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									Prepaid Credit Cards and 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid
Card Awards by Emotion Associates
Submitted by Divya Sharma
15th November, 2010

Nottingham, United Kingdom November, 2010 - Prepaid365, UK’s leading Prepaid Credit
Cards Comparison Portal and one of the best resources for all things prepaid, recently
announced the call for entries for the 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid Credit Card Awards. The awards
are voted for by consumers and reward the best prepaid credit cards in the UK.

The awards announcement marks the culmination of a period of frenetic activity which has seen
the launch of leading prepaid cards such as the Kalixa Prepaid Credit card and the NETELLER
Net+ Prepaid MasterCard via the Prepaid365 portal and led to the unveiling of Prepaid365’s
new affiliate channel proposition affording web publishers across the UK, the opportunity to
launch their own prepaid cards comparison channel in under 5 minutes.

Since its launch in 2008, Prepaid365 has been widely regarded and lauded as the leading
prepaid portal allowing consumers the opportunity to compare, review and buy prepaid credit
cards but also by the industry with prepaid programme managers describing it as the “most
informative and useful web site for our industry” and “It should be a mandatory bookmarked
site for everyone in the industry”.

Amit Sharma, CEO and Senior Consultant at Prepaid365 commented, “We are extremely
pleased to announce the call for entries for the third edition of the Prepaid365 Prepaid Awards
in 2011. The 2009 and 2010 editions of the awards were hugely successful so we have a lot to
live up to over the next few months as we research over 200 products in the market. The awards
grow bigger each year and we expect 2011 to be the biggest awards night yet. ”

Divya Sharma, Marketing and PR Director at Emotion Associates stated that “Over the last
couple of years, we have worked extremely hard with consumers and prepaid card issuers in
developing Prepaid365 as a portal that serves both the needs of the consumer and the industry.
Consumers find our independent prepaid card reviews an excellent tool for decision making and
our business sections provides those interested in prepaid credit cards the opportunity to find a
business partner from within our prepaid business directory. The launch of our new affiliate
proposition ensures that not only will there be greater visibility across the web for prepaid cards
assisting consumer education but there will also be a growing number of prepaid stakeholders
assisting the growth of the industry and sharing in its success”.

Prepaid Credit Cards look and feel just like credit cards, but work differently as you can use
them everywhere Maestro, MasterCard or Visa is accepted (depending on the type of prepaid
credit card) but you can only spend up to the available balance on your card. With prepaid
credit cards, you load funds onto your card and use that money to make purchases and get cash
- you are not borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution. There are no credit
checks involved and you do not need a bank account to get a prepaid card.

Prepaid365 is the UK’s leading prepaid card comparison site providing reviews and
comparisons of prepaid credit cards for businesses and consumers in the UK and a
comprehensive FAQ section. Review and compare cards for Money Transfer, Travel, Gaming,
Shopping, Payroll and Expense management, Privacy, Gifting and Business. The NETELLER
Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and the Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard are the latest in a series of market
leading prepaid credit cards which were recently reviewed and launched on the Prepaid365

For further information , visit http://www.prepaid365.com or contact the company via email at

press@prepaid365.com, phone number: +44 (0)7834726087 and address: Prepaid365, c/o
Emotion Associates, 14 Levertons Place, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom


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