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Psychological and Counseling Services (P&CS) offers a wide range of Groups, Educational Workshops, and Forums free of charge for current UCSD students. All students are requested to maintain confidentiality by not disclosing the contents of the sessions or the identity of the members. Educational Workshops and Forums are not counseling or psychotherapy. For additional information about groups, workshops, and forums, please visit our website: Group, Educational Workshop, and Forums are frequently the most effective way to explore and support changes you may wish to make in your life. By allowing students to share common concerns, Groups, Educational Workshops, and Forums help reduce the sense of loneliness and isolation. These services also support our personal efforts to achieve specific goals and face particular challenges. Our Counseling and Support Groups require regular attendance throughout the quarter. Educational Workshops and Forums vary in their attendance requirements. To join a Group, Educational Workshop, or Forum, please contact the leader(s) to get more information. Prospective groups, educational workshops, and forums indicate offerings that may be available upon request by calling our Central Office at 534-3755.

group, and have included building conversation skills (how to start, sustain, and end conversations), assertiveness training, how to speak up in class, and how to reduce anxiety in social situations such as dating, parties, or professional meetings. Leader: Tiffany O’Meara, Ph.D., 534-1579. DEPRESSION OR BIPOLAR DISORDER SUPPORT GROUP: Are you ready to better understand your own mood states, achieve greater relief, and return to your old self? Are you ready to take back control of your life? Mood extremes can negatively affect your health, interfere with sustained academic performance, disrupt relationships, and wreak havoc with your personal sense of emotional well-being. Please join this welcoming and supportive group designed to break the isolation of suffering, help you make positive changes, and establish a more powerful social support network. A brief screening appointment with the group leader, or any other PCS staff member is required prior to participation. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome. Leader: Peter Russell, Ph.D., 534-0767. GRADUATE STUDENT SUPPORT GROUP: Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Wonder how you can balance all the demands in your life? Concerned about relationships with your roommates, colleagues or advisors? Need a place to process your departmental politics? Wonder if you can make a love relationship work? Then come to this support group designed to help you with all of these issues. Leaders: Christina Lambert, Ph.D., 534-3035 and Peter Russell, Ph.D. 534-0767. KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU: Do you find it difficult connecting with others? Do you find yourself avoiding social situations (even when you want to socialize?) If so: ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ may be for you! This group will provide an opportunity to relate to others, gain social skills, and learn more about yourself in the process. Leader: Sam Park, Ph.D., 534-3585. WOMEN’S SUPPORT GROUP: This group is for undergraduate women who are interested in exploring personal growth in a supportive environment. We will discuss topics related to: identity, self-esteem, assertiveness, and relationships. Leader: Christina Castro, Ph.D., 534-0252. VETERAN’S SUPPORT GROUP: This group assists registered UCSD students who have been members of the military. It is a place to share experiences, and obtain support from fellow veterans. Participants will have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of wellness enhancing skills. The group also serves as a clearinghouse for the many governmental resources available for veterans. Leader: John Sexton, Ph.D., 534-0251.

RESILIENCY: In this experiential workshop, students will explore their internal and external resources in order to increase their natural resiliency, cope with the difficulties and stresses of life, and emerge from them stronger than before. SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVORS GROUP: In a safe environment, this group will look at how the sexual assault (rape and attempted rape) continues to affect members’ day-to-day living.

FREE 2B ME: Tired of focusing on food and weight? Want to feel good about yourself regardless of the weight on the scale? Ready to give up purging? This 7-week workshop will focus on exploring, understanding, and changing unhealthy eating patterns, purging, and a preoccupation with weight and food. There will be experiential exercises, reading material, problem solving and time for discussion. Leader: Karla Materna, Ph.D., 534-3755. Please call Dr. Materna for info. and a pre-group appointment, space is limited. GOOD GRIEF WORKSHOP: This workshop is designed for students who have experienced the death of someone significant. Through a combination of education, discussion, and artwork, members find support while moving through bereavement. Leaders: Natalie Rice-Thorp, Ph.D., 534-3875 and Nancy Whalig. MANAGING MOODS: A wide variety of cognitive, behavioral and other proven coping techniques are taught and practiced during this 4-week workshop. Participants become skilled at problem solving, time management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, relaxation techniques, selfhypnosis, and changing problematic moods and behaviors. Leader: John Sexton, Ph.D., 534-0251. MANAGING STRESS 101: This 6-week experiential skillbuilding workshop provides tools and strategies for dealing with the stress of college. Topics include: stress management principles, wellness/relaxation techniques, time management, goal setting, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and healthy communication/relationships. Leader: Rhonda Hackshaw, Ph.D., 534-5981. MINDFUL RELAXATION: Mindful relaxation is a drop-in educational workshop series. We will practice mindful walking, relaxation through guided imagery, tactile mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and more. Mindful relaxation exercises are an excellent way to destress, improve your sleep and health, decrease anxiety, relax and have fun! Leader: Natalie Rice-Thorp, Ph.D., 5343875.

ADVANCED BUILDING SOCIAL CONFIDENCE: This is a group for students who have completed one quarter of the Building Social Confidence group and would like to continue to work on reducing anxiety in social situations and increasing their self-confidence. Students get more individualized attention in this group, and topics are dictated by the group members. Come share your own experiences and challenges, and get feedback and support from a caring group of students who share similar experiences. Once you've completed one BSC group, you may join the Advanced group at any time while you are here at UCSD! Leader: Tiffany O'Meara, Ph.D., 534-1579.

