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									Zyger Imports Brings Arghand Organic Botanical
Submitted by Zygerim ports
15th November, 2010

Oceanside, CA USA November, 2010 – Zyger Imports, a leading American importer of exotic
world gifts, artisan world gifts and Thai gifts, has recently added a new category of products to
their large selection of unique gifts. The company has recently begun carrying Arghand organic
botanical products made by a Cooperative of men and women in Afghanistan. Zyger Imports
takes great pride in finding and importing artisan gifts that help local artisans support
themselves, their families and their communities.

Based in Oceanside, California USA, Zyger Imports was established in 2008 out of the love of
travel, discovering products from local artisans and bringing them to customers at affordable
prices. In addition to providing customers with high quality products, Zyger Imports also takes
pride in donating a portion of all sales to charity, thus supporting the success and empowerment
of the people who make these great products.

Arghand pebble soap is handmade in southern Afghanistan by a cooperative of men and women
whose efforts to support themselves and their communities and come up with an alternative to
opium products have resulted in the manufacturing of these sustainable high quality products.
These Arghand organic botanical products are a mixture of legendary fruit crops and botanicals
from Southern Afghanistan. Saturated with a measure of precious pomegranate seed oil, their
lush lather leaves skin soft and silky.

Arghand soap is not the only product at Zyger Imports whose sale supports local cultures. The
company offers a large selection of Thai gifts, including Thai handbags, Thai scarves and Thai
rope dragons. All these products with intricate designs and unique styles come with gift
certificates offered by Zyger Imports.

Zyger Imports is also an importer of elegant and luxurious Murano glass jewelry and other
Murano glass products, such as Murano glass bottle stoppers and openers, Murano glass cheese
knives and Murano glass accent dishes. The company imports Murano glass products directly
from a small local artisan producer that has continued the glass making tradition in Murano,
Italy over hundreds of years. All products are available for retail and wholesale purchase.

For more information about the exotic world gifts and artisan world gifts brought to you by
Zyger Imports, please visit or contact the company at, phone number: 877 979 9436, address 2350 Vista Way F #101
Oceanside, CA 92054 USA.


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