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									SPeCializeD CyCloPeDia                                      SPeCializeD CyCloPeDia

WoMen’S                                                                              5

roaD bike
                                                                                             CuSToM Tubing                    4

                                                                                             The custom alloy tubing or carbon layups
                                                                                             used on our women’s road frames create
                                                5                                            a supple ride with low weight, excellent
                                                                                             handling, and proven efficiency. This makes

                                                                                             our bikes climb and accelerate faster,
                                                                                             while also making them more compliant.

                                                                                             2011 aMira DoWnTube


WhaT WoMen WanT                                                                 1

Some companies make smaller versions
of men’s bikes. Other companies simply
change the frame color. But Specialized                 4
focuses on real rider needs, using
anthropometric research and feedback
from female riders to create road bikes that
improve fit, efficiency, and confidence.
From customized tubing dimensions to
experience-specific geometry, every
detail of our women’s road bikes is                                                          The image above illustrates the customized tubing
designed and engineered to improve                                                           dimensions applied to each size of the Amira, from largest
and enhance her time on the road.                                                            to smallest. Size-specific tubing optimizes the ride quality
                                                                                             for each rider size.

geoMeTry             1

Every Specialized women’s road bike
features experience-specific geometry
that’s designed to fit women’s bodies                                                        CoMPonenTS 5
for the perfect fit and optimal handling—
whether adapted for racing, endurance,                                                       Our road bikes feature components
fitness, or recreation. Frames are                                                           designed exclusively around the female
offered in sizes down to 44cm.                                                               form and the way women ride, including
                                                                                             short-reach brake levers, anatomically
                                                                                             contoured Body Geometry saddles,
inTegraTion              2                                                                   and all-new handlebars designed with
                                                                                             a short reach and shallow drop.
Each road frame and fork is designed in
tandem to create the lightest, stiffest, and
most comfortable combination. This kind                                                  3
of control over the bike allows us to pioneer
features like our tapered steerer tube
assembly that reduces weight and improve
steering precision (found on the Amira).

700C WheelS              3

Thanks to the ultra-refined geometry
developed by our female product                                                              Pressure mapping image of Specialized Body Geometry
managers, even the smallest of our road                                                      Dolce women’s saddle (left) and competitor women’s
bikes uses full-sized 700c wheels for a                                                      saddle (right). Red indicates zones of highest pressure/
smoother ride and universal compatibility.                                                   discomfort.

26                                                          27

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