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									Any Additional Notes:

                                                  Big City

                                               Family Name: ______________________________________
                                               Dressing Groups:

Important Contact Details:

Studio: 54 439466


The Events Centre: 54 914240


General Information:
Tickets:                                                                                  Your concert plans-
Cost: Adults: $25.00 Children / concessions: $16.00                                       This section is designed as an organizational tool. Write your dances in the spaces
All students who wish to enter the theatre on the concert nights must purchase a          provided so that you can create your own checklist for the show.
ticket. Students may NOT exit and enter the theatre at random.
Tickets will go on sale: or 54914240                                Name of Dance: _______________________________________
Box office opens 8:30am-6:00pm Mon-Fri and Sat 9:30am-1:30pm.                             Costume requirements:
The internet sales start 8:30am on the 2 of November and then will be available 24        ______________________________________________________________________
hours a day.                                                                              ______________________________________________________________________
Video:                                                                                    _____________________________________________________________________
Students will receive in class, a video order form for Starlight Pictures who will be     Tights: ___________________________________
taping the performance again this year.                                                   Shoes:___________________________________
These forms need to be returned directly to Starlight Pictures for ordering, not to the   Headpiece: _______________________________
dance school.                                                                             Any additional sewing: ______________________
Please note:
No other video recording is acceptable in the concert theatre hall due to copyright       Name of Dance: _______________________________________
legislation. Parents may film their own child in dress rehearsal at the studio in         Costume requirements:
Maroochydore.                                                                             ______________________________________________________________________
Please note:                                                                              ______________________________________________________________________
Cameras or mobile phones will not be able to be used in the theatre on the concert        _____________________________________________________________________
nights. Theatre staff will enforce this.                                                  Tights: ___________________________________
Dinner & Food:
                                                                                          Headpiece: _______________________________
The Dancers meals will again be available this year prior to both performances for
                                                                                          Any additional sewing: ______________________
both the students and dressing mothers. Cost is as per last year; $10.00 dancers, $12
for dressing mums. The deck restaurant may be open for meals for the audience prior
                                                                                          Name of Dance: _______________________________________
to the performances however bookings are essential via the Events Centre as they
                                                              th                          Costume requirements:
need 70 bookings to open the restaurant. On the Sunday 30 November the Events
centre canteen will also be open for the students. Please phone the centre on
54914240 for inquiries.
                                                                                          Tights: ___________________________________
We are delighted to have Elizabeth Koltermann (past dance student and teacher –
Miss Lizzie) as the schools photographer this year. Lizzie has attained a Degree in
                                                                                          Headpiece: _______________________________
Photography from James Cook University and has gained experience with dance
                                                                                          Any additional sewing: ______________________
schools in North QLD as well as working with Sydney Dance Company. She is coming
from Townsville to do this for us.
                                                                                          Name of Dance: _______________________________________
Lizzie will be at the Events Centre to photograph students in costume on Thursday
                                                                                          Costume requirements:
technical rehearsal as of 2.00pm and on both concert nights.
                                                                                          Tights: ___________________________________
                                                                                          Headpiece: _______________________________
                                                                                          Any additional sewing: ______________________
Concert Nights:                                                                    Dress Rehearsals:
Friday 4 December                                                                  Students will only need to attend their dress rehearsal lessons this week.
        &                                                                          Please see the timetable for that week as listed below.
Saturday 5th December                                                                   These are compulsory for all students. Parents & grandparents are
                                                                                           welcome to attend.
      Arrival at centre dressing rooms at 6.00pm for those in the first half of        Hairstyles to be worn if possible and there is to be no jewellery worn
       the show. Dressing areas will be clearly labeled.                                   to protect costumes.
                                                                                        Make- up is optional. Students should wear normal dance attire to
      Theatre doors open at 6.30pm for a punctual 7.00pm start. Only                      the studio and change when they arrive to avoid soiling of costumes.
       dressing mums are allowed in the change area. Please check in your               Costumes need to be completed in full which includes stitching
       child at the door of the courtyard area and leave the area.                         straps, bows and any other accessories if required so they can be
                                                                                           checked carefully by staff and alterations made if needed.
      Parents can collect their child immediately after their performance if
       they wish to. Please check -out the student with the dressing Mum.               Please clearly name all costumes and dancewear without damaging
                                                                                           the look of the costume. Please place names where they are not
      Students can purchase tickets for the concert, but can only enter                   going to be seen or damage the costume in any way.
       between scenes at the discretion of the theatre staff.                           Please ensure students wear correct undergarments that cannot be
                                                                                           seen through the costumes.
      Students cannot enter the auditorium without a ticket                       Timetable for dress rehearsal week:

