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Meditate while you wait


									MEDITATE While You Wait
A Mind-Body Technique Offered to You by the ~Columbia Integrative Medicine Program~

Meditation is simpler than you think.

In fact, you might be doing it right now.

There are many forms of meditation.

One form of meditation is referred to as ~mindfulness~

Mindfulness means that you are paying attention… on purpose… to whatever is happening… moment by moment…

Paying attention to whatever is happening in the moment may be simple… but it is not necessarily easy.

The key to mindfulness is not only NOTICING what happens… in your mind… in your body… all around you….

The key to mindfulness meditation is NOTICING WITHOUT JUDGING.

You can use this very moment to practice mindfulness.

Perhaps you were simply walking by when this monitor caught your attention…

What are you aware of right now?

Can you hear that familiar little voice inside your head?

It’s the little voice that asks the questions and evaluates everything... You know the one….

Can you hear your mind as it makes judgments about whether or not you should read further?

Your mind asks things like: Is this worth it? Do I have time for this? Should I keep on reading?

Know that your questions are just thoughts. We judge and evaluate environments, situations and interactions ALL of the time.

When we are being mindful of our
thoughts… evaluations… judgments… conclusions… questions…


There is nothing right or wrong about what we are thinking… it’s just what we are thinking…

Now become aware of your breath.

Notice the sensation of cool air at your nostrils as you inhale each breath…


~just notice~ Exhale…

Notice the sensation of warmer air when you exhale…


~just notice~

What do you notice right now?

Are you aware of the position of your body in this moment?

Maybe you are leaning on one foot more than the other as you stand and watch…

Maybe you are sitting and you notice that you feel the seat beneath you…

Perhaps you notice that your legs are crossed… or that your hands are clenched tight…

Whatever you notice in your body is alright… there’s nothing you need to change or to do differently… you are just being mindful of your body…

If you want to, bring your attention to your emotions right now…

Perhaps you are feeling concerned or restless…. Maybe you feel relieved or have a sense of contentment.

Whatever you may be feeling is fine.

There is nothing wrong with your feelings~ there is nothing right with your feelings~ they are just what you feel.

Just notice what you notice.

Be aware of your body.

Feel yourself breathe.

There is nothing right or wrong.

Simply notice that you are here… right now…

… and wherever you go… there you are…

You have just completed a brief mindfulness meditation.

For more information about this mindfulness meditation or other useful mind-body techniques, please contact the

Columbia Integrative Medicine Program # 212.342.0002

Visit our website at:

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