof of local
residency required.                                Tehachapi Senior Center
                                                   500 E “F” St (Dianne King )
New Life Assembly of God Church                    661-822-6255 or 822-5412
21924 Calhoun Dr, Cal City
1st Saturday monthly 10-12                         WIC
                                                   Limited food vouchers for qualified low
Mojave Park (Vet B uilding)                        income infants, children under 5 and
3rd Wednesday at 11:00 am                          pregnant/nursing mothers . Call 1-866-327-
                                                   3074 for information or appointment.
Hummel Hall
                                                   Community Recreation Building
2500 W 20th St, Rosamond
                                                   26998 John St, Boron
2nd Fri after the 1st Mon 8:00 am
West Park Activity Center
                                                   WIC Office
490 West “D” St, Tehachapi
                                                   21007 Nemophila #A, Cal City
Tue before the 3rd Wed 11:30 am
Meals on Wheels
Week day delivery of hot meals to home
                                                   Mojave Veteran’s Hall
bound seniors. Low cost donation. Call             15580 “O” St, Mojave
local Senior Center.                               661-363-4850

07/05                                        2
Parks & Recreation Building                        CLOTHING
3200 Glendower, Rosamond                           Salvation Army
661-363-4850                                       8525 Cal City Blvd, Cal City
                                                   760-373-4116 call & leave message
Veteran’s Hall
125 E “F” St, Tehachapi                            For Goodness Sake Thrift Store
661-363-4850                                       2304 Inyo, Mojave
Grace Resource Center
Grace’s Closet                                     Mojave Thrift Store
45134 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster                        16012 Sierra Highway, Mojave
661-940-5272                                       661-824-9280
States will serve client’s needs as north as
Cantil. Food giveaway Tue & Thur 10:00 &           East Kern Resource Center
1 pm. Hot meals Wed Fri & Sun. Clients
must have ID and SS cards for everyone in          15662 “K” St, Mojave
household. Clothing and household goods            661-824-4118
store. Limited hours; Delivery options;
ACCESS for homeless 661-942-2758.                  First Baptist Church
Operation Fresh Start 661-940-5275                 2787 20th St West, Rosamond
Assistance to help TA NF clients get and
keep jobs. Not a county program. Call and          661-256-2469
verify availability of any resource and
day/times.                                         Help and Hope
                                                   20436 Brian Way, Tehachapi
Salvation Army                                     661-822-7805
4417 Wilson Rd          661-837-4243
Bakersfield                                        St. Vincent de Paul
Utilities/March – May rent assistance,             122 S Green St, Tehachapi
clothing. Hours services offered vary by           661-822-7083
office; many by appointment only*.
Calif. City/Mojave      760-373-4116               Salvation Army
Ridgecrest              760-375-7219               213 East “E” St, Tehachapi
Tehachapi               661-823-9508               822-9508

                                                   Sharing and Caring
                                                   311½ Curry St, Tehachapi

                                                   Tehachapi ARC Thrift Store
                                                   313 West F, Tehachapi

                                                   Tehachapi Hosp Guild Thrift Shop
                                                   115 West E St, Tehachapi

07/05                                          3
Low Income Public Housing
(LIPH) 661-631-8500                               Assistance Programs
Housing Authority of Kern Cty                     Assistance programs can provide one time
                                                  emergency payments (funds often limited or
601 24th St Bakersfield                           seasonal) and/or discounted rates to low
Low income housing developments
                                                  income families.
throughout Kern Cty Apply in person.
Usually waiting list.
                                                  California Alternate Rates for
Kern County Fair Housing Dept                     Energy (CARE) - Family Electric
Outside Bakersfield 661-862-5299                  Rate Assistance (FERA) Program
                                                  PG & E              800-743-5000
Section 8 Housing Assistance                      SCE                 800-447-6620
Rent assistance for low income families.          The Gas Co          800-427-2200
Current waiting list closed 4/05. Estimate        CARE - 20% discount for low income
wait time for those on list is 2 – 3 years.       households. FERA – discount for lower or
                                                  middle income households of 3 or more.
Homeless Shelters
Bakersfield Homeless Center                       Home Emergency Assi stance Program
1600 East Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield                (HEAP) 2122 “Q” St. Bakersfield
661-322-9281                                      661- 336-5203 or contact local utility co.
Men/women/children                                For customers on TANF, food stamps,
                                                  SSI/SSP, SSA, or limited income. Provides
                                                  emergency payment assistance or
Bakersfield Rescue Mission                        weat heriz ation services
Men 830 Beale Ave   661-325-0863
Women 820 E 21 St 661-325-4565                    Salvation Army Reach
                                                  Emergency energy assistance only
Battered Women’s Shelters                         800-933-9677 or local Salvation A rmy
Secure shelt er for battered women &
                                                  Universal Lifeline – lower telephone
                                                  rates for low income households. Contact
Alliance against Family Violence                  local telephone company.
1921 19th St, Bakersfield
661-322-0931 (office)

High Desert Women’s Center
134 S China Lake Bl, Ridgecrest
760-371-1969 (office)

Home Improvement Loans
KC Community & Economic
Development Department
2700 M St #250 Bakersfield
661-862-5024; 862-5062
0% loans for lower income homeowners to
rehabilitate substandard housing.

07/05                                         4
                              COMMUNITY RESOURCES
American Red Cross                                   Kern Adult Literacy Council
Bakersfield – Kern Chapter                           331 "18th" St. Bakersfield
239 18th St 661-324-6427                             M-Th 9am-6pm       661-324-3213
800-498-4882                                         Walk-ins; no fees; can check out materials.
                                                     Basic literacy, ESL, GED tutoring – one on
Palmdale – Antelope Valley Chapter
                                                     one or small group. Volunteers needed
2715 Avenue P East 661-267-0650                      especially for outlying areas.                           
Provide temporary food and shelter to
families and individual in crisis due to a
                                                     Kern County Collaborative
natural disaster or fire
                                                     2000 “K” St Bakersfield
Clinica Sierra Vista – East Kern                     661-636-4488
15662 “K” St. Mojave
661-824-4118 or 800-711-0113                         Kern County Public Libraries
AFLP and Cal-Learn programs; all
ages/income Link to services at: Women’s
                                                     California Cit y 9507 Cal City Blvd
Cent er-High Desert, Desert Counseling               760-373-4757
Clinic, College Community Services, Haven            Mojave 16916 ½ Highway 14
Counseling, HEARTS Connection.                       661-824-2243
                                                     Ridgecrest 131 E Las Flores
Community Action Partnership of                      760-384-580
Kern (formerly KCEOC)                                Rosamond 3611 Rosamond Blvd
Bakersfield 300 19th St                              661-256-3236
661-336-5236                                         Tehachapi 1001 W Tehachapi Bl
Helpline 661-336-5200                                661-822-4938