BREAKING FREE: This is a therapy group for students who have had prior treatment for their struggles with food and body image. Topics include self-esteem, family dynamics, relationships, and gender roles. Group members form the basis of mutual support towards goals of personal and physical wellbeing. Leader: Karla Materna, Ph.D., 534-3755. Please call Dr. Materna for info. and a pre-group appointment, space is limited.
BUILDING SOCIAL CONFIDENCE: Would you like to improve the quality of social interactions and the availability of social support? This group focuses on identifying fears related to social situations, reducing self-defeating coping patterns and strengthening effective social skills combining an educational and support approach. Topics covered are tailored for each

PEACE OF MIND: Are you feeling depressed, anxious, stressed out, or overwhelmed by emotions? Each weekly 1 hour drop-in workshop covers a different topic. You can come to one or you can come to them all. We will teach you about the following topics. Stress Tolerance - Discover how to cope with stress and survive a crisis. Interpersonal - Learn to improve your interpersonal relationships. Emotional Wisdom - Understand feelings and increase emotional coping skills. Mindfulness - Relax, increase awareness, and improve concentration. Meaning Making - Increase mood management, resilience, and life satisfaction. Leader: Karla Materna, Ph.D. 534-3755 . QUESTIONING CAREER TRANSITION: A five-session series, aims to help Ph.D. students work through questions about continuing an academic career track, discern types of work and environment that match individual skills and personality, identify transferable skills developed as a Ph.D. student, and examine values, priorities, alternatives, and goals for career next steps. Leader: Christina Lambert, Ph.D., 534-3035 and Career Services, 534-3750. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! Learn how to express your feelings and thoughts in even the most difficult situation, clearly and effectively. Everybody sometimes has trouble expressing themselves, and this can hinder your life and negatively affect your relationships with others. In this 6 week course, you’ll learn effective ways to approach difficult situations and you’ll be able to practice these techniques so that you can go out and be successful! Leader: Lisa Braun, Ph.D., 454-4931. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE RELAXATION-MEDITATION WORKSHOP SERIES: This lunchtime meditation-relaxation series is available exclusively for UCSD School of Medicine students interested in reducing stress, improving physical and emotional health, and enhancing academic performance. Participants will learn meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis skills which can be rehearsed and perfected through repeated practice. Meetings are held at the School of Medicine. No advanced or onsite registration is required. Attend any or all meetings. Leader: Peter Russell Ph.D., 858-534-0767. SELF-HYPNOSIS AND PEAK PERFORMANCE: Training the mind for optimal athletic performance through selfhypnosis, visualization, and relaxation exercises. Leader: Rhonda Hackshaw, Ph.D., 534-5981. STRESS MANAGEMENT THROUGH RELAXATION TRAINING AND BIOFEEDBACK: A basic introduction to relaxation training is offered through this group. Participants learn ways to remain calm during stressful situations. A variety of methods, including biofeedback, muscle relaxation and positive self-talk will be introduced. Leader: Ali Esfandiari, M.A., 534-7403.

ASIAN COMMUNITY FORUM: This informal drop-in group is designed to address the concerns of Asian/Pacific Islander students at UCSD in a supportive and problem-solving atmosphere. Issues such as career and academic success, family pressures, cultural identity, and relationships are possible topics. Leader: Sam Park, Ph.D., 534-0249. GRADUATE WOMEN IN SCIENCE FORUM: A support meeting for women in the science fields where women are underrepresented. Discussion topics are selected by group members. This group will facilitate the development of: 1) a sense of community where each person enjoys a feeling of belonging, 2) support toward the attainment of goals, 3) selfempowerment in creating and maintaining visions for one’s personal and professional life. Leader: Reina Juarez, Ph.D., 534-3755. Please call Dr. Juarez before first attendance. GRADUATE WOMEN OF COLOR FORUM: A support meeting for graduate women of color. Discussion topics may include: building a community of support, departmental politics, gender and race issues,. Leaders: Natalie Rice-Thorp, Ph.D., 5343875 and Christina Castro, Ph.D., 534-0252. INTERNATIONAL FORUM: STUDENT’S BEYOND BORDERS This informal drop-in meeting is meant to provide a safe space for international students to meet and discuss issues in an open and supportive community atmosphere. Leader: Rina Schul, Ph.D., 534-1768. MEN’S FORUM: Are you a male UCSD student who wants to discuss important aspects of your life with other men? Have you been wondering about how to build deeper or more intimate relationships and connections? This positive and inspiring group encourages men to explore their true selves by fostering discussions and activities that promote honesty, self-disclosure, and bonding. Leader: Sam Park, Ph.D., 534-0249. OUTSIDE THE BOX: MULTI-RACIAL/MULTI-ETHNIC FORUM: This informal meeting is a safe space for students, faculty, and staff of multiracial/multiethnic and other non-dominant identities to share their experiences and discuss issues in an open and supportive, community atmosphere. Leader: Cat Thompson, Ph.D., 534-3987.

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CAMPUS BLACK FORUM: This informal drop-in meeting is meant to provide a safe space for students, faculty, and staff of African decent to meet and discuss issues in an open and supportive community atmosphere. LATINO/A/CHICANO/A FORUM: A drop-in meeting focusing on family, parents, economics, friends, relationships, culture, academics, and strategies for success at UCSD.

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** Educational Workshops and Forums are not counseling or psychotherapy.

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