      All members of the audience will need to show their tickets at all times    Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday        Friday 20th
       on entering and re entering the auditorium. This is a strict policy of      16th            17th             18th            19th            November:
       the Events Centre                                                           November:       November:        November:       November:
      All costume requirements are needed- full make up, hairstyle, hairpins,
                                                                                   3:30 Monday     3:45 T2 Jazz     No Ballet       No normal       4:00
       safety pins etc. This is not the responsibility of the dressing Mum.
                                                                                   Pre School      4:30 BM Jazz     Classes         jazz Classes    Performance
       Parents must have this organized for their child.
                                                                                   4:00 Year 1     4:45 SM          4:00 Intro 1    3:30 Prep       Team
                                                                                   Combined        Ballet           &2              Combined
      No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed in dressing areas.                                                                          4:45 Senior
                                                                                   4:30 T2 & BM    5:30 BS Jazz     4:30 Intro 3    4:30 Snow
                                                                                   Tap             6:00 GB & Int    5:00 Ele 1      White Scene
      All costumes must be covered with a dressing gown or large shirt if
                                                                                   4:45 BS Tap     Ballet (Smile)   5:30 Ele 3,     – all dancers
       children are in the foyer or in the theatre. Costumes cannot be seen                                                                         Saturday 21st
                                                                                   5:00 Silver     6:30 GM &        Inter 1 & 3 &   6:30 GM and
       prior to the dance on stage.                                                                                                                 November:
                                                                                   Star Jazz and   SM Jazz          Adv             SM Ballet do
                                                                                   Gold Star       (Mama Mia &                      Climb and       9:30
      Costumes cannot be worn prior to the concert and its rehearsals under
                                                                                   Jazz (all       Scream)                          Childhood       Preschool
       any circumstance. If costumes are damaged, it is not the responsibility
                                                                                   dances)         No GB Jazz                                       Jazz Sat
       of Danceways Dancewear or Dance Dynamics
                                                                                   5:45 SS &       tonight
                                                                                   GM Tap
      On both nights of the concert there will be a finale for all students. If                                                                    2-5 Snow
                                                                                   6:30 Adv Tap
       students are in the auditorium they can get out of their seats to join                                                                       White Scene
                                                                                   7:00 GB Jazz
       in. Other students will be directed by dressing mothers. This is not                                                                         NO
       compulsory. There will be no presentations either night of the concert.                                                                      COSTUMES
Stage Rehearsal:                                                                         Technical Rehearsal:
Sunday 29th November- Events Centre Caloundra                                            Thursday 3rd December: Events Centre – Caloundra-4.00-
       The stage rehearsal is compulsory and most necessary for all students.           8.00pm
       Rough times are allocated. Please be prepared to stay for the entire time        This is a complete run through of the concert from start to
                                                                                         finish with lighting and is compulsory.
       Normal dance class attire is required (jazz exam uniform) – NO COSTUMES.
        Hair must be in a bun and off the face.                                                All students are to attend this rehearsal. They may leave after their
       Food will be available for purchase during the day for students and parents             dances but need to be marked off with their dressing mum.
        at the Events Centre.
       Students will need to bring plenty of water.                                           Only the dressing mothers can attend this rehearsal. Other parents are
       Parents of students under the age of 8 and dressing mothers only can wait               asked to wait in the foyer or collect the students at a later time as
        during rehearsals. This is not open to the public. All other parents are asked          arranged.
        to wait in the foyer due to centre policy.
       Dressing mothers are asked to sit in the parent’s area (the gallery) on this           Parents need to see the dressing mothers to have their child’s name
        day and allow staff to work with the students. Please do not bring siblings to          marked off on arrival and collection.
        avoid distraction for the dancers
                                                                                               Full dress rehearsal - costumes, hair style if possible, no jewellery etc.
Stage Rehearsal Timetable                                                                       Make up is optional but strongly recommended - this is a good time to
This is a compulsory rehearsal. It is not successful for all students if dancers                have a practice.
are missing out of groups as this rehearsal is about positioning on stage and
entrances and exits.                                                                           All students are to assemble in the theatre at 4:00pm after checking in
Please note that times are approx only and on this busy day, there is a                         with their dressing mums. Please arrive on time so the rehearsal can
possibility of running over time. Please allow for this when planning your day.                 start promptly.
The first scene dancers MUST be warmed up and ready to dance on stage at
9.00am prompt. Please ensure you are at the theatre 15 minutes before your                     No food or drinks allowed in the theatre or around costumes. Water is
scene starts to ensure you are warmed up.
9.00- 9:45- The Promotion- 42nd Street, Mama Mia, High School Musical,                         All shoes, tights, costumes, accessories etc to be clearly named.
Grease, Vampire                                                                                 Please bring along a box for costume storage if your child is in more
9:45 -10:15 - Opening number & finale-The Audition, I Will Survive                              than one dance.
10:15 -11:00 - From The Beginning- So Long Farewell, Splish Splash, Bananas,
Having Fun At The Beach, Rocking Robin, Reach for the Stars                                    Students are to dress in the allotted areas and not the toilet blocks.
11:00 -11:30- Brushing Up in L.A – All Hip Hop Classes                                          This is a health and safety regulation.
11:30-12:00- Homesick – Big Boys, Climb, Childhood, Smile, Light At End of
the Tunnel                                                                                     No one is allowed in the theatre during this rehearsal. PARENTS,
                                                                                                please collect your child no later than 8pm or earlier if they are only
12:00-12:15 – Lunch (hopefully)
                                                                                                dancing in the early stages of the concert
12.15 -1:30 On Tour Billy Jean, Man In The Mirror, You are Not Alone, Blame it
On the Boogie                                                                                  See studio notice board for program order.
1.30 – 2:15 The Big Break- Let Me Entertain You, I Gotta Feeling, Circus, Let It
Rock, Funhouse, Hush Hush
2.15-3.00- Working For Disney- all ballet groups from Bronze Star – Advanced

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