East Kern Cancer Assistance                          Salvation Army
760-373-4987                                         Bakersfield
Financial assistance for victims of cancer           4417 Wilson Rd          661-837-4243
                                                     Calif. City/Mojave      760-373-4116
East Kern Resource Center                            Ridgecrest              760-375-7219
15662 “K” St. Mojave                                 Tehachapi               661-823-9508
661-824-4118                                         Utilities/March – May rent assistance,
Link to resources and servic es for local area       clothing. Hours services offered vary by
                                                     office; many by appointment only*.
Goodwill Industries
880 N China Lake Bl Ridgecrest                       Tehachapi Family Health Center
760-375-4848                                         115 West E St 661-823-7070
                                                     Link to other community resources;
                                                     assistance with MediCal and Healthy
IWV Family Resource Center                           Families application; Kern Medical and
301 Sandora Ridgecrest                               Healt h Net assistance

07/05                                            5
                             COUNSELING PROVIDERS
Counseling is a combination of one-on-one and group sessions supervised by a licensed
counselor/therapist for purpose of behavior modification. A court order for counseling must
include at least two (2) hours per week of contact with the counselor/ therapist for at least and
no less than six (6) months. Multiple orders for counseling may result in attending more than 2
hrs per week of individual & group counseling to complete the programs. Should you choose to
access services from a provider not listed here or accept services other those listed as approved
for the provider, you risk not meeting your court ordered requirements; refer to your minute
orders. *Providers meet certification requirements. Mental Health providers can serve clients
with serious & persistent mental illness, confirmed substance abuse or Probation orders.

                                   Anger Management
*College Community Services                         *Legacy Behavioral Services
California City      8101 Bay Ave                   Mojave 15664 “K” St. #2 & 4
760-373-2979 or 866-503-9191                        661-221-0472
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #133                        Ridgecrest 544 Drummond Ave. #B
760-499-7406                                        760-499-1909
Rosamond/Mojave 2689 Sierra Hwy                     Substance & physical abuse/neglect
661-256-7208 or 888-459-0002                        counseling program; domestic violence
                                                    counseling; anger management;
Tehachapi       113 East F St                       parenting/neglect course. 52-week
661-822-8223                                        Abuse/Neglect program for Probation
Substance abuse and/or mental health
counseling for clients with serious &
persistent ment al illness and/or confirmed
                                                    *Paul McWilliams, LCSW
substance abuse issues.                             661-823-0661; 800-879-9207
                                                    Country Oak Counseling 20412
*Haven Counseling Center                            Brian Way Ste1A, Tehachapi
730 Chester Ave.    661-327-4711
“H” St. Bakersfield 661-327-1951                    Positive Solutions
Child Protection Course (6 mo. group                661-303-6281
counseling) meets court requirements for
Failure to Protect, Neglect, Physical Abuse
                                                    20430 Brian Wy #3, Tehachapi
Awareness and Physical Abuse (perp must
also take Anger Management); Failure to             *Professional Group
Protect sexual abus e counseling; must be           1412 17th St #220, Bakersfield
enrolled in/have completed Parenting class.
Child endangerment 52-week program for              661-324-1982
Probation                                           Substance abuse/anger management
                                                    $40/$25 per session; Child endangerment &
                                                    domestic violence 52-week programs for
*Kern County Mental Health                          Probation
2151 College Ave, Bakersfield
Intake assessment at this site; sliding scale
fee; Counseling for children and adults

07/05                                           6
College Community Services                         Henrietta Weill Child Guidance
California City      8101 Bay Ave                  Clinic 3628 Stockdale Hwy, Bkfd
760-373-2979 or 866-503-9191                       661-322-1021 Children's services only
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #133
760-499-7406                                       Kern County Mental Health
Rosamond/Mojave 2689 Sierra Hwy                    2151 College Ave, Bakersfield
661-256-7208 or 888-459-0002                       661-868-8080
Tehachapi       113 East F St                      Intake assessment at this site

                              Domestic/Family Violence
*Alliance Against Family Violence                  *Kern County Mental Health
& Sexual Assault                                   2151 College Ave, Bakersfield
1921 "19 " St Bakersfield 661-322-0931             661-868-8080
24 hr. Hotline 1-800-273-7713                      Intake assessment at this site; sliding scale
Domestic violence & sexual assault victim          fee; Counseling for children and adults
counseling; support groups; all services
voluntary only/ no fee; Learning to Prot ect       *Legacy Behavioral Services
for CPS clients.
                                                   Mojave 15664 “K” St. #2 & 4
*College Community Services                        661-221-0472
California City      8101 Bay Ave                  Ridgecrest 544 Drummond Ave. #B
760-373-2979 or 866-503-9191                       760-499-1909
                                                   Substance & physical abuse/neglect
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #133                       counseling program; domestic violence
760-499-7406                                       counseling; anger management;
Rosamond/Mojave 2689 Sierra Hwy                    parenting/neglect course. 52-week
661-256-7208 or 888-459-0002                       Abuse/Neglect program for Probation
Tehachapi       113 East F St
661-822-8223                                       *Professional Group
Substance abuse and/or mental health                1412 17th St #220 Bakersfield
counseling for clients with serious &              661-324-1982
persistent ment al illness and/or confirmed        Substance abuse/anger management; Child
substance abuse issues                             endangerment & domestic violence 52-week
                                                   programs for Probation
*Haven Counseling Center
730 Chester Ave. 661-327-4711                      Women's Center High Desert
“H” St, Bakersfield 661 327-1951                   760-371-1969 (business office)
Child Protection Course (6 mo. group               134 S. China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest
counseling) meets court requirements for           Domestic violence shelt er; Generation X
Failure to Protect, Neglect, Physical Abuse        parent/youth education/ment oring; victim
Awareness and Physical Abuse (perp must
                                                   services only
also take Anger Management); Failure to
Protect sexual abus e counseling; must be
                                                   Domestic Violence 24 hr. Hotline
enrolled in/have completed Parenting class;        760-375-7525
Child endangerment 52-week program for             Sexual Assault 24 hr. Hotline
Probation                                          760-375-0745

07/05                                          7
                            PARENTING AND NEGLECT
                        *Meets Parenting & Neglect requirements

Adolescent Family Life Program                    *Ebony Counseling Center
(AFLP)                                            1301 California Ave, Bakersfield
Offered by Clinica Sierra Vista                   661-324-4756
Bakersfield          661-324-0293                 Anger management/neglect - 13 weeks
Mojave               661-824-4118                 Weds. 8:30-10am & 1-2:30pm; $25
                                                  enrollment, sliding scale fees/$5-$15;
Only for pregnant/parenting teens 12-19
                                                  mandatory substanc e abuse education

*Bakersfield Adult School                         *Haven Counseling Center
501 S. Mt. Vernon Ave, Bakersfield                730 Chester Ave Bakersfield
661-835-1855                                      661-327-4711
                                                  Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, 10am-
*Bakersfield Homeless Center                      noon; $15 int ake + sliding scale fees
1600 E Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield
661-322-9199                                      IWV Family Resource Center
Parenting, neglect and anger management           301 Sandora Ridgecrest
for clients with an open B HC case                760-375-4357

*Bakersfield Rescue Mission for                   *K C Mental Health (SART)
Women                                             1401 "L" St. Bakersfield
820 E "21st" St   661-325-4565                    661-868-6100
                                                  Parenting/neglect classes for clients in
                                                  substance abuse treatment program
*Michelle Corbett/Joni Barlow
                                                  Prenatal Program for pregnant/parenting
Serving eastern Kern County                       women with children 0-17 yrs
661-717-4469 or 760-608-2956
                                                  Legacy Behavioral Services
*College Community Services                       Mojave 15664 “K” St. #2 & 4
California City      8101 Bay Ave                 661-221-0472
760-373-2979 or 866-503-9191                      Ridgecrest 544 Drummond Ave. #B
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #133                      760-499-1909
760-499-7406                                      Substance & physical abuse/neglect
Rosamond/Mojave 2689 Sierra Hwy                   counseling program; domestic violence
661-256-7208 or 888-459-0002                      counseling; anger management;
                                                  parenting/neglect course. 52-week
Tehachapi       113 East F St                     Abuse/Neglect program for Probation
Substance abuse and/or mental health
counseling for clients with serious &             Mojave Unified School District
persistent ment al illness and/or confirmed       3500 Douglas, Mojave 661-824-4001
substance abuse issues.
                                                  *Women's Center High Desert
*East Kern classes thru Haven                     661-371-1969
East Kern Family Resource Center                  134 S. China Lake Blvd., Ridgecrest
15662 “K ” St. Mojave      661-824-4118           Parenting & neglect classes-STEP program
Tehachapi School District Office                  Child Abuse Prevention HELP
400 S Snyder Tehachapi 661-822-2240               LINE 760-375-7100 collect calls

07/05                                         8
                                    Substance Abuse
*College Community Services                        *Legacy Behavioral Services
California City      8101 Bay Ave                  Mojave 15664 “K” St. #2 & 4
760-373-2979 or 866-503-9191                       661-221-0472
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #133                       Ridgecrest 544 Drummond Ave. #B
760-499-7406                                       760-499-1909
Rosamond/Mojave 2689 Sierra Hwy                    Substance & physical abuse/neglect
661-256-7208 or 888-459-0002                       counseling program; domestic violence
                                                   counseling; anger management;
Tehachapi       113 East F St                      parenting/neglect course. 52-week
661-822-8223                                       Abuse/Neglect program for Probation
Substance abuse and/or mental health
counseling for clients with serious &
persistent ment al illness and/or confirmed
                                                   *Professional Group
substance abuse issues.                            1412 17th St #220 Bakersfield
*Ebony Counseling Center                           Substance abuse/anger management
                                                   $40/$25 per session; Child endangerment &
1301 California Ave Bakersfield                    domestic violence 52-week programs for
661-324-4756                                       Probation
Substance abuse education, counseling for
                                                   * *Restoration Village
                                                   1700 Golden State Ave, Bakersfield
NAPD Genesis Group
1909 "16th" St Bakersfield                         Substance abuse counseling, parenting,
661-325-4004                                       neglect, anger management in residential or
Outpatient/Sober Living for KRC clients only       outpatient

*Kennemer Center/PAR                               *Tabitha’s House
1100 Union Ave, Bakersfield                        1415 18th St. #510 Bakersfield
661-861-6111                                       661-637-1165
Substance abuse and/or mental health               Substance abuse counseling in residential
counseling for adults with serious &               or out patient
persistent ment al illness or confirmed
substance abuse issues in residential

*Kern County Mental Health -
1401 "L" St. Bakersfield
Substance abuse counseling at this site only

07/05                                          9
            *State certified to assess and provide substance abuse treatment.

*Casa Maria Serena (661) 864-1698               *Safe Haven (661) 832-6835
*Capistrano (661) 832-8504                      *Salvation Army (661) 325-8626
*CBCC (661) 832-8504                            *Second Genesis (661) 633-5130
*Exodus House (661) 633-5130                    *Turning Point Res. Center-males
*Friese Recovery Home                           11-17 yrs    (909) 473-8676
(661) 633-5130                                  *Wagon Wheel Inn (760) 376-2392
*Hannah's Haven (661) 325-7461                  *Willows (661) 832-3098
*Lincoln Street (661) 869-1795
  Pregnant to 60 days post-partum               MALE / FEMALE/Families
Seed Of Life (661) 323-0435                     *Alt. Solutions Ed. Clinicians
*Serenity House (661) 864-1698                  (661) 325-2732
                                                *Bakersfield Rescue Mission
MALE ONLY                                        (661) 325-4565
*Armenta Corp (661) 322-9454                    *Golden State Transition Ctr
*Casa de Amigos (661) 633-0226                   (661) 854-2250
*CBCC (661) 325-1817                            *Kennemer /Turning Point
*Jason’s Retreat (661) 322-0519                 (661) 861-6111 - Dual-diagnosis;
*Lance’s Haven (661) 366-0605                   living skills for self-sufficiency
*Lighthouse (661) 397-1218                      Righteous Connection
*Positive Visions (661) 321-0558                 (661) 399-6082
*Psalmist House (661) 831-1294                  *Tabitha’s House (661) 864-1618
*Ryan’s Retreat (661) 325-7461                  *Teen Challenge (661) 399-2273

07/05                                     10
                        DISABLED and MEDICAL SERVICES
AIDS/HIV – Pastor Ron Sparks                              H.E.A.R.T.S. Connection
760-373-2346                                              Bakersfield 661-328-9055
Very knowledgeable of AIDS/HIV resources                  800-210-7633
                                                          Mojave 15662 K St
Access for Infants and Mothers                            661-824-2874
(AIM)                                                     Tehachapi 661-823-1972
800-433-2611 for info & application                       Provide services to families with children
Provides health care to uninsured pregnant                with special needs
women whose income is too high for no cost
MediCal; also provides health care for the                East Kern Healthcare District
baby for up to 2 years
Care-A-Van Mobile Health Clinic                           Kern County Society for Crippled
44733 N Date Ave, Lancaster                               Children & Adults
661-942-2391                                              1819 Brundage Ln, Bakersfield
Mobile health clinic serving East Kern area
Call for times and appointment                            661-322-5595
                                                          Loans equipment; speech therapy, aid,
                                                          transportation and summer camp for
Child Health and Disability                               handicapped children
Prevention (CHDP)
800-974-2717; 661-868-0305                                Kern Medical Center (KMC)
Preventative health assessment for                        1830 Flower St , Bakersfield
California Infants, Children and Teens                    661-326-2000
Some income and healt h care coverage                     Kern County’s only County Hospital

Deaf Access Assistance Program                            Kern Lifeline Project
661-327-3781 (TDD/V)                                      355 ”Q” St, Bakersfield
                                                          661-324-3262 or 800-266-3262
CA Department of Rehabilitation                           HIV+ and AIDS case management/referral
1400 N Norma St # 105
Ridgecrest 760-446-7099                                   Kern Linkage Program - KCMH
1405 Commercial Wy #120                                   2525 N. Chester Ave # C,
Bakersfield 661-395-2525                                  Bakersfield 661-868-1840
Retraining Services for injured workers who               Outreach program/case management
cannot return to previous employment                      services to homeless mentally ill/addiction-
                                                          substance abuse
Healthy Families
Mojave 2340 Highway 58                                    Kern County Public Health Dept
661-824-7500                                              Mojave - 1775 Highway 58
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #123                              661-824-7066
760-499-5200                                              Ridgecrest 250 W Ridgecrest Bl
Mail in application        888-747-1222                   760-375-5157
Low cost health coverage for children not eligible        Tehachapi 125 East F St
for no cost MediCal. Monthly premiums are a
maximum of $27 per family per m onth. Income              661-822-3005
limits apply.

07/05                                                11
MediCal                                                State Disability Insurance (SDI)
Mojave 2340 Highway 58                                 Apply at any EDD
661-824-7500                                           or call 800-480-3237
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #123                           Partial wage replacement insurance plan for
760-499-5200                                           California workers funded through payroll
                                                       deductions. Provides benefits to eligible
Mail in application 888-747-1222                       work ers who are unable to work due to NON
No cost health insurance for low income                WORK relat ed injury or illness.
children, pregnant women and families        
without medical insurance.

Medicare                                               California Smokers Helpline
Cont act Social Security Administration                800-662-8887

Medically Indigent Adult (MIA)                         Tehachapi Valley Healthcare
Medical assistance for adults with little or no        District
income who do not qualify for MediCal                  115 E St   661-823-3000
Services provided at Kern Medical Center               www.t
Apply at KMC – Bakers field
                                                       Tehachapi Hospital
Ridgecrest Hospital                                    115 W E St 661-322-3241
1981 N China Lake Rd

Rural Health Centers
Cal City 9350 N Loop
Mojave 22041 Belshaw
Tehachapi 105 West E St

Social Security Administration
Toll Free 7 am-7 pm 800-772-1213
5300 Office Park Dr. 661-861-4242
246 Bernard St.      661-861-4315
44451 N 20th St West 661-940-8534

Stop Smoking Programs
1-800-NO BUTTS

07/05                                             12
                         In-Home Caregivers/Nursing

Around the Clock                                    Sue’s In-Home Care
661-324-4277; 661-395-5800;                         Ridgecrest - 760-371-2595
877-223-2825                                        Call for info and free assessment
In home care – Cal City, Mojave &
Rosamond                                            Sun Plus Home Care
AV Home Care
661-949-5938                                        Valley Caregiver Resource
Nursing ser vices, physical therapy speech          Center
therapy, occupation therapy, personal care
                                                    8016 Cal City Blvd Cal City
AV Home with Love and Care                          760-373-2958
                                                    Caregivers for brain impairment;
661-948-1917                                        Information & Referral, suppor t groups,
Hospice, elderly and general home care              respite care, diagnosis/re-evaluation

In Home Supportive Services                         Visiting Nurse Association of Los
(IHSS) KC Aging and Adult Services                  Angeles
661-868-1000                                        661-949-3411
Provides services to assist eligible aged,
blind persons or persons wit h disabilities         Serves Rosamond, Mojave only
who are unable to remain safely in their own        Personal care, nursing care, physical therapy
homes without assistance                            speech therapy, occupational therapy,
Sanderson Assisted In Home
Ridgecrest 760-375-4511
Will come to Cal City

07/05                                          13
                            EDUCATION and TRAINING
Kern Adult Literacy Council                        Vocational Education:
331 "18th" St. Bakersfield                         Antelope Valley College (AVC)
M-Th 9am-6pm 661-324-3213                          3041 W Ave K, Lancaster
Walk-ins; no fees; can check out materials.        661-772-6300 www.
Basic literacy, ESL, GED tutoring.
Volunteers needed                                  Bakersfield Adult School
                                                   501 S. Mt Vernon, Bakersfield
Basic Education:                                   661-835-1855
High School Diploma – Adults
Mojave Adult Sch 3228 Douglas                      Bakersfield College (BC)
661-824-9351                                       1801 Panorama Dr 661-395-4011
Rosamond - So. Kern Adult School                   www.bak ersfieldcollege. edu
3056 Glendower 661-256-5090
Tehachapi Adult Sch 400 Synder                     Cerro Coso Community College
661-822-2124                                       CC Online 760-934-2796
Bakersfield Adult Sch                    
2727 “F” St 661-861-1151                           Indian Wells Campus, Ridgecrest
                                                   3000 College Heights 760-384-6100
GED – General Education Diploma                    South Kern Campus, Edwards AFB
Lancaster - AV Adult School                        140 Medusa Ave 661-258-8644
45110 N 3rd St East 661-942-3042         
Lancaster – Antelope Valley College                Employers Training Resource
3041 W Ave K 661-722-6300 x6238
Cerro Coso College (on-line)                       Vocational work force training to qualified
760-258-8644                                       individuals. Attend orientation at Stockdale
Bakersfield Adult Sch                              Career Service Center (CS C) or Sout h East
2727 “F” St 661-861-1151                           CSC. Call ot her CSC for information.
ESL – Engli sh a s a Second Language
AV Adult School         661-942-3042               Kern County Regional Occupation
AV College              661-722-6300               Program (KCROP)
Bakersfield College 661-395-4011                   Office - 15926 “K” St, Mojave
Mojave High Sch         661-824-4088               661-824 –9313
So Kern Adult School 661-256-5090                  Computer Applications (Boron,
Tehachapi High Sch 661-822-2130                    Mojave, Rosamond)
Call school for information. Programs              Cosmetology (Lancaster Beauty College)
frequently change.                                 Keyboarding (Mojave)
                                                   Medical Terminology
High School Diploma – Teens                        (Mojave/Rosamond)
(Alternative programs 16-19 yrs)                   Medical Office (Mojave)
Mojave - Mt. View High School                      Nursing Assistant (Tehachapi)
3228 Douglas 661-824-9351                          Welding (Mojave)
Tehachapi - Monroe High School                     Vocational training for High School Juniors
400 S Snyder 661-822-2124                          and Senior; listed classes are offered in
Rosamond - Rare Earth HS                           evenings and open to adults. Other classes
                                                   available for HS students during school
3082 Glendower 661-256-5090

07/05                                         14
Other:                                               US Army
California State University                          3611 Stockdale #1, Bakersfield
Bakersfield (CSUB)                                   661-834-2773
9001 Stockdale Highway                               44509 Valley Central Way
661-664-2011                            Lancaster 661-945-3631
                                                     2861 Diamond St # 14A
CSUB Antelope Valley                                 Rosamond 661-256-0147
43909 30th St. West                        
Lancaster 661-952-5000                                     US Marine Corp
                                                     3611 Stockdale, Bakersfield
Military Recruiters                                  661-835-9547
Cont act recruiter for training opportunities        3501 Mall View, Bakersfield
and education assistance benefits.                   661-872-5572
California National Guard                            44513 Valley Central Way
1512 S “P” St Bakersfield                            Lancaster 661-942-1513
                                                     US Navy
US Air Force                                         3510 Mall View, Bakersfield
3611 Stockdale, Bakersfield                          661-872-0412
661-831-2957                                         44513 Valley Central Way
44509 Valley Central Way                             Lancaster 661-942-6111
Lancaster 661-948-8227                     

07/05                                           15
                              EMPLOYMENT SERVICES
America’s Job Bank                                  Service Corps of Retire
www.ajb.                                     Executives (SCORE)
Nationwide job network, job search and              Golden Empire Score
resume information
                                                    2000 K St, 3rd Fl, Bakersfield
Cal JOBS                                            Small business advice from ex perienced                                  pros
EDD’s statewide listing of current job
                                                    Small Business Administration
Career Services Centers (CSC)                       Loan opportunities for small businesses
Bakersfield:                                        661-
5121 Stockdale Hwy 661-325-2680
1600 E Bell Terrace 661-325-HIRE                    Tribal TANF
Mojave: 2300 Hwy 58 661-824-7800                    Owens Valley Economic Dev. Corp.
Ridgecrest: 1400 N. Norma, #105                     1001 Tower Way # 225
760- 446-2595                                       Bakersfield       661-323-1086
Job placement assistance, training, and             Project and funding support; help finding
information                                         jobs for American Indians.

Economic Development Corp                           EMPLOYMENT HOTLINES and
(EDC)                                               WEB SITES
California City 8100 Bay                            Army & Air Force Exchange Services
760-373-2007                                        AAEFS – 661-258-1078
Tehachapi 661-822-4180
                                                    NAF -Civilian Employment - EAFB
Employment Development Dept.                        661-275-9675; www.
(EDD) 1924 Q St, Bakersfield
800-300-5616 (UIB)                                  Cal City Correctional Ctr (CCA)
800-480-3237 (SDI)                                  760-373-1764
Mojave CSC 661-824-7800
Ridgecrest CSC 760-446-2595                         Kern County Personnel
Assistance with unemployment insurance,             661-861-3712; on/
job placement and state disability insurance                                      Kern Medical Center Personnel
Military Recruiters
See Education section for contact
information for employment with US military         Career Builder
services.                                           Hot
                                                    Net Temps
                                                    So. CA Job Career Helpline

07/05                                          16
                                      HOT LINES
Aging and Adult Services. - Kern               Centers for Disease Control
5357 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield                  English 800-342-2437
661-868-1000                                   National HIV, AIDS & Sexually Transmitted
                                               Diseases information servic e
Adult Protective Services
Mojave:      661-824-7500                      Child Find of America
Ridgecrest: 760-499-5200                       800-292-9688
Bakersfield: 661-868-1006 (24 hr)
             800-277-7866 (24 hr)              CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES –
                                               Kern 661-631-6011
AIDS/HIV Nightline                             Ridgecrest 760-375-6049
                                               To report suspected child abuse/neglect
5pm - 5am 800-273-2437                         24hr/day

Alcoholics Anonymous                           Cocaine Hotline
661-322-4025                                   800-234-1253 (24hr)
Ridgecrest 760-375-5445
                                               Dept of Corrections Visitor’s
Alliance Against Family Violence               Hotline
& Sexual Assault Bakersfield                   800-374-8474
(661) 327-1091; 800-273-7713                   Services and transportation assistance for
Shelter & counseling for battered women        families of inmates

Amber Foundation for Missing                   Drug & Alcohol Crisis Hotline-
Children                                       National referral (24hr)
800-541-0777 (24hr)                            800-662-4357

American Cancer Society                        Food Bank Helpline Bakersfield
1523 California Ave Bakersfield                (661) 336-5200; 800-273-2275
661-327-2424; 800-227-2345                     E very one calls this number for referral. Must
                                               have identification (DL/state Id./SS #).
Anonymous AIDS/HIV testing @
                                               Food Safety Hotline
KCHD 1800 Mt. Vernon Ave
Bakersfield 661-868-0503                       800-535-4555
                                               Food recalls due to safety issues
Ridgecrest 760-375-5157
                                               Friends Outside of Kern County
California HIV/AIDS Hotline
                                               3416A Sillect Ave Bakersfield
800-922-AIDS; 800-367-2437
                                               Open Monday-Friday, 8am-4 pm,
California Youth Crisis Line                   Provides counseling & referrals for adult
800-843-5200 (24hr)                            parolees& their families

California Smokers Helpline

07/05                                     17
HELPLINE Info and Referral                        National Immunization Info Hotline
Bakersfield    661-336-5200                       800-232-2522
Information & Referral to human services          Poison Control
                                                  800-222-1222 (24 hr)
Homeless Emergency Outreach                       800-876-4766 (24 hr)
Help +/ Kern Linkage
800-991-5272 crisis line                          Rape Crisis Hotline
661-868-1840 Single indigent adults only          Ridgecrest 760-375-0745

Kern County Human Services                        National Runaway Switchboard
The following are answered 24-hrs/7days           800-231-6946; 800-621-4000
Child Protective Services
Bakersfield          661-631-6011                 Safely Surrendered (for newborns)
Jamison Children’s Center,                        866-517-SAFE (7233)
Bakersfield          661-631-6900
EBT Cards Helpline 877-982-3677                   Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Kern County Lead Poisoning                        9am-11pm M-F 800-227-8922
Prevention Program
800-974-2717                                      Substance Abuse Treatment
Kern County Mental Health                         Information and referrals
Family Advocate      661-868-6109
Crisis Intervention Center                        Teen Challenge Hotline
661-868-8000                                      Bakersfield 661-399-2273

Kern Lifeline Project/AIDS                        34th St Community Health
Bakersfield 661-324-3262;                         Bakersfield 661-324-1455
800-266-3262                                      HIV testing/education/case
                                                  management/medical service
Kool Off (KC)           661-327-4711
Teens living on the street; runaways ready        United Way of Kern Co.
to work at problems; help get back home           Bakersfield   661-834-1820
                                                  Information & Referral to human services
Narcotics Anonymous Info Line                     and support groups
Ridgecrest 760-446-4445
                                                  WARMLINE            661-23-3531
National Center for Missing &                     A friendly ear for stressed parents of
                                                  preschoolers; referrals to social services.
Exploited Children
800-843-5678                                      Welfare Fraud Hotline
National Domestic Violence
                                                  Women’s Center/High Desert
800-799-7233 (24 hr)
                                                  Ridgecrest 760-375-7525
                                                  Rape and/or domestic violence
                                                  Shelter for battered women/ counseling

07/05                                        18

Access for Infants and Mothers                       Court Appointed Special
(AIM) Call 800-433-2611 for                          Advocates (CASA of Kern Cty)
information and application.                         2000 24th St Bakersfield 631-2272
Provides health care to uninsured pregnant           Specially trained volunt eers court appointed
women whose income is too high for no cost           to provide a voice in court for children to
MediCal; also provides health care for the           advocate for their best interests.
baby for up to 2 years                     

B-GLAD 661-327-3781                                  Head Start Program, KCEOC
1527 “19th” St. TTY: 661-327-5652                    Office - 300 "19th" St Bakersfield
Information and referral services for hearing        661-336-5236
impaired. FREE Family Communication                  California City
Resource Kit – teaches ASL                           9124 Catalpa Av 760-373-7605
Black Infant Health 661-868-0492
                                                     1940 Inyo St 661-824-5189
1800 Mt. Vernon Ave. 2nd Floor @
KCPHD building Bakersfield
                                                     674 N Gold Canyon 760-371-1190
815 Martin Luther King Blvd Bkfd
661 322-3276
                                                     3082 Glendower St 661-256-9217
1301 California Ave. 661-324-4756
Outreach for African-American women, 18+             Tehachapi
yrs. pregnant and parenting children < 2 yrs.        1120 S Curry St 661-822-5535
Info/referral, mentoring, social group,
community coalition meetings.                        Healthy Families
                                                     Mojave 2340 Highway 58
California Children’s Services                       661-824-7500
(CCS)        661-868-0531                            Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #123
Some funding help for children with                  760-499-5200
catastrophic illness/severe handicap                 Mail in application        888-747-1222
                                                     Low cost health coverage for children not eligible
California Search and Serve                          for no cost MediCal. Monthly premiums are a
                                                     maximum of $27 per family per month. Income
Special Education 0-21 yrs                           limits apply.
Kern County Supt. of Schools
661- 636-4817 Contact local school                   Immunizations Public Health Dept
districts for referrals.                             Mojave      661-824-7066
                                                     Ridgecrest 760-375-5157
Child Health and Disability                          Tehachapi 661-822-3005
Prevention (CHDP)                                    Low cost immunizations. Call for times and
800-974-2717; 661-868-0305                           clinic locations.
Preventative health assessment for
California Infants, Children and Teens.              Kern County Adoptions
Some income and healt h care coverage                100 E California Ave, Bakersfield

                                                     Kern County Foster Care
                                                     100 E California Ave, Bakersfield

07/05                                           19
Jamison Children’s Center
1010 Shalimar Dr Bakersfield                    Mojave Veteran’s Hall
661-631-6900                                    15580 “O” St, Mojave
County home for children removed from           661-363-4850
their home pending placement
                                                Parks & Recreation Building
Kern County Public Health
                                                3200 Glendower, Rosamond
Department (CHDP)
1800 Mt. Vernon A ve. 661-868-0350              661-363-4850
Child Health Clinic – Appointments
661-868-0502                                    Veteran’s Hall
Family Planning 661-868-0503                    125 E “F” St, Tehachapi
Kern Regional Center
3200 N Sillect Ave, Bakersfield                                CHILD CARE
661-327-8531; 800-479-9899
Ridgecrest 760-375-9512                         Child Care Licensing
Tehachapi 661-822-1288                          Fresno Regional Ctr 559-243-4588
Serves developmentally disabled: ment al        Call for information on home and center day
retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy &         care licensing. Licensing orient ation held at
autism; case management and parenting.          various locations. Call for information.
LA Leche League
Volunteer counseling for breastfeeding          Caring Corner Day Care –
mothers                 760-371-6121            Medically Fragile
                                                942 Wible Rd, Bkfd 661-847-7342
Nurturing Infant Awareness (NIA)
661-836-4165                                    Cerro Coso Child Development
Outreach to Afric an-American women and         Center - California City
mothers/fathers with babies. Free case
management services: prenatal to 2 yrs.         10179 Heather Ave
Special Supplemental Food
Program for Women, Infants, and                 Community Connection for Child
Children (WIC)                                  Care
Limited food vouchers for qualified low         2000 "24th" St 661-861-5217
income infants, children under 5 and            Ridgecrest 877-375-3234
pregnant/nursing mothers . Call for appt        Referrals for licensed day-care provider
1830 Flower St (KMC) Bakersfield                centers; huge referral system of resources
                                                for children, parents, providers & employers
661-326-2798                                    Bakersfield has project center/library; call for
Community Recreation Building
26998 John St, Boron                            Darlyn’s Darlings Special Care
661-363-4850                                    Center
                                                4801 Truxtun Ave. #2000, Bkfd
WIC Office                                      661- 631-2273
21007 Nemophila #A, Cal City                    Daycare for medically fragile children. RN
661-363-4850                                    on duty

07/05                                      20
                                   LEGAL SERVICES
Child Support Services                               East Kern Municipal Court
(Kern County District Attorney)                      1773 Highway 58, Mojave
1300 18th St, Bakersfield                            661-824-7100
(661) 868-6500                                       132 E Coso, Ridgecrest
Ridgecrest 760-384-5885                              760-384-5900

Court Appointed Special                              Indigent Defense Program (IDP) of
Advocates (CASA of Kern Cty)                         Kern County Bar Association
2000 24th St Bakersfield 631-2272                    1675 Chester Ave, Ste 220,
Specially trained volunt eers court appointed        Bakersfield 661-334-4709
to provide a voice in court for children to
advocate for their best interests
                                                     Juvenile Justice Center
                                                     2100 College Ave, Bakersfield
Consumer Credit Counseling                           661-868-4270
5300 Lennox Ave, #200 Bakersfield
661-324-9628                                         Kern County Probation Dept
Dates & times vary - No fee counseling               1775 Highway 58, Mojave
service. No fee/low fee classes available.           661-824-7180
Also offering “A Debt Free State of Mind”
money management workshops; credit or
                                                     La Raza
action plan
                                                     1630 19th St, Bakersfield
Family Law Facilitator                               661-325-1667 Immigration issues
800-552-5376 x84815
Bakersfield M-F 8 – 5                                Public Defender’s Office
Mojave every other Monday                            1315 Truxtun Ave, 6th floor,
1773 Hwy 58, Mojave                                  Bakersfield 661-868-4799
Ridgecrest every other Wednesday                     Mojave 661-824-7110
132 E Coso Ct Rm B, Ridgecrest
Assistance with family support, establishing         Revenue Recovery
paternity, completing orders, family law             661-868-2304 - Bakersfield
procedure. Low or no fee                             Assistance to set up payment plan to repay
                                                     court fines and get driver’s license back
Greater Bakersfield Legal
Assistance (GBLA)                                    Senior Law Center
615 California Ave, Bakersfield                      Legal assistance for seniors provided by
661-325-5943                                         GBLA                    661-323-7881

Mexican American Opportunity                         Victim Witness Assistance
Foundation (MAOF)                                    1415 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield
2001 28th St Bakersfield                             661-868-4535
Immigration and other issues

07/05                                           21

Bakersfield Crisis Pregnancy Ctr                     Kern Medical Center (KMC)
2920 "F" St., Ste C-5 661-326-1907                   1830 Flower St. Bkfd 661-326-2772
No fees. Pregnancy tests & options/post-             Ob/gyn clinic in rear, Family Planning Wed:
abortion counseling, health care/social              noon ~ English and Thurs: noon ~ Spanish
service referrals, baby clothes/furniture.           Teaches all birth control methods: natural
Christian pro-life.                                  family planning, diaphragm, suppositories,
                                                     cream, jelly, pills, IUD, Norplant, tubal
Family Planning Associates                           ligation, condom/ foam.
2500 "H" St. Bkfd 661-323-6023
                                                     Planned Parenthood
Kern County Health Dept                              2535 "16th" St. #10 Bakersfield
1800 Mt. Vernon Av Bakersfield                       661-634-1000
                                                     Ridgecrest Community Health Ctr
K C Mental Health – SART                             900 N Heritage Dr. #E
1401 "L" St. Bakersfield                             760-446-7978
Prenatal Program for pregnant/parenting              Tehachapi Community Health Ctr
women with children through 17 yrs;                  785 Tucker R, #1
Includes substance abuse treatment/                  661-822-9054
counseling, parenting & neglect

                           PREGNANT TEEN SERVICES
Adolescent Family Life
Program/Cal-Learn                                    Bakersfield Crisis Pregnancy
15662 “K” St, Mojave 661-824-4118                    Center
Pregnant / parenting teen program,                   2920 "F" St, Ste C-5 661-326-1907
male/female, prenatal care, child birth              No cost pregnancy tests & options/post-
preparation, family planning & adoption              abortion counseling, ultrasounds, health
information, parenting classes on infant             care/social service referrals, baby
care, child development, education. Case             clothes/furniture. Christian pro-life
management/support services. No fees.
                                                     Forgotten Fathers
Aunt Cherie’s Home                                   Bakersfield Crisis Pregnancy Center
3811 Mt Vernon, Bakersfield                          2920 "F" St, Ste C-5 661-326-1907
Residential placement referral program for
                                                     Haven Counseling Center
single women/pregnant teens; services for
families in need with babies under 2 yrs. old        730 Chester Ave Bakersfield
CAP Kern Parent Child Center                         8-week course for pregnant teens/parenting
300 "19th" St 661-336-5210                           teen mothers/fathers; self-esteem exercises,
Intense case management for pregnant                 parenting & discipline skills, baby wellness,
teens; counseling, peer counseling, service          legal child support options & goal setting;
referrals                                            counseling

07/05                                           22
Big Brothers and Big Sisters                      Swimming Pools
800-453-5437                                      California City Pool
Boys and Girls Club
Mojave 15800 O St 2 – 6pm M- F                    Rosamond Pool
Rosamond 2646 Diamond St                          May be closed.
(Currently under renovation)
                                                  Tehachapi Pool
Cal City Adult Softball                           400 Synder 661-822-9922
                                                  Youth Sports
Boy Scouts - So Sierra Council 30                 Cal City Youth Football
661-325-9036;                      760-373-1733
Girl Scouts – Joshua Tree Council                 Rosamond Youth Football
661-327-1409; 800-225-4475                        661-256-4550

                                                  Boron Little League
California City Parks & Recreation
Pool, Sports Center, Activities – call for
                                                  Cal City Little League
times and locations                               760-373-3028

Kern County Parks & Recreation                    Mojave Little League
661-634-3795 information
                                                  Rosamond Little League
Rosamond Recreation Center
3200 Glendower 661-256-9953                       American Youth Soccer Organization
                                                  AYSO 800-872-2976, 760-373-1223
Tehachapi Valley Rec & Parks            
West Park Activity Ctr 410 West D                 Region 479 – Tehachapi, Mojave
661-822-1976                                      Region 631- Cal City, Edw ards, Rosamond
Recreation Center 400 Snyder                      Region 789 – California City
661-822-9922                                      Region 827 – Rosamond
                                                  Cont act for more information
Par 3 Golf Course                                 Other
California City 760-373-7165                      Brite Lake
                                                  Tehachapi 661-822-3228
Tierra del Sol
California City 10300 N Loop                      Mommy & Me Play Group
760-373-2384                                      Susie Maixner 760-373-1203

07/05                                        23
                                        Senior Services
Aging and Adult Services. - Kern                     Meals on Wheels
5357 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield                        Week day delivery of hot meals to home
661-868-1000                                         bound seniors. Low cost donation. Call
Nutrition, in home care (IHSS), and                  local Senior Center.
information & referral servic es for seniors.
                                                     Senior Lunch Programs
Adult Protective Services                            Hot lunches for Senior Citizens weekdays,
                                                     low fee donations, reservations requested
Mojave:      661-824-7500
Ridgecrest: 760-499-5200
                                                     Boron Senor Center
Bakersfield: 661-868-1006 (24 hr)
                                                     27177 20 Mule Team Rd
             800-277-7866 (24 hr)
For adults who maybe victims of physical,            760-762-5501
emotional or financial abuse
                                                     Mabel Davis Senior Center
Desert Jade Senior Housing                           10221 Heather Ave, Cal City
760-373-5659 (Judy Farmer)                           760-373-1006/Kitchen 373-4585
Call for information and waiting list
                                                     Mojave Seniors
Health Insurance Counseling and                      Veteran’s Hall 15580 “O” St
Advocacy Program (HICAP)                             661-824-4818
Free assistance with Medicare claims,                Rosamond Senior Center
advocacy, appeals, other heath providers             2500 West 20th St
                                                     661-256-0557 (Janette Rice)
Hoffman Hospice
5300 California Ave #1, Bakersfield
                                                     Tehachapi Senior Center
661-716-1600; 888-833-3900 (24hr)
Bereavement groups & services for                    500 E “F” St
terminally ill. All costs covered by MediCAL         822-6255 or 822-5412 (Dianne King)
or Medicare.
                                                     Senior Law Center
Senior Information & Referral                        Legal assistance for Seniors provided by
800-510-2020                                         GBLA                    661-323-7881
                                                     Social Security Administration
Long Term Care Ombudsman                             Toll Free 7 am-7 pm 1-800-772-1213
800-231-4024 24 hr/day                               Bakersfield
                                                     Monday-Friday 9:30am-4: 30pm
Medicare                                             5300 Office Park Dr. 661-861-4242
Cont act Social Security Administration              246 Bernard St. 661-861-4315
                                                     44451 N 20th St West 661-940-8534

07/05                                           24
                                     SOCIAL SERVICES
Aging and Adult Services. - Kern                     Kern County Public Health Dept
5357 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield                        Mojave - 1775 Highway 58
661-868-1000                                         661-824-7066
Nutrition, in home care (IHSS), and                  Ridgecrest 250 W Ridgecrest Bl
information & referral servic es for seniors.        760-375-5157
                                                     Tehachapi 125 East F St
Adult Protective Services                            661-822-3005
Mojave: 661-824-7500                                 Bakersfield Clinic 1800 Mt Vernon
Ridgecrest: 760-499-5200                             661-868-0502; 800-974-2717
Bakersfield: 661-868-1006 (24 hr)
             800-277-7866 (24 hr)                    Kern County Mental Health
                                                     System of Care
Animal Control                                       2151 College Ave Bakersfield
Cal City Shelter   760-373-1115                      661-868-8080
Mojave Shelter     661-824-1030
Ridgecrest Shelter 760-375-8157                      Passports
                                                     877-487-2778 info & appointments
Birth and Death Records                              Ridgecrest 101 E Coso (Post Office)
KC Public Health Department                          Tehachapi 115 S Robinson( City Clerk)
661-868-0335                                         Bakersfield 3400 Pegasus (Main PO)
Child Protective Services
24hr 661-631-6011                                    Social Security Administration
Ridgecrest 760-375-6049                              Toll Free 7 am-7 pm 1-800-772-1213
To report suspected child abuse/neglect              Bakersfield
                                                     Monday-Friday 9:30am-4: 30pm
Child Support Services                               5300 Office Park Dr. 661-861-4242
(Kern County District Attorney)                      246 Bernard St. 661-861-4315
1300 18th St, Bakersfield                            Lancaster
661-868-6500                                         44451 N 20th St West 661-940-8534
Ridgecrest 760-384-5885                    
Kern County Human Services                           Veteran’s Affairs
Adoptions          661-631-6006                      Regional Office    800-827-1000
Foster Care        661-631-6009                      Kern County Veterans Services
Mojave 2340 Highway 58                               1120 Golden State 661-868-7300
661-824-7500                                         Benefits, Information and Claims Assistance
Ridgecrest 1400 N Norma #123
760-499-5200                                         US Immigration and Naturalization
 General Assistance, (GA), Food Stamps               Service (INS)     800-755-0777
(FS), Temporary Assistance to Needy
Families (TANF), MediCal Programs,
Healt hy Kids, Healthy Families, Cal Works,
Child Protective Services

07/05                                           25
                                  SUPPORT GROUPS
                    Call for times and locations as meetings change

Alcohol and Drugs                                 Parents United
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)                         1721 Westwind Dr, Bakersfield
Central Office 930 Truxtun Ave                    661-868-8281 @ Mental Health $1.50
Bakersfield         661-322-4025                  donation, no appointment needed; wait in
Ridgecrest          760-375-5445                  building lobby for directions to meeting.
www.kernaa. org or Bakersfield number for
meeting times and locations in SE Kern            Parent Support Group
Daily meetings; Alanon and Alat een family        3628 Stockdale Hwy, Bakersfield
groups                                            661-322-1021 Child Guidance Clinic
                                                  Guided support group for parents of sexually
Celebrate Recovery                                molested children; no child care; no fees.
19061 Highline Rd Tehachapi
(Church of the Nazarene) 661-822-4426             Gambling Addiction
contact Jason Wilson                              Gambler’s Anonymous
National recognize support group chapter          310-478-2121; 818-591-7850
focusing on Christian based substance   
abuse recovery. Well rounded program that
also has subgroups focusing on emotional
recovery and anger management.
                                                  Weight Control
                                                  Overeaters Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous                                 www.oa. org
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)                          Grandparents Raising
760-446-4445                                      Grandchildren                             661-399-3543

Substance Abuse Recovery                          H.E.A.R.T.S.
815 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.                  Mojave 661-824-2874
661-322-7881                                      Tehachapi 661-823-1972
Support group
Abuse and Molestation                             Ridgecrest      760-371-8145
Adults Molested as Children                       Bakersfield     661-632-2510
(AMAC)                                            Support group for families of gay and
1721 Westwind Dr, Bakersfield                     lesbian children
$1.50 donation, no appt. needed; wait in          Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)
building lobby for directions to meeting.         Support
                                                  800-369-7437 (24hr)

07/05                                        26
                                    TEEN SERVICES
2300 Highway 58, Mojave
824-7812 or 824-7816
Mentoring program for low income teens to
obtain job skills, employment, and
educational assistance

Nation Service Program for any one 18 to 24
to help residents in disadvantage
communities bec ome more self-sufficient.
Volunteers receive monthly stipend and
education awards at end of their service.

Adolescent Family Life Program
15664 K St #7, Mojave
Heat h and education services for pregnant
and parenting teens

California Conservation Corp
2976 North Argyle, Suite 101
Fresno       559-292-7791
18 to 23 learn skills and continue education
while working at projects to improve
California’s environment and communities.
Benefits and hourly wage as well as room &
board; Scholarships possible

Cal Learn
15664 K St #7, Mojave, 824-4118
Program to help pregnant or parenting teens
receiving TA NF to graduate from school

Job Corp
1727 19th St Bakersfield
Residential academic, vocational training
and social skills program for teens 16 – 24

07/05                                          27

Bureau of Automotive Repair                     Greyhound
(BAR)                                           800-231-2222 or
866-272-9642;              for schedules and fare information
Vehicle repair assistance for low income        Nationwide passenger bus service
families needing smog check repairs
                                                Kern County Regional Transit
CalTrans Highway Information                    Information 661-637-2400
800-427-7623 or 916-445-7623                    Reservations 661-637-2400
                                                Outside Bakersfield 800-881-5787
Department of Motor Vehicle            for current
(DMV)                                           route maps and fares
Bakersfield 3120 F St                           Intercity bus service
Bakersfield 7000 Schirra Ct
Ridgecrest 540 Perdew                           Boron, N Edwards Mojave
Lancaster 1110 W Ave I                          800-323-2396 (Wednesdays only)
800-777-0133 or gov
                                                East Kern Express 800-560-1733
Public Transportation                           Serves Bakersfield, Keene, Tehachapi,
Amtrak                                          Mojave, Ros amond and Lancaster
800-USA-RAIL or
Nationwide passenger rail service               Mojave Ridgecrest 800-323-2396
                                                Serves Mojave, Cal City, Inyokern, and
Antelope Valley Transit Authority
                                                Metro Link
661-945-9445 or www.avt for
schedules and fare information
Local bus service in Lancaster and              for schedules and fare information
Palmdale; commuter services to LA Basin         Commuter rail service bet ween Lancaster
                                                and the LA Basin
                                                Ridgecrest Area Transit
California City          760-373-8665
Mojave                   800-881-5787           Local bus service in Ridgecrest
Rosamond                 800-881-5787
Tehachapi                800-323-2396
Local bus service; Advance reservation
maybe required; Call for information

Golden Empire Transit (GET)
661-869-2438 or for
schedules and fare information.
Bakersfield area bus servic e

07/05                                      28